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Hallock Is First Town Of Good Size On 75 Highway ZOOMING down from Manitoba, the first community of size that one encounters on No. 75, the great highway from pine to palm, "the main street of America," is the attractive and prosperous little city of Hallock. The visitors' introduction to the state of Minnesota could scarcely be more favorable, for he will get a lasting impression of the surging life of the vast republic, of its great agricultural resources and of the enthusia - sm and friendliness of its people. Half a century ago the area where Hallock now flourishes as , a modern city of 1.500 souls was nothing but seas of rolling prairie and woodlands. It was a veritable ( hunter's paradise abounding in ; elk. moose, black bear, wolves and coyotes and various kinds of game birds. It was a land of primitive nature. Its Founder It was this very thing to get far beyond the clamor of a big city and to follow one of man's earliest Instincts as a hunter that brought to this section a New Yorker In quest of wild nature and the spoils of the chase. This man was Charles Hallock. noted author, editor and sportsman of New York city, and for him the town is named. In the early days he made extensive trips in this part of the country, and finally Interested some j ncn sportsmen in furnishing money lo build a sportmen's hotel at what is now Hallock. The hotel was erected in 1880. anrh had a precarious existence for 12 years when it was destroyed by fire. While Hallock did not come to this region as a townsite promoter or a homesteader, singularly enough he practically opened up Minnesota to the outdoor public of the country, and in a sense was the founder of the town. Sportsmen's Resort During its heyday the original Hotel Hallock was the headquarters for sportsmen on hunting trips from all over the United States. With the resulting publicity and the advent of the Great Northern Railway, the village soon had a population of 500 people and many business places. The actual dale of its Incorporation as a village was June 11, 1887. Hallock Is the county seat of Kittson county and one of the best towns along the lins? of the Great Northern in Minnesota. It is located in the heart of the great Red River valley, with rich soil all about it. It is a strictly agricultural region; crop yields are large and failures practically unknown. Farms range in size from a quarter section to one of 25,000 acres Mixed farming is practised. Hard wheat and other grains, clover, alfalfa, seed potatoes and corn are all grown successfully, while dairying, beef cattle, poultry and bees are also sources of large revenue. Ready Market It is greatly to the advantage of the farmers to have at hand at all times a ready market for their cream and poultry in the Hallock Creamery, whose production of high - grade butter and Icecream annually runs into large figures. Kittson county boasts some of the largest farms in the country. The great Florance farm of some 25,000 acres, located six miles north of Hallock, was one a part of the immense landed possessions of James J. Hill, and was formerly farmed by his son. This great grain farm, with its splendid buildings and equipment, is a study in modern methods and achievement Similarly the 17,000 - acre Kiene farm at Kennedy is one of the largest and most successful in the world. In the Tanquary Honey Farms, Inc., Hallock has a bee Industry that is one gf the largest, if not the largest In the world as regards the output of honey. The company operates units at Hallock and Warren. Minnesota, and at Emerson, Manitoba, the Hallock unit being the largest. Great quantities nf refined honey are produced and readily marketed all over the United States and Canada, and some even in England. As large users of package href and queens In their own yards, the company found It advantageou to establish beekeeping units to ensure both quality and supply Accordingly they have two of these in the south one in Missouri and one in South Carolina. rTnm these other beekeepers in the United States and Canada are supplied with package bees. At the head of this splendid enterprise which adds so materially to business and fanning success at Hallock is Dr. M. C. Tanquary, j entomologist at the University of ; Minnesota. The production man - I ager. resident at Hnllock during the honey season is W. .T. Synott. In recent years sweet clover has been an important crop and a big source of revenue in more ways than one, for here the honey bee has its innings. Agricultural Society In connection with farming it is appropriate to mention the Kittson County Aaricultural society, so ' ably handled under the immediate direction of President Albin Olson and Secretary D. J. Larson. Since its organization in 1SS8 the society I has never missed holding an an - nual exhibition. Today Hallock and district are justifiably proud of their three - day fair which is i one of the outstanding events of ' the kind in the whole state and j draws an attendance some jears j I as high as 36.000 people, among ! whom are numbered thousands I : from Canadian points who are especially complimented hy the ' fair's "Canada Day." Last year I I the society built a new 3..V10 capacity grandstand. previously i having other excellent equipment I I in buildings and race track on the i l.Vacre grounds. ! Hallock is R8 miles south of Win - : nipeg and 4L'3 miles north of Minneapolis and St. Paul. It Is amply served hy highways and by the , Winnipeg branch of the Great 1 Northern Rnllwav. It is a town of, ', marked proressiveness. noted for i business activity and civic pride, j All manner of business firms are i reptesented Two modern hotels : and several excellent cafes provide j j accommodation for the traveller, i j Fiisl - parages and .service sta - 1 p 47T . ' r f f ! i j 4v mt a iff lll J u, I .' I J First Over Line: meet when travelling on No. 75 highway. It Is pretty and prosperous. The upper picture shows the City Park, and lower picture the Consolidated Public school. tions abound. There is one of the finest picture theatres jjf any country town. Stores of every kind overflow with good merchandise and service. Tourist Camps Two tourist camps, one privately owned, afford suitable facilities. There is, of course, a first - class bank. Other industries, besides the creamery, are a busy machine shop and foundry and an up - to - date bakery. In short, nothing is missing from the set - up of the modern business centre. Furthermore, Hallock has fine water works and sewage, the best of lighting, splendid fire department and a creditable brass band. In connection with the water supply the town, as a W.P.A. prospect, is building a new 565,000 filtration plant which is expected to be In service in October. Hallock has modern schools and churches and rrjpny societies, lodges and clubs Including a civic club, of great service to the city and a very active, public - spirited post of the American Legion. The Hallock Memorial hospital, in service since 1922 as a tribute to the country's soldier dead, is a noted institution that rates high in medical circles. The community is fortunate In having this splendid institution, so capably handled by a staff of trained nurses and local physicians and surgeons whose The Sterling Store The Sterling Store at Hallock. Minnesota, has developed from a small food market Into the largest and most modern department atore In Northwestern Minnesota. The firm a marked suceesa Is evidenced by its neHtitifuJ new structure erected only last year. He artlstle gla. front, modern llchting and the latest In store fixtures and dlxplay racks make It an Ideal shopping centre. A complete ntnrk of women's apparel and men's furnishings features the latest atyiea. Prompt and courteous per vie meet with your approval. Tha most particular customers find It a pleasure to make this store their headquarters. Hallock Creamery Co. CUNNAR WAS. Prop. Hallock could havo no more poiltlve aa - in than thli excellent rrramrry lhat pro - liuefa butter and Ice cream on a par with th bent In Minna anta. The branda of Clover Blorioni butter and Creamy Ira cream are ! known for quality and are In h.Bh demand. With a fully modern plant, the hiahet degree of aanltatlon and fartnrv friinu I maintained. The Creamery manufacture .wn.uuu p.n.njM nr nutir a yrnr. '""ir"' ''"in, r - ruurj mna egga are aiso purrhaitd. The Hallor creamery ha hern owned ind operated aJnce 1 f 1 9 by Ottnnar Wm, He Is one of the town'i leading bum - nri men, who haa held various offices ot trust and Ii alwas active in worthy cMc movrmenii. The Woman's Shop Wl N N I FRED M. ERICKSON, Prop. Hallnck hoasts a distinctive and exclusive store for women's and children's wear In The Woman's Shop, owned and operated bv Mrs. W. M. Krickson. To characterize It bv a single phrase, it is "The Home of Approved Fashions." Here the Indies lind a profusion of silk dresses, foundation Katments. Iiti - gerie, hats, gloves, hosiery, purses, fancy work and novelties; and, while everything is of best quality, prices are very moderate. fAn inspection of these goods Is invited. This store has been established tor five years. Oven Fresh Bakery LEO CARRIGAN, Prop. A primary need is adequately supplied in the Oven r resh bakery which takes its place among Hal - lock's most important husincss ser vices. In no bakery is greater stress j laid on sanitary methods, pure ingredients and scientific baking. Hence the products are second to none. Their Uolden Krust Hread is always delicious and fresh ask your grocer for it. Likewise their pastries, pies and cakes are such as to make your mouth water. Special baking is done to order Younggren Chevrolet Co. With a record of 2 years of fair nVnhntf to their credit, the Young - j;ron Chevrolet Co., of Hnllock, needs no Introduction to the citizens of Kttt:on county, tor during this period the sales nnd services ol the firm have beneficially affected many people and oecn a definite al - vanlace to the community. Their simp is completely equipped with) are among the services of tin one - spoi inl Chevrolet tools lor pircl - I - ''"P garage Tourists to Hallock are sum work uccording to lnctory invited to call in for their requirements specifications and the shopmen are I and route and road Inloimmton. Mr. lactory trained. O. W. Vouncren, j McVean la a native son of the dutrict prop , is a native of Kittson county, and a business leader. Sample a Cuample By The Associated Prcea) GENEVA, N.Y., Aug. 27. Have a cuapp er, pardon an appber oops! we mean an appcu oh, well, anyhow, have one they look like an apple and taste like a cucumber. What's more, they come from New Zealand, called apple cucumbers, and J. Henry Daykin, who got the seeds from "down under," is growing the vegetable tsk! wrong again fruit. In his back yard. Hallock is the llrst Minnesota town of good size which visitors from Winnipeg ability is a matter of common knowledge. Hallock has pronahly the largest and finest covered skating rink in the state, with the exception of those In the three biggest cities. It exemplifies the go - ahead spirit of the citizens, because it was built four years ago in the depths of the depression at a cost of $20,000. Hallock Implement Co. ALBIN OLSON. Mgr. For nearly a ceniury the J. I. Ca e Co. hi hrrn a leader in the field of farm Implements anr ever since the land wan tlllrd tn Northwestern Minnesota their machines l - ivi heen In uae here. Tn the Hal hick Implement Co., extablfaiird In now belongs the duty of selling and servicing the Cine lines In thla vicinity. And they have a Cane machine to meet every farm need. They also handle Diamond T trucks, De Laval Cream Separators and Trior Washing marhlnrs. The firm enjoys large sales each venr. Manitoba farmers are Invited to consult the Hallock Implement Co. re new and u.ed machinery. Berg's Standard Service Station Both hulk and tilling station supply of Standard Oil products are provided at Hallock, the hulk business being in charge ol M. C Dipple, agent, and the service station being operated by M. C Berg. In connection with the lornier, prompt country delivery Is made. The station gives complete lubricating service, using the latest Alemite greas - e guns and hydraulic hoist. It is located on Highway No. 73 toward the south side of town. Also handles Alias tires and tubes, tam - dus for their liberal guarantee, and easy adjustment. Gullander Hardware Co. Hrllock's stores are modeinly operated and heavily stocked with the best merchandise, reflecting two things the business acumen of their proprietors and the importance of Hallock as a trading centre. A conspicuous example is the Gullander Hardware, which has given service to this community for over SO years. They carry everything in shelf and heavy hardware, including such lines as Monarch ranges, Dexter washers. Marshall - Wells paints and Sentinel Radios. Wickie Service Station PHILLIPS '" Long - leaident at Hallock aiifl engaged at (liflcrenl times In several linen of activity, no citizen of this live town la better known or more highly regarded than K. J. Wirkie. who established hia pieaent btiaineas it yeara ago and has one of tlie beat establishments of the kind In Northern Minnesota. Handling such high grade lines as Phillips "bi" gas and oils. Quaker .State and Kendall oils and Lee Tires, the service station la throughout equipped to give the pun. lie complete satisfaction in repairing, washing, greasing, reyt rooms and tourist Information. In conjunction, the Wickie Independent Oil Co . operated hy F. J. Wickie. handles bulk sales of the Phillips 'ficV products. Orders are filled promptly and efficiently. Mr. Wirkie la the present mayor ot HbIIocH. For twelve yearj he filled the poailiun of village clerk. Kittson Pharmacy Occupying a convenient corner, no bu;hi - .s place at HhIIcm k attrac ts more immediate attention fiom the vuMtor Ihan tin Kittson pharmacy, not only because of its location but a. well by 1 elisor. 'f It attractive window and intend! - du'iiays of dru store merchandise. It in in fact an elegant and complete pharmacy, providing all medical and sniKUal needs, handlihtf pre - srnptions efficiently and carry. iir a Jul I line of toiietriea. funcy goods and other customary lines, A special feature is the modern trnjiitain service. McVean Motor Co. E. O. McVEAN, Prop. Following his service in the World War. Mr. McVean opened up at Hallock in l'C2. Hta garage is one of the town a notable establishments. It Is the local house of l'ontiac salts and aervice. ot the MiiKieapnlls - Moline farm and powei machinery, and of Firestone tires. A full line ol gas. oils, greases, pana and accc.s - ,,1 ica is stocked. Complete re - I noring. oiling sumiih and wrecking Hydraulic Fish Draws Visitors DOAKTOWN, N.B. For years a "hydraulic fish" has working outside the home Arthur W. Attridge here and approaching something close to perpetual motion. Through attracted here by the invention, has become known in many of the continent. The hollow fish, built of and metal, is about four feet and fastened to the ends of poles. These drop to a every few seconds and then the water - tilled tish 15 feet barrel, into which the water from the fish's mouth and down a pipe to the barn and farmhouse. The polr - s are set on an axle. : the end opposite the fish is a ' filled hy the spillway of a I dam. The weight of this , when filled, lifts and dumps fish. Then the water in the is automatically released. Lightened of its load, the tank the spillway again. This drons fish Into the pool to be To work the fish, Attridge ingeniously devised a maze machinery from junk articles Including tin cans, a shoe heel, wheel, broken plow handle parts of an old mowing FIND GIANT TORTOISE VASCO DA GAMA A foot long tortoise, weighing i a ton, was caught in the I Sea near here. John Dick Machine Workers About (?ihtfrn mnnthf tico Halt qulrfd a vlubl industry when John formerly of Mnrdrn, Man - , end many over Western Canada, opened machine ahop and foundry here. Mr. followed hit line nf buaineas for yrara In Canada, half of thla period den. and Rained a wide reputation work at machlnlit and foundry man. Hallock hop la exceptionally well - with lath, drill preie. planer, grinder, alectrlc art welding and j iron, aluminum, brane and caet Iron. ' alio manufacture Buifalo Feed which are already In great demand. Is the only machine ahop and foundry I tweeu Grand Forki and WlDi.iprg. Taft's Cafe On your way to or from vialt Tad s Cafe at Hallock. are, genuinely welcomed and well ed. Including Canadian frienda, ia one of the beat and moat cafea In Northwestern Minnesota ia a decided aaaet to the town loi k. Started nearly 30 years KitlMii county's oldest buauiess kind and has conaiatently kept of the tlmea. ao that today it excellent er vice Including dining - room, lunch counter, and fountain apcclaltiea: also fresh frutta. confectionery, baked gooda and Thn location la a block east of the highway and opposite the Hallock Grand Theatre O. J. LARSON, Prop. Kittaon county may well be Its leading moving picture theatre (irand operated at Hallock since It is a anhatantial and capucioux cdUIre with a Beating capacity of nearly Mill. The Interior flnmh and arrangements make It extremely attractive, while the air - conditioning roomy upholstered aeat.s assure comfort. Mr. Larson, popularly "IufTy," haa apured no expense acquiring sound and projection on a par with leading picture Week by week the programs beat of current releaaes. Mr. wua the flrat man in the county rt ii 1 1 talking ricture equipment. respects the Grand is sn flue theatre. Anderson Service "If It'i Cities 8orvlrp. it hn.4 gnod." Eveiywht - ro the product this company are recognized an the bpflt: correspondingly, thone handle them arc experienced, and reliable. Such la the cae Mailt k. "or the pant decade Aridrrnon has bf - n bulk dral'T ('it if hcrvice at thii point and up hia fine service atation about years ago. Being a well - known he haa built up a busineaa to all concerned. In connection bulk pair an efficient delivery in maintained. The service located on Highway 75. handles standard mokes of tin' - t and general accessories, and has clean rest rooms. Anderson has been a member villagu council fur six years. Kittson County Implement Co. Mullock has a fine lot of retail that are well stocked and run to the latest methods of Anion; them a unit of primary ante is the bis hurt) ware stole by the ahove - nained firm, with is combined a very extensive Implement business h.indlinK Jdm lins and Caterpillar (arm tractors. implement end of the businen in HK'd by Frank Btyden, while Muen is in charne of the store. The hardware, as one Mandiall - Wella associated stores, carries a heavy stock includinff Norge line. Jungers - Dlsta ranne. ol) humeri. Coleman gad ctovet and fex krroittna burning ref rUeratorn. Hotel Hallock WM. KRUMHOLZ. Prop. A!tT acquiring the Hotel few years po, Mr Krumholz improvements am h as renovating redecorating, new n ds and hot and cold running water rooms and a steam heating plant. Accordingly, the commits and conveniences of this house are up lo day requirements. Another lsre tor in the Hallock's popularity frkndly. homeluc af moiphere. Mr hoii on ot Hsilork'i mmX. and erne rprminK oltUpni. who. - uj a former mayor and counrillor. In promntlun and nther community menu. hav helped materially to Hn!o - k one of Minnesota 1 (M'lilreR. Johnson - Bengtson Motor Co. FORO SALES ANO SEPVICE I One of the bigg!t. b - . - t and ' garagea in this part of Minncta that of the above - naind Hallo company, local dealers for Foul j trucks. The garage is weh - miuned j well - equipped lor all kinds of , pairing and general iva iiine eluding auto body and feeder j Duco reHuishii'g. w Iding, frame and axle straiKlueuitii: wiPt king servh All work is and promptly handled Full art ca rneJ or n les rTic dtifts. Goodyear tics. Quaker Sjostrand Jewelry i A well - selectfd and varied I jewelry, watches, clocks, chimiware gift articled ia always on hand ! Sjostrand Jewelry Storw in j and their word may be relied , to quality and values. In you want a good watch a Kljem. Btilma or Wet the id - you i no iron le getting suited her. stock also ate dum.ond :,nd , 1 nigs, nlvf r arc, Fostoria j leather K'Xs and mneltR - s. An i repair service is rendered. O. 1 rand is a watchmsker and j in years' experience.

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