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LaVerne Courson 19331029 - MOftNINtt, OCTOBEft 29, 1933 T tf E PAMPA DAltY...
MOftNINtt, OCTOBEft 29, 1933 T tf E PAMPA DAltY NEWS SCOUT At the regular monthly Troop Leaders meeting, of Troop 18, held Oct. 25, Idas, in the home of Sen- Idr Patrol H $jeadei Everett Vander,berg, Vander,berg, the 'following leaders wero present: Laverne ; Courson, Rattlesnake Rattlesnake Patfol Leader; Claude John- s«m, Bear P. I,, .Everett Vander- bUfg; S. &..L; and Elzey Vanderburg, Vanderburg, Scribe. John E. Shannon, scoutmaster! presided at the meeting. meeting. The only hid business to be taken uj> was the matter of dues. This \vas discussed by the .scoutmaster, who urged each Patrol Leader to gift behind the boys arid? help them figure out ways to earn their days and bring their account up to date, .Laverne Courson suggested that the troop get up at least one boys' quai% tet and if possible two. This was gone into thoroughly and several bfeys selected for the four voices needed, bass, baritone, first and scout hall at 6 p. m. promptly. The selection of a patrol leader for the Wolves was the next business business to be passed on, and after the scoutmaster had suggested the two eligible boys in the patrol, namely, Ben Slaughter and John Mackie, and brought out their various abilities abilities in regard to this position, he DID FARLEY COME TO TEXAS TO BRING GARNER FROM HIDING? TO REPAIR FENCES? FOR GOOD WILL? Shell Tin Skelly Soc Vac Std Brds § O &U S O N J fex Cpr . Uhit Afrc V B Stl absented himself from the room, while the two remaining patrol leaders leaders and senior patrol leader decided decided who was to be the patrol leader. leader. After a thorough discussion and voting it was decided that John Mackie would serve in this capacity. capacity. It was also planned to build a fence around the scout hall, fill in the ditch for the water line and ] lay a small gas line to the building. building. Authority was given the scoutmaster scoutmaster to buy four Chinese elms, for the patrols to set out around the hall, after the fencing is put up. fl. AUSTIN, Oct. 28. (/P)— Texaris still are puzzling over the question: What prompted James A. Parley, the busy postmaster general in President President Franklin D. Roosevelt's cabinet, cabinet, to visit this state at this time? Why the wide tour through the banner dethoc'ratic state, just now? Why did he bring such an extensive entourage, comprising a majority of the "junior cabinet members." Farley said publicly he merely Wanted to pay a visit to Tcxans and this state's native-son vlcc-prcsi- dsnt, John N. Earner. Wherever tho parly stopped speakers referred to Parley having come to Texas to "bring John Gnrner from hiding." Tile vice-president did not have much to tell those who came from far and near to see and hear him except to pledge his hearty support to the president of the United States and reassert his sympathy MARKET Allegh 2 3'M 3% Am Can .... 12 -91V4 90'/i Am Had SS ..23 13 12% Am Tel 0 110 11514 Andc 45 14% AT&SF 4 4914 Avlti Cor .... 33 7% Bericlix 11 13 Beth Stl 33 28% Chrysler SS 42 Ccml Solv ... 68 32% Con Oil 10 HTi Cori bit t>el ..30 17% 3% 81 12M' 40 u 12% 28% 40% 321/6 11 Vi 16% VIVA 49 7',& 12% ?8M, 40% 32 Vi 11 '/i 16% t 2 30 32 16 23 "S 76 93 8 7% 12 2' 3% 46% 42 26% 29Vi 40 7% 7% 11% 23 40% 41% 2j> |'8% 39% Kew Votk Curb Stocks Nat Gas . T2' i.% 8 79; 11 % 23% 40% 41 ?i 25 28% 39% points Het. Svc filec BAiS Oil Pa ?fe' Oil ig jiud O ind 24 20 1 3 2 fcVi 1? 49 M E6-?,', ' 6% 29% 2% 86 86 29'.;1 29 tfjEW ORLEANS COTTON NEW OJaLEAtfS, Oct. 28 . Cotton was rather quiet today and prices .developed a downward tendency tendency due to outside iriarJcets, unfavorable unfavorable Wasjftihgt'on comment on (speculation ari<i rather persistant liquidation of longs for over -the Ityeekrend. Tflhe close was barely steady at net declines of io to 11 ppiriti. The .opening was Steady with Liverpool cables about ,as due, ster- Jling a. );hade easier and golfl 6 points higher at $31.82 per ounce. CHICAGO^ insettlerhefit today resultect ngton curtail oi- dealings both During of business, on a big osses which wheat aushel. attributed government-financed source's, purchases not delivery of as well. Wheat as corn 1 1 arid decline to Corn when market recuperative power unfavorable movement. Provisions lower with grains. •

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  1. Pampa Daily News,
  2. 29 Oct 1933, Sun,
  3. Page 7

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