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 - among had a and wit- the -was ship Carpativa,...
among had a and wit- the -was ship Carpativa, and WIFE TOGETHER AS VESSEL Wife Refuses to Leave Husband and Couple Die in Each Other's Arms. ASTOR IS ONE OF HEROES New York Millionaire Puts Bride in Boat, Then Aids Other Women-Goes Down In Ship With Other Men Without Murmur or Complaint ot Treatment. New York, April 19 --A picture of Mr and Mrs Isidor Stiaus clinging to each other after the last boat was gone was revealed by Mrs Schabert of Derbj, Conn , who, w ith her broth- Mrs Schabert had the stai board side pas l n n a -,i c \ i l c v er, was rescued state'oom 28 on amidships "It was a crash, but not a great one, It seemed to me, that aw akened me," she said "When I went on deck I said to a steward- 'Are w e going down' He answered, calmly, 'Madam, I guess we are' "An officer on the bridge or near it was shouting out, as the lifeboats were being got ready. 'Women and children first 1 ' Saves Her Brother's Life. "They tried to get me away from my brother and put me in a boat I refused to go without him Finally my brother and I stood alone in our part of the ship A boat was just leaving that had room for two more passengers The officers in charge said to me " 'Well, if you won't leave your brother, he may come, too' "We got into the boat and by hesi itating, I saved my brother's life "Mrs Straus had had a chance to be saved, but she refused to leave her husband As our boat moved away from the ship--it was the last boat of all--we could plainly see Mr and Mrs Straus near the rail with their arms around each othei "The lights of the Titanic were all burning and the band was playing To me the most affecting episode of t h e s le- the m Mr*. John Jacob Astor the whole disaster was that final glimpse of this elderlj couple await Ing the end together " Three sailors of the Titanic, who w p i e standing near Mrs Schabert, spoke up at this moment to say "You know the Titanic just crawled up on that iceberg and broke in two " Astor Is One of Heroes. "The conduct of Col John Jacob Astor was deserving of the highest praise," said Colonel Oracle of the regular army who narrowly escaped drowning "The millionaire New Yorker " he said "devoted all his en ergies to saving his young bride, who was in delicate health "Colonel Astor helped us in our efforts to get her in the boat ' said Col onel Grjeie "I lifted her into the boat, and as she took her place Col onel Vstor lequesled permission of the second officer to go with her for her own protection "'No, sir' lepllerl the officer not a man shall go on a boat until the worn en aro all o f f ' Goes to Aid of Other Women. "Coloml Astor t h e n inquired the number of tho boat which was being lowered away and turner! to the work of clearing the other bolts and in rr issuiing the frightened and neivous women "TH this time the sh p began to list f i i R h t f u l l v to port This booirne so dam r nrous that the S f f o n d officer or del o 1 evorv one to rush to starboard r l his v\o did and found tho crew t i v - ing to get a boat off in tint quarter Ilore T saw thp Inst of Tohn TS Thayer and George B Widener of Philadel phia " Mrs Astor Not m Danger. While utterly exhaustpd fiom her experiences Mrs Tohn Tnoob Astor was declared tonight by Nicholas Hid die a trustee of the Astor estate to he in no danger whatever Her physi clans, however hid given orders f l i n t neither Mrs Astor nor her maid who was sav^d with her, be permitted to talk about the disaster" On landing from the Carpathia the young bride, widowed by the Titanic's sinking, told members of her family what she could recall of the circumstances of the disaster Thought Husband by Her Side. Of how Colonel Astor met his death, she had no definite conception She recalled, she thought, that in the confusion as she was about to be put into one of the boats the colonel was standing by her side After that as Mi Biddle recounted her nanative, she had no clear recollection of the happenings until the boats were well clear of the sinking steamer Mrs Astor, It appears, left in one of the last boats which got away fiom the ship It was her belief that all the women w h o wished to go had then been taken off Her impiesslon was that the boat she left in had room for a* least fifteen more peisons Clear and Starlit Mrs Edgar J Mejei of New York said 'It WPS a clear and starlit night When the ship stiuck w e weie in our cabin My husband went out on the deck to see what was the trouble He came back and said we had hit an icebeig but that it did not amount to much I said I was nervous We went on deck for a walk More peo pie said the accident was of no im poitance It would onlv delay our arrival f I w as afraid and made my husband promise if there was trouble he would not mak« me leave him We walked around the deck a while An officer came up and cried 'All women into the lifeboats ' "My husband and I discussed it and the officer said 'You must obey or ders ' Decided to Separate. "We went down into the cabin and we decided on account of our baby, to part He helped me put on warm things I got Into a boat, but there weie no sailors aboard We called to the ship that there were no men in the boat They sent a sailor down "A.n English girl and I rowed four hours and a half Then we were picked up at six o'clock in the morn ing We were well away from the steamer when It went down, but we heard the screams of the people left on the boat "There were about seventy widows on the Carpathia and all were won derfully brave The captain of the Carpathia and the passengers did all they could for us Mrs Hairis sajs my husband and Mr Harris and Mr Douglas lowered the last boatload full of w omen All three were perfectly calm Fights to Save Wife. Mrs Daniel W Marvin of this city, who was on a honejmoon trip with her husband, was almost prostrated when she reached the dock and learned her husband had not been picked up by some other boat "My God don't ask me too much," she said, "tell rne have you any news from Dan' He grabbed me" in his arms and knocked down men to get me into the boat As I was put in the boat he cried "'It's all right little girl, you go and I will stay a while I 11 put on a life preserver and jump off and follow your boat' "As our boat shoved off he threw a kiss at me, and that is the last I saw of him " Mr and Mrs II J Allison of Mon treal and their daughter were drowned, their ten months old baby, a boy and his nurse were saved Mrs Allison was just about to jump into a lifeboat where the nurse and babv were when she discoveied her husband was not with her She went back to look for him and did not return Green Lantern Saves Many. Henry Stengel of Newark said it was only the forethought of a member of the boat crew who was quick-wit ted enough to snatch up thiee green lights that saved a number o£ th« lives of those adrift in the tiny 1'fe boat "These green lights' he said 'shining through the darkness en abled the other boats' crews to keer close together In the ice filled wa ters " Mr Stengel put his wife in a boat and then followed He said that early the next morning, shortly after they had been picked up, they saw floating far away a gigantic iceberg, with two peaks shining in the morning sun This was the berg that sent the Ti tanic to the bottom, he thought J u m p e d Into Sea; Picked Up. E Z Taylor of Philadelphia, one ot the survivors jumped into the sea just three minutes before the boat sank He told a graphic story as he came from the Carpathia "I was eating when the boat struck tne iceberg ' he said ' There was an awful shock that made the boat trem ble from stem to stern I did not rea- lise for some time what had hap pened No one seemed to know the f x t e n t of the accident We were told that an iceberg had been struck by the ship "I felt the boat rise and It seemed to me that It was riding ovei tho lee I ran out on deck and then I could see the ice It was a veritable sea ol ice and the bolt was rocking over It I should say that parts of the iceberg w r r e eighty feet high, but it had been broken into sections, probably by our ship "I jumped Into the ocean and wa s picked up by one of tho boats never expected to see land again 1 waited on board the boat u n t i l f h e lights went out Tt seemed to me that the discipline on board was wonder- f u l " SUFFERED EVERYTHING For Fourteen Years. Restored To Health by Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound. Elgin, 111.--"After fourteen years of Buffering everything from female complaints, I am at last restored to health. "I employed the best doctors and even went to the hospital for treatment and was told there was no help for me. But while taking Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound I began to improve and I continued its use until I was made --Mrs. HENRY LEISEBERG,743 Adams St. Kearneysville, W. Va. --"I feel it duty to write and say what Lydia Pinkham's Vegetable Compound has done for me. I suffered from female weakness and at times felt so miserable I could hardly endure being on my feet. "After taking Lydia E. Pinkham'* Vegetable Compound and following your special directions, my trouble is gone, Words fail to express my thankfulness. I recommend your medicine to all my friends."--Mrs. G. B. WHITTINGTON. The above are only two of the thousands of grateful letters which are constantly being received by the Pinkham Medicine Company of Lynn.Mass.,which show clearly what great things Lydia Pinkham's Vegetable Compound does for those who suffer from woman's ilia. If you want special advice write tydia E. Pinkham Medicine Co. (confidential) Lynn, Mass. Your letter will be opened, read and answered by woman and held in strict confidence. FIRST CLASS OPEHIHQ nlng mills Soap, sash and box factory laundry, bakery tannery Also retailers, wboksalera and builders with some capital Choap electric power water, fuel. EUiUU Ot TUAOK, Wcjburn, S«tk«tehMT»n. AGFNTS WANTkD--IBxcluslTO territory Good chance build up permanent business Mall as {10 for SO Feather Bed and receive without cost 0 Ib pair pillows IrelKhtonall prepaid Now feathers, best tfclc Ing Satl?tactionpruanvnt«e(l Turncr£(.ornw?H,1-eBtJier Ptalera, U«.pl. 13,Cli»rlott», !i. C. Hot Com'l fcat 1 Shrewdness. "And why ai e you writing 'Personal' on that envelope 7 " "I want the man s wite to read letter " A Slight Mistake. ' Katie, I can t find any oi the breakfast food " "O hevings, mem, 1 must ot took foi the sawdust to put on the ice on. the pavement, mem Rivals in Culture. "Professoi Enoch Dubber is going to read a very learned paper before the Mental Research society tonight Do you think you will be there 7 " "Do you suppose the Gibbits will attend 7 " "Yes I hear they are going " "Well, I'll be there My wife never lets Mrs Gibbit go to anything of high browed nature that she doesn't attend heiself " Kindly Scribe. "The editor of the Weekly Plain Dealer is a charitable sort of feller," commented honest Farmei Hornbeak, in the midst of his perusal of the vil lage newspaper, wherein he had encountered an example of the linotype's peculiar pervesity "In his article on the death of Lafe Dabsack, who betwixt we and you, hadn't much to recommend him except that he wasn't quite as bad sometimes as he was others, he says that 'the deceased was generally regarded as hljjdyt89mfwrd- etahrmf whrtadfyp'" "And I guess that's about aa near as anybody could get to making an estimate of the depaited without hurt ing his relatives' feelings "--Puck Insurance Man Is Dead. Milwaukee April 10--Vice President T W Skinner of the Northwestern M^* lal Iifo Insurance company of Mi1wauk«so, seventy-four years old, died here from a stroke of apoplev. Every Crisp, Little Flake Of Post Toasties kas a flavour all its own. "Toasties" are made of selected white Indian com; first cooked, then rolled into wafer-like bits and toasted to an appetizing golden brown. A f a v o r i t e f breakfast, lunch or supper in thousands upon thousands ot homes where people are particular. " The Memory Lingers Sold by Grocers Postucn Ccron.1 Company, T,lmJt*d Battle Criek, Mich WSPAPfcRI

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  2. 24 Apr 1912, Wed,
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