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 - - - - - - - ia The SMSU - fOX LriDtMIC IS...
- - - - - - ia The SMSU - fOX LriDtMIC IS LOSDOX. (X. ; ! Saturday afternooo, at the meeting of the Xetro - puiitan Asylums lioarL Ur. Bretr. M.P ia chair, aa important buaiaeaa diacuttion aro - e reipect - , iug th prevailing epidemic of email - pus ia the .RAILWAY 1 tropoli. A letter wa read from th Vestry Clerk "Tof ShoreUitcU. Mr. C Walker,, atatiag stoat that . Veatry "desired to imprest upon the utana - ert ef Wa I metropolitan asylum the otter ina.linacy ef the ho.ul acoumiuodatioa la lb uetiopotia tor the seaail - sx patients." which malady was unfortunately to prtta - - - lent io chit Mtith." It appeared, the letter state., that 17 prnont died front tbe ditrato in that pariah Ut aetk. and.' thi aa a clear iwlicatlon oi tb prevalence of the dueaae. yet the accommodation for tbat riah wa oalyteo be. a. which wit altogether inniient to eaahie medieai officer! to take proper ttept V iaolate eteo the puorett an, muat crowded of patieota." The .etter U complain: A certain rules, reqniriug application for orders before th. a miation of patieula, fur tb'a mocb time waa loat. aad t danger of spreading tb oowtagivn waa' laereaaed. t.l letter from St. Saviour' Uhioa was Had, ot.. ing of the want of accommodatio at Haaepauad. aaJ ttating tbat already there were fotr er tee catea of amall - pox io the workkouaea and ethers wouk probably arise. The guardiana reqaetted that the maa - aiere wooU 'k aoote fmmediat tttp for upltiag is - creaae.1 noapiUI accomuvaJatiuo, ailher at 11 am pa: cad at a connexion with tbe new hoapitalt at flowerto aad elL if r. Wyalt .then preete.I the report ef the taeraii committee appoiatl to erraag for accorooxxlaUua i. lt preeent epidemic They reportad that Ue eomiiaw of th iliteaw in tbe metrvpdia bwl tho - n lam the pre trot accom modatioo al Hamiteviwld b UWS - cieat to provide for tbe inert of the uiteaae. Witu t authority given them by tbe mauagert an.1 by lie taaet .x nt tee Poor Law Bnl. they ha.1 arraniie.1 furthe reatetal of th temporary fever hoapital erected Iat jot' tn la. rear of the Fever llo - piUl tu meet the waaU eaate - l y th Famine Fever. Tbi borlding wouU be re - erected at Hampatead. a'od the committee booed to hat. the v opeoed by tbe 7tb of January for 0 additional ptt:er f Th. otScer at IlampMea.1 bad been obli.. to refuse a., niwm to many oaae owing to want f room, ih oomnuttrw drew particular attention U th report of the medical oiiicer of 1 the HampateaJ IJorpii. Thi report tated that tinee tbe.opnigf the het3ai tbe lit intt. a total of 111 had beta received, eg "hf 'M had been vaccinated anlii were usvaccinated. Xi deatha ba.1 been IH bat of tbeee tw eer p.tiU u ha.1 not tb tmall - pox. but bad been broaghltoUe beepitn. ia a ttat of coHapae, taSencg from fver. and uiJ itu;s ii hourt of their a.lmiaaoo. uf tj. H who died, fruej emall - pux not one appeared to b ben taeciaaUd. The report drw attentioo t the neglect vf vacs naiioo. at evidenced by the admiatioo of antacciaaie patien fmm teteral t'niont, more particularly from St Ueorr - 'a, llaaover - aquare. in the Weetmmeter dta.nt. from which out of I'J case a - lmitted aa many at U tr J nnvaociaa'l perwna, Tbete otaint.l ct eer 4 the wrtt type, aod th proportion of fatal caat fa target thao among tbuae taccioate.1. The anntber fruto ba - ew ditch had been very numerous, and amaH - pos Is ttat .1 tnct evjilentle prevulexl to an alarminz estent. Tb e.:i cal otncer - Cuclude.l hy tUtiog tbat li the VaccinaOo Act had len more thorougblv enforced this eptJemic - a not hate abown the virulence it lad. Ibe nairri a - lmitted from the various pnriehe .ere. - - Sbcee.Utcn. r;St. Ceorze' L'oion, llanoterauare. W; Beth sal - irten. 14: tb Citv of Loodoo. 7; St. lor - - lhe.Eaat ? : Uile - enJ Old Tow. 7 ; Siepoev, Poplar, t v St. Mary. Lam Wbitechapet. 4 s. St. Saviour't V. - .l. - ,.rtK t ll.i'.h.m St Luke'. Cbetaca. St. Olate'a, aod Greenwich. I each. Mr. W. II. Smith. M.r, ..: v . : i i :. . i . - .h.t tha Ititt Coun cil ahoald be informl of it. mtojuer in .which the W natboritie ha.1 acted with regard to th taualw, jtc, n.l ba manl that tha n.inmit taa'l reoort. with tt i cal offlrert rUtement. be teat to th Pny CwmeU. memtwr wu eecon.le.1 tae mouon rfm - (ieorge'i, llanover - uare, a.l other paria! et h - ca had refuted to bear the ei pent of earryisg oat tie VaeanaUon Act had brought heavy bardent on tb. metrouoi - 3ir - Wtatt azgrtte. tbat Slf, Smith abould a - !i to hi mUun thate - pie. Jioal.l U tent to the Poor Law board asd t th Board jf Goar - lian concern". Mr. SmiU to tbi - courw. aod thi motioa t can.evi - ' " were tbeo eien to tbe committee to U' ttept io ac cordance with their recommendation!. '"!?' , Mileod Old Town, said there wer. SJ eaaet f Tf in tbe workhouse of his district, aod he eipreteed the bop that iocreaaed accommodation would . U attbcom - i f it,. n. if ..... tJ lUtaztoo. tail tn sreil cainimittM baJ loat no time whatever, aad tt in - creaa! want of th. metropolis would bate to be met. rl believe - l tbat tbeve ere now anuas ww Lomlon. nod accomatodalion for about kSI,.to n . queitiosabi that there had been oejligence of tarn . But the committee ooukl not ! charged ith genre, aa it we olv a moth ago they r iaatructe.1 t protideaoy aoraoimodatioa, aod on tae let io.U the o L..l ... ' - .T .,s., ... h.,n, to meet the emerjeoey. and shortly two other bo pi la la would he eouv Dleiad. The Chairman imiate - l out trial the notptula at Stock "ell (near Clapb.m) ami HomertoD, now nearcom pletloa, would aflord every rejuitic aceommodatioo. aod JJr. Wyatt further aid tbat a month ago there oat njy porter engaged, while now complete boauiUl ataffa had been enifts - d, an - 1 on wa fnlly at work. OScert were inn elee'ed to the new atylum foe feer and tmair - pns, and the meeting caosed with a vol of thaaks te Dr. Brr foe presiding. . extraordinary effect )ld Toww 7 ; SiP"7. ambrth. i I Caatherw.ll, i r t, Suulhwark, 4 ; .Fain". i 'estminater. 3 ; Keaxegtoe, ;

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  1. The Times,
  2. 19 Dec 1870, Mon,
  3. Page 10

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