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 - BELNAP. SThe first Bolnap family reunion ifiir...
BELNAP. SThe first Bolnap family reunion ifiir 19 years wns held at Hooper, '.September 3, 1922, in theWshapel. [A»wembly .hall and grove. From '1S230 until 11:30 a . . m . a social ihffur w:is spent In exchanging s. At 11:30 a. m. about 400 3d In the ward chapel, program honored Frank JOSEPH BEIA'AP. .^...jj,..- ---- --- -- jwfcre a very Interest was rendered. They dropped tho name Belnap. · and spelled the SKETCH GIVEN". A. sketch of Gilbert Belnap, the father of .'the Belnap .family, -located -located here, was given by Hyrum Citiu Jieie, v\ vu e,i»*.A* vj ~~.F« -- .-- , - - - · - . ------------ ^ BelnaP first by reading an extract of Weber river, running thence ' Journal. This [west to the Great Salt Lake, thence Captain James Brown, broughtjused him some paper and a deed that his father had received from I Colonel Bridger. A Mexican title land, dated 1S4.7, which read as follows: 'Commencing' at tho mouth from Gilbert's that t hat u, · i north along the lake to the ' . Foot - 8 ' Sprlnffs . oast to the bae* representing the county com.- welcorno was J.H ij OX13-H«-t«iillH A W I, *» W £ * * I J J ^ O . ,L JJ.tJJ_lV^ tlWJLSi. LtW -41V UI-WV Frank'company of 105 wagons: JOPI I J i r - t h e mountains, thenco Petti-irell and William Kail, captains of j the base of the mountains to ! ,, ,, TT*t^ -DoY-vi-na r*iPHtar of beorinninir.' This made !2The address by John M. Belnap. who Introduced Introduced the children of Gilbert Buap. deceased, in the order of ithSir ttgf. These were. Gilbert R. iB«nap Reuben Belnap, William J. iBslnap, Oliver Belnap. Francis M. ; B§Jnap, Hyrum Belnap, A. W. Bel- 50 wagons, Utta Perkins. Chester Loveland, Thomas Maun, Atraham Coon and Belnap were captains of wagons each. The sketch fol- 10 lows. He years (Gilbert) was a man of 29 with a wife and two sons, nap 'Isadora, Belnap Stoddard, first Amasa Belnap, Adeline Belnap Ld3ve Mary Belnap Lowo and an 'adopted son. Ell Roy Stoddard. i ;5i.n executive committee for the enduing- year was sustained. These ! a«$ Hyrum Belnap, president; · Francis II. Belnap, vice president; 'Joseph II. Belnap, secretary; Afnasa Bolnap, William O. Belnap, lAmasa Hammon and Daniel H. 'Belnap, l IA, brief historical sketch of the three and one years oia, respectively. respectively. His wife's mother and her family family were also in his wagon. The first day out, down the Platte river, Gidcorn's daughter of 10 years of age, was run over by a wagon and hor leg broken. He said on the thirty-third day we were vlsitod' with the worst plaguo that ever visited ' mankind. Alfred Brown, one of the company, .took It and died in two hours. On the fourth day three of the others of tho company took the disease and died that night. Mr. Belnap also lost his eecond'son. The following: placo of beginning.' This made about 10 miles square of land. "This Brown desired him to to the proper officials at Washington Washington and ascertain if tho title was good. Tho papers camo back soon, stating that the deed was good, was given by Hyrum A. The name Belnap or Bel day seven others died. The stench .o !.»«««, --» - -- of the unburied bodies along the knap was originally spelled Bel- trail was almost unbearable In · and is of Norman origin, jonc place there wo-e 23 mangled the Normans invaded Eng- bodies that t h e ' w o l v e s had taken Hand in 1066 they brought with from the shallow graves, ithqni hail, hardy .men named Bel- (knappca. Later William the Con- ·'queror chose Robert Belknappee ito?be chief justice of tie Associate iof v Appeals or England. The mean- ting of tho · name Belknappee is [rather Interesting. The fore part MADE MAJKtiHAJj. On the -17th of September they arrived in the Great Salt Lake valley valley where they were advised by Brigham 'Young to locate in Ogden City, Weber county. At Ogden a common council was organized with Gilbert Belnap as marshal. la 1353 he tv-as appointed city prose- cutlns attorney, and in 1861 county jnajme stands for "tho people of attorney. Later ta was sheriff of ith'o beautiful hill." [the county," county commissioner, I About tho time of the Kevolu- assessor and collector., 'tioharv war t.h-re arose among t h e "At a later date in 1SS2 Hyrum " -i controversy over tholBclnap, his so.n, was appointed as- of the uamo. One branch jsesaor and collector and while serv- to hold to the original ing as assessor and collector of This : *pqmn""~vlz. Belknap; the other'county. William Brown, a son of o . name. Bclk. m*ana fine. itea.utiful. pleasant: and Knappo, ineans knoll or hill. Therefore tho HAYWARD ON HIS The man who startled Ogden changed one feature from to this studio, while Three hours later we were tiia picture to him, showing fold, just hcrw he looked on SEE HIS PICTURE THIS One $18 IVORY (size $2.00 with order, sitting, Buy Your Oi-der From

Clipped from
  1. The Ogden Standard-Examiner,
  2. 16 Sep 1923, Sun,
  3. Page 8

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