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WORLDS POCKET BILLIARD TITLE TO BLANKENSHIP Wins by Beating Greenleaf Bets Galled Oft on Allen - Clark Game BY J a DAVIS Scoring - m clean - cut victory of lfiO to T2 oyer Ralph GreerJeaf in his final came Emmett Blankenship of Detroit won tha world a pocket billiard tournament which ended last night at the later Ocean build lag Ilia victory gave him the Branawack medal and fK5 in cash and established him as one of the greatest player this country baa produced John Layton of Sedalia Mo won second second prize with nine win and three loesea arid FrasltTaberiUJ of Schenectady took third V defeat by Edward I Ralph 100 to 45k ii the final game prevented him from geti fog a tie with Laybon Miiip Mars Einal Games After a long - series of matches In which the contestants displayed high sports roansntp an unfortunate Incident occurred occurred in the second game yesterday afternoon In which Bennle Allen defeated George Clark 100 to 81 The Brooklyn player had been playing a most spectacular game taking all kinds of chances and pulling off some phenomenal phenomenal shots In sporting venaeuiar he went crazy and it looked as if he would win b a comfortable margin Near the end of the game he made three misses the first being a hard drive for a aide pocket When he went to toe table in the twentieth inning he needed only ten points and after scoring one ball he made another forceful shot for a mde pocket from a difficult angle Beferee Calls Off Bets - Referee Martin Fey then announced that If any bets had been made on the game he would call them off as he did not belle belle v a Clark was trying Allen asked for an explanation and was told there was no criticism on his play Several of the other contestants and a number of the spectators supported the action of the referee but others of those present thought the strain of tournament play had affected Clark Clark played poorly at the finish of his game with Blankenship Saturday night when he had every reason to want to win The new champion asserted last night that as some suspicion had been cast on his match with Clark he would play anyone anyone in the tournament with the exception exception of Allen 600 balls would make the championship emblem the stake wager 1000 to SoOO on the game and play within three days Details of Title Contest Young Greenleaf who has made a host of friends during the tournament fell be fore the skill and generalship of Blanken ship In the first night game The Detroit - er with runs of eleven and thirty - six made with consummate skill led 41 to 1 at the third inning but the boy came back with a run of twenty three pulling off a number of hard shots In the tenth Inning he tied the score at W After a lot of clever safety play - Blank enship ran fourteen and brought his total to eighty - six Greenleaf counted fourteen but after the respot missed a shot for the top corner which might have enabled him to get on even terms Blankenship picked up the fourteen he needed and the title was his for the first time in his career Score QREEWF 4F - 3 0 1 23 4 Ts 6c a 15 5 Is Sc fee 2 8 lac fie 3 4s 8 0 1177 Scratched t net total 72 innings 22 BLANKER SHTP - O 111 11 1 I Ec ScC I 15EcSaSS8gcge7S814 14 - 40 6crilch • net total 100 innings 12 Allen Defeats Clark The Allen Clark match was finely plai ed the letters run of 43 being well STANDING OF PLAYERS Hik Wsa Lett ma Prlia BUakaaskla , ... 19 * it Laytea ,,.,. I I i Taberixl « 4 J Grewjeaf .............. 7 • 40 Clark ,.,..,..,.» 7 i 43 Balh ,. r T t St Ptri > B 7 29 Mature ,,....,.. t 7 34 Csaeaaaea .......... . t 7 St Wsstsa i 1 II Alien ....... .... 6 7 3 Tlak 4 , 4 I 32 Caajmxa 1 It 19 Billiard Gossip Boston Uass March 20 — I Special - Oeorg Ftltoa of boston loet toMosephStonaof hew Tork CO to 2 in 02 inninga Stons had high run of 7 and Feltoo o 3 " Detroit Men March 20 l Special 1 Marti Maey of Detroit defeated Vv Intam Kalthoft Cincinnati 50 to 24 U Tl inninga High run Malen e Kalthoff 8 ClvelaEd O MarcoIO lpeclaLl - Cliarley fills lost to Ed Helm W to 39 in 91 Innings Wllliana defeated 0ell 8S to tl la foamkeepers tournament at bchaefera 2a a South Bid Three Cushion league match at Hob Hart . Jotc defeated Doust and Hoot man S3 to 28 in 70 Innings Andrews of the Fimim defeated Wletaan tha Jetfereoa room in tke South Sid Thre CushlOB league at the Forum 30 to tl Da Ores wen from Jevo at three cushions Bohart a room SO to 49 la S7 Inninga LaGroa needed eleven points when Jvne needed one At Beastngers Madison street roome Stcrgli 1 270 defeated dark ISoJ 2T0 t 93 0or and Ball tonight Indlaaarotla Ind March 20 — ISpeeiaLI Tod llaacail of Milwaukee tort to crnoa Oasper of this city J50U39 in 88 Inninga In the tfc - e cuabioa class A tournament Moaaey - s Roberta IJ defeated HolUdar 421 M to 41 Ja claa B Thomas 111 defeated Juul 1411 41 to 33 Tonight prry wiU play Rlckard and Shea will play Goodman made while Allen In making J2 gave great dliplay of management Clark led 83 to 54 at the fifteenth Inning AJLLK - 8 14s3S220 1Sc 2 10s 8c 2s Is Is 8 12 10 18 3 S - 102 Scratches X Ket total 100 Innings 11 CLARK - 0880438172 0 lUc 1 1J 0 S 0 2 1 - 02 Bcratches Net total L Innings 20 Beferee Martin Pey TABERSKt - « SSc8 3a lsE4X2sS B 2s So 6 S 0 lOsc 8 Sc Be B 0 4a 0 Ss ScfaoT6cSe 8 - C3 BcratcHea 8 net total 43 langs 35 ^^ fcALPH - S 3a84Sls 18 0 2 8 S it So 8n fc H Se Ii SaS00S ra 13a Be 17 6ac 7a la Sc Sc 7 - 100 scratchea Llerah *****" U UUl **■ Kefereo niM 81beSSStSSicl8ITKS S 8 S 1 18 2 0 2 7 S 0 0 2 10 U « o 0 82105 Scratches 8 net total 100 slags 3d CXMCAJOS - 0 84 32se8S0 2s714 0 11e01SSeclOS142SS1004 o a »« u ex scratcnea 4 net total T8 nlcgB33 Chicago Boy Harvard Captain Cambridge Mass March 20 Hunt W ent worthier Coicago tonight aa elected captain of tl Harvard svlmm ng tean Diiiiaai A •• o •••*•••• • ■ »«••«)••*• ^ T — — ^— - —»■—» - —— - TW Xl V •••»••*•• .» • \» ••••»••»* I fS D »\* *.•*.•*! fffl - 7P - ^ r • * 7mm sW VVVJ • ••»'. *.. • • - V v Why become the leading cigarette in the business social world

Clipped from Chicago Tribune21 Mar 1916, TuePage 10

Chicago Tribune (Chicago, Illinois)21 Mar 1916, TuePage 10
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