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 - : - Too Many Practice Games And Too Few Reed...
: - Too Many Practice Games And Too Few Reed Battles Thought That Under Southern Intercollegiate Conference There Will Be More Football Contests Where Con-, tending Elevens Are. Evenly Matched1 " - By FUZZT WOODKCFF The farther the football season of 1921 goes th more apparent it becomes how welcomed will b th advent of 1923 with thr functioning of the southern conference, and it' my humble opinion that thia conference is going to b just a big a boon to th little schools outside it jurisdiction as th big schools within it. Last week 1 wa in Athens, Ga., to see the football game between the University of Georgia and Furman. It was a real football game. Furman knew just a much football a Georgia. It knew, a whole lot more about the more advanced phases of football than Georgia did. s At the end of the first half Furman was leading, 7 6, but everybody knew then and there the game was over and that Furman would not be returned the winner. - . Furman aas a student body of approximately 230. Georgia's student body is about four times that large. Manifestly Furman could not call on the reserve forces that were it Ueorgia'scom-mand. Manifestly it was the part of generalship for Georgia to batter what Furman had to pieces and win the game as it pleased when Furman had nothing left which is just exactly what Georgia did. Lesson of Pugilism I'm not criticising Georgia for so doing, but it occurs to me that there u little sport in football games playei under such conditions. They handle things much more sensibly in pugilism and pugilism is not supposed to have any of the sportsmanly elements of football. Certainly no pugilistic su dience ever stood for a heavyweight mauling a lightweight about, and by that same token I don't believe that it'j the regular thing to do to match a fool ball team from a colege of 1XK) student body against the football team of a college of 200 student body. And still it's done in the umith by every southern college and done in extenso ad nauseam. Wherefore the Univrsity of Georgia has th excellent excuse that everybody s doing -it and so everybody la. Georgia is not to be blamed. Th authorities governing the,..J.,,, ,,,,,, Of course, th college authorities will hold up their band in virtuous horror and explain that these game with the smaller college are merely practice affairs. Absurdity ef Explanation Let's see just how sbsurd the explanation is. Th collegiate football season very properly lssts a maximum of ten weeks, ft would be suicidal t" attempt to lengthen it. In the first place, th thoughts of student bodies during the football season are devoted to nothing bnt football. If higher education gets into the brain of anv col lege yonngster during thst time it gets in with a jimmy or dynamite. It's i fine thing for college morale and college spirit while it lasts. Its' benefits are incalculable, but there is such a tlr"i n too much of a good thing. In th ceeond place, the ten weeks sc; mhi is plenty long enough for th ' players. Keeping them on edge longer would be fatal to their physical welfare. We will dismiss whether it is loni; enough for the patrons. Football pat ronage has its virtues. It also has Its drawbacks. Of those ten weeks five days are sup posed to be devoted to practice and one day to play. That s a big enough per centnge. But under the present system of football schedule making, we finl that actually a maximum of four days is devoted to play and sixty-six days to practice, which seems a trifle lopsided. Spirit of Conference However, the spirit of th eonferene which may or may not be earried out. is that the big schools shsll play tlr big schools. Naturally that -leans that" the little schools will play the little schools. It means that we will have nei-t year some rivalry of evenly matched competition, which is the env ing grace of every sport. Some eollegs may not be able to go

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  1. News and Observer,
  2. 16 Oct 1921, Sun,
  3. Page 15

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