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 - the fated who b£ s FASSENGERSC COMPILE LIST -...
the fated who b£ s FASSENGERSC COMPILE LIST - « New York, April 1'j -- The foliowiiis; numlatrou of the list as c-om- uiit-d by passengers and -crew of the Titanic has; been given out: Approximate number of passengers aboard · c lass Second class .... ............... :5i Third class ..................... 750 on in the the into in of 745 to He kneeling swept on the to Butt into the Total I4u0 Number 01" cre'.v 940 Grand Total 23i^ List Saved Number of saved by Carpatiiia First class 210 Second class 125 Third class 200 Members crew 210 Total Saved 74-5 Total number lost 1595 MRS. GANDEE GIVES TURE. V I V I D PIC- for New York April 19.--The action of the men on the Titanic was noble They stood back in every instance I noticed and gave the women and children the first chance to get away safely. Particularly heroic was the -conduct of Isadore Straus, Major Archibald Butt, John Jacob Astor and Henry B. Harris. They formed a group. Most of the passengers were on the stern of the Titanic for the leak was forward and It was known that if she sank it would be bow first. An officer of the Titanic ordered Mrs. Straus into a boat. She said: "I will not leave my husband--we have been together all these years and I will not leave him now. It brought tears to our eyes to witness her devotion. Mr. Harris insisted that his wife get into a life boat. She refused at first but was nnall;- forced into the boat. Aa we put away I observed Mrs. Straus waving her handkerchief at us. The Titanic was then settling and her stern was out of the water and she was going down bow first. There must have been 1400 persons gathered on the stern, I saw Colonel Astor helping set the women and children into the j boat. Then he vs-ent below remaining | there for several minutes. I believe he was searching for more women and children. Finally he carne back. He was on deck when the Titanic sank, I believe, for when I last saw him hewas still aiding in the work of rescue. ! Major Butt was one of God's noble- i men. I saw hlra working desperately to get the women and children into boats. What need can there be for t recounting the heroic deeds that BRUCE ISMAY TAKES STAND OWNER OF TITANIC MAKES VERY POOR WITNESS. Sheds Little Light on Awful Catastrophe by Which Over 1600 Lives Were Lost. STORIES OF HEROISM MIDST FRIGHTFUL CONFUSION Eye-Witnesses Tel! How Passengers Were Roused from Beds to Enter Icy C h i l l of Waters. By United Preen. Xe-,v York, April 19 -- J. Bruce Ismay managing director of the White Star line, owners of the fated Titanic, waa the first witness before the senate in- ve=t!ga.tiii-j; committee this afternoon. After he had been sworn. Senator Smith, of Michigan, chairman of th« committee, questioned him at length. Ismay said, he was fifty years old, and managing director of the White Star line. ''I was not designated by the defectors of the line to accompany the Titanic on iher first voyage," he said. "Now tell in your own way what happened aboard the Titanic," said crairman Smith. "First of all," said Ismay, "I want to express my own personal grief OT- er the loss of life that occurred. And in the second pla-ce, I desire to say that the company "has no desire to er up anything, and that we court the fullest Investigation." Despite his words, Mr. Ismay wag decidedly nervous, an/1 appeared ill ai ease on the ^tand. He shifted uneasily in his chair, and twirled his eyeglasses or Ms moustache. Asked to s-ive a full account of the disaster, he began: ;_ "The Titanic was built at the shipyards at Belfast, and was making her fir.= f voyaare. On Sunday nfeht. I was lying in my bed, when I felt the ship strike. I lay rtill a few minutes, and then went on deck to ask an offi-cer what the trouble was. He replied that he d:d not know. I returned to my stateroom to dress. Then I went to briAse where I saw Captain Smith- I asked riim wsat the trouble was, and he said the sMr, bad struck ice, and he feared was badly damaged. I then went to t h p engine room ''WLten I returned to r he deck, tfea boats were being filled and lowered. I ass;s j 'je'i in lowering the boats and -vaite'd till the fo-irtfc boat was lowered. and entered it." d the o~rer knov the ("Loud -yrere performed by these men who re up i j rxalned on the Titanic. To dwell upon 'hern or/.;.- sicken? the heart with . the ed. realizat.on of bow they perish- i ' ' a \ HEART- SCENES ENACI condition of the ?1 "I cannot say. I dii not talk to other officers". Did you consult tae captain regarding the speed of the s£ip, or re- "I -xs-ierstood the ea.rrta:'n had advices that fcebsrars were ~^z~. '"hough, "ve bai s s 3n rone. I baxJ never seen feeders- b-fore this one. As to "h to say that there was ro O' VT '!' C '-- '·"I" 1 ·---·''r--~-^-^ ~ -T -T tha,~ t^e o ^ i*-~e ^ record on this df-r'h By United Pre=ju Ne-w York. Anrit 15--The heartr«~c-j " .-". j-c'o^J. « './It; pa-sengers we* i Ian .'·'. 1'.^" nl-'.'-t. T-ere re-enac'ej at St "T" T - ^ . - ^ I * ' -- " - _ , -- «..: »^- * _-,v, r±-~~t - v ^ ·f--- "^i-i, "o ^ " .1 »' rf ^; i . -O. - *« -A-t^j-fc ^ii^ , * . - . i ^ » t » . C o" "" e r-'-'^rare ra?senrers 'AC-re a»lo~ ~-\ for ·"··e ^rst t.T.-; ~.o see 'hen. T" - ~a. c ='t-ri2:'3rs. on lancing from the ^ar 3t.*ls, ^nd "r^er. "jlti^-^d -n au" f i o ·:!-? aid hurried to St. V.'V'-nt s ~. ·f-y had ",K-ri k~- ' :n the nold of tie ?"lp ·;!". *h:s morains-, an dnot allo v- ej to ?«"=· anyone There were about T 1 " of them, T 1 ") women a n l "I'ldren r - u ' j 2" v n°'i. A"oir SO r roi.t of thorn -'~r~ a"--. 'v. ._» f ^ - ' l l s , .-" 1 tV -rcnes even mo-re pathetic than rhose when rhe first and second cabin inmates first saw friends and relatives ;= call was s^n*- for he!p ' V -"» - . . ' -- I -M.* *t J.S.-W. "U. * 1_ T 1 ~s.e was , or -TUsrr.Ti:j that I saw. Tie .ie?a.rt-:re of the boats waa "Did you see any boats sent a~ay w*-r.out s- v oarsmen?' '·T d'd not. All tie boats I saw were '"Ts it a :a"t that some of the ! ' r on*irraed on Par · 5) * WEATHER FOK IOWA * * * * * * * * * ; · . Generally fair tonight and tomorrow Some niirher temperature. Probable frost "Eas* nnd Central portions to- niaftt.

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