Kerl, Mrs Ralph 26 Mar 1957

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Kerl, Mrs Ralph 26 Mar 1957 - proceedings jto The Cage County Board or...
proceedings jto The Cage County Board or Super-1 sors met at 9:i*i A. M. March ly, 1!)57. with all members present. Tne minutes of the last .verc read and approved. The following claims were allowed: General Fund ;• E. Dedrick, Salary ;vi:j.;;;i Mick RlgKcrt. Salary -H')."U Claudo C. Carpenter, Salary Ida Fredrlckson, Salary Hr>an F. Brandt, Salary Ida Darnauer, Salary Donald F. Hawley, Salary 300.uu Helen Holchktss, Salary William B. Rist, Salary Marjorlc Buchanan. Salary Ruth C. Wlebe, Salary L. H. Reid, Salary- Robin A. Speni-c. Salary Uavle \Vllllamson, Salary K '<; Ned Maxwell, Salary Henry Hawos, Salary Fred Steinkamp, Jr., Salary i: Oscar L. Clarke. Jr.. Salary Lucille II. Allen. Salary Ed Podtburg. Salary rieorge Currle, Salary P. H. Damro-.v. Salary ,\. A. Grell, Salary Ira N. Klndlg. Salary Willie Oltmans, Salary Ed F. Sha.Ua. Salary J. F. Brubaker, Salary vVillle Oltmans, Mileage Roszell's, Supplies Oscar L. Clarke, Jr., 1 ee Adjustment Leigh Coffin .Postage Lustra Corporation of Ameri- meeting •. 3io!b'ii' asp'.oil To.UU 333.33 > 330.0(1 i JJo.l'i I 41.1. M.I U.Vl.t'i) Itf'.UHJ can. Supplies L. H. Reid. Mileage E. G. Maxwell, Mileage Mileage i Senry Hawes, Mileage \rchfe Dale Snyder, Salary Ed. Podtburg, Co. Treasurer, Postage Poor Fund Bernice Green, Mileage Slsle Kleman, Mileage /esta Beal, Mileage "Mara Zimmerman. Mileage iester Morrison, Mlleago Dr. R. L. Hltt, Rent Sage County Division of Public Public Welfare Beatrice Merlcal Group, Meal- Claim ./well Beer, Med. Claim >ancaster County Division of Pub. Welfare, Med. Claim ,. , Beatrice Medical Group, Med. Claim f. C. Penney Co., Clothes Three Sisters Store, Clothes Thompsons Grocery, Groceries Groceries . iafeway Store, Groceries Jrnphenours, Groceries ^ng Food Store, Groceries lolmbeck Grocery, Groceries Urn's JGA, Groceries Tanners Union Grocery, Urs. William Baumfalk, Groc Groc cries Harrow Nur*ing Home, Med. •Home, Med. 45S.33 MO.W ITj.UO KJ' liU.lW 150. W 160.00 liiu.uu 150.00 1W.UO 11.5^ 384.07 IS.00 30.UO 100.32 ti7.?7 176.10 06.70 68.00 4. SO 60.00 36.36 9.10 9.17 6.84 23.U5 12.00 49.54 4.00 12.20 Claim 2oleman Nursing Home, Med. Claim >cnner Pharmacy, Med. Mothers Jewels Home, Med. Helen Worent, Med. Claim Anna Rademacher, Cash Payment Sophia Condon, Car* and Williamson Coal Company, Propane Service Co.. Fuel Peoples Natural Gas Fuel Mr. and Mrs. D. C. Nlchoi- Axte™b£g*Co.. Med. Claim 38.M Mrs. John Aden. Med. Claim 62.40 Beatrice Medical Group, Med. 20.40 4.00 7.09 S.7ti 2S.OO 70.00 73.UU 50.10 36.00 17.00 25.00 99.90 16.00 65.00 100,00 .75 40.00 9.95 S4.60 45.00 7.75 10.00 23.77 26.00 Claim Lowell Beer Apothecary, Med. Claim „, . Becker Nursing Home, Med. Claim ., . Ada Blue-Blue's Home, Med. Claim Blue Valley Nursing Lutheran Lutheran Home, Med. Claim • Bryan Memorial Hospital, Med. Claim Drs. Brott and Moell, Med. Calm ., . Drs. Brown and Brown, Med. Claim Alma Coleman, Coleman Nursing Home, Med. Claim Dr. H. Ellas, Med. Claim Days Pharmacy, Med. Claim Minnie Ferguson, Med. Claim Mrs. Lammert Frttten, Mod. Claim ,. . Griffiths Funeral Home, Med. Good Shepherd Home, Med. Claim , , Dr. L. I. Grace Jr., Med. Claim Ruby Harrelson, HarreUon N'urslng Home, Med. Ther«a n Hurtz, Med. Claim Harrow Nursing Home, Med. Claim „ . Dr. H. M. Hepperlen. Med. Claim Harmon Mortuary, Med. Claim Mrs. Ralph Kerl, Kerl Nursing Nursing Home, Med. Claim Le*'s Pharmacy, Med. Claim Lutheran Hospital, Med . Claim 100.00 215.31 35.00 34.63 34.70 130.2C 38. W 113.00 105.00 4.01 2.5C 44.W 22.33 7.50 £.41 15.00 25.00 34.95 4.00 15.00 1.00 69.4' S.55 199.06

Clipped from
  1. Beatrice Daily Sun,
  2. 26 Mar 1957, Tue,
  3. Page 5

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  • Kerl, Mrs Ralph 26 Mar 1957

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