Mining, JhMcEwan 10-24-1899

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Mining, JhMcEwan 10-24-1899 - \ i TILE DAILY T-BIBU1TB: Per. Considerable...
\ i TILE DAILY T-BIBU1TB: Per. Considerable Salt Lake talent .says Mr. Kdwards, is represented in ' the camp, and developments generally are being followed by g-ood results PETB.O IN EVIDENCE. Ten Thousand Shares Sold, v/ith Generally Generally "Weakened Prices. The week on the raining- exchange"! "^--president: Joseph k. Pacrc, sec-re- opened with the sale o! IH.iTT, shares of .stock, for which buyers paid $15,27^.6L', or. an averaue of M cents a share. Petro Petro was uKidn very much In ..-viderce, and although an avalanche of it poured into the pit, it was supported with astonishing astonishing grit. Opem-d up at .10 cent? it crept forward a. point, and lireakint;, n-ecded to .'is cor which lijfiirr- it clung with :-;V'-'. i-f-nts bid .it the close. Ten thousand ~;<!iar<-K j tary; John V\"iide, treas urer, who. with been driven over 1000 feet. The old workings were productive of a great deal of ore in the early days. Articles of Incorporation of the Golden Golden Zone Mining company were yesterday yesterday filed in tlie office ot" the Secretary of Stale. The capital stock is ?-;0,00<i divided into 400.000 shares of the par I value of 10 cent:-: each. The ofik-r-rs are I Henry Green, presidr-nt: Jacob Brandt, ! and JJrand mining claims, in the Santaquin Santaquin mining- district. THE QTJEEKE3T PLACES CLAIM. '-*"" I around • iiiii-on.u..[,,uKri!.'-H- ali'io " r-,illl,.<l and rr-iovr-r.. [ JJaiy-u>si advancer! 1 h;ti. it (Hill rrnccsy. i v.-hiii.- i l-'.'IO on ini- ' 10; h day of I h;ind:->, i j wh.ile South Swansea Wiici 'up to'.?] rjV • . \vith :-uvan;-.<-a ^oini^" nt $."!..S7*. "' j S ' |V( •>' 3<in:f V.-UK brought out at ?50.nO Wyoming Man Stakes it Out Around ! a Big- Fossil Snake. \ Correspondence Tribune.] ! Cheyr-nne. "VVyo.. Oct. 22.—S. A. Ag- \ fi-crs of Fill more- is in the city. He ', brought with him a portion of a snake j fossil which he found near his ranch • soijif time- ag-u. He says there are 135 i feet of the fossil on top of the ground, jhteen to a ha'.-,., .Mavnmoth loosoning- 4...J-1 and ;jdv; to 53.171,.'. ,, v j r.-ur brought S7 flat, ihr- sc-=-=ion c! : on th,,- following. ,,ric-;- ; Mnnkcr lllll . liiiu- li'lr.i Kx li'.HUMI k !>.; (•hi",r!-i,:.' ;''-,'j|, Crown Point' --.--jit. i)i t.t;t!'i:-t to - pieces and ship th-.-ni to the ' :it Wii.shington in the ' f protect- ; and it rm:S'-:> .'!'o:n t\v.-ive t inclies in thiekn.-Pi. 31,-. Aggers has I been i.f.-sifjferl with anxious v> i •"•'• thr- j:ir,;ist«r fr.ssil. He intends to - -••sui.inal museu Kpnn«, and for t purpose ins- hi:; I'md he has .staked out a placer ininin:- claim-, covering twenty acn-s. tin- fossil Ix-injr near the center of the <-nsion . -it Mr-.r ( <!IM '• i',"''.'. 1 r ' ( ,'; j TI,,,. 1 IUK'I a a Ij.-xtcr 1 lirunond C Kill;!.; lOaKle iiiirl 1'our Aoes Oalcna r;,.v.,-r-.-\l H ri :i;; c JJcIl . 1.47'-. . 12..-( 2.41 .10 .01 TX. . lo". BONANZA VALUES. Republic Camp Excited Over Snmple froin E,ep\iblic Ifiin.-. Republic, Wash, Ocr. L 1 :-;.—A sample taken care-fully across the full face of t.h" drift on the no-.v l..-vr-l in the- .Republic .Republic mine assayed riiore than ?2,W) i r per ton. This is at ;i depth of (il'IO fr-^t -, and i s i) 10 richest average- samplft ev"»r I | tiikr-n in ihe mine. Thf ledge at this point is nearly thirty feet wide, but the ' ' :-ing run through the richest i .-;imp is im.-nsely exc-im.! ovr-r ', iiixu. values at such d.epth. i drift is ore. The these bun: .-i[f. Kxtcnsion Mural .......... i Mining Notes. • The Uncle Sum uf Eureka had five ( carloads of ore- on th,~- market vester- 1 day. 'J'hc Mr.mmoth camo in yesterday ri' lu-t. and the Swansea .. .I...-- J:o\vers Extension Ktvmiin ... Ln. Hcin,. '.'.'.'...'.".';; l.itti.^ '1'ill.sbursr .. .. l.iiwer Mammoth ...... l.Hlli- Chlfi' Mauiial lit n ir : ,i-tlia Wiishingion '.. May Dnv ... . Jicrcur " " '.!' ' consigrn- Ih fiwii ! Oitiiilin firitario Orient Pel:., liubbifK Koot '.. Tlit.-liiiionrl-AiiitcoiKla with five with ;i corri-sponding- In.. Thr.- South Swansea <>c Silver cann- forward with aiiolher nicnt of silver and lead ore. Tlie Hercules of Stockton unloaded two more cars of high-grade silver and It-Jifl on; on yesterday's market. At-MO SiiUiniay morning water in the Cdiisulidatf-d California & "Virginia I v . City I Sn<:r:iini-nti. C'onsoliJ. t?c"i Swan Silver l.'lr.xul Silver King South Swansea Star f,\.nsi.!uUit.:d Sunboam ... Sunshine Swansea. Totrii .......... '..'.'. .. 'JVsorn, TI..1] ..... Vul-.-o Vest -Mi.unliiin Yiinkr-ft CdiiKolliin.Tert i.-ii'.'. .-IT " 1.10 was lie feet, six inches below l!);"o"sta- lion. Tho arrival of sale day at the offices offices of the Slurtha Washington found the assessment paid on every share of stock. Jiarry Warren, resident representative representative of the lOns-im-i-rinET and Mining Journal. j...ft for Tintic last night (o cover the bonanzas . .f that locality. Al.-iiiiitvrr Nelll i.l' the X"uite,i States Jlinin:;- company left for can-" yesfpr- day morning, looked under ground between between trains and returned to town last night. Mr. Samuel Xewhouse .i yesterday miKlt! an examination of the Boston I ''" -isolliiatcd at Kin;:ham. returning to) oily last: niglH greatl.v impressed I _ . .It'.:.'. .].' IS'i . .ISW. Snips \vero niaclc as follows: T'aisy. r.OO at V.)'-'-«c,; VX'n -at l!ii.,c. Da]y-^\•(.st. lOU at S!:.G4'-'.; l«o"at S12.5GV'-' at 11!'/.c; 1500 -at 13c; 1000 ion l-'our A at i:'.'..i-. ('.ran.I Oi-iural. 100 nt SJ-liC. Mauiniolh. it«i at $3.1-1: 100 at J.1.15, seller thirty days: Km r , t SJ.17'-.. J'l-L-eur. UT. at ?T. I I'ctl-o. >;:»'> at Hk-; TOO at -lie: COO at S9';.c; i TOO at ;!!ic: r.>)'< ai ;:-s>.'.c: TJO.' at oS 1 !? 1 -: 25uo"at ' :i.-it.-: IWKI at :;;>.„-. seller thirty days; Mid I at S7i-, sen,.,- ihiriy ,luy». Star IVirisi.liil.ii,-;,!. ].t!0 at -17c. Suiiphino, ,"'-fi at :lOr. SAvause;... U-) at Slt.H.". South Swansea. 1UO at $1.36>-',; 100 at $1.3S Sat;ram<-iili.. .-,00 at -l:}'.ic. Silver King, f.o at ^r.n.riO. Susibi-um. ^1:11 in r,7-'.;c; 100 at OT'-.c. Hoiili-u Kai;le. ill'lli'at 4c. th ivnh ita ultiir.atu producHvencss". . The survivors of the- oluS-Vtah IDx- cluins-u ycHtc'.-day received thc-ir share of the $HOO thai was placed to their creiiit ivhcii ilu-y consented to lay down the gavel and give up the ghoi-t. «Joi. S. T. Pcarsun iias gone to the Sterling Coal c rison to regu in company's mines at Mor- ' late the output fur the : winter months and before returning to his desk will visit the Ml. Xebo broVn- stonc riuarrles. Jlcssrs. Hoi-nblowei- and Hel'fron de^ de^ olid yesterday it. i| K - study of Bing- ; r.OO at. ITUc; "000 1000 , J(u> llowt-rs. r>lH> at at 17' ..r. .;.•>« Bowers i.'.xloiisuin. 1000 at 5c; at ;.'i..c. solli-r thiriy .lays. F.unkt'i- llU!. H'Oti ai ." r '.sc-. Yanlu'o C'oiisuliilaiL'd, 10W) at 7Sc; 20ft' 1 at 17-" \c, Shares sc.Ul 20-07," Selling- valm;. .SUi.27St.tC. .j ON TITK OTtlTB. I On the curbtttont! during- the 'after- | noon S900 shares of ptock sold for ?sj2i'>. | IMay l>ay \\-us shockinfrly hitmmer.jd. ' and beforo il was withdrawn r>00i) sluires had lioi.-n sold at ilj^ure's rans- injr from 57 ilnwn to "> conts. the deliv- The receipts at the Ci.nklin sampler yesterday consisted of ten cars of ore from Tintic. At the Taylor & Brunton Brunton the receipts included ti-e cars from Kui-i'ku. two from Stockton, one from Silver City and two from Mammoth. Siiperinleiidt-rit I). C. Jacklimt of the Ciok-lcn tiati? mill at Mcrcur has returned returned at'tt-r a well-earned vacation that was divided by him between Montana, Montana, Oregon and California, whore he vU-Uc-d a .number ot the mines and mills. Times-Review: AVork on the Hidden Hidden Treasure, belonging to the Tusca- rura ...'.old Milling company, lias been i discontinued f»r tlie present, owing to I a lu-iivy increase in the. flow of water, i which ino strung to be successfully i handled without pumps. " . Manager Hum uC the Lust Chance, ..... , an oi-v to bo made in nmoty days. Daly- rij.igham, i eC t for Ogclcn vosterdav "U. - ' . was also!. a lot of 500 that opL-nod at JlL-.To goiivg down tlu- I by numeral until it was dealt . out at SlL'.'.U. Four hundred Sunbeam < was passed out at liTV- .ems ami 1000 ! Kmerald at R"-.i cents, while 2000 Bunker i lliil; i hanged hunils at :.-•« cents. to I meet Joseph A. Ames, his old business , associate, who paused through to Cali- foi-nia. Mr. Ames is the gentleman who i tha promoted tho sale of the Dyer group at ! Vernal a. number of years ago. | Pi-eaident Diaz, in his annual ines- I SAI.KS OF THI-: DAY. * The sales ol! iho reached n. total day on curb and pit total of 3s, ".7.". shares, that. brought. K-'.;<ti~,.6:\ On the exchange 2<>.t;7ri shr.rrs sol.l for SlB.27H.B2; on tile curbstont? xinui sluireF for $S22ti. sage to ihc Congress of. .Mexico, says the output during the last lis-cal year the exportation of mineral products, metallic metallic and non-metallic, was valued at J3,",27"..UOO, showing an increase of $;',,- [ o",3,ae over the exportation of ihe previ- ' ous year. Manager Hunt of the. May Day at Kui-tka re-ports that loading for another another shipnu-nt of high-grade ore was en- the 1 McCornick lias i »wei-n ihe mine- ;-.nd successfully. Thnuish the sta i i j j Lucky Boy Mills Kunning. I Xf.vs came down from the vx-operties •! bogtin yesterday. He yesterday placed I of the .T.,ucl;y Hoy Mining company at I '"> order for a-hoisting plant and other ! Custor. Ida., yo-uorday that both uiills i equipments that, in position, will ! are i;i operation, with "Morris Bambor* i alll< ' nim l materially increase i gor in chai-go. and thai Ma.nagor Houry ! tonnage. .Koi iJeinis. nninagor of the Dewey mil! in llinghaiu ca.nyon, came In from cair.ii again y-cstorday morning and reports reports it running with perfect satisfaction. satisfaction. Tho opt'!-;;lion of the Dewey from tho first has affordod splendid demonstration demonstration ot" results that are to be had troni low-grade ores with competent mechanical aids. Mar.ago.i- Duncnn came in from the "\Ving at Bingham last night aiter starping tin ihe new mill that has been grer.tly improved and that is now provided provided with a. ci ashing capacity of 300 :"uiily. The mill in a few clays will i Western to A, tlu- iie.w iramway be- iiiid iilants xv.^rking nip mill. to which has been luideu a set of "\A"il- t iley tables, the m;xna>;-eirie.m. is iio\\- | :dio\-i:ig an average of sixty tons of oiv j daily, \vhilc- the uiilings that arc goin:. Oro and Bullion Settlements. In the. oro and bullion market the week opened \vith sottlemenis amount inpr to 55-1,Si!4. divided as follows: ! T. I"!. Jonos 1 S- Co.—Germania and ! Ming-o huilion. $K.QOi>: sold, silver, load i 'and copper ores, S:'4ti(i. j BiiinborKor »<: McMillan—Gold, silver and lead ores, ?7Sti-l. l^ank of tho Republic—Gold bar, SSOOO; auro-cyanides. JIOOO. In tho .metal market silver ruled at cents an MI nee. load at $4.40 per 1CX> pounds, and cents a pound. IIEV copper at. Hi Mining incorporations. Articles of incorporation of the Kx- oelsior iliningr and Milling- company werq yesterday tiled in the office of tho -County Clerk. The capital stock is placed at 840.000. divided into -400.000 shares of tho par value of 10 cents ocah. John T. Hudson is named as president president of thp company; A .V. F. Smith, vie'e^presKlent: J. S. Free, secretary and treasurer, who. with L.. S. Murdoch and John A. Ekninn, form the directorate. The company owns the Sanders, Condor Condor Xos. I r.-sul 2 and the Minta mining- claims at Bins-ham. Articles of incorporation of the Hlsinc be receiving: 100 tons-a day while the mine, itself is capable of putting- out double the amount. A Santa Fo special to the Denver Kepublican says over r>?o minors are ! now ongagred in the Mogollon mining- district and there are now three towns and throe postoflicos in the district, which not long- ago was a howling- wilderness. A railroad is among- the l-robabllitios, to bo a part of a line from Demiag- to Salt Lake. Grans-eville (Iria.) Free Press: Late . reports are to tho effect that the big j deal for the Big Buffalo group Is on and expectancy is at fever heat. All arc awaiting the decision of the owners owners to the offer which has been submitted submitted by Capt. "Woods. It is to be sincerely hoped that this deal will be a success, for it is too bad to have this gigantic property lie idle. Silver State: James Saye and O. K. Keed have arrived a.t Lovelock. Xev., from "Wliite Plains. They brought with them some rich silver ore samples, taken taken from a new claim which thev have just located in. the TVliite Plains mountain. mountain. The ore which they bring assays from ?400 to ?6'vO per ton. They have sunk a shaft thirty fe-et and the pav Sun and-Domingo Consolidated Mining i runs right from the surface, with a. company were yesterday filed with the Secretary of State. The capital stock is Sf.0,000, divided into 500,000 shares of the par value of lo cents a share. Je.ssa 1-Cnig-lit is r.rcsident of the incorporation; incorporation; J. VT. K slight, vice-president; John H. McEwan. secretary and iirer. who. with "U": I.. Green and \T. K. Simmons, form the directorate. The company owns - ihe^ -Risrag- .Sun and eleven" other~tiiinins claims in the'Tin- tic .miniTur district, east of Diamond, naid iiito which a tunnel has already I icr twelve-foot ledge to work on. San Francisio Post: The largest force of men "that has ever been "cm- ployed on the Gold Mountain mine- in San Bernardino ,wiil be put to work ihis winter. This famous property is to be worked, with a cyanide plant."and the new owners are preparing- to go after the riches with a sufficient force- and with modern methods, .so that re-; suits arc certain. --This-property-was lost it on a mortgage. in it D, a.nd O'Connor. no the the was kid Buj' Cole At Gn \»rs.

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  • Mining, JhMcEwan 10-24-1899

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