A.J. Marsh protests streetcar fares

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A.J. Marsh protests streetcar fares - ONE FARE Service Wanted By Millcreek Valley...
ONE FARE Service Wanted By Millcreek Valley People. Then Desire a Five Cent Rale Into Cincinnati. A Big Public Melting Held in Hartwell Town Hall And Hot RMolulion*Adopted Alleging Union ol ConiolidiW and Dayton Co. Ag tin ilthi People. The meatlus of Ilia Milcticlt vaVey committee of one hundred cilleil lo pro- t e i l igilnct a [I'.vl.-ilon ol the old Main Klrc3i l i n e and a ten.csnl Tiro, :it th? l l t i l w e l l Town h»l', WeiliiOEilay n l g h l wis largely ult-jnilcl and marked will a vim aal v'.gor In Us pro iecillnsi tha presages certain v i c t o r y for its demands C h i i r m a n II S. W a l d s l l o p m e l t h c . b u l l bj resiling n lettsr fiom I'rasideu llwyor of Ihe Dayton Trscillon c o i n p a u j stating that bis company bad purchase: t h a t paH'ia of Hi? .Muln «(ract ll» north of Ihe Koo from Cliirloa Kllco and Iliat il prof fiKs lo opurata a Ha f r o m Lackland I ) f o u n t a i n sqnaro o I h e following Icrms: A FIVE-CUNT CASH FAKK which tho company would pay tlio Cm solldateil for each tclult passenger cariies E m i l l i of I h u X.oo and "such a: dUtoniil ralci o t f u r e as will roasonabl compensate Iho O^ylon Tra-jlma coti piny." l t w « s the K"i\-!ral opinion that Ui Toiler w.13 equivocal In terms and pni' (loaUf meant nothing, and that n proposition wculil lio considered by tho reaUenta ol tho valley from nay company t h a t did not provide for a conliau- oiu trip with a.veant fure to I'oimWn Thefollowin" HKSOI.UriONS were offered by Attorney A. J. Marsh : W I I K I I K A S , Tho Consolidate! Street Itillway company ot Cincinnati has by a g r a d u a l proems of abBorptlon ol independent competing lines of sUeot railways in Bald city, and, ai led by favorable legislation, aciiulrciu monopoly of lid i l n l Iho C'oii30llnied did 'ant a flve-i'oiit f a r j b j o a u onl through llio valldjr would to y a feeder for ) t , : i n d I lie 0 c u m i i e l l e i l to use It i i u 01 hciiove Uui T H K T J U C T I O . N til pun'haceil HJC 'Main slrei'l lino i r l h o f llio'/DO Iroin diaries K ocnuo It did not have tho money ouM not, IKCIUPO )ho etlu to him ot been c o i i l i r m e d hy tbe wai t i i n p l y a c u v o r t lie people to pay two fare.'. Tin rotu- u l l o n a he'd out l l i o I b i would be sjciired allowing snl-urliiiii u a i l i to i n a ofer tho Mr. P u t h diJ not Wilit to w a ^IslatJro, but t ) p r c c r i ' l o vacate the c h a r t e r of the trcct line, teat u p Us t r a c k !o nova u l l l i all companies, Mr. iiol E l a t e d that such a suit pending, brim jlit hy tin village of ·uage. M«83;rf. Thompson, Coiiiior ami olliaia spoka for the resolutions, and on a hey were unanimously adopted. It hendi'ddeil to send a tommitlcc the resolutions to confer w i t h tho director j of the coniulllatacJ. Far )v»r Flftr Y«r» Mrs. Winelow's Soothlnc Syrup has beun used for over Hfty years by millions of mothers lor tholr cblldron whilu leothliiK, with perfect success. thliiK, ho child soothes tho child eoflens llio gums, allays all pain, cures wind colie, aud the beet remedy for diarrhosa- It will relieve the poor little Rufforor immediately. Hold by urugKtBls in every art of the world. Twenty- flvo ottle. lie sure and ask for "Mrs. Blow's Soothing Syrup," and take no ither kind. THE MAINE CADETS Organized By the Patriotic Young Ladies Midiletown--Miss Maitie McChcs- ne/ Elected Capiam A nuiiibor of yoiitiK ladies of MUlillc- lowji.formocl Ibomselvfs into aijorman- enlorgaii'zaUoncaUcil the Maine cartels. A t t h c nnettni; last 1'rlday n i f o l l o w I O K oilicers woro M i l t l e McOtiensiwy; lirit l l i t i e W h i t e ; eecoud l .IOSBO Doyle; 6er(;eanl8. Malila Wcntz, X.ulu Wyeklc, Cora DcarJ, Mable C v a m p l o n ; qnutterniaEle.', corporal, Maud McChcsnay. They received an invitation to t a k e p decoration of^our dead herces'Jgravt'd Memorial Day. the as ol transporting I he people Many Ptople Cannot Drink coffee at nlehL It spoils their Bleep. You can d r i n k {!ralu-O when and Bleep llko a top. For Clraln-O not stimulate; it nourishes, olieors feeds. Yot it looks and tastes llko best coffee. 1'or nervous persons, people and children Oraln-0 is the of faid city and E u b n r b a by Btroot riil- Wfiy methods; and WirEiiKAS, Ssid street r a i l w a v company his already provided adcqaat! and satlefactorT street railway fa ill- lie for :ill lha people cf aakl city and suburbs, cswftlag villagei Jojslel In the Mllloreek valley, a. u ualfurui rate of flvo ccats oash far^ ou any part of Kitil llnet, including transfers; and ^Yl^-:llKAS, 'I'lio proposed division and aale in two pirls of tho Cincinnati inclined IHaiia lUllway is caused Holely by the coxKi,ionxaci,AUi.s of lien holders o f s a l d l i a e and would otherwise be uunecsssary and inexpedient ; and, W H E K K A S , Said division and sale of aald line In two parts to two ov nioro dllTcrentpuioliasora, necessarilr means, In the alitenoc of any* other street railway line t h r o u g h ilia villages ot said valley, the ex.ielloJi or a tja cent faro from nil -tbXpooplc of eald valley and tald ciiy \vlio may be transported on »aid divided Unu.*; and, B\VIII.KI:AS, Kiid ro-u'ts c'-iinot full 1 1 be detrlmootal t? tbe properly and b u ^ l n c j B Interests of Ihe people of said city an I of sjrj valley ospo^islly; now, therefore lo it K sV.vcd, by the M llercek valley commltlee of one hundred, That it Is tho j u J B i n o n l o f s»id oouniilo; Hut by r c t a o n o f the foreRolnp rccitih it be" c.'.-mcs the ['LAIN DLTV of tliQ Conaplidaled Street Haihvny coin- p i n y either to become the purcluisorof tho Cincinnati Inclined l'J»ln rallw.iy :n an e n l i r c l / , and to operate the same asetich l a single fan- of f i v e rcnla to and f r o m any part of tlto -said line, including transfers, or, in CJFC it is nut considered to bo desirable by Iho faid Consolidated Street Hallway r o m p i n y lo purchase aafd M a i n .stroot lino norlh of Iho 7ooloKlc»l gardens, t h a t it e x tend 1's Mitchell avuni 1 ) or Che.stcr pa, k Hno n o r t h through faid villages, ro ai to provide Iho same tccominodst'ims ;H tho earno late of faro as Is now pail by all other Bulmrli) of faid city. Ho U further Kc»olved, That if the itld Consolidated street railway company DDKS NOT A t i R E K lo and declines to accede to t h e desires of a aid commltte?, rtprescntlo;; all thu licopleof ilil valley, as hereinbefore net forth, this commiitic pledgci Itself . by a untied effort, aided by all tbopo:- p l c o f sail valley, to secure f r o m Ihe next ccncril isaemtily of O h l MIP!I modlllCAtlon of oxlstinf; legislation dc- algncd to parpeluato Hie monopoly of the U l i i c l n n i l i s l r e e l rallwiy company as will enable an independent »nd com- ixtlng «tr«ct railway line to be cin- strnoteel and opcraled f r o m tho norlh 1 lie of tald villager lo Fountain s q u i r e ' In ^atd city, at a five-cent faro. Mr, Marsh, In dUcus!ng the above, fect drink. Matlu from pure (Jot ft packi Try it in pli ago from your grocer to ace of cufiea If) and ^)c. today. CONFIRMED By Ihe United Stales Court Hu Been ol tKe Main Street Line, Cincinnati to Kilgour. I n Ihe I7nlluil States cturt lite sale or tho Cincinnati Inclined Piano lUIlway (.Main street )ino) condrmed to Clias. II. Kilgour, at !!! cf $278.000. All order was j;ivea execute the required (teed () the ertr, and Receiver H r e n t directed to turn over the road ntnl il.s property lo tho purchaser. Tho chaao money is lo ba paid in two and the court reservfil the light back the road In caee of fiiiiird ply with any of the terras of tho Speiral Master 1'hllip 11. Spenco is lowed ?:/H1 tor hU services in road. No Gripe \Vtien you IA'KC I[on.r.t Pills. The big, loncd, sngar-coalcd (tills, which tear pieces, are not in it with Hood's. Isy of Hood's Tills, v.hich ,nrc up to ilate in every respect. Sale, Cfi.ain ;nnl sun*. All ilru^eists. 'j^rc. (*, I. lldicl .it Co.. Lowell. Tliconiy I'ills lo Uhc \vilh llooil'sKarsapanHo, SPECIAL New Brown Stiff Black or Nobby Don't overlook C. A..

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  1. Butler County Democrat,
  2. 12 May 1898, Thu,
  3. Page 7

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  • A.J. Marsh protests streetcar fares

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