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boiler explosion, cont  - THE GALVESTON DAILY t - 1 - ibivu^h ts.e about...
THE GALVESTON DAILY t - 1 - ibivu^h ts.e about *u inch (Continued From Page 1.) ··t-t. niii ...i '. \V. U^Qtry, S2S Milaru ·f aud head injured; B. F. '-'!-' South Railroad ave- · . l . K. llotkins,' fractured W ' K l l I ! l l M I ' t U H , ' . l l ^ M i i M. U. Johnsoii, 40i Milaui ·;id and back injured: B. J. !"·" Ti'iitli strt-ei. hi-ad in- V lini'ttin. 1232 Avenue I), :;";;· d f r a c t u r e ; J. TV. Grounii- '-. :;rar Southern Pacific Depot, d Hti.l throat injured; James My. *ox car, head injured, leg '·tur-d; Paul Reinhardt, 1318 i-klifrrv street; Willis Foster, nei i"L' .Taiiii-u f)V.nnp Kliwtlt m- ·!·. \'. B. Norwood,'lOL'2 Howl stnvt, right leg broken; K. A. i-"u, ;!l'i Milam street, scalp "nil: f. Verz, ncjfro, liead, arm t side injured; Howard Bell, ne- ·WIT. ni'k'ro, hip and head in' : , K. Ha.nvood, negro, face iu- r f d ; A. Colttir, head injured; H. iit.-r, :iepro; George Williams, Tenth street, compound frae- re of l u \ver right leg and scalo nnd. A f t e r a day of ceaseless effort "ir part of the officials of the irrn Pacific Railroad it is im-' dl killed this morning by ihe ex- n df the boiler of a locomotive i'- railroad yards near the Ihcuse. TSveaty-sis ars-knoyvu ilesd and the list may reach rty. The morgue parlors in San tonio are crowded with the dead the hospitals of the city are : '*S iOr tu6 injitreu, who will mhpr fort" or more. DisrisTM * u ~ hnurs following the accident s imirtiing all of the ambulances d all of the physicians in the city re not sufficient to meet the sit- tion and Fort Sam Houston had called upon for aid. The explosion occurred at 8:55 lock and came without warning, the twinkle pf an eye more than ocore of lives__were wiped out ariy fifty persons were injured d property damage to the extent $1110,000 was done. To add to horror of the situation fire oke out in the debris of the undhouse which was wrecked by e explosion, and while the physi- J^-Jj" 1 «I-vm iheir fathers in t h t drbrij. ' fa:.ntlr.# w-jnif:: Wt-rc heard ;i; s j ivt-.j J ou al! Mdts Mounte«l juvl'e*; as-l£ed bv 1 ? U ^!'7 .""1 ;" y " n s ' lm 'HTM*-TM. »oo,', | were form. ...... ~ iK ilw explosion, ambiiiajices through ih- citv. Tlie in- - - - - ^ --»n · '«n v i i i i'ug n ii n' 111 v. JureJ were first .hurried tu Hie uuinua.s hlid ambulances not bl-lng avallub'le lo minvlle the dead. WBK-SIIS were preyed Into service. The cily witnessed these utc*f» Ila t 1 '^ J n '* oa ded m every undt-r- ****·» la Maar Crerlee*. Inside Uie lna.cliine w:d blacksmith shop, one building, workmen probably never knew what luipptned. Here'more thau fourteen bodies were dismembered, portions of trunks, torsos or limbs belnK iound jammea in crevices In the root ana sliles of emuagled muchlnery. A sreiit portion of the wall fell In.- waro. buryiiiK a dozen men. Robert L'. IJpscomb, foreman of the shops and a brv-tliur of City Alderjnun i ^' 1 . Jl ' sl '"" lb ' w u s P !c ked from his feet, hurled thirty feet and arose, un- coiisclounlyjrasping in his hand the hat In the copper shop. T. A. Williamson foreman, wus knocked under a heavv workbench, the entire structure phmttcit flown over him. but ho escaped with nothing more than burns ami i,i-ni«. : .« He remained under the debris unti'fhuif un hour after the explosion. Kelt ThrtB C hot City. The explosion was felt throughout tho city and people rushed to the scene In every form of conveyance. An Immense crowd had soon gathered and swarmed over the premises. With tha arrival of tho city's entire police force mid soldiers from Fort Sam Houston tho on- ioonci-3 were driven back to proper bounds and the work of searching for the dead and Injured was systematically e j i e r Aside from wracking the machine shop and everything in the Immediate vicinity, the explosion damaged houses In the neighborhood. Windows wore shattered and debris sent crashing through roofs In some Instances. One house to the ?a«t of the !uash!.".a ahcps had s. ssp !n Its roof about five feet In diameter.. Boiler Hurled B1«k Away. The boiler of-the locomotive which exploded was hurled over a block away and landed between two houses on Duval stroot. It Is estimated that the huge metal shoot weighs easily half a ton. If it had struck on either of the houses they would have been completely wrecked. The boiler plowed deenfy into the eroimd. Large pieces of Iron and chunks of debris were hurled a distance of several blocks In every direction. A woman at Mason and Austin streets rr.nng out the dead and injured - firemen were fighting to keep flames from adding a greater 1 to the list of the dead. No such has ever been witnessed in in Antonio. No cause for the explosion, has * been discovered. Officials of iBiii-oad and of the law are con- t i n g an investigation together. any theories are advanced, but e most generally accepted one is ·k of water in the boiler. That s could have been possible many to believe, for in charge of e engine was Walter Jordan, one the oldest and skilled engineers the line. He met his instant ·ath. Rumors of the use of dyna- were started soon^after the flosion. but examination of genii. i'niKiitiona surrounding the if ckid engine is said to disprove e theory entirely. Tln greater number of the dead e strike-breakers who were there ·ni various cities of the United n t f s to take the places of the v k i n men. the fact that many tl't-se men had but few acquaints i n the city is making the ef- rtvj to identify the dead very dif- ·ult. In addition to Engineer Jor. H. Mansker Si\, foreman of the ·ksmith shop; James Valentine nther well-known union men " killed and several others se- ·iy injured. ''' !o ( * n motivc *^« i--I--, r ;i"!i exploded, was the one which ' · h « v u pulled out No. 9, the ! »und Southern Pacific passeu- · -":iin. it had been put in readi- 1 isf night and it was just as -srino ero'.v was getting ready " if out on the main line that ' · v n l n v r J A n n-liirtli T,...«,.^.UA . . . i ,^ ..,,,,.,, ., , , /t tg Itl , ^u^ji · ' · "·ful liavoc. occurred. The. ex- ·i w;is so sudden tliat none ·' !; ',^'i.iVy ''"I" ' w ^''fpe- 'The ·iv-miso he came to the shops a '·ii).'iu«.' was hln\ni rntirelv to -. oniv the drivers and bed- i'''i_»s: left stanrlij!!? The boiSei- ' · ! · · · · · } ;\ distanr-p of fifty yards !i'-n\vn agninst tin; mn'ehino U « v l .. . . . . , r ^ . **·- J -C*.'U. .x !!U".1'S I'JliJf Yi 3* t u t 1U -'".- l l g c t its alii! N r \t'.t shoulder ·l:.w»'.e-l. ilrs. ii!lh» ! «; «Mirs of *je. .:· ' . son. J M. Oi!!ts. in Me\k-o. uid tw. jiughirrs. ijrs. W. c. G r i f f n n i ' v ;-.j jjr 5 . c. w. f o n u r l l y of Sweet. At I!'. I'jval ttieet the entire Isn-ket -tft'i -:!»· dome ut t h e locomotive landed in t h o yard, aeriuuslv injuring Mrs. E. ^'.cphenrt and c«^i:pletely wrecking one ei'd of tb.e hou.-r AM the w l i i » w j In the liouse 3t I'iv:il street w,»r« broken. The Louse at -1'^ I'alton alley, owned by K. t\ Chandler, was damaged by f l y i n g missiles a^ number of windows brcjcen. Several by f l y i n g pieces of Iron "and rock ' none was serlouslv injured. A I'iei-e of the roofing about ten feet square was blown into the yard at 82J Austin street, wrecking the porch and breaking the windows. The house is unoccupied. % The chimney of the Primitive Baptist CJiuri-li on A u s t i n «!r" t was knocked I n e saloon known as "Jim's Place" Austin street near Grand avenue was l.iidly damaged b j pieces of iron and rock, a larse show window being destroyed and articles displayed therein broken. Inside the store three large showcases were broken and goods on the counter badly damaged. *·««· « Siiir Awwy. As an Illustration of the force of the explosion is noted the fact that the transom In tho homo of J. B. Russell. I l l tlver avenue, f u l l y a half mile from cene of the disaster, was blown out. NO AB.HIRTR learned. --- · - - · ="·· . · · · - · u - i Tho engine, No. 704, was reduced to a scrap heap, only a wheel and a few pieces of twisted Iron remaining to show that It had been a locomotive. It was literally blown to pieces, Its flying parts caving In the. machinery building and killing the occupants. The tender of the locomotive was knocked a distance of several hundred feet up toward the roundhouse. Walter Jordan^ the engineer, was oiling the en- Three of Tea Encape. There were about ten men at work in the copper shop and only about three of them are thought to have escaped death. Foreman J. A. Williamson crawled out from beneath a mass of wreckage about half an hour after the explosion. Hs had been knocked unconscious and was coated with dirt beyond recognition. He attributed nis escape to Hie fact that he was knocked beneath a bench, which afforded protection. One of his fingers was broken and ho sustained bruises about the head. M. B. Norwood and a man named Turner, also employes of the copper shop, escaped with injuries. Tha radius o£ tho territory over which parts of human forms wore found measured about a miarte.r nf a. irillo TXTMA less, bodies, black as night, with bitsTot coai emoeaaeu in me nesn and covered with oozing oil, were picked up alone the tracks and lifted, from under the heavy debris that toy piled everywhere. Parts of jackets and coats and trousers containing portions of mangled limbs were found hundreds of yards from the Immediate scene of the explosion. Here and there small heaps of blood-covered human flesh, remains of workmen who had been blown Into eternity, were located and covered with tarpaulins that the ghastly sight wight be concealed from view. These evidences of the calamity were wrapped carefully in sheets, ouilts, blankets--anything that was available--and taken to the various morgues of the city. Bodlen Found Block* Away. The remains of two bodies were found four blocks west of the roundhouse, mangled beyond the possibility of recognition, t t Willam Howard, the fireman who was to have gone out on the engine, barely escaped death because he was late In reaching the shops. Whan tho dead and dying forms were, assembled in un open space on'tne tracks and placsd on cots brought from every section of the city. It wus impossible to distinguish the bodies of the negroes so begrimed that the" texture" of" their skins was or the same hue. and what remained or their faces was covered with oil and mud. The oxact m i n u t e of the explosion is I shown Io have been 8:55 o'clock by the clock in the machine siiop. The interior of the timepiece where the nendtilum swings was oroKen. but the face and hands were not dnmaired. Th.e ;,;,,,,*. stopped at 8:55 sharp. ~" ··"""" Throughout the district surroundi'ie tile scene of dira.ster mncn damage was wrought^ h y . f l y i n i r places nf iron and iiSnnio ·J- 3 nU"V, ! ,i?,?n,i ¥i "' ""'""""'led ana Injnrcrt Seven Blocks DIMimt. Perhaps Die most seriously injured of anv Of tlif- i r H m e n t S I* Ail-.s Ti H f l i l n who residerl at the corner of Mason an.. Austin strtrN. nv.-.Hr seven DtocKs from In Sherman street a l.irjre piece of Hie holler landed in the middle of the street. Oil N o r t h C l i e i l v . H i l V f t n i e c e s w M i r l i HIR i r o n r -vi tn ^im pounds were f o u n d scattered around in vacant lot.s. s?;vT7T iiinch r"-h anri ymrtii pieces of iron l a n d e d . n r e a k h i K windows and dnint ullu-r m i n o r damage. f t In rrnsliy s t l c c t ' n larce s c f t l n n nf th,, I'lilkT. woiciijnc probably :i ton. landed at i h e j u n c t i o n with Mcsnnite. X e n r t h l . . .... ·!· "f ISO feet alonp Hie track i i ' i l i - c l with another engine. · "''.·-. nf the. iimchincry went a : ' i !Vef into the air and citi- · ^ ' i l ' i i i r several blocks awny · :'i!y i n j u r e d hy the i l t i m n n HfMlle* Torn In rirrr*. ^·-.- fn];mvinir t!i" explosion was '··. Men v.-cre Mown to,-i-s and of ' h e i r h"ilies were d i s t r i b u t e d 'V debris in every d i r e c t i o n . .' : ,'j'" i : r ^^'^wl-ur '·-,.· · ··;! pl'.iabl- MEMS' were presented came upon their husbands and Atlempled As;««».lm.a.i« «f Jud ·ky WKh Bomb L..t Suaday In New Vork Kemalaa a Mj-.lery. New York, March 18.--No arrests were ma/lu tmtn.. !,, ,, , 1 , . ..^ .. fort of practically the entire police department to clear up the mysterious attempt to assassinate Judge Otto Rosalsky of the court nf sreueral sessions with a bomb last Saturday night. If any pra:Kls!::s cisws viiTilojievi they were not divulged, and the case rested apparently upon theories only. These were advanced !.-. abundance, embracing n"?"-iy overy Important case which the judia S|!,'-f ! f- !t , !BsS ~ !R S coaatsrfsltws. tho Yiddish Camorras" and the Brandt case. The latter was not mentioned seriously In any quarter, however. _ .. ~. uvb . ubj wo iiicj apijcaieu in lliS OhKPSSB.l l l - o l n anA thjt f.! ~. is r "" sponslble for the death of Helen Taylor, who wa« killed by a bcmb last month and for the sending of the machine to Judge Rosalsky. On this theory another attempt may be ejtpected. »"«uier Til DROWH IV COLLIBIOV Seve« PawBcet. and 1-fcree of Crew «f P. and O, Steamer Oceaaa Loie I,!T«» la EacKiik Chaaael Saturdar. Ixndon. March 18.--Seven passengers anil thi-o.. Kiiros**!-? of the- cr=-- ct th= Peninsula and Oriental steamer Occana were drowned Saturday In the collision between the Oceana and the German sSffr/a^JSSnln 1 ;. the BngU ' h Channel A boat In which the seven passengers and sailors were making; for the mainland capsized. Tha P. and O. Officials say several Lascars of the crew were drowned. The Oceana sank soon after the colll- alnn, TJi» Pisagim. WM; towed- to Dover In a sinking condition. MAT ABBITBATI COAL ATFAI8 Soranton, Pa., March 18.--Two statements made here today tend to relieve considerably local apprehension ,of a coal strike. . John T. Dempssy. pteoldent of Dii. trlct No. 1 of the United Mine Worktre of America, said: "We arc anxious to meet the operators to discuss the matter of wage agreement, just as any two parties having something to buy and sell would Ket together and strike a bargain." E. B. Loomis of New York, vice president of the Delaware, Lackawanna Western Railroad, and president of tha Deip.ware. Laekawajir.s ar.S Western Coal Company, said: "Tnere is no reason why both sides should not meet again. I don't believe the mine workers want to strike I know the Delaware, Lackawanna and Western company is not planning for a strike. I am very hopeful of a strike, being averted." PHYSICIAN ATTACKS WIFE. Man at Wootra Well. I Believed to Be Demented. Special to The News. Bremond, Tex., March 18.--A practicing physician near here for several years was taken into custody by officers after attacking his wife who ran and escaped Sf rm 'i»^ he v.? hy u l:lan then barricaded himself in his house and with a display of firearms defied the officers Bv strategy he was induced to come outsida where ho was arrested and then brought to Bremond. He is believed to be demented. SHAM BATTLE RESULTS FATALLY. Juan L. Ira Dle« at Laredo--Shot with Blnnk Cartridge. BPOC51! to TliO No-ss. Laredo. Tex., March IS.--As the result of being shot In the lee with a wad a blanlc cartridge duVhiK 'the "attack" nn in« sBiuement on Washington's Birthday anniversary Juan b. Ira died at his home -- e yesterday afternoon oC bioud poi- f * £ ' .S e i^ as . onc of tho "Indians" in the attack during the celebration Apprehcnftlnn at Vleunn. Si'cciai i".n,n|p£ram to The'News. Vienna, March is.--Apprehension Is ex- nrPSSfrt (n t-irtUl Ir»-i1 rJ tinier. I.. IT, "It tidke i'K enjoying the ' i rly. nourishment pure. "Of the tade unce is removing liver perfect and MM Mrs. Kliw A. Five!. Mrr. Bllw A. Klvel. nee MRrchMd. used 52 i ,._,. T. --*-, . - j -- - '·· i lv ei. on- i- '" ";. , ; atlrl nnc danffhtrr. Mr*. Joe Ivpplc:-. bntli o f - G a l v c s f n n : two ^"S^I'irtinn ami Mrs. i;. s. Klrkl'atrlck; nnc .wo nffi c i!ifln«. l n t r n n - n t wli ^ iivary ( cni^trry. b e i r y street, was knnrked 'inr'jnylotn by tilt- fnree nf the explosion w h i l e st-u-d- inc In t h e yard ;it iier linnie Mrs Klien Howard, at 3:n M i l a m .-street had :. i):i;-i-ow escape f r o m d e a t h wlton the r o w n sheet "f the l i M - n m o t l v o rr:isli"il !l]r":iL-h t h e trip ,,t her J.'i^se She w p . - j j u s t C"!:ic out llf t l , 0 f l .,, n , , ] n n r w h - n ' h e l u . i v y pln-n nf imn rr.i«iied th. r '""l n ··· t '" ( '"" r ' ·"'"' l:1 rrnstr.ited by The I,,:-,'.,, a, :i? V i l n m streei u:1!! h ,., d . l danu;R,-d by r i y i n c pieces "f l i n n lint nn r. n e w:iv- m.itired. A Viie.-Kit house : ,t 111^ Nn r |h Cherrv nf" bn'r"' r ''" ' ni .'' rt ' 1 ' '-' 1 f l y l U K Piece M e e q i i l t e a'!-"f(f Ir.'li was stren-n in 'tho ·.ar.H ami m a n y wind'»v.; «-e rr brnk'-r iy Crr»Iie« Tt. r nca'b Rftnf. Mrs. R S. GlHis. llv.n^ at ;h» rnrner nf Masnn and A n s M n streets, was severely | If not fatally Injured when the front end ",","";," Pruniln-nt'fnnner ef Ihe western per- i i IIP iarl«n. died at Ills home Thi:rs- dny n i f l u i; ihe :i c ,. nf (7 yrars. Ilo,. r ,l.,,,( ·AM? wrll kn'iwn ttircitKh/iiit Ihf f n i h c rarlHli vani-r-l Bp.l vrn.c,^.-,,,,. fiirm-rs nt tl,li srcllon. I ' K B I i l . K S '·!. v r i n m l . Tex.. Jlnn-li I S -^ n n l |vrh]r«. ^ y n u n c mnn nr t h H it!;if^ h-r" al alioi:! 7 ..Vlo.-lt ],,,Hy u l t l i menln'cltliT l' ! |eve'°°i.l 1 ''|HBh"!.Vhnnl""' *" " !! ""'" n * '. h "1 wli'h 'l-ver'ai,.!"TM*!'" l l v M " a l i w . . . f e n hn-jr, n f i - r he ^ n ^ ·iirL-K/'n. ..".inc m a n ivn« n f ,, n nf M r Tl ,, n p^ hl ,, · i l » in a rromlr."!it r l i l z ^ n ,·! t h l - ,^mJV.' ! ;?yM?r'A'^'H.''r 1 -,, ] ? !: ';,';'; if^;J,i;'' 1 "I-!V '·.'·;^f'rv"[n'Vl:'KU;^''''Jh^\i" th-- . l T i c l . f r '.f M, ' i' F. *-r'."lirM ,'· ;^ f ^lv. .: i.. u.» rnarri«-rt in rv-e. S-i la»t to Mr. pl'llni: In .Irtn'^fi-n. ,\Tk . but wh^'n (i?i« wail l«»n 111 ««s taken to a lanl'arlum In M«m- day's and have with or but on watch head call ered, abandoned jr 0 ,' 1 impregnable posse evidence the Mount the' clan the 1 «.nOn called-?!' r next out such while yllle Heed sea of uap, the point that is and the Gap, other fords roads wilderness, three in hidden foot cr, time where and · his ,_U home today FmtK t o ! s t in n n w h all tn

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