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6/13/03 RWC to be promoted? - his left to be and Mrs, L. Bellows this Minn.,...
his left to be and Mrs, L. Bellows this Minn., some time return ill to his home Newell at- Chicago, Mr. engineer should was interfere with house, was with go home. in old' home to the Ames, are Lenox's street. on the his left Wednesday. wound. employe has been Dog and with at Friday will be Mor months PLUM FOR CLAYTON Oskaloosa Man, May Get High Treasury Appointment, SUPERVISOR OF SPECIAL AGENTS It is Rumored in Washington That Secretary Shaw Has His Eye On Mr. Clayton For This Position--What His Work Will Be. [BY FRAXK J. STILLMAN.] Washington. D. C.. June 13.--Prior to sailing for Europe, on the Fourth of July. Secretary Shaw, will, it is stated, appoint a new supervising agent- of the special agents in the treasury depart ment. to succeed W. S. Chance, who retires because of the delicate health of. his wife, to lake up less exciting work in another climate. It is believed the gentleman to succeed succeed Mr. Chance will be Ralph W. Clayton Clayton of Oskaloosa. state committeeman for the sixth district of Iowa. Appointment Not Announced. the treasury. He is constantly in communication communication with the special agents and directs their movements. If the supervising agent gets a tip that diamonds are being smuggled into the country to escape duty and that there is reason to believe that a certain certain individual who departed from Liverpool Liverpool on a certain steamer which will arrive here on a certain date is loaded with gems, the supervising agent instructs instructs a special "agent to take means to get aboard the steamer before she reaches' port and have an interview 1 with the'aforementioned individual. Catching a Smuggler. This occurs not infrequently. The smuggler thinks he has everything nailed nailed down; tfiat the deal is closed and all he has to do is t6'.deliver the goods when, just as he"is" .getting .ready to collect his personal:, effects . preparatory preparatory to landing, he is introduced to a suave 'gentleman who enters into general conversation, which " in the course of time becomes specific and then peculiar questions are asked Then the smuggler realizes he is up against a federal officer. The cable is swift and very convenient convenient and many a smuggler who sailed from England or France congrafulat ing himself upon his artistic maneuv- ring, finds himself face to-face with a revenue officer. wHh blood in his eye and facts in his inside vest pocket, even even before land is sighted on this side down ?15,000 duty. He ponders th proposition and decides to take th chances of smuggling them through He makes effort and fails. Can h. then put up the $15,000 and lug awa his game? Well, hardly. He loses th diamonds and there is no way unde heaven by which he can get them back either. They are sold at auction, anc if he gets them he must bid mor than, somebody else is willing t pay. Mr. Clayton has been working mos of the time in Canada since his ap pointment three months ago. and ha made so good a record that it is con ceded oy officials that he would "maki good'" as supervising special agent. secretary Shaw has given no intima-1 Thai is what revenue cutters are built tion of his intention to appoint Mr. Clayton, but from hints and "hunches" circulating about in the treasury department, department, the deduction is drawn that Mr. Clayton is to bethe fortunate man. (t is understood that Mr. Chance believes believes the Iowa man will succeed him. and tips have come over from New York tending to confirm" this view of the case. for. ' Assistant Secretary Armstrong says a good deal of difficulty has "been e'x- perienced lately with diamond smugglers. smugglers. On account of the exceedingly small compass into which thousand' of dollars' worth of diamonds may be packed, it is a difficult matter to al ways apprehend the smuggler, yet acting acting in conjunction with the wilj It is known to a certainty that .a' agents of the government in" Europe. number of influential senators have exerted their influence in favor of the appointment of Mr. Clayton, and others d i c a t e d a willingness to make Mabel the matter a personal one in case their o \-on_ :«J.. A ._~.-. _ i _ _ _ _ i i ·* evening Miss Ethel isiting The following life to invigorated, That s Ayer's influence should be needed. So far as Mr. Clayton is concerned, he is savins? nothing. Whatever information information leaks out emanates from othpr sources. Mr. Clayton simply says he knows nothing about the matter. He admits having heard some things that were not unpleasant to hear and pleads guilty to the charge that the appointment appointment would not be declined: further further than this he has nothing to say The matter will be finally determine'd in two or three weeks. A Good Position. The position of supervising agent of the special agents as a general thin? get the people who seek to evade payment payment of duty. The Evil Doer. ''"" Of course the duty, on diamonds is very high, especially ;the 'cut Atones, and this acts as an incentive to the crooked work, but the penalty is also severe. A man with $25,000 worth of diamonds, set. is called'upon to plank FOR WOMEN, TOO Hostetter's Stoniach Bitters is k medicine medicine that is especially adapted to all women who are weak or delicafe. It hds a calm, soothlflg effect upon the tired nerves, promotes refreshing sleep and assists Nature in the prop- the special agents service is-one of er performance of her duties. Then the very best positions inside the cloak don't experiment any longer bui get a rcf f l l « /»i I ' l l Cdr-t-i'rtrt T*!,^ Vn-i + frlAt-^ TU sr.* n 4.*n_* n G{n G{n _ 1- T f l i ^ of the civil service. The compensation compensation is $10 per day. including Sundays, and there is no lost time. The supervising supervising agent has his headquarters in the treasury building in Washington, and his duties involve, tag supervision' bottle sf Hostetter Stomach Bitters today from your Druggist. You'll feel its beneficial effect from the fisst dose. HOSTETTER'S STOMACH BITTERS. soon A Wonderful Change. Weak, sickly invalids are changed by Electric Bitters Into healthy men and women. They cure or no pay. 50c. T. B. Clark. A day of cloudiness will darken much faith. Was Wasting Away. The following letter from Robert R Watts of Salem, Mo., is instructive: "I have been troubled with kidney disease disease for the last five years. I lost flesh and never felt well and doctored with leading physicians and tried all remedies remedies suggested without relief. Finally I tried Foley's Kidney Cure and less than two bottles completely cured me and now I am sound and well." For sale by W. D. Elliott Co.. on corner of; Main and Court streets. The walking delegate is not above using the telephone. A Guaranteed Cure for Piles. fchinc Blind, Eleedinjr or Protruding Piles. Your druizist will refund your money if Pazo Ointment fails to cure you. 30 cents. Men become blue quickly If the circulation circulation of money is checked. Chamberlain's Stomach and Liver Tablets Better Than Pills. The question has been asked in what way are Chamberlain's Stomach and Liver Tablets superior to pills? Our answer is--They are easier and more pleasant totake.more gentle and mild in their action and more reliable, as they can always be depended upon. Then they cleanse and invigorate the stomach and leave the bowels in a natural condition, while pills are more larsh in effect and their use is often followed by constipation. For sale by all druggists. Lake Shore Tours. Is the title of a very convenient Summer Tour Book issued by the Lake Shore Michigan Southern Ry., showing routes and rates to the east- rn resorts. It will be sent on application. application. M. S. Giles. T, P. A., Chicago 111.. C. F. Daly, Chief A. G. P. A., Chicago, Chicago, 111. the build and than ned Sioux 000; bon to be June Estherville contract 12; Mara:hon aids $21,000; )ids vote ids bonds, o i. Sherman, "". B. F. £ Spur;eon. O. Waverly; os. "nyder. ;har; lartin ^Ikader; lartin Center; The s ile uild 'ne The The ompany $80,00 treats. The ompany uilding St. rection ''odge. The ill

Clipped from
  1. Ottumwa Daily Courier,
  2. 13 Jun 1903, Sat,
  3. Page 2

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