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be of to no af ol u" of to v of but the or a w 1 "it! en bu - Boston, Mat 25. The New England Anti - Slavery So ciety assembled yesterday, in Rev. Mr. Biagden's Church in naieni sireei, in tins cuy. l hat spacious building was entirely, bv as respectable, attentive, and as trulv moral and religious an assembly as any publick occasion has ever together iu this city. A" ino - rt resiiectful and deeply absorbed attention pervaded the audience, especially when they listened to the remarkably eloquent address from Mr. Stanton, Agent of the American Anti - Slavery Society, form' - rlv a student of the Lane Seminary. 1 le is second on ly to 1 hompson, in Ins powers ol appeal on this subject. So entirely composed and so fully open to free discussion, were the members ot this resjicctable Convention, that we w arrant they would have listened, most patienUy, to an address from Gov. M Uufne, showing that slavery was indispensable to uueriy, proviueu ne wouiu wail lor an answer. 1 he liberties. inorais, anu reunion oi no couinry can ever he in danger in thehandsot such men an I women as composed the Con vention and its friends. There was not tiie slightest indica tion ot disapprobation from any quarter. The city of Bos ton is i.ius redeemed irom llieloul stigma that tree discussion cannot lie held without mobbing. Five months a"o. twenty women could not meet to talk on Slavery, in a private room. . .'.l . 1. M l ..... .. 1 .. wiuioiii ueiug iiioiiuf.ii. xow, - mil men, troni all parts ol New England, meet in one of our most respectable Orthodox Congregational Churches, say just what they please, and raise jouuo to print wnat thev please. I he Convention was organized bv choice of U.e following officers : Samuel Fessenden, of Portland. Maine. President. James Appleton of Maiup, David Stowellof New Hampshire, James Milhgan of Vermont, Isaac Winslow of Massachusetts, Henry Cushuig of Rhode Island, Joel Howes of Connecticut, Vice Preside nts. James Ballard, Bennington, Vermont, Anson S. Murray of Brandon, Benjamin Kiiigs - butvof Boston, Secretaries." The Treasurer and standing Committee of the Society were chosen, and a Committee appointed to prepare a roll of the Convention. The Convention held two very animated and quiet meetings, forenoon and afternoon. 'Resolves were oflered ami discussed by several gentlemen with thrilling eloquence, particularly the resolution ofTercd by Mr. Burleigh, alluding to Governour Everett's Message against lrec discussion in these words : Resolved, That the Statesman and Official of the North who appeals to our p - itriotisiu to induce the surrender of the right ot free discussion, deserves severer rebuke and sterner exposure than the slaveholders of the South. The mover sup;orted this, with cogent eloquence in defence of free discussion. Mr. May of Boston, Mr. Millegan of Vermont, followed. The speakers alluded decidedly to the Governour's Address on storing anti - slavery discus - sions. The resolves passed unanimously. Those who addressed the Convention, in the course of the day, were, Mr. May of Boston, Mr. Thurston, ol Conn., Mr. Stanton, Agent of the American Society, Mr. Millegan, of i., .Tir. ngni, a coloured preacher ol ISew Yoik, whose address deeply allotted the audience; Mr. Burieiuh, of riainli. f.l, Mr. Umit W n - ht. ot New York, Mr. Bourne, ofN ew York, Mr. Sewall of Boston, Mr. l'tiylorof Virginia, Mr. Grosvenor of Mass., and Moses Grandv a free black, who had bought himself and wife, from slavery in Va. During the afternoon, a call was made for subscriptions for the operations of the Society next year. It was proposed to raiso ten thousand dollars, of which sum $C,r, i were sub - scriocd on the spot, in about an hour. The Convention met at leu next morning in the same place. The Convention consists of 313 Delegates, viz: Massachusetts, 249, Maine S. New Hamnshire H. Wr.n.mi i Khode Island 23, Connecticut 5. New York 6. Virginia l 11,... l i... i at ' o or lately concourse to came This have the from even or to the became too and purporting examination, w as mat - V... r v.'. it - ... u . . . ...... t - . c... , .,ui.s uf.liek. reports havinrr been circulated that Mr. in ho Leeds ol runs that V".m pears n nr ni.nt conditions - ATI. cd was small nee i.' on n week . v.. ad sou. n its the pie one tl

Clipped from
  1. The Evening Post,
  2. 27 May 1836, Fri,
  3. Page 2

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