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boiler explosion The Galveston Daily News   21 March 1912   Page 1 - TOO MUCH STEAM PRESSURE r AMCC nc PRIMARY BUD...
TOO MUCH STEAM PRESSURE r AMCC nc PRIMARY BUD TH Shaken Kr*« Such Will Be Findings of Board Investigating Accident Monday at San Antonio--No "Evidence of Explosives Found better Senator ROB- arrival here D.. wnen Be the North primary so-called It did. not be fooled can not trend. . voted precincts I suppos* for me to That's the other, and what I h»ve are considering and they progressive Robert the presidential In North and the republican John P. Bass, campaign In Joseph M. tonight that Follette had made a plurality. b;- th* from counties In conceded Follette outright, about even their candidate. basis, It was enough slopes La Follette state. Even country Roosevelt home movement La Follett* from North he ha( prom- In getting from man] It Is all of the until late from al_ today'ran figures In headquarters 40,265 am basts, John-8 cam practically for LfFol the early re and valle 1 La.Folletti to one. Ou slope In fo , I do not con predic a close vote out of th no question won." conoed to LA. irolletle Lake;' to his former was: Roosevelt. precincts, La. Follott» 270. by La Fol- for I*. ·"·-' 1,126 Roosevelt BOO, Roos'eT- 627, Roosevelt wnwwb ui wwilWb I LAI cvm nomu T ir,4 f\t «t»^ TV.-.J vr* «*iv ;piRry nniriK . UUIIUUII I.LILI1L.U U l l L M I L I l unnonnQ IIUIUIUIIJ Many Bodies Are Unrecognizable--Front of Firebox, Weighing 1.500 Pounds, Blown Two Blocks and Crushes House Like Egg Shell--Horse Fire Blocks Away Killed.' Be Federal Investigation. Special to Th« New». Sin Antonio. Tex., March 19.--That .00 great prMumr* nf «te'm csused ths explosion of the boiler of the locomotive locomotive which wrought such havoc la the yards ot the, Suniet Haute here Mon- dar morning will be the finding of the board ot citizens, railroad men and pulled out at points where the it«*t pins connect them with a tniu beam on ths erc^-K shsst and rrripper These stay hara pours* mnr« strength than practically any other ^ part of the boiler. The wreck ot the huge pauenjer engine and the remalni ot the boltot army Officials who have bn«n tklnr 1 h»v« H»*n imH.r ;n. ; j -j.j, ..j -ijt* teBtlmony »lnce yesterday afternoon. No official report has yet been made, but It Is understood all other possible causes have been eliminated. The report w»l? be that thare Is no evidence of the use of explosives ot any kind. The committee IK now at work trying to determine who Is responsible responsible for the conditions which resulted resulted in the frightful accident. This ln»9!Ugat!c!i ·?!!! COBSUIBG §eveTaT"day«. Every assistance is being given by the Sunset Route officials. Vice President and General Manager Fay and General Attorney H. M. Garwood Garwood and other high officials of the road arrived today ·drom Houston and are working with the local officials. .No Accurate Lift nf Killed, It is Impossible yet to give an accurate accurate statement as to the number killed. The railroad , officials today ·aid they did not believe the list would be* more than twenty-two, but others who have been investigating Incline to the belief that it would be as high as thirty. Tlio iuuil uuii'ber may never oe since the accident No on* baa permitted in its vicinity einept the in-' vestigatlng committee and authorised experts. In addition to the government ttoitar Inspector^ John Ensign, other ·xperu of national renown will be brought here by the railroad company to examine examine the ruin to determine, if possible, possible, ju»t the exact cause of the fearful calamity --hich cost_so_ msay UTW.^ Find Portions of Bodies, In clearing away the debris today workmen continued to find portion! ot human bodies. Hands, legs and portions of the trunks of human beino were found burled in the brick and mortar of the ruined shops and round* house. These were gathered up ia tubs and carried to the various undertaking undertaking establishments. Relatives continue to throng th» morgues in an effort to identify th» mangled remains, but in many Instances Instances this has been found impossible, for not enough of the body has been left. The body'of Jose E. Piiente, of at known, as some of the employes were j least a portion of it, is believed strangers, and as many bodies were j widow and father-in-law, A. Galvan. mangled so badly It IB impossible to : 208 Villita street, to be among th* tell for certain just how many were ] mangled mass at the Rlebe morgue. That Fuente was killed his companions companions are positive. He was employed; as a painter, and some ot those who escaped death declare they saw Fuenttf painting a star on the driving rod ofi the ill-fated'engine at the time ot Uw explosion. He leaves a widow who killed. Of the niiBijer Injured aii are reported reported to be doing wfell and physicians physicians incline to the 'opinion that all except three or four will eventually recover. Physicians were kept on constant constant vigil all of last night and practically practically all of today, It" IB announced that John\ Ensign, chief locomotive inspector of the United States government, has,been' asked to come to San Antonio and investigate. investigate. He-will be here Thursday and will work with the citizens' committee. committee. Fracture ot Stay Barn. The experts who have examined the ruins of the boiler state that fracture of the stay bars, reinforcing the crown sheet o f - t h e engine, Is responsible for the accident, the facture being caused By too great pressure of «team.~Thele stay bars were snapped like so many wires. Most ot them are broken through the middle, while others Retnrnii Wl«- SSaie. statement Follette t : are the return's from s u f f i c i e n t i^ ir. K o l l c t t e has carried s l a n ( i ? l _ mnjcr!!" victory and a re.lcllonarlea of na«KM ir. a solid of Colonel X o r t h p t ' " i v r (iMe.-it f i T y ' t i r » » and pe- t M * of t h a t st?!" who p r e T o i l e t t e ' s v i c t o r y Fill t*avR.~*. \nnn t.he N'lcar- «·».« PIMM by *. mfe J»o to the PVRJB FOOD CHEMIST BROUGHT OUT AS «S;i»VX-tt;iTiC VIOj PHE^i- KEJViSAi, r..^iiiii,i i i . / but recently becam* his bride and is almost frantic with grief. Sim of «2M lutmef. The bodies of two white men He at the ZJElk morgue unidentified. Neithan are disfigured beyond recognition, Thi, Zizik Company Is holding tbs (urn oC S293.03 found in the pockets of one a£ the unidentified men. Despite the taofl that the greater part of the clothing wa_» blown off this victim, tho currency r»-i malned Intact. No trace has been found of Robert Montlel, a machinist's helper, who lived at 2111 East Commerce e'trtet., David Gonzales, a nephew, and other relatives have kept «p a search of th» -morgues - and 5csne of disaster. but«*Uu^ out success, ever since the explosion. They fear his body was blown to atomv The bodies of J. Leddy, James Valen*i tine and Jacob Weber lie at tne .p«arcej* Hobinson morgue. " No word as yet ba* been received as to funeral arranim-r ments. James Valentine was the Assist*. ant foreman of the Southern pacifw · roundhouse and also engine Inspector. and resiiei at '208 _r"-_rth itr-'st. Hs was single. His face was horribly mu^ tilated, as was a 'portion of his body* The finding of a gold ring on his flng««s and the style of shoes made Identifies** tlon p55ii.TM- A p-titol, kuDVr'u -iv be-^ long to him and which wag found lyintf directly alongside his body, alrje.d IK thoroughly establishing his identity* Beth Leddy and Weber Tvcrc your..? man 1 and came here several months ago and Tvaro employed as machinists. K"t« aisa at the hospital, I.eddy never regaining- consciousness. Weber rallied just be~ fore the end and endeavored to speak. Wnshlneton. Aiarch in.--Representative in.--Representative Burleson. one of the. most active Wilson boomers In thu l,o-,:r.c of representatives, representatives, t h r e w out a "Wilson :inrt Wiley" sPTcegtion t o d a y which a t t r a c t e d confrlilerohlf H t l c n t l o t i at both ciuls of i """' the n;;pinii toony. --.--osiM^n ,nlaT;tv i-.'n.-j," : ""-·"·'· was the comment, c, r e p r e s e n t a t i v e Wil- · Ham (Itiiirhcs of New Jersey, and a close ! f r i e n d s of Governor Wilson. "Wilson and j v v n e y w n m n be a w i n n l n p ticket." said Mr. Bnrleson. "tt represents p u r e l"in- I toitcther New .Irr^.-y a n d inrtinn.i on t h r : t i c k e t , and t h a i Is n m l i - n l a h l y a K ,,,,,l combination w i t h wliirl: !l-.e democracy i vtit: i?o t' til*- c t i m i t r y t n i s T a n . j 'The Imlinna democrats say tlioy want i i-epreeenrntloti on the democratic presl- ', dentlal ticket this }---ir. ,i,,d i|... r . a tr ! .·nnrontlnn mat. S5Bemi7]C5 111 I b a t S t a t e | ceuld not do a w l s t r t h i t i c t h a n to In- | .itm=e this nirrmetiisti'-tl lion.lor. Tjr. Hi.r- j vTii*r*n n n n Wiley would .''dmiTiirter t h l « (tovernr.ient In th" ir.t^rrst of the People, and net In the interest of i n t « r - Hnrd io M^nilfy I f f t o d into n n tho name, of l i a v p flrnpiipd : a card bearing coTM^ tr sal, 1 , to clothing. The said to .have hern pirkod up near thg n n r i n PUH- cr XIKU portion ot tnft mar mar h i n o i-'hon w h i c h xvas demolished. i l c n t i i i r a t i n n of thpso, portions A V a l f r p rv-rsruo n^l yot pr.piilvcly Irlon- 1 i f i p i * . uh',c:i . i i i i r - I ' l ' I i o b a r i f n ' V i n i H t n;uni(l U f u v inK tli;it K. r. \Vcaklcy had on Murr.h 4 l:isl (liM-etf'tl him to a rooming hnuso on A v e n u e " and Tr.ntb ttr^-fl K f Th- l.udy in of a man about annul l«li hnop. Tho i* L with - , U* 4eitt9«tacr GU wja." on* l. Ohio. ssid to r n n ninroPB. H# ram«» from Cl^vft- idnw R n d one chlldl (Coatlnued on

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