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Cindy and Debbie Zillmer in Music Festivals - Over 1,000 Area Students Compete in Music...
Over 1,000 Area Students Compete in Music Festivals 'Over ItOOO area high school musicians and vocalists competed competed in three district solo and North; Kristine Johnson, Chip- Knight, Chippcwa; Judy Stroin- ensemble ,They were contests Saturday, held at Eau Claire ,North, Eau Claire Memorial and Menomonie high schools. Contestants were given one, two or three ratings by the judges. Th'ose who received top ^ratings, their schools, the instrumental instrumental or vocal category and the class they competed in • are listed as follows: AT NORTH HIGH John BRASS Class A Anderson, Cadott; Tim- sewa; Donna Liplnski, Thorp; JoAnne Osborn, Augusta; Kay Christcnsen, Chippewa; Diane Woods, Thorp; Sherry Maresh, North; Peggy Erikson, North; Sandra Noonan, Gilman; Peggy Johnson, Augusta; Jeffrey Coleman, Coleman, Chippewa; Judy Everson, North; Barbara Meyer, Colby; Colby; Terry LaGasse, Thorp; Ramond Milliren, Owne - Withee; Withee; Sue Leitchnam, Colby; ski, Thorp. Tews, Neillsville; La- Duszynskl, Altoona; othy Atkinson, North; Dan Pet- erlik, Cadott; Wallace Campbell, Campbell, North; Anthony Tennis, Colby; Susan Nabbefeld, Augusta; Augusta; Judy Dommer, Colby; Julie Knoff, Neillsville; Joyce Palmerton, Colby; Pam Jenness, Jenness, Thorp; Barbara Messer, Colby; Sue Anderson, Thorp; Dana Salander, Thorp; Ned •Haas, Cadott; Linda Freagon, Konnie Class C Steward, Chippewa; Cadott; Brenda Brandt, Colby; Linda Vonne Cheryl Brady, Cadott; Gerri Hilber, Colby; Rebecca Rcxen- baum, Chippewa; Linda Pflan- zcr, Colby; Mary Grether, Neillsville; Margaret Borton, North; Cora Franson, Altoona. Class B George Cleveland, Owcn-Wi- thee; Duane Woods, Thorp; Jeff Boisen, Colby; Jim Stuttgen, Stuttgen, Colby; Diane Oman, Chippewa; Thomas Hans on, Chippewa; Diane Holm, Chippewa; Chippewa; Cheri Jones, Chippewa; Valerie Kwiesielewicz, Gilman; Renala Squires, Altoona; Bet- Mary Mueller, Colby; Sheryl Johnstad, Chippewa; Betty Ender, North; Jeffrey Kowalczyk, Kowalczyk, Gilman. STRINGS-PIANO Class A David Kurth, Chippewa; Kathy Huber, North; Barbara Kramer, Chippewa; Carla Winger, Winger, Chippewa; David Zimmerman, Zimmerman, Colby; Jodene Olson, Thorp; Laurale Harkness, McDonell; McDonell; Julie Knoff, Neillsville; Barbara Kramer, Chippewa; Chippewa; Carla Winger, Chippewa. Class B April Scholbrock, Gilman; Joyce Lenz, Colby; Linda Di- Laufenberg, Osseo »Faif child} Johnsrud, Osseo-Faifchild; Hagen, Hagen, Eleva-Strum; Mullen, Eleva-Strum Eleva-Strum j Duge, Osseo - Fairchild. Fairchild. Class C Ruff, Alma; Olsen, Osseo- Fairchild; Platen, Stanley- Boyd; Horban, Stanley - Boyd; Lundberg, Osseo-Fairchild. WOODWINDS Class A Wright, Mondovi; Harrison, Elk Mound; Isaacs, Stanley- Boyd; Frenzel, Cornell; Risen, Eleva-Strum; Stahlbusch, Elk Wound; Eide, Mondovi; Kaufman, Kaufman, Osseo - Fairchild; Radcliffe, Radcliffe, Eleva-Strum; Lee, Elk Mound. Diane Woods, Thorp; David .Fischer, Neillsville. Class B Michael Durch, McDonell; Russell Mueller, Colby; Ann -Monson, Altoona; Gene Al- -brecht, North; Richard Berg, Augusta; Gary Binning, Col•by; Col•by; Barbara Hughes, McDon- ,,eU; Ned Willkom, Cadott; Shei- ka Amacher, Owen . Withee; Jean Keating, Thorp; Cheryle Kunz, Augusta; Barb Olejnl- "czak, Thorp; . Sandra Lowe, ! Chippewa; Diane Oman, Chip- '.,pewa. .,;,.'• Class C ; David Kurth, Chippewa; Lori Gather, Augusta; Kim Paul'. Paul'. son, Thorp; Pat Coffey, Augus- .ta; Peggy Gallick, Gilman; Pat ;.Brown, Colby; Lash Fritz, Owen-Withee; Jennifer Olson, Gilman; Mary See, McDonell; Diane Papenfuss, Augusta; Julie Julie Jacobspn, Colby; Mike Borek, Borek, Gilman; -Robert Cyr, McDonell; McDonell; Dan Gannon, Chippewa; Chippewa; Ken Goranson, Altoona; ..Gerry Meyer, Thorp; Ma.lia gy Buss, Thorp; Sherry Maresh, North; Sandra Hanson, Chippewa; Chippewa; Fay Lau, Chippewa; Alice Courtney, Colby; Deyonna «• The Eau Claire Leader ZM Eau Claire, Wisconsin Sunday, March 30, 1969 Top Alma Center Students Listed ALMA CENTER- Seven Alma Alma Center students received all "A's" during the third nine weeks. They are sophomore Judy Call, juniors Phyllis Boucher and Rose Esser, and seniors Lynette Anderson, Sue Grupe, Marilyn Scholze and Mary Waters. Waters. Nineteen others were listed crs, Neillsville; Bernard Tennis, Tennis, Colby; Linda Bennett, North; Edgar Riley, Chippewa; Amber Nirva, Owen - Withee; Debbie Hanson, Chippewa; Kay Kleinheinz, Chippewa; Bonnie Sukopp, Chippewa; A i 1 e e /n Zarnsterff, Owen-Wilhee. Class C Lynn Borgenheimer, McDonell; McDonell; Diane Hunt, Chippewa; Lynn Richards, Augusta; Mary Dingman, Chippewa; Debbie Mueller, Owen-Withee; Jackie Mel/, Augusta; Mary Jo Keefer, Keefer, Chippewa. PIANO-VOCAL Class A Vicki Hays, Altoona; Vickie Stokes, North. Class B Cynthia Bowe, Chippewa. Class C Tim Scholbrock, Gilman; Nan- Ottarson, Class B Eleva-Strum; cy Boettcher, Thorp; Susan Runzheimer, Colby; Holly Brandt, Chippewa; Diane Hunt, Chippewa; Rebecca Hinke, Colby; Colby; Catherine Devine, Chippewa; Chippewa; Patricia Warns, Owen-Withee; Owen-Withee; Mary Jo Keefer, Chippewa; Chippewa; Mary Kleinheinz, Chippewa; Chippewa; Sheryl Johnstad, Chippewa; Chippewa; Mary Goessling, Owen-Wi- Empey, Empey, Holcombe; Roth, Elk Mound; Severson, Eleva- Strum; F. Tumm, Osseo-Fairchild; Osseo-Fairchild; Szatalowicz, Stanley- Boyd; Reit, Stanley-Boyd; Sorenson, Sorenson, Stanley-Boyd; Miller, Alma; Alma; M. Amundson, Elk Mound; Smith, Alma. Class C Earney, Pepin; Laffe, 0 s seo-Fairchild; Johnsrud, Osseo Fairchild; Schrantz, Elk Mound; Allison, Eleva-Strum Dejung, Stanley - Boyd; Peter son, Stanley - Boyd; Hayden Elk Mound; Johnson, Elk Mound; A. Cote, Holcombe Tumm, Osseo-Fairchild; Kuhn Stanley-Boyd. PERCUSSION Class A Haukeness, Eleva-Strum. Class B Schaffer, Osseo - Fairchild. Class C Adams, Elevia Strum; Peter on the A freshmen honor roll. Cynthia They are Boucher, son, Alma; Crosby, Cornell. SAXOPHONES Class A Severson, Mondovi; "Ames, Augusta; Mark gen, McDonell; Mary 'Stabb, ( < Colby.' ; WOODWIND Class A Stutt- Ann * .Suzy Sturtz, Neillsville; Anne Thompson, Neillsville; Mary ..Teters, Neillsville; Carol Frisbie, Frisbie, Augusta; Karri Hendrick;son, Hendrick;son, Chippewa; Susan Keating, ; Thorp; Joyce Ebben, Thorp; Melody Falkenberg, C a d o 11; .Nancy Goeltz, Colby; Kay Sack- eft, Noftli'; 1 Janet Schiller, Neillsville; Neillsville; Joyce Tesmer, Colby; ; ,JoAnn Klukas, Cadott; Bea%ice Bea%ice Hrdlicka, Cadott; Cindy .Isaacs, Owen - Withee; Chris Steve Grupe, Diane Kunzelman, Kunzelman, Doris Prindle and Theron Prindle; sophomores Wanda Bowman, Marie Esser, Karen Joos and Mary Laverty; juniors juniors Susan Janke, Barbara Prindle, Jane Prindle, Rozann Schnick, Randy Shoemaker, Loetta Smith and Sara Sobota; and seniors Gordon B a r r i 11, James Schmitz and Dave Stephenson. Stephenson. Two Menomonie Fire Calls Made MENOMONIE Members of the • Firnstahl, .Thorp; 'Chippewa; Colby, Linda Sudia, Barbara Hanson, Janet Fuchs, Cadott; Cadott; Sally Clark, Owen-Wi'thee; *;Ruth Harris, Altoona. •. Class B '. Margaret Sillampa, 0 we n' n' Withee; Mary Kleinheinz, Chip- ..pewa; Nancy Home,. Chippewa; Chippewa; Jean Altaian, McDonell; Cheryl Lee, North; Kathy Oli- .ver, Gilman; Beth Doege, Chippewa; Debra Gillis, Cadott; Cadott; Mary Cinder, North; (Special) City Fire De- da Haas, •,drickson, Lin- Colby; Karri Hen- Chippewa; Theresa Steinmetz, Chippewa; Jan Hel- egstad, Chippewa; Karen Zim- .merman, Colby; Karen West, Ohippewa; Nancy .Goeltz, Colby| Colby| Brenda Koch, Cadott; Sue Brisk!, Thorp; Dianne Douville, Cadiott; Jenny Feldman, Augus- 'ta; Jean Etten, McDonell; .JDpnna Gum, Colby; Kay Kleinheinz, Kleinheinz, Chippewa; Jane Ebben, ^Thorp; Laurale Harkness, Mc• Mc• Donell; Jean Wachsmuth, Gil'-;man; Gil'-;man; Donna Brown, Colby; Keta Paulson, Thorp; Cheryl ;Schulz, Colby; Mary Haas, Ca- ; dott; David King, Cadott; Mary Janssen, Cadott; Cheryl Gosse, i Colby, Karen Johnson, Chippewa. Chippewa. Class C Kenneth Froelich, Chippewa; Mike Borek, Gilman; Barbira Swanson, Altoona; Margaret Sillampa, Owen-Withee; Terry Nirva, Owen-Withee; Yvonne Schwoch, Colby; Jackie Ahlers, Ahlers, Gilman; Peggy Gosse, Colby; Colby; Nancy Kotecki, Thorp; Cindy Schneider, Augusta; Kathy Santineau, Chippewa; Jennifer Bodamer, Thorp; Elaine Post, Chippewa; Bonnie Bonnie Karaba, Owen -Withee; Janice Atcherson, Colby; Donna Donna Binning, Colby; Mary Beth Hermsen, Thorp; Carol Nelson, Nelson, North; Lynn Richards, Augusta; Vickie Frome, Colby; Colby; Susan Kleinheinz, Chippewa; Chippewa; Keta Paulson, Thorp; Cindy Cindy Scott, Augusta; Debbie Gannon, Gannon, Chippewa. VOCAL Class A Terry Steward, Chippewa; Chippewa; Ronald Wheeler, Cadott; Joseph Possley, Thorp; Eric Sorenson, North; Todd Knight, Chippewa; Tim Atkinson, North; Marilyn Maki, Owen- Withee; Julie Schmidt, Neillsville; Neillsville; Peggy Irwin, Cadott; Lynnda Marcott, North; Patricia Patricia Lawier, Chippewa; Candy Hnro, Thorp; Carleen SiUam- Oweo-Wtthee: Carieen Sillam- pa, Owen-Withee; Roberta Good,man; Good,man; Cadctt; Vicki Stokes, partment answered two alarms Friday. Firemen were called at 1:35 p.m. to extinguish a 1960 sedan, sedan, owned by Nels Cole, 1425 Wilcox, Menomonie, when la front cushion caught fire while it was parked near the intersection intersection of Fifth Ave. and Second St. W. The fire was believed to have started from a cigar ash. Firemen were called at 8:45 p.m. to the River Heights Elementary Elementary School, 615 24th Ave. W., where a furnace on the roof was on fire. The blaze was believed to have been caused by faulty propane propane gas. thee; Alzada Erickson, Chippewa; Chippewa; Randy Kapatauskas, Thorp; Larry Goebel, Gilman; Diane Papenfuss, Augusta. AT MENOMONIE The following were listed as the individual winners in Menomonie. Menomonie. The first names d f the contestants were not made available. BRASS Class A Walde, Eleva - Strum; Cox, Osseo-Fairchild; Flaten, Stanley-Boyd; Stanley-Boyd; Shilts, Stanley-Boyd; Johnson, Cornell; Wirth, Stanley-Boyd; Stanley-Boyd; Cance, Stanley-Boyd; Miles, Mondovi; Haukeness, Eleva-Strum; Forster, Mondovi; Mondovi; Fischer, Cornell; McCaf- Eleva-Strum; Thrope, Boyd. Class B Emert, Osseo-Fairchild; Powers Stanley Aus fey, Stanley-Boyd; Isenberger, Stanley-Boyd. Class B Paulson, Osseo - Fairchild; eck, Daniel. Kocian, Jeaflie ischel. Class B Steve Bittzer, John V i n t o n, anet Kappus. . Class C Kathy Ertz, Barbara Hagens, ;eve Werner, Jane Stolp, Mary tackhouse, Nancy Hagens, aura Kay Apka. BLACK RIVER FALLS JUJIOR HIGH Class A Miriam Rykken, Kathy Edy, Edy, Connie Millis, )ebbie Zillmer. Sue Larson, Clfiss B .Patty Browil, James Iliff, Barbara Nortman, Dean Up» ton, Carolyn, Deenef, LuAnn Kulamay, Vicki Bailey. Class C Linda Hanson, Sandy Blom, LuAnn Marg, Barbara Nortman, Nortman, Diane Swanson, Barbara Wilms, Marlene Meyer, Cindy Zillmer, Greg Babcock, Rodney Rodney Babcock, Randy Bjerke, Jeff Evenson, Brad Simonson, Diana Peterson, Betty Lund, David Wilcox. BLACK RIVER FALLS SENIOR HIGH Class A Patty Wilcox, Kay Stenulson, Jan Hoonsbeen, Velta Sperliri- gas, Sally Overlien, Mary Eddy, Eddy, Ann Sperlingas, Vick Dreis, Peggy- Gearing, Debbie Upton, Annette Johnson, Jackie Jackie Pederson, Karen Ristuben, Nancy Millis, Backy Rudolph. Class B Sue Voisard, Cathy Thurow, Nina Swisher, Jim Vanderploeg, Vanderploeg, Julie Sandberg, Be.tity Johnson. Kentucky Family Rich in Precious Heirlooms LOUISVILLE, Ky. (AP) - At her wedding, Linda Leila Florence Florence wore the 70-year-old wedding wedding band which belonged to her great^grandmother. She carried a silk handker chief brought from China by a great-great-aunt 68 years ago when she and other American missionaries were driven out by the Boxer Rebellion. Even older than these sentimental sentimental items is her name, Leila, Leila, used continuously in the family family for 122 years. For five generations generations it has been handed down to the oldest daughter. Cancer (Continued from page 1A) described Saturday by Dr. Harry Harry S. Goldsmith of Memorial Hospital for Cancer and Allied Diseases at Cornell Medical College College in New York City. This operation frees part of the omentum from its normal connections, and lengthens it into a tube which is pushed up under the skin as far as an elbow elbow or knee. Still served by its own blood supply, the tube of tissue lives and functions as a new source of lympathic chan- enls, Goldsmith told an American American Cancer Society for Science Writers meeting. Helpful in Tests He said the technique man, Osseo-Fairchild; Ander son, Stanley-Boyd; Falbe, Cor nell; Vollendorf, Elk Mounc Wiernasz, Stanley-Boyd; Sza alowicz, Stanley - Boyd; Empej Holcombe; Glanzman, Mond vi; Heike, Mondovi; Otterson Eleva-Strum; Reeve, Eleva Strum; Call, Eleva- Strum Goplin, Osseo-Fairchild; Krol son, Cornell; Walker, Cornel Powers, Eleva-Strum. Class C Tryboskl, Stanley- Boyd; An derson, Pepin. PIANO Class A T. Flug, Menomonie; Kastel, Stanley-Boyd; Hauser, Menomonie; Menomonie; Oas, Menomonie; Gunderson, Gunderson, Osseo-Fairchild; Koch, Arkansaw. Class C McDuffe, Menomonie; Dahl, Menomonie; Wold, Menomonie; Peterson, Menomonie; Mostul, Menomonie; Anderson, P e pin; pin; Goodrich, Menomonie, Johnson, Johnson, Osseo-Fairchild; Johnsrud, Osseo-Fairchild; Millers, Alma. Alma. VOCAL Class A Berger, Elk Mound; Fox, Elk Mound; Brendsel, Elk Mound; Rogers, Menomonie; Eid'e, Mondovi; Erickson, Mondovi; Ness, Mondovi; Heike, Mondo vi; Wright, Mondovi; Oftedahl, Osseo-Fairchild; Knutson, Elk Mound; Crites, Menomonie; AWARDS PRESENTED - Shown with Gov. Warren P. Knowles during presentation of state and national awards to the Cochrane-Fountain Cochrane-Fountain City FFA Chapter Friday night, are, from left, John Rotering, farm safety committee member, Williard Ratz, chapter vice-president, Gov. Knowles, Gary Baker, chapter president, Ray Scholl, chapter chapter advisor and former agriculture teacher, and Rodney Zeigtor, chapter member. The chapter won the awards for its farm safety program. Gov. Knowles urged chapter members members to "revitalize rural America." He pointed pointed out that farming is the nation's largest industry and noted that "Tomorrow's farmers farmers must be adaptable, open to new ideas and willing to adjust their methods to changing changing social needs and market conditions." Vote May Close One of Two One-Room Schools in State Nearly Extinct iix Injured in Hy. 29 Accident One of the opponents' chief objections to the merger is the higher tax rate in the North 'rairie district. But, the school official said, In today's world, the one-room MADISON (AP) - The one- oom school house, a nostalgic eminder of a bygone era, is apidly disappearing from the Visconsin scene. During the depression years f the 1930s, more than 700 such chools dotted rural areas of the ladger State. Six years ago here were nearly 200. Today, only two one-room chool houses remain in opera- ion. Both are tucked away in ural areas of southwestern Waukesha County. Tuesday, voters may decide o close the doors of one of the School, about three miles east of lagle. On the ballot is a proposal to has helped two-thirds of about 20 p tients suffering from limb swellings swellings after cancer surgery, and one boy with a congenital lymph defect whose right leg was so badly swollen and so heavy that he could only drag it as he walked. Other surgeons now have used the technique successfully in most of 30 to 40 other patients, he said. Dubiel, Stanley-Boyd; Olson, seo-Fairchild; Sieg, Osseo- Fairchild; Glanzman, Mondovi; Kilde, Mondovi; Goss, Mondovi; Eiseth, Menomonie; EJgan, Menomonie, Menomonie, Goplin, OsseorFairchild; Laffe, Osseo-Fairchild. Class B Nelson, Eleva-Strum; Miller Alma; Lee, Elk Mound; Score, Menomonie; Mellem, Eleva Strum; Ausman, Elk Mound; Noll, Alma; Nelson, Eleva Strum; Wilson, Cornell. Class C Void, Osseo-Fairchild; L«nge Osseo-Fairchild; Austin, Eleva Strum; Olson, Eleva - Strum Noll, Alma; Ajona, Eleva Strum. AT MEMORIAL COLFAX HONORS - Marion Valaske, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. LaVeme Valaske, JU. 2, Colfax, has been named valedictorian of the 1969 graduating class. Salutatorian is Alan Lorenzen, son of Mr. and Mrs. Burdette Lorenzec, Rt. 1, Colfax. Miss Valaske plans to seek a secretarial position after graduation and Lorenzen expects to attend Eau Claire State University. Tbe other top eight students in the class are Jane Luid, Braida Fjelsted, Cynthia Korsrud, Judith Johnson, Barbara Jenson, Paul Flaten, Phillip Hagel, and Tim Vettrus. Officials at the Eau Claire Memorial contest listed the winners according to the schoo they attend and the class they competed in. LOYAL Class A Sheila Trindal, Lana Ray horn, Wendy Anderson, Bonnie Kanneberg, Becky Doehr, Mi chael Demuth, Kris Knack, Lee Smith, Paul Noeldner, Leon ard Hansen, Jackie LaBarge Kathleen Theisen, Kevin Mack Karen Rakovec, Bonita Schober, Schober, Carol Luber, Pamela Wolfe Marti Gerder, Edward Noeldner Class B Ronnie Dux, Randy Helm Kathy Gardner, Judy Young Wendy Gardner, Sue ScheUin ger, Kris Knack, P a m e 1 Wolfe, Debbie Capelle, Kay Johnson, Debbie Cole. Class C Marjorie Theisen, Marilyr Erickson, Peggy Teter. REGIS Class A Bob Cornell, Diane Poppe Roxie Owens, Barb Walter, Peg gy Svacina, Karen WhiUneyer Elizabeth Meinholz. Brian Gold chools, a white, ure known as frame struc- the Jericho merge Jericho School with V o r t h Prairie Elementary School. Jericho School has 20 pupils 'forth Prairie School, locatec about three miles north of Jeri cho and near the community o North Prairie, has nearly 300 jupils. Last January, the Agency School Committee No, 16 voted 6-1 to merge Jericho Schoo with the North Prairie district. But the union can come about only if a majority of voters in the rural and incorporated areas of both districts give their approval at the polls. And advocates of the merger admit the issue may be close. "The very fact that the Jericho Jericho School is still in existence is that the people believe in it," said a local school official who requested that he not be named. They could «long ago have sought this merger on their own, but they didn't," he observed. school can't stand up—eocnomi- cally or otherwise." He noted that the North Prairie Prairie School has 297 pupils, 13 ;eachers and an administrator. Approval of the Jericho referendum. referendum. Tuesday wouldn't necessarily necessarily mean an immediate attempt would be made to eliminate eliminate Wisconsin's other one-room school, Palestine School, located on Highway 59 between Eagle and North Prairie. While John Popinski, the Jericho Jericho School teacher is a newcomer newcomer to the teaching ranks, Mrs Leone Twist, teacher of the 22 students in the Palestine School s eligible for retirement. Mrs. Twist has been very popular with parents over the ^ears, an official said. And as long as she remains at the school, there probably will be no attempt to ask the voters to abondon what could soon be Wisconsin's only one room school. Class C Ruth Thompson, Stie McNul- ty> EAu CLAIRE MEMORIAL Class A Steven Staves, David Eickstaedt, Eickstaedt, Edwin Muelling, Kris Anderson, Gary Hbkkanen, Nancy Hunt; Carol Nor-een, Mark Werlein, Stacey Bowers, Bowers, Ralph Wendt, Christine Sorenson, Charles Miller, Tony Sirianni, John Staszcuk, Paul Hesse, Mark Werlein, Richard Irwin, Ginny Steltzner, Peggy Moss, Deborah Boldon, Nancy Conner, Louree Joseph, Deanna Hoehn, Holly Schaeffer, Bev Nelson, Dorothy Briggs, Ohms, Morgan, Quandahl, Emerson, Renniger, Schelley, Schaffer, Smith, Peterson, Landauer, Paulus Peterson, Tom Davey, Doug Olson, Judy Steltzner, Brad Larsen, Sue Weghom, Jackie Jackie Siewert, Beth Sheahan, Sheahan, Bonnie Graff, Gary Hokkanen, Hokkanen, Tom Bperke, Doug Henderson, Henderson, Robert V p 11 e n- dorf, Carol Peterson, Mary Tollefson, Diana Peterson, Cindy Cindy Baker, Linda Skeels, Seymour, Seymour, Mary Boettcher, Karen Gehrke, Marsha Peterson; Neena Neena Beegle, Gary Rylander, Teri Kildahl, Dan Meyers, Greg Mueller, Jane Bergersm, Caihy Oonrow, Tom Poppe, Vern Wright, Vicki Ness, John Storrs. Class B Jean Anderson, Kelley Shannon, Shannon, Pamela Quayle, Cynthia Rhude, Nancy Conner, Roslynne Roslynne Ross, Roxanne Brice, Jane Reiter, Lou Manor, Kathy Sutton, George Ulphall, Debbie Wilson, Dorolh. Hamm, Suzanne Suzanne Henke, Amy Schelley, Ellen Quandahl, Beth Helwig, Lou Manor, Sherry Wulff, Pete Rostad, Tony Roach, Suzanne Henke, Jane Reiter. Class C Monique Potter. EAU CLAIRE CENTRAL JUNIOR HIGH Class A Debie Homuth, Bebie Kornuth. Kornuth. Class B Pete Ramberg, Pamela Semingson, Semingson, Mary Thorson, Rebecca Rebecca Litman, Dennis Henderson, Jim Seipel, Julie Thompson, CHIPPEWA FALLS - Six jersons sustained injuries in a crash on Hy. 29 four miles off CTH J Friday .afternoon. The driver of one of the autos, Raymond Geweke, Wausau, re- jx>rted he was westbound on Hy. 29 when his car hit an icy spot and slid into the eastbound iane. His car hit another driven by Joann Vagjrt, Rt. 3, Cadott. Geweke's wife, Geneva, suffered suffered head lacerations. Their four-year-old daughter, Rebecca, Rebecca, sustained head bruises. Geweke Geweke and his three-year-old son were not injured. Joann Vajgrt received head cuts and bruises to her right knee and hand. Three passengers passengers in her auto were also hurt. Mrs. Harvey Robertson s u stained stained lacerations to her left cheek and mouth, Nancy Tannler Tannler had facial cuts, and K a t h- leen Crogg, had cuts to the forehead and the top of the head. They are all residents of Cadott. State Trooper Tom Harris was at the scene at 4:30 p.m. He said both cars were badly damaged. Wendy Seymour, Ronald Lee, Joan Parkinson, David Viaillette, Debbie Baker, Kyle Anderson. Bill Wimibish. Class C Tom Walker, Sharon Irwin, PEDESTRIAN DEATHS DURING 1968 148 Mondovi High School Open House Monday MONDOVI (Special) - Open house will be held at the Mondovi Mondovi High School from 6:30 to 9:30 p.m. Monday. To avoid long waiting periods, periods, parents whose last name begins with A through K are asked to come from 6:30 to 8 p.m. Those with last names beginning beginning with L through Z are asked to come from 8 to 9 p.m. Friendship Days Se* MONDOVI (Special) - Mondovi's Mondovi's Friendship Days celebration celebration has been set for July 4, and 6. General chairman of the annual event is James Heike Don Engum is co • chairman and parade Burke. chairman is Arlen No deaths to pedestrians -4 Source: State Division of Motor Vehicles 148 Pedestrians Killed in Wisconsin Last Year MADISON (Special)—Of the 148 pedestrians killed in traffic traffic collisions last year 'in Wisconsin, Wisconsin, 84 were involved in urban urban mishaps, while 64 were hit on rural roadways, according to the state division of motor vehicles. Thirty-three victims were under under 15 years of age. Fifty-five were older ihaa 65 years of age. Eighty-eight were male, 60 female. Most dangerous hours were after sundown, indicated by the fact that 49 walkers were struck on lighted roadways, 37 on unlighted roads after dark, and 10 at dusk or twilight. Day- light hours , prevailed at the time of 52 of the on-foot tragedies. tragedies. Major pedestrian actions were: crossing or entering intersection—42; intersection—42; crossing or entering entering roadway not at intersection—54; intersection—54; walking in road in direction of moving cars— 20; walking in road against traffic—five. Others killed were standing, playiug or working in roadway, or getting on or off vehicle. The total of all persons killed in traffic crashes last year in Wisconsin, including the 148 walkers, reached an all - time record of 1,166. Catherine Sorenson, Sonja Nelson, Nelson, Jane Aasen, Laura Robbins, Robbins, Barbara. Hoehn, Brad Myers, Carol Olson, Alan Swanson, Swanson, Dale Staves, Jim Wilson, Kay Johnson, Anne Hoover, Betty Brantner. GREENWOOD Class A Debbie Myhrwold. Class B Debra Krom, Kristine Myhr- wold, Nancy Ossmann, M. Govek, Govek, D. Hefner, W. Knudson, M. Lamovec, S. Thiel, S. Volovsek, Berdell Nielson, Sharon Nielson. Nielson. Class C Susan Volovsek, Sue Hoffman, Hoffman, Mike Metz, Margaret Fravert, Fravert, Bruce Horn,-Mary Jo Verschay, LeAmn Rohde, Deiv nis Susa, Dawn Ystad, Betty Fravert, Carol Soweija, Roger Volovsek, Kristine Myhrwold, Berdell Nielson, Sharon N i e 1- son, Nina Bayuk, Felix Bisjak, Stewart Bayuk, Bucheger, Randy Randy Schneibell. FALL CREEK Class A Jocelyn Mehls, Janice Maik, Jeanne Volkman, Nancy Johnson, Johnson, Mari Borenke, Sue Olson, Janice Maik, Linda Hefferoan, Ruth Smasal, Diane Knudtson, Janicea Maik, Mary Bremel, Marge Frase, Mary Jo I v e s, Nancy Steinke, Doug Krenz, Nancy Strasburg, Donald Lane, Linda Barm, Jean Nielsen, Connie Connie Frase, Merlyn Aude. GILMANTON CLASS B Carolyn Van Brunt, Kathy Peterson, Suzanne Gilman, Barbara Barbara Britton, Debra Amidon. Class C Debra Loomis, Emma Jean Steinke, Bryce Lisowski, Heidi Glanzman, Debra Moy, Diane Hestekin, Kathleen Peterson. Pedestrian Hit in Menomonie MENOMONH3 (Special) City City police officers are continuing continuing in an investigation of an alleged alleged hit and run involving a pedestrian here at 1:36 a.m. Saturday. Brian Schenk, North Hall, reported that Michael Samca received a leg injury when struck at the intersection of Main St. and Broadway. Steve Zupsich, 1103 Second St. W., Menomonie, reported at 1:11 p.m. Friday that his auto had been damaged by a hit and run vehicle while parked in Don's Super Valu lot sometime between 9-10 a. rn. Damages were estimated at $75 to the right rear fender of his 1965 sedan. sedan. Arlo Curtis, 1509 Third St. W., Menomonie, reported at 9:55 a.m. Friday that some gas had been stolen from his auto Thursday night.

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