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GHM charitable gift - ICO HEEDIEST GET TOTAL OF WOO Each of the...
ICO HEEDIEST GET TOTAL OF WOO Each of the OrigpnaJ Cases Is Fully Relieved and Help Ccmes for Sixty More. ;20,C00 MORE THAN IN 1915 Another Woman Sende $1,000 A"yfnoualy Rueh f ClfU n th Closing Day. This b a truly merry Cnrlatsrie (or th hundred needle, case cf destitution reported by the four leading charity ergsnttationa and published In Tin Nw To a Tim ef Dee. 10-Thes l.-iridred cases, eeleeted by the AiwM-iailos for Improving th Condition f th Irw. the Charity" Organisation Fociety. th Ftat Char! tie Aid Assoc!-tiow, an-i ihe Brooklyn Bareaa of Chart t'e those moit deserving of aid from their mora fortunate fellow-citlsen. bar B'.l beee' relieve, by contribution nt la cither direct to th four rgaalsatkm er I Thi Ntw Tok Tims for dlatrl-ba'Jon; and many other of th aixty-edd cases wMch eou'.i not b Included la the list on account ef lack of space fcav alee been relieved by donor who vara moved by tit atary toIJ or th an-fortun: each family or Individual. , Mora than that, a great many ef thoee wb contributed money tor the relief at ' these ease eUher mt with It money f r the general work cf tlia orgni-tlor.a. or promised aid Involving eon-t.nued personal interest ovr ea extended period ef Unt, so that th interest la charltabe ar 'jTfJe arouaed by th appeal la eonaiJerably greater tvn that reces-arjr fir th raer relief f the hnrdret caa. It Indicate n ewaaened feeling of responsibility for t n perennial prvolems af poverty, which era mora acuta, though lea widely dif-iwsed. la thla year J yroapertty. Th anonay received trp to yesterday ecn amounted to W3.2cA.43, 'and at th rat at which contribution fear been eeming tn. the afternoon nail of tha four organisationa. which ha noc baea eeoned. nun eeataia a ran rurT.cient to raise ."th total amount to mor than This t mor than $20,009 la tirat of Wat 'year total an the eorrw-pc-ndlng day of the appeal, which wa f. And this nm wa raised w:!hout any other campaign of appeal thaa Ui publicity- gained by printing la TB Ttxtt tha atory of each caa. Fwy f th bendred caaea U "elnBeJ." Not an of titers received a f ri.ient sum. by iaf-tflc designation, ta rtlrrt ad their need a ; but ail of Li. era nav been covered by th money Knt a without apecttc dealfnaUop, wh i-h aaoouated to Kraeehat Dtor thaa Y.-t cf the totaL Many af tha caaea rec!Td (ar larger amount thaa wera crKiv1. a j. J in earb f lOea caaaa tha Kn:u:KHii aT WTlt'.en to th donor. a ,n( ireta fur p.i mi jaloa to traaatar U aurpiua ta other caaea. Thta Pr-lni-i.ia t-aa trt;y er b-n f'f'J'ed, - a nv r-ir hul1. 14.tMJ(.4 eent U. Thi Mw YobK Tut, and af tb:a asm haa not yet beaa t. -ti tu.-4 to ui toxxr orraassa iona. Irv-luuir c th irnni already forwaidad by Thi TiMt. ta AaaoctaUoo for In j,"ov.rc the c-dlUoa of tha Poor ha frnrl i:3.'-.iJ. which wa c a aaa ait-l. laat yaar th .! m roreire.1 li.5tJ.4 up to tha fc'u?uy a-fore chriatmaa. lrva thaiUr Oraaiiatiea Society wa acjBd asx-o th yaar. with receipt of Thi-tJ auciety had aa'ed for 4t,.u. It year It recrtved -VS.ii3 tip i- th correapanduic day t th Talrn. TL. fiat OiarlU Aid Axaociatioa di t not as for epecifle ram on many af lie caaea, aa moat of tboe under it rare wre cnilj.en inl:nc bomea or iprr:K.B for aa Indefinite time. It r-vired. however. alu.lUw afainat j laat year. Z n. Trwk! n Bureau of Charttle. wt..h had aakad f"i I2.3T3, racetved t.2Vll. Iaat year receipt wer Vi.ltA AM far Many Otheea. Moat of th orr-niaation. too. hare raceiTcd piedf ea ta addition ta th caah eaatrUMitioa. th total ef which wlU Aaunt ta aereral thouaaad dollar men. And tha aacaaa contribution can ail b uaed. fur th hundred caaea wer &:y a email fraction of tha total which chart table orrntiattoa have aiways oa ttair handa. Th AaaocUtloa for Intprrlns tha Condition of th roor. for laataac. cet t Tit Tim at a Ust of fifty of lu moat wMlr caaea. thJrty-n ef which war tvutM.ahad in tb bat of 1- Tha others ar la anoLher coiuma of today's Tin, lint; th other families cared fur by th! orranixatloa are XTd widow' f amliiae, ta w r. lea Uvc father or aocn mar member 1 lil. 20 where th father t In a laeane a. J ( an. and 31 where potrarty la du tn ae. Thaa aad inanr ot.'ier fasiiiea la which Ulneee or acijTit hare reduced tha family' waza below th amount necessary for f xii. rloth m and shelter constitute what an olfit-er of th aaeodatloa ha raLrd " th trreducit.l minimum of th p-ory problem"' that l. tn poverty proMetn which no amount' ef aeaarwi xtf i'r caa wip out, Teatcrdaya reretpts wee divided a f )'.!-w. : Chanty Organisation Society, LX."vZ3; Aaaoriativa fur Irnprovlnt the Coeni'.twa f the fwor. L.U: State hunt tea Aid Association. I1.0S1.O1; hryk.ya fareau of CaariUe. flZl ; w yer TiJis. $2Vft.5. Th Coartty Or animation Society n-Peuncea of ta l:t ef additionai Caaea putiihd by letter ia a recent lau f T Tims '.i but thre. bar beeq rorered. Caa D t:Il aed $30, Caa E CUi. aad Caa O lX- TW raaas fwr taw Ortstaal l. Th fonowln tab'. show the amount asked and recelTed fx each ef the case ta th enslBal list ef 100: Caa Am t Amwist Ifaaa Am't A meant . Ae4. Ie--4- a. Aakad. 1 lAa t f 51 m4 2--ki ej... i 144 ' Ti-OO ra -Ae u 2iae ...... itt z; e, i- i k.v a " ;. u sue XU 4..... L.iu ... l T ! iieH 57 tre i.vw . ... ! N h . Iun.ce el.Oi 5K .. - a.0 10 l- "O1 a..... ' . aTa. 11 SJ ria' at -'.t0 1 J 1" J J. 3 1- .lft50 U .... rrja !..... T :-awi.o 0 jvt STSKl l i iM a .... lit. k - t-.a...,. ... 1 M it..... 1 X-j) 6H. fcT..... 1 T J.OO 1 ST 51JSi. H..... 1-H 1.0U 1 SI X4.MI 44 347.1 ! ... iw.0ii SI t 4?01 7t J - lvl tJ in 71 I"0 475 0? ;i jno T3..... 4 liT.on 14..... '. OO 4..... ... . 8I4.0I . j7 vrzsi rs aov &.) f.M .... 7cn r?. , .t ;r..... r r"' tt 4? tai re..... r" 2V 7..... 44 419 47 i ii.") '7..... t :!..... l'J 1S( ..... 1HO )7.5 n. .... ... M7.a' m r tso J..... 2S2.', a UW T4. M 1VI r.l' . S7"i.St 4..... u 57a4 M..... SO 24 e 3 2 SOj -..... 1-0) - WM H 1J XU.! M 44 1.5 J7 IT a4.S0' 47 1J4 . 50L47 - 114 lrT.V. ..... i0 4J aaoiM ... n 4m.o n tt." ... . tM.oa at..... 4 wi i:.oo 4. 82 .... M 4oa e.t in w m " it: f. sh m t4 ro ?- '. .... 1 -. Vt A7 4rt . rX 94..... 2 SJi-VO i ;(.5rt 44 TJU Ti4 W -v .H.oa 4- M.f C- l- M U l42.ev lu.-..- la r3.54 Tial r""t4 foe apectfad Itaueivea witaawt aalaatlow. $;4.4 i Oraa aatal $4. S-a Many ef tha eae ef tha State Chanuee i talis tar aanaa tar uiun s ar aid ever aa Indefinite time, rather thaa a apectfic amoant. T PleJsea receive! ta addition te the caah. tTheae caaea alreaOr partlv rovrr-d arfar puMlcation. ea that the entlie ameunt aakad as net required. Aaetaev W aa Otvee f tMM. A check fr $1,000 was left at Tar Tiki office yesterday by a woman who said that It waa eent In the name ef her two grandchildren. Aikea and Elisor, waatd te lve It to th peer. la memory of Jeu' buff-Uay Party." Tea persona 'came Inte tha office which receives subscription and want adver tisement tn Thb Ttxca Bulldlnr at variou time during th day and lft a total ef $124. Thm State ChariUe Aid AaaociaUon wlsbea te acknowledc $50 from A. D. P. Another contribution to th associa tion w&s a check for $4.11 from a class in Waaieiarh Utah bcnool. The rhMMfy i irramzatlon Bociety re ceived a contribution far Ills Alice. Caa 61. with "a loving thought from om who has known ioneliiieaa and ha but recently reached her haven of shelter and rest.' . ' , Ballsy B. Burritt. General Director of th AaisociaUoa for Improving th Condition of th Poor, said that a gratifying feature oi tna etton waa mo fart that it save the Chriatma period It fullest meaning by making hrtat-maa gift whoa uefulnea would con- Ucue throughout in year. - ' RHdura at Tna imii should know. said Mr. Burrltt, " that their generosity ha made It posslhl not only to lully meet th need of the thirty -on A. I. C. P cases whoa stones wer told, but also to com already within $. of meeting the need of th entire list of fifty families whose circumstances were reported to Thi iraa. and that there ia furfner la addition to this th .urn of f 1 pecliiceUy given for case which: have had no share whatever in. 1hi lia-a l-und. Etprrasion ef the permenant raiu of rdef rendered In this wsy is contained in th following letter to Thb i'"M from W. Prank Heraor. Director of th Charity Oganlaation Society; Te I Eitlor of T Tor T mn . Before the eke ef the appeal by lit a Tim K4 for the Huixlrad Neei)t Kxmlllr.. I ul ta aaievaa ta yuu. aw aahalf ef tha Cbartiy Orattlailaa aotlety. appreciation at TH8 liaa antarjiria la puhllshla this- tifmar. per ha pa. ajee aa added pleasure ta the vary sauervoa PrU af slrifi aha a by ea toaar peaola. te kaow that t'ia faait-lles aa beneiited caanot be considered a ptoel eager aad aaxlou ta receive se-atataare tram othera mare fartunate. Oa ta eaotrarr. It Irelwr te eur warkare. woe are intlniataly aequaJnta wtth thaee taauiiea, that tkey far prater ladepandaooe SiM eelf-eupvort. It eeaBe te naa. there-fare, thaa tha arealeat eettafactioo ta tnoaa whe hare ceatrletMed te'tht. faod must lie tn tha feeUa tha they have arovldad. by their (l.'I.. a jeeaaa wherehy thaee famlliaa Bis be hried from thasr present situation aad glean -a fair opportunity ta achieve tna eir-deeeexleBce which .every rtDt aatnaad t tp.o aasiraa. Btaeareif youra. W. PKANTC PERSONS. Director. Tn Nam ToaK 'iias aaknowledgea eceipt of th following contiibutiona: T. O. Brill. t'lt. J. st-inbacBac.e.Mi H. L H , IK. C -i tin. R. IL Miller u. H iWi ; lofUttl Douglas FU- Memory ef C. J. M. a A. F n. loose U i. W i M. ......... a Harriet R. IIubo.ll Ki Audrey and Her-R. H. Raraaotf... 46! mlone htarrett... ii tT. H. -V5....... Ia Kvelya anl Albert Lltf.e C!rl JS; Hermann 11 tie M. Suffer J. J usee. . I iT7 16 Lnrdla K. Ooairsey 4 H. A. Boas........ lojj. K. B. .......... Asetiyatoua ....... W unt Mary M. a tu s IoBlae Bedale Phrlll. b.Bor.1. . . . S James McAluatsr.. IOiJ. a Btobte A Co.. ABOaymeae u (ter cllaay .. .. . .100 iMbel Vt'eteen.... 10't'. A-T. 5 Mrs. C. rtne'lver.. 11 U. A t... 11 1 A friend X.60 Teot-se L Nieneia M T. A. MacAa!lffe. Si Iraoe ti- Macurdy R A. Vaa Kirk... 1"! K) 10 mead af the Cause 5'J. E. IX 1 If?'". WtiM farp. 10, onlwui ....... 1 Arthur i f erbea.. L: Anonj moue ....... 1 o. c c. D Mrs. W. t . B..... a l;V- c 1C A Jean 11 w) a H-i.iin fKS). ...... a kC 8. a. lST. V. U w. t. n , r. tv. wotine 1 Carolyn Aanprmoca .. . 1 Henry W. V.hittle ti. f. E. no at. X. N. for a eel- ore child. ...... H. J. M. i4 K. T. Btaaatar r,. K. u H. Ae aC eeee M. D. A... Anenrmout U 4 Mm. w. A. Man- lj ..lberf 2.M tiMra. r. OoJwta... 6, Mrs. H. Oedwin.. 2o;W. U. 0 3 C; it 2 B AmnrmotM ....... 2 M. M . ...........'I 18il. W. H. (S4.... 6 Tom Morrta. ...... L- Fraan W. M. Kelly ).. Anonymous ....... R. M. Vlrrrnla.... J. J. CCortn.U. . .. m. a. kfra. C. T. Batter-woech. Jr........ f L L .C ft, Anonymous ....... a.'. T. H. B. D 8'?". J. R 1 In. b. n 5iJ. T. Worthlr.rtoo. 1 1 e 8 y, D. H r. m. w H rVa H r. tt. ft ljV.rta and Tefty 51 Lelrer MM. J. Pern 37.. 3 I.. M. Leery l. 10 in Cash ............. A. Reader Anoermou x : Helen an Olga ft! Frankefwtetn 5 P. K. Peed 42... H. F. af If miiit Baldwin... 2e r. K. Smith. (l:Wir ef Jeaua M. B. Cheeebora. . ? Plrthtar Pa-ty. rVui Franelae CD S" by AUes A 11- A IL A 1W aor 1.00C1 Horace Mian's it- I. V. Kelly., Roes (39). 15 1 . W. Maldment. a Hm-a Maeaa MaJkln 4 Bora 8. hao) 14 (. 9'M I. Tewwaend. It Horace klann's litetifuHwi 2 royv fb-hooi t.' a;;. J. w. 74 1 W. E. Hail..i.... 15iTble tn Luchow's. ?1 M. il W K Aaonymeus ....... 25 t Ra ' ee i Rhywe. . 5 1 Tors' II H Z epavahSa te the Aaeerletlon roe Imprerln Covtion af the Poor. tPavable to tha fttate Charttlea' Aid A-wla'toe. trarable a fe Ot.ritr Orcnlamm eocUty. Moat ef the case have already receiver the relief hk-h they required, and all of tbein will b adequately cared for by Chriun Day. MORE IN NEED OF HELP. Orxanlutiong Compile List Not In. eluded ia "too Neediest," Each ef the f oar charitable organlxa-tion whkh together compiled the list of the Hundred Neediest Cases for Th Timb sent in mor eases thaa could b Included. The other. - omitted of necessity , wera in alraoet every ca quit aa needy aa thee oa th list of th hundred. Th llt of uch case In charge of the Charity Organisation Society aad Brooklyn Bureau of Charities ha already been published and many of them have been relieved. - The caaea hated below, for which aid ta asked, are tn in car ef th Association for Improving the Condition ef th Poor. X. Miss ' H.. , entirely aione and be-ftmlni Miad; 44fc will place her In a coonortabte hoaae .where ana caa earn a Utile by beeket weaving. 2. T. fajniiy. Twe euierly slstars and a younrar ateter aed th letter's boys, aged IL 1. sad 4. The twe elder etar me a small aad ancertaia tocame by dreaa-maain. Ne ether tnceni. Ail are greatl) la need af Winter clothta; tl a moata Beeai4 for at least eta saontha. a. T. drtn ef tabereviaaia. Will leave a wife an aaea children, ah under IL bfrrther caaoat work out. rood aa clothing badly needeti. Alee aaoaey for rent; AJ a Benta bereaaary. 4. IA dies ta February, lea viae a wife ec 21 with three children under a. ZJra. D. caa aara aoly 4 a stonta, and eoca-tonal Bieaia by working ia a restaurant. Is trying tn make more by doing waiting at bos, but cannot make wahla IJW a ! ataaib ef the aura Beaded foe absolute a. Mia V W need sit months more i ef acasolivg ta fit himself for the position which wlU enable hint to eupport his , widowed mother aad three youncer sisters. 1 Maaawhlla. hla atnther cannot make eoourn 1 to aaoeart tha vlljr ; $M a month until June ta saiee'iti to bold the family to-, aether. . I. die ea Nov. IT. leaving hla wife destitute with three children, the oldeat pat yet 4. There ar no relatives whe ce Se:a, aor any epportunltlaa to earn .aaytblng. Chios Mrs. J. I helped with ti a month aha wlii have to break up, ber borne and aand her children te an tnstitutiow. i 7. slra L, a widow, leave heme early In tha 'momlns to work aa an; office, cleaner, lea vine her three little chlldrea ta ret their own breakfasts. ; She ha to leave them again at their rapper time. Her strength Is breaking. owb seder her e forte ta maintain her, home, aad her health aad her heme ran only he aaved If she ran hare a complete raet for three montha with fi a mr.ath for living expenses. 4. Mra. A. 'a worry and herd work In bar effort to euspert hr .Irk hMaband aad el chl'dren are taptdly undermlnln hr etrength. The eldest child. Fnny.i cannot work for a year. With 135 a month she ran keep up her ftfht and preserve her heme. j 4. W. ta ! a tubrrculo.i. sanitarium.' Clara. 11: Laura, I. an.t Flora. . are a preentortun. The onir en.s a heme are Mra. W. and Pred4l. 4. and ' Lora. t. It mon-y can be bad for the. iBdtepeBBSblea. i:i a mnnth. tha entire fajaly, eacept th fatbai caa be waited - c f ! ' . 6

Clipped from
  1. The New York Times,
  2. 24 Dec 1916, Sun,
  3. Page 80

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