explosion, continued

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explosion, continued - 7,=^^ ""J. Miss n v a a n l t I' --- no habeas...
7,=^^ ""J. Miss n v a a n l t I' --- no habeas Beri 100 MUCH SlEi PRESSURE CHOSE OF SUNSET EXPLOSION (Continued From Page 1.) house nn cir- ami i t ness''.; the hcln n i n volrn h rV'f- vhow- snd nlso favor of no- lowing being found in.his clothing: "Address "Address of Mrs. J. Gorman, care Mrs. P. Benson, 84 Devonshire street, Monkln- carmouth, Sunderland." No funeral arrangements arrangements have been completed in either case. B. P. A r a n d a , who was serlouslv burned and Injured internally, his leg being crushed so that amputation was necessary, was taken to the operating table this morn'ng. Very little hone is given for hie recovery. Ho has been visited by Bishop Shaw this morning, as .hurl heen a!! tjin patients. Mnny Injured Stny Die. The case of Geo. Williams, who lives at 303 Tenth street, and who was suffering suffering with a compound fracture of the lower right ICK and a serious scalp wound, is considered serious. His right leg was amputated this morning and the doctors :iml ;;!::.vs sii'ike their heads dubiously over Ills recovery. n J.^W.^ Gentry of 32S Milam street, face.^com'ussion^ oi the""bra'in foikwhig! and his iftue buniff .horridly burned and gashed, is also considered in a. verv serious serious condition und little hope Is given of his recovery. A c.nsn t h a t w n c cnTiKMArofl ^ii«rt-* hopeless yestordav and w h i c h is hotTof today is t h a t of Bnrnhart Biirglcn. His log Is broken and ho had several hemor- rhugcs yesterday, but ioday he Is a b l e to talk and In fact would do a jrood deal managed to give h i K address, which**!!) ;::..o A-.v-ii5iA H, \\Iit-n (iio n u r s e cau- t i o n e d him to be riolot. A n o t h e r serious i-;ise t h a t is reported to he doing well li" that of B. K. Hawkins. He was struck ""I,,,'; 1 ; 0 ,,,*"'' r-r t l i C 1)cai1 nn1 M * sku11 R ii. Sviisoii or ;:^i .Milam Ptreft. who is s u f f r r l n K from w o u n d p on the h e n d and face, his s k u l l hclnir fr.Trturcrl lo ^ r^pp^ 'rn.e ca«l-' of who was crushed and i b o conshlcrcd Hcrlotis. whose risrht lejr was I f f nrul»el, w i t h Ms 15 cents NOW gets the APRIL WOMAN'S H OM E COMPANION ^~*^^^^^^**^^ All newMtuui*. $1.50 a year. The Growell Publishing Company, 381 Fourth A*o., New York i r p - r ^ n rce, negro, pipe fitters' helper, Luling, Tex.; William Grayson, negro, 817 Center street: J. B. M l l l n r , p i j p M niter, B55 Car- J. \^ . Ilnuntree. hadly burned. Is M. R. Xorw-find. broken, an.I l " f t well as c o u l d lr expected. \vi|] Tiic.mas. who hnt! a piece . 01 iron t a k e n f r o m bis ab- t h o p h the fur'i t h - p o l i r p »|... ' t t n i - of a w i t - Uiat he Ii-td nr. S t a f f o r d on that work where i l l g antl l l l E - California Fla '" ^'^ nic. .]. K a n t , a n o t h e r n c K r n s u f f e r i r i K -.vitii .1 r n n i p n t i n d f r . i c i n r e of Hie lei and oilier .lre : ,,lf,,] worn,,!*. I? likev.-ise s:i|d \f br- d e l n n we!'. f. T;,I, .,·]-.. u n o t h e i notiro ^ h o '.v.-is hi! l i y ,T hirtre iiirn» «*f w e l l . " ' -~""""-- ' · " . " : · · " · -" '·"· i!u:;.c The f n i l m v i n K i= t i n - rovlp-'il li = t of ( h o \V-ilter .lord;in. r n c i n ' e i . ll;1 A n s l i n ant rbun(ltvii.«i' roromiiii V.Vf f."'.';,"."], street, single: s . _ r . _MansV-o r . fori-mnn rled; Carl (Ylskn. l)!ai-'i!5;nitli'. J:?.'Sherman J:?.'Sherman street, m a r r i f f l SVi'.li-ini O H^hlor m:tcnmi«t. vo Ann « l r « e ! . NVivark. N'. .1.. p r e n t i c e . I ; ; T N n r l h K l o r e s s t r o ' _ ( n K K l e ; R Mierl K l d r l May ma.-1-inl.-t h e l p e r fine West K l m l r a streot. single; William '. Rorosrh. pipe f i t t e r . 1^3 Denver boulevard, boulevard, mflrrief]; Frank Anderson, machinist, machinist, Quick avenue, Cleveland. Ohio, mar- ried; John Gorman, machinist, 1200 Pea- rcltro street, Flttabuig, fa... married; James J. Leddy. machinist, Pottsville, Pa. single; Jacob Weber, machinist, 307 Livingston avenue. Albany, N. y. married; married; J. Tirundy, steamflttcr, 719 Emilia street, rittsuurs, Fa., single; ijranc North, negro, pipe fitters' helper, 111 Hvman street, ni'.'.rrled*. Archie Price, juling. Tex.; 817__Cenler in-irci. o. r. iTiinHi', pijiy iinyr, B5S Carrol! Carrol! avenue, Beaumont, Tex., married; Jose P. Fuentes. painter, 521 North Santa 2111 East Commerce street; K. H Shawl machinist. Cleburne. Tox., married, Robert Robert Todd, negro, helper. Reported missing: G. I/. Newcomb, machinltst Interstate News, Houston. Tex.; Bank Hawkins, mar.lilnlgt P i t t s burg. burg. I J n.. single; Robert Todd, ncRro, machinTsTs helper, city. Unlden'.lfied at morgue: Riohe Under taklnp Company, two white m e n : Waters I'lidertaklnp Company, one w h i t e m a n : whl'.c m a n : Zizlk Tndcrtaking "Compnhj", f. 1 . 1 . v v.-':;:iG lr.:,r t , ;;art of nc^rr,; I'snrce- rr.en; l^-'.vls Co.? p o r t i o n Vif 'negro. 1 Greater Horron, Hcvralcd. Fuller reports made to o f f i c i a l s of the Sunset lii-re continue to reveal more hor- ' rorK_ as a result o f ^ t l i e ^ i w f u l explosion Iniiiifin arm was found more than f i f t y ynrds from place of explosion, d r i v e n t h r o u g h a tin and lumber roof. Kras- m e n t K of t h o Itnily of one of the ninn k i l l e d were blown over two bioeks from Ihe shnns nnfl fell in the vard of Mm. .\. r'. ^ic'iiii. i - t i ^ SiTqiine street. Mr?." Mcc;ill was stanclinfr in the yard at t h e , feet a w H y from where the f r a g m e n t s ' ten. \ \ n r n is Known ns a mmi rinp, ' which w"isrhs over 2flfl jx-unds. ·,» as blown rmr bl-irks ,i\vay. The boll nf the r n c l n ^ was blown flvo h l n c k s niul In fallhiG: killo'l a hort ; e l i l t c h r d j n f r o n l of .T. A W l l l t a m s o n . f o r e m a n of *ho rnp. per sh-p. v/!iiih w.is floniolljihed by the s i i i p . r ^ f . - i t i r d i v i t : : t l i e i r l i v e s ' bv h e i i i e l.^-x-,, --..I.. r rt ,.~ ,.f .1,^ K I ; - ... ... | l.i.n.-lics. l » h r ( s f e l l on lop of "ami all I stfit* of th.-. hencli. p r a ^ t l r a l t y h u r y i r i r it. I onlv n few m i n o r i n l ' t r l o s . WliHamson liaif let three of his m»n off for Iho ,la-.l ,la-.l ni;er Tney repnrTea Tnr (i";v a n d iitojo Sherman street A section of the front L.IC i v ^ u i a UL a u v v l i t l ituuottB Ullu, 1U litll- ing. struck the rear of Mr. Gormon's house, crushed It like an KKK shell, passed tnrougrh an upstairs bedroom, toi'e away practically half of the ea ; st side of tiic houso ar,« laiKleu iii uii aujoiiiiti{$ alley. Walter Jordan, thc engineer in charge oi the engine, wiio met instant death, was 63 years old. He Imd been employed · by the Southern Pacific Ralhoad for runnins an engine for thirty-two years. He was engineer on the first train which was run over the Sunset lines west of .San Antonio. Surviving, beside. the widow, are two brothers. Timothy Jor- ihin nf r p 7ia7 ? nd Abraham Jordun of Pennsylvania, and two sisters in England. England. Tho question of the cause, of the ex- all d n y today. The railroad officials Incline Incline to thc opinion that mere steam could not have caused snrh an. a w f u l explosion explosion and have wrought such terrible havoc. Only last Saturday the engine WH.S subjected to a severe lest of cold wator of 250 pounds pressure t o tho. square Inch. Never oni \: was there a. groan e m i t t e d u n d e r t l m ordeal. Govern- m e n t liotlor t M « n o r t n r s r._.:ii:!,o;J hf!;-e. !"day !"day and are m a k i n g an e x a m i n a t i o n 'f the wrecked bnllnr. The most expert n'e- t o c t l v C K In t h e employ of the southern Pacific R a i l r o a d are on th" croviml. X o U i I n g w i l l he ii-n iiiniiiue 10 ferret om l i l t - ft-l*i l-^xir.' ",' t i n - l l i t ^ T - i l v w h i c h Cost injured more tiian two score. {ances tl-,r I? t h a t i i whirh wero i i : t a r t . Where tho b'idl-3 were I d e n t i f i e d I h c y were t . i r n o t l ovor to r t ' l a t i v o c a n d t h e e l l y v.-itr.esj-od tod.ty ;i,.re t h a n t w e n t y f u n ' - r a l s t i n - l a r g i s t n u m b e r to !·· l v i r i . i l in San A n l m i l n In bursting of the boiler of a locomotive, air. May left for San Antonio immediately upon receipt of the message. GO TO ATT15D I5QTJIRY I , i j Mnyfieitl nnrt Willlnnis Leave for Snn Antonio Antonio to IVntch InvefitlKitllon ot Soiithcra Pncltlc Ynrds Dtnaflter. Special to The News. Austin. Tex., March 19. -- Railroad Commissioners Commissioners Allison Hayfield (chairman) and William U. Williams l e f t for San Antonio today to waU-i ilio nivwsiigutiun by a local committee of the cause of the | shocking rtlcnctcr in the Southern Pac Pac i f i c Railroad yards ycptordny. They do gation itself, but ii is- likely their visit Will bO Of 'JOnsC'.it: ·-'!;::: :*: v i e w tjf tllfi di;Uely u report siu-h casualties 10 the conij "R'- f l e l i l Ington, chairrr.ar, of tl-,e interstate con-,- merce commission, requesting th« prei« ence. of a representative of the federal body in their inquiry into the tragedy, and a reply is_ expected at once. Soma quested the Texas body to co-operate in. investtatinir ralli-onil gcc.!linis 0^4 troubles In this state, and this is tho first occasion that the request has in anr way iim'nii'Iitil*.,'i] i n i n the necessity for action. .1. A. Starling, commissioner of the bn- morning for San Antonio to frath'er the, facts of the in\ t si; B ,tlons of the explosion. explosion. He will probably remain in San Antonio through the week. Thc railroaA commissioners will spend at least a full' day at the railroad vards. . l o a v i n w Austiv ( C h a i r m a n ^lav- ii .Iiids'o., C. Cl,- n. P H I S in \V»sh- Will .\o( lie THltcn (o Ornnge. i Hpccial to Tho Xov. s. j Oningc. Trx.. M a r c h 19.--J. R. Miller, | result of tlie locomotive explosion at San [ A n i u t i i u . ii:i^ nu i(.-i;ttives hery, add r e m a i n s w i l l not he broupni to Ur0,nc;o. for burial. He f o r m e r l y worked ;i s n w m l l l laborer, but went from to t h e V l n t o n nil ficUis and later f ^ S a n A n t o n i n . KnrlnrTV ji|' Vlrllm. Klrrbnx Crnnhrx llnnnf. Perhaps the most serlotm ^sninco properly away from tln shops wa« tie reiidftno* of Kelson Oonnon, 4 Hail way lior^, rTCivrd A t pleura rn l;u:! nlfflu s t a t i n g t h a t Jit* brother. KM May. waji amonic tlic d»a;l in thf explosion t h h t orrurrp/1 in th* Southern Paclffr abops at San 'Antonio, caused by the ( Remedy Made From Garden Snge and Sulphur Restores Color to Gray Hair. A f*olinp of sadn^9P Tf(·'·"ifnTilof thn fllanOV»?rv nf thr f i r s t tr*-nv hu lr« tr-nu-Vi unfortunately are looked upon ns l-.rr- «ld« of ad ran duff aff". Oray hair, hrm-- *ver handsom? H may bo, malc^s a f f r - ·or look old. W« all know the advtm- tiMT*R of hflnjc yoimr. Aside frnm *h» prx)d Imprcwilon a y m i t h f n ! appparance rriakfjt on others, simply k n o w l t i R tlmt you ^re "lookinR fit" Rlw one courni* t« undertmke aod nooomplifili thlngm. So vrhy tuffer thn h*rnSh»j o lookln§: old J»**?*^«n a ilmpU O I U I I your h a i r youthful n few days 1 time? t h a t comn-.on gar- -jse,; a 'raite Tea- for keeping their lioJr dirk, soft a:n3 liixiirlaoit. til \Vveth'» Siifro and i i i ; p h i i r Hair ttemody :u i.i''u ! "i I^Wf-^'on of s.iee.' romhlnea w i t h Snlphil- and oilier vaT'iAble reme- i.ies for i : a n n r i ' f f . I t r h l n i-'ii'tiint!-- f o i r i n s out.' A' fi-.w appflca- t.on* of t h i s valuable remedy will bn-k t h e color, and In a short tlmo r o . r . o o evory trace of danilrv.'f an4 the p-ovr!h «T,-I i.-- .«»" '~~ ---- - K'-»atly r.f f h * hair. R r u t - . cent »ofle from your the difference In. today, and notice

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  1. The Galveston Daily News,
  2. 20 Mar 1912, Wed,
  3. Page 3

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