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 - Snxtirox ix thk Mrntoru - . At the meeting V Yi...
Snxtirox ix thk Mrntoru - . At the meeting V Yi " , . . . . - he Epidemiological solely on Wednesday reemne. Dr. ". the pree - .lent. de!iered an important sad Snt - ret - V"" - rm tne "je - o - in - - pr - aeni e,i w im small. pot in the metropnlia. 11 - ai I that it arrtral had not Keen unloosen tor. ainoe, in tne ordinary conrae er ifiits Lw. - - i v - , - ; ' voarsthero had heen mstrooo itan eni'lemic of amalpov ',n HH IMWt lld. Wft,,s - lsMrislTO,, ' In other centre of rannlton the lnterral between sncee - i'aiallpotpidemirfreonntiy'nonnte.ttofoor,oreTen nT ye)r' t ' Lm - ton the accnmulation of sase - ptihl ! pro" wa more rpn man elaewr.ere. trn tne preaent a I m former occasions, thoeaatern district had t - een Uwmw : snoereu. oeranao in mem, lor rartnns rea - ' there had been considerable tvouKleabwrt vaccination, ! In Ihe first plaee. some nf the nnioos kal been noderroiog Tanous proeeasea or reconstruction. r of amar - a - iahon I w,th "hers, which had interfere! with the ewnnlelion "f perman - tit arraagmrn'e for rarryiog ont tho Art of IS fT ; an.1 besides thia. there ba.1 beoo ill.U nltiea with the Poor - law lbrl aa ts the fund to which certain etpenae w - rn to he chargeable. The general r - sult waa that, while in a few onions th Act had been promptly earrie.! inioeTect. in others two precious year htd ban almost or altogether lrst. Tj these - onion, however, on Marco 151, 17". a s'roeg Uirter was sell through the Por Is w Board by the Privy Council, setting farth that their ae - jleet of the law enuli no longer bo tolerated ; aaxl the eouo,uece wa thst inspectors bwl been spyminte - t, and thai a better state of thin - s than had hitherto prera:Iel might he expected to ho brought about. The worst unions were those of Bethasl - green and Mile - ead Old Town, in which tb gnsrdians had sbsken han - ls with the promoters of th - - eJ!ed Auti - Vaeciaation League; in I nearly nil' of tho smallpox mortality mortality had been ia the I... parishes. Iurig tk nio weeks of the current quarter 21 deaths' frov snllnc ha - l been regis t re - 1 in tk eastern district, ami Llli nf these bad taken plae ia Bethnal - green aad Mile - end Old Towo. During tb epidemic of I7. 221 death ocotrre - l in Bethnal - green ; where, iodeed, the disease existed almost always. When the inspector was first appointed, be receive.! receive.! a list of 4,(XJ0 children, about whoM bo return had beea made ; and h waa spectd to inquire into all thee esses by devoting two or three hoqrs a dsy to the work. It was a cur.oai feature of the agitation against vaccinttinn that, when it horanie known that there wee these 4.0flcaset to be innoirait lata, a sta'em - at'ws puMiahvl that ther were 4.0110 persona ia Bel heal - green who objected to have U - eirJchiUn - n vsccinat - d. Tie fact wat tbat there prahably were not four who - obtected vkmosce the mttr waa hrooght home to them. Among the tni - jp - t thst h s - l earriei out the Aet thoronghly ho might mention l - nt. I.nxe'a (Mi iuleeeii. and tbe nerk - nweli .livi. ten of Holhorn ; aad hevmtored to rrti. - t that, when tho epidemic w over, and it history eoutl t written, it won 1 1 no ioun.i tnst uea iss nnwis.aM ouiers lit them, had reape.1 the teant of their prudenr.. In former yer Poplar hal auSere.1 severe'. In theeni - lemie of IRoll it returned returned 37 death; in WOo. 93: and ia 1SB7. 112. In the present quarter it had oontributod only 11 to tbe total 11 of the raitern anions. Ia M. Luke's, in the dera te 1W10, tho moralitr wta higher than ia any other London parish; bat in this epidemic it hid been - very small. It would cnrionslv illutri:e how little real difficulty there was ia carrying sot th prnvi.iooa of tho Act, if tho return from thia palish were glance - l at. The births there averaged about l.(ssl in th eix months. In the return for the sit months preoe.liaif, nt.le in January last, there were 174 children whoso vaccination ceclihra'et had not been tent in. When these caar werw iO!jn:rt into by th.lnsp - rtor, it waa found thst four were in eoorso of vaccination, Ji had been va - cintted.bnt tot ret retnroed. two held certificates of insusceptibility to the vacerao disease, 4 hel I certificste. of .temporary unfitness for vac? cintion. tnree nai men, Dv rnovct frmo thedutnet, id there remained only one ease of ituntioaal de'anit. In Mar.enetr,tbo head - wiartersof the Levjne.tSe inapector had cleared his list without a rinjle prooecutioB. In Leeds, for the year ending March 31. 1C0, there wr regtrrd 5.43J births. Th vaccination eertif estes were return! to the registrar for 4,fi81. Of tb rest, tbe inspector found that M were temporarily unfit, 104 had left the diarnct. h?) ba.1 df. after regfrtin, bat before attainln - th aio of three month, IM died before reri'tretioB, so th it birth tnd death had been resist ere.1 together, an.1 oefy two caar of intentional default re - uained. ia o of whieh th father win " medical botanist,' who made capital is ki trade from hi dlin.'incy. In cmdution. Dr. hrtton r'errl to a recent vitit that h had ma la lo J'ri, and to tbe recent or prewnt epidemic of smalloox there at tbe natural rtaolt of a neglect of vaoia.tion tXat ho cbaractei ifl as at palling." palling." Up is ths tim at whieh so then tie return had been received, tbe death bad amounted to between 31 jrk) weekly. Tb aieg ha. I driven iato Pana a large anpra - trted population from Ibe environ ; aa - l it wat :.! that the mortality had tine risen to weekly. During tho Istt 21) yean there wer only aavrn quarfv ia which the emallpox mortal ty of London, for the who! qaartrr, had rises to tueh a bright. Mr. Mtraon, who waa called apon by th Prideut, nid that the Smallpx i.p.wl bl r - caived thia year about 1.30TI vasra, tad had beea cotu - p - li - l during tbs last three moeta to rttuv many. A toiuporary boaiutal, with 120 bed, bad bees opeard at UtveratockdulL aod now coalauied 74 ia - patieat. Th general mortality of the epidemi ha.1 bera arout 13 per per eaol., and ten ease imported from Pari had barn ro - ceived. Lanret j I 1 i t ' ' J ' I ' !

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  1. The Times,
  2. 17 Dec 1870, Sat,
  3. Page 12

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