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Home Drama Co. -Bankers Daughter - Terrible Fate of a Middle Aged Colored Man....
Terrible Fate of a Middle Aged Colored Man. BOTH LEGS AND ONE ARM GONE. Trial talent, who only claim to be amateurs; yet there is iu this company material, ii properly handled, that must result in the making for many ol them, if not all, a name in the dramatic world, it is sincerely hoped that the needed encouragement encouragement will be given by our people, many of whom will not give it, simply because it is home talent, and say, a? such, it amounts to nothing. this vagary at once, interest yourselves , iu their behalf, show by your . ] oil the evening of tho production at the ; | (.irand and by your applause that you --^^^---He Had Evidently Tried to Board a Union J are with them ill their endeavors, Pacific Train Near tho Hot Springs | and soul. Lookupon the many dramatic and Fell Under the Wheels. ; stars of today who are obi ling iu their _^___ I zenith of glory and fame, aud ask where i 1 they began, you will receive for an """"" part possibly on the prolessional stage, It is said that, "We must creep before The mangled remains of a middle- | answer the amateur, or in some .,., e ,l u egro were found yesterday morn- --' : " "·- ' in" by ft party of trainmen on the track oilhe Union Pacific about half a mile above the Hot Springs. The right arm and hot' 1 ' e S 3 were severed from the trunk and were found scattered along the track foi a distance of several him ,,,,, and all lend a helping hand, and then dred feet. But one letter, addressed to feel aspioud and happy of the success Henry Lewis, and dated at Kockland, j that must attend them as the mother Placer t-ountr .California, and no papers, who watches the lirst stepol her was found on the body. Lewis was seen around the Springs several times 0:1 Friday and the theory of the trainmen and those acquainted with the facts in The session . . business we can walk," and as this company be-; i_ r ari creeping some time since, it about time to get upon its feet of f; if you please. So, therefore, let us one now calendar ame, The the case is that he tried to board the north bound train, which leaves Ogden every morning at 12:05 o'clock, and was thrown under the wheels. Justice of the Peace Ward, of Box Elder county, took charge of the remains remains and held an inquest yesterday afternoon at the Springs. Xo additional facts were brought out and the jury rendered rendered a verdict in accordance with the facts above set out. The remains will probably be buried at the expense of Box Elder, as no money was found in the dead man's clothes. RUNAWAYS BROUGHT BACK. Blundell and Hill Are Once More In the Reform School. Superintendent Allison of the Reform ·school, returned fromButte, Mont. ; yesterday yesterday morning with Thomas Blnndell, of Salt Lake, and RobertHill, of Ogden, who escaped from the school about, two w'eeks ago. Blundell was captured by the sheriff of Butte, but it remained remained for the superintendent to find Hill, who was living with a miner in a small cabin on the side of the bluff above the town. After escaping from the institution the boys took the "brake beam route" and arrived in Butte two days later Charles Woolen, the other "lad who Best paper, carbons anil ribbons in the citv at S. J. Griiiin's. Agent for Columbia bicycles ; also dealer in all kinds of typewriters. Telephone 102 Real Estate Transfers. Denver Ogden Security company company to Clara (j. Garretson, lots 17 to 24 inclusive, block 9, Fairinount Park $ D. II. Prery, Jr., to Dora Bella Topham/part of lot 3, block 900 00 24. plat A. 24, pla' John \V. Horn and wife to Ed- 1,500 00 ward F. Horn, lots 18, 19 and 20. block 20, Nob Hill . 2,250 00 Rolwrt C. Wilson to Mark L. Fletcher, part of lot S, block 11, plat B 23334 Rebecca A. Stayner and husband husband to James Wotherspoon, Brigham H. (joddard and Joseph T. Burton, part of lot 9, block 25, plat A, and buildings buildings thereon, the Stayner block and grounds 54,000 00 South Ogden Laud, Building Improvement company to E. D. Chapman, lots 1 and 2, block 20, South Ogdeu plat-A 40000 Rasmus Christofferson and wife to E. R. Christofferson, part of northeast quarter of section 17. township 6 north, range 1 west 500 00 Heber While and wife to Chas. escaped, is still at large, and the superintendent superintendent has so far failed to ascertain his whereabouts. Speaking of the boys and their capture capture the Anaconda Standard, under Butte date lines, saya: ·'Supt. E. 51. Allison, of the Ogden Reform school, arrived in this city this morning, in search of two runaway boys who escaped from that institution several several weeks ago. One of the lads, Thorn-. as Blundell, gave himself up to Sheriff j T Reynolds Reynolds several days ago and wanted to be sent back. He had had enough of roughing it. Robert Hill, the other boy, however, could not be found until Detective Detective Khoades was put 911 his track. He laid a neat trap into which the boy ·walked. A registered letter blank was addressed to him, and as he was looking for some money he was not surprised to receive the notice to call at the post- 'Office for a registered letter. He was cute enough, however, to send some one ·else for the letter and only visited the postoffice when he was informed that a -registered letter would have to be delivered delivered to .him in, person. He was requested requested to call at 8 o'clock and did BO, and walked right into the arms of the ·detective, whom he recognized as soon tas he saw him. L. White, part of northeast quarter of section 4. township township 5 north, range 2 west . 100 00 James Wotherspoon and wife to Rebecca Stavner, part cf lot 2, block 29, plat A 15,000 00 William Eccles and wife to Stewart Eccles, northeast and southwest quarters of northwest quarter of section 35, township 7 north, range Iea 5 t 2,60000 Jnion Pacilic Railroad company company to Stewart Eccles, west half of section 25, township 7 north, range 1 east 400 00 3ther transfers "Both boys are only about 15 years old, but Hill is as tough as they make ·them at his age. He planned the escape escape from the Reform school and with two others got put ot a second story window by tying blankets together. The third boy was arrested today at Pocatello. Hill had been sent to the Sefortu school for trying to blow up a powder house in which was stored about forty tons of powder. He wanted some powder, and in order to get into the house he filled the locks of the door with the explosive, laid a train and then set fire to it. Fortunately his charge was not heavy enough to blow the door open or affect the powder in the house. The other boys were sent up for petty larceny aud will be taken b?ck tomorrow. tomorrow. "'I used to be desperate,' said young Hill, while telling about his toughness in the sheriff's office this evening, 'but it has all been taken out of me. But I am going to punch Blundell's eyes for giving us up.' Mr. Allison is very favorably favorably impressed with Butte and especially especially with the sheriff's officers and police and wanted to express his appreciation ·ot courtesies shown him by them as well as Postmaster Evans." SNOWVILLE ROTES. A Skeleton Found Thirty-five Miles From Kelton. The whole country is full of sheep The season has been a very trying one for the sheep, but now they are doing fine and sheepmen feel encouraeed. A herder for Mr. Chas. Burton re ported the finding of a skelton, thirty five miles from Kelton on the south end of the Hog Up, by Mr. Burton, lasl March. If proved to be the remains o some man, as ascertained by. letter., found, with other papers, stowed awa; under a rock near the body. An open white bone-handled penknife lay beside the body. A pair of spectacles were also found and a small metal box, a tobacco box probably. Nothinu re inained of the pocket book but the meta finishings. A letter headed "Dea Brother" was among the papers. The signatu/e could not be made out by the finder. A paper or card from a Sac Francisco lawyer and a punched rail road ticket of 1890 on the Central Pacific line were the other contents. Who th man was, or where he came from, o Iiow he died, are mysteries. The open knife might indicate suicide, but whether premeditated or caused from suffering through want of food and ·water or cold none can tell. BEE. SNOWVILLE, May 5, 1893. 800 66 Total $78,584 00 WEEK'S TRANSFERS. May 1. Jay 2. May S. Jay 4 tlay 5.. 2.084 4,451 9,503 5,801 3,196 May 6 78,584 Total....- .................. $103,679 SHOULD DELAY THEIR VISITS. Exhibits at the World's [Fair In an Incomplete State. Those who have gone from Utah to the World's Fair seem to have been a ittle too early to witness the great ex- josition at Chicago in all its splendor md magnificence. Though the Fair has reen opened, the preparation of the exhibits exhibits for viewing by the public has ret been perfected. The weather clerk, ;oo, has been no kinder to Chicagoanj ;han to those who dwell in this region, f, indeed, he has been as kind. Brief men;ion was made in the dispatches of the bad weather and the imperfect arrangement arrangement of the exhibits; but these points were not thrown sufficiently forward to deter intended visitors from proceeding to Chicago with a view of getting to Fair before the hot season came on. Commissioner Empey, however, does not design that Utah"people shall be disappointed by seeing a half-finished show under unfavorable conditions, and comes out with a plain statement of what ia the matter and with sound advice as to what to do under the circumstances. The following telegram was sent by him last night: CHICAGO, Ills., May o, 1S93. H. M. AVells, Treasurer of the Utah World's Fair Commission: Advise Utah people through all the papers to delay visiting the Pair till 1st at the earliest. The weather is bad the exhibits incomplete. N. A. EMPEY, Executive Commissioner. The causes here mentioned will probably probably account for the light attendance at the Fair, and which seemed to indicate a failure of the Exposition. follows: Kvaiis 2a. E. Harris United :MS. appeal; 278. H. 170. Thonuis district 2S1. asault attorney, son, et district crand States grand The murder; and ago on man. tioe Wyoming, rom on rape "La Favorita." It is with pleasure and pride that we ·note the awakening of the Second ^yard Dramatic company from the deep siesta into which it seemed to have had fallen after such a noble venture of a few- weeks since. By the way, and as a suggestion, a name such as "Ii Favorita" Favorita" would be quite appropriate, besides besides giving a tone and finish to the company. The manager, Mr. W. H. White, we understand, has cast, and that too very ably, "The Banker's Daughter," Daughter," to be presented at the Grand the latter part of thia month, and as we find 'in the cast such sterling artists as Messrs. White, Herrick, Shorten, Thomas, Purdy, Stanford and McEwan; Mrs. Lafe Farley, Mimes West, Emmet ;and Douglass, it in beyond any doubt thit oar people will have an opportunity .of seeing what can be done oy home A New Mission. Today at 4 o'clock the military mission will be opened at Five Points. This will be a union Sunday school and all churches' will take cart. The following excellent programme has been prepared for the occasion: Music---'AllHail the Power,".... School Praver Rev. Schwiuiiey Special Music Klaus Orchestra Music--"At the Cross," School Special Music i C i loi ? Lesson Heading (concert) School Lesson Study Special Music Klaus Orchestra Snort Address--"Purpose and Plac of the Mission," Solo Mi Secretary's Report Special Music Klaus Orchestra Duet Mrs. Short and M rs. Loar Chang Music School Professor Duncan.of the Military academy, academy, will preside at the piano, and Klaus orchestra will greatly add to the cost. Dudley to granted Mary - ;hc the are the following is be to it, .'JiissBusch T. M. M. I. Conference. The annual conference of the Y. M. I. association of the Weber Stake Zion, will be held on Sunday next, 7th inst., at 2 o'clock in the afternoon and , 1:30 in the evening. In the afternoon lectures will be ziven by Elder J. Wotherspoon and a Columbian Columbian address by Prof. T. P.. Lewis, in the evening Dr. J. E. Taimage, of Salt Lake city, will repeat his lecture the "Sin of Blasphemy," by special request. A. T. WEWHT, Supt. I j ' 6 ot ShUoh't VUaluer is what you need dyspepsia, torpid Iwer, yellow ikim or kidney trouble. It ia guaranteed to give you irtisfartion. J*ric« 75 cenU. oi

Clipped from
  1. The Ogden Standard,
  2. 07 May 1893, Sun,
  3. Page 5

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