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Cruse - -the 2Cth Century Limited, twice that of huge...
-the 2Cth Century Limited, twice that of huge western mountain 'type freight locomotives.- The new giants will run" 50 miles an hour with 100 cars on level ground; or take 40 loads up si stiff 2.2 per cent grade at' 20 or 25 miles an hour. They can go GOO miles with medium load without- stopping for fuel. . A new type oi" regcneraUye orak-^sycjtem: is being tested. .At. .,,tue it fiip^.6'fJ<a;,switch,, the powerful ' "uphill •'. pullers "are converted" '"Into "' ! ~ ' ' freight looks hke a biesliot ticning cf the 30 cal. machine , are: Privates Raymond B. Pox, ! PTr'vci \*f\ TJ T™ i T i x E^ioni ' R?Sfcf ^iT"S; 1 P,er« and George W. Dillahunty. j c i\.mcuQns_ within tne unit are as follows: Sgt, Mack Knight pro- meted to . staff- sergeant. Corporals promoted to the rank of sergeant ars: .Ralph N..Parrar, Qlynder W. "" ter,' Mark R. Skelton, and Ev- brakin , „..„,, s^H." Wilson: 1 'Privates and "pri- system. which I yate s first, class promoted to coi James E. Ecrivner, DeWitt L. Van- place on U. himdreds of them are pilin nearly 100.000 miW a: day. ; " (-:im SOLDIERING WITH COMPANY "M" By Corp. Ralph N T . Fa rear CAMP ROBINSON. Ark. —This has been a busy week for Company Company M. The beginning oi' the week marked the second .seven day period of the thirteen, weeks of Training. Pro-! Men promoted to the grade oi private first class: James A. Brooks, Angelo B. Chllds, Walter C. Collier. Collier. Prank in J.' Cruse, Henry P. Cruse, Andrew B.-.'Evans, Chester Ferguson. Maxel Ford. ' James L. Hart,. Jay T. Hawkins. Samuel S. Holmes. James C. Jones. Lloyd 11. Leatherwood. Montell R. Meacham. William P. McClain. Edward N. Palmer, Lawrence A. Stafabs. V/alter V/alter Stewart, -Henri' C. Todd, and John W.. West, Specialists ratings were given a-s follows: Privates First 'r | E. Davis and 15; Smith, and motions within the unit have been many. Visit ens have come and gone, by the car loads. Company M has organised a public speaking club for it? non-commissioned officers. officers. Thr club is organi'/ed for i-he puipnse of training the noncoms noncoms how to .speak to a group cf men. and at. the same time hold qroup's attention. — i. .,,..v. ,,, wi»j\^»vn. i PfJJVUiUltU l.'Ui;< class specialists. Specialists fourth rtass: Privates .First Class Angelo B. Childs an'd Roy E. Tweedle. Private Private Hunter D. Burns is now a fifth .class. ft.s ratings arc given .to CErtain'men who are skilled in ptir- liculsr types of w r ork. The pay of such ratings varies from a minimum minimum cf three dollars to » maxl- Lieut. .-tichnrd Osborne and Syr. j -'"^m of S3Q per month.- This pay John R. Johnson have been putting i is in addition to the regular or the men of this outfit through thJ:! "base" pay. pacPv'.; on rifle and ha yon el instruc- • Str«!iij)^ Down tin 1 , tion. Botli I.IIR Lieutenant and the Bergeat)). are graduates of the Division Division School of Rifle unci Bayonet. To prove how quickly the recruit can learn, immediately after hav~ T)in Company .Street i «>i. and most popular or : i within the- regiment! are the unit, quartets and string, 1 , bands. Company M.'s musical four received instruction from Ss:l. | is ccmpcsrd oV Sgl.. Raymond W Emii M. Damon. Private Claude 3.) Dixon. Corp. Elmer E. Holnv-F Pvt, Williamson placed a gas mask on J William D. Pierce and Pvi, Ray- j himself in sis wronds . . . oar- monri B. Fox. These bovs 'navp''st! rectiy. Williamson had never ?ee,n a ga.s mask prior f.o <M" roining I/} Camp Robinson. Ar.d to make his ^score grade "A" he had never put right to stick . out their chests; i ji.oy \vpr? rlRr.ted the most popu-J iar of «li H)e other quartets in .Mir. ; 153rd Infantry. The group's pic 011 a pas mask before. Snrr' appearecMn one of trie" lead- Men who hwvx 1 maflr iii7li pcorp.s jn^ nRVvcpr>pen; of this in Jr.s.s r?vrn by errgenpt'* Will^: fr'gf, .John R.'. .loht\r,on now weans L. Ferguson*a:id Raymond W. J.)i\-! thr title of "Bi'^ Noise" SsL Wilon, Wilon, c;, mechanical Fun- jj« L. Fer?u;W' admits lu\s,niclr-

Clipped from
  1. The Courier News,
  2. 11 Feb 1941, Tue,
  3. Page 5

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