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 - f™. l nls SULLIVAN Placed in Grain, Grasses,...
f™. l nls SULLIVAN Placed in Grain, Grasses, Corn, Potato, and Garden Garden Exhibits. SaxoB. SeBt. 19—Following is a partial list of prise winners at the Iron county fair held here last Thursday. Friday and Saturday. Included are the winners in the grain and grasses, corn, potato and garden exhibits. Grains and Grasses Winners in order in the open classes for grains and grasses: Winter-wheat—Thomas Berube Jr., Frank Barto and J. T. Justinak, Oma. Spring wheat—J. J. Simon. Frank Ruks, Frank Barta. Howard Hardie. Hardie. Late oats—Frank Ruks, Nordberg, Clarence Ellis. Early oats—J. J. Simon. Mary Johnson. Kimball: Nordberg, Howard Hardie. Barley—Frank Ruks. Clarence Ellis. Winter rye—J. J. Simon. Buckwheat—Frank Barta. Timothy—John Nordberg. Alfalfa — Joe Wiercinski. John Smith, J. J. Simon. Medium • Red clover — Dolphus Payette, Joe Wiercinski. John Smith. Sunflower—Uno Annala. Hurley. Corn on stalk—Clarence Ellis, Frank Ruks. Bert Facklan, Mercer; William Stowe. Millet—J. J. Simon, Albert Edwards, Edwards, Gurney: Dave ArchambeVu. All other hay—James Thebert, Conrad Mattson, Iron Belt. Varies Seeds Late oats (seed)—John Nordberg. Frank Ruks. Herman Lahti. Marvin John Mrs. John Early oats (seed)—John Nordberg, Nordberg, Howard Hardie, Mrs. Anna Sears. J. J. Simon. Winter wheat (seed) — Thomas Berube Jr.. J. T. Justinak, Frank Barta. Uno Annala. Hurley. Spring wheat (seed)—Mrs. Anna Sears. Frank Barta. Howard Hardie. J. J. Simon. Winter rye (seed>—John Nordberg. Nordberg. Marvin Innls, Jonas Rinta. Barley (seed)—Frank Ruks. Uno Annala. J. J. Simon. Herman Lahti. Navy beans—John Holms. W. Henning, Kimball; Mrs. Joe Zu- chowskl. Brown Swedish beans — John Nordberg. John Holms. Buckwheat—J. J. Simon. C«ra Exhibits Yellow dent corn—Frank Ruks, Mrs. Anna Sears. Dave Galarno. Gurney; James Miller. Flint corn—John Nordberg. Sweet corn—Jane Payette. Paul Henning. Kimball: Guy Fertile, Kimball. Pop corn—Eino Kangas. Iron Belt; Conrad Mattson. Iron Belt; Lee Heffner. Cedar; Irvin Fafford. Potato Prize Wlmen Winners of prizes in order in the potato exhibits: Burbank — Clyde Fredrickson. Gurney. Green Mountain—Clyde Fredrickson, Fredrickson, Gurney; Henry L»Duc, Cedar; Peter Peterson, Gurney; Dave Gal- amo, Gurney. Irish Cobbler—John Nordberg. Irvin Fafford. Triumphs-Joe Clement, Henry LaDuce, George Baker. Early Rose—Dave Galamo (second). (second). Rural New Yorkers—Peter Peterson. Peterson. Gurney; William Sands. Russetts — Carl Carlson. Oma: Peter Peterson, Gurney; Davs Galarno; Galarno; Robert Van Ouwerkerk. Any other early variety—J. T. Justinak. Oma; L Simonis. Mercer: Henry LaDuc, CcUar; Gust Hemming. Hemming. Carey. Any other late variety—Henry LaDuc. LaDuc. Cedar; James Miller. Cedar; John Nordberg. Mrs. Merlin Km Many Duties By Sheriff Officers of the Gogebic county sheriffs department travelled a total total of 55JM miles in performance of their duties during the first six months of 1*39. according to the semi-annual report presented by Sheriff Arthur Fertile to the county board of supervisors today. The mileage included 52.696 miles in patrol of highways and answering complaints and 3,MO miles travelled out of the county to return prisoners. prisoners. The deputies made M arrests for traffic law violations and 43 arrest* arrest* for misdemeanor* and felonies during the period. Violation tickets , issued by the deputies and checked for correction of violations num- j bered 125. making a total of 226 ar-1 rests and traffic violation eases I disposed cf by the sheriffs office. | The number of complaints answered answered outside of the office was 331, while SO complaints were disposed disposed of in the office, said the sheriff. sheriff. Calls to assist other officers in Ripe tomatoes—Frank Ruks. John Holm, D. Archambeau, William Thebert. Green tomatoes—Dave Galarno. Gurney; Mrs. Alvin Muehl, Thomas Berube Jr., Herman Lahti. Celery—Joe Wiercinski, V. J. Downey. Kohlrabi—Mrs. Carl Becker, William William Thebert, Paul Henning. Kimball. Kimball. BUMenanoraB Garden Table radishes—Zoe Ann Maly, Dalida Auger, Marvin Innis, Mrs. R. Baker. Winter radishes—Paul Peterson. Upson. Dill—Joe Clement. Carl Becker. L Silmonis. Mercer. Alvin Muehl. Rhubarb—Joe Wiercinski. Dave Galarr.o. Mary Johnson, A. Gullickson. Gullickson. Gurney. Cauliflower — Clyde Fredrickson, Gurney; A. Gullickson. Gurney: | Ano Annula. Hurley. Cabbage (heaviest)—Merlin Emery; Emery; Raymond Paige, Rodman Anderson, Anderson, Dave Archambeau. Early cabbage—T. Allen, Mercer; Merlin Emery. Dave Galarno, Alvin Muehl. Largest *f Kind Late cabbage Gwendolyn Emery, Waino Annula. Hurley; Dave Galarno, Galarno, Gurney, C. Fredrickson, Gurney. Gurney. largest Muskmelon—Fred Lawien. Lawien. Gurney. Largest squash — William bert. Largest winter squash—Corrigan and Organist. Merlin Emery and Joe Clement. Largest Pumpkin—Conrad Mattson. Mattson. Iron Belt: J. J. Simon, John Tapanila. Art LaJoice. Pie pumpkin—Irvin Fafford. Joe Clement, Peter Peterson, Gumey. Long slicing cucumbers—William Sands. Paul Henning. Kimball; J. T. Justinak, Oma: Waino Annals. Hurley. Short slicing cucumbers — Raymond Raymond Page. Peter Peterson. Gurney: Gurney: Dave Archambeau. Mrs. Mary Johnsott Kimball. Pickling cucumbers — Joe Wiercinski. Wiercinski. Mrs. Thomas Berube, Mrs. Mary Johnson, Kimball: John Smith. Parsley—Albert Edwards. Gurney: Bob Pieti. Carl Becker, Edward Rautio. Hurley. Head lettuce—Verne Downey. Swiss Chard—Isaac Valkama. W. Henning. Kimball: William Thebert. Thebert. Thomas Berube Jr. Loose leaf lettuce — Thomas Roatch. Cedar: Herman Lahti. John Smith. Robert Kero. Salsify—William Thebert. Field pumpkins—Merlin Emery. Squashes—David Sands. Rodman Anderson, Merlin Emery, Robert Van Ouwerkerk. Best display of garden vegetables' —William Thebert. D. Archambeau, Thomas Berube Jr.. Isaac Val- The- i

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  1. Ironwood Daily Globe,
  2. 19 Sep 1939, Tue,
  3. Page 9

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