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Deyo - EVENING, NOVEMBER 21, More Names Of Patentees...
EVENING, NOVEMBER 21, More Names Of Patentees New Paltz,'Nor." 21.--Names of 400 descendants of New Paltz Ptttn- Iee3 have been secured for the Alcove In the Huguenot Memorial Church and the expense of 1200 DM been fully met. ' Following are additional names added to the list since last week. George Erwln DuBols, Philip H. DuBois, Margaret. Auchmoody Relyea, Sarah Relyea, Kathryn Du- Bols. SeyBolt, Elizabeth Van Ordcn, James J. DuBois, Arthur B. DuBols, Helen K. DuBois, Louisa H. Minard, James E. Deyo, Lydia Burhans Dcyo, Emery Deyo, Howard Niedsledt Deyo, Elizabeth Ann Deyo, Shirley Deyo, Bruyu Hasbrouck, Kathcrine EHIng Hasbroucfc, Helen H a s b r o u c k, Nathaniel Dcyo, Kachel 15. Bltingc, Fred Deyo, Andrew B. Deyo. Jonathan Jonathan N. Deyo, Mary Deyo, Andrew L. F. Deyo, Bertha Deyo Jacobs, Edward D. Jacobs. Elizabeth D. Jacobs, John K. Jacobs, Elizabeth Deyo, Joseph M. Deyo, Katherlne Schoonmaker Deyo, Andrew LeFevre Deyo, Dorothy Deyo, Solomon L. F. Deyo. Harriet Deyo Spring, Preston G.. Spring, Harriet B. Spring, Deborah Deyo Spring, Mary Ileyo, Josiau Smedes, J o n a t h a n Deyo, Elizabeth Elizabeth LeFevre Deyo, Joslah Deyo Parks, I.orna Parks Mattison, Samuel D. Parks, Elizabeth Deyo Siebcrt, Mildred Deyo Taylor, James Biting Deyo, Mark Deyo, Mary Elizabeth Deyo, Lewis J. Deyo, Opt. 'Abraham A. Deyo, Abraham A, Dcyo, Kebecca Vandcrvecr, John S. Vamierveer, brouek. Edmund Deyo. Luta Marte Lewis C. DuDoU and »I«, '" DuBoia. Rachel DuBo Vallace Pruella Wallace Foulke. U DuBota. Mary Wurt^DuBois, Wurt^DuBois, ' Elizabeth Crispell DuBoB, *lice DuBois Miller, Warren E. Du- Bols, Edward C. DuBols, Charles A. DuBoia. Dorothy DuBois, the Rei , . H. Freer. A. Freer, Alice Terwilliger Ada Van Keuren McCord, Hiram F. Relyea. Irving J. UFevre. Adele LeFevre Van Wagenen, E. LeFevre, Frank DuBois, Wilklov -DuBois, Evelyn F. Marian DuBois, Philip Deyo DuBois; Gertrude DuBois EUinge. .Watson Eltinge, -Bernice Eltinge Charles P Deyo. Harry W. Deyo, Hazel B, Dcvo Ira Deyo, Johannes ' «*-«·" Herbert LeFevre, t " 1 "* 1 Keenan, Magdalen - _ ,,,,,,,, Mabel LeFevre Freer, Idella Let.ejre Storrie, Marie LeFevre, Elton Le- strongly ^^r^TM 1 ^ 11 M^gaV^Dej^Van- she ;c peter A LeFevre Jane and jp i Simon LeFevre, ' Jane Has- and Gertrude Deyo Vanderveer. Ferdin- and Doyo Vanderveer, Jane Hayden Philip Hayden, Emily Hayden DuBois, Philip Deyo of A j Deyo gm of J o n a t h a n ' yo and Mary L F ), Magdalena 1'. of LeFevre _ Capt ; j oha nnes LeFevre, r a h m i n s j r o u c k LeFevre, Peter LeFevre, LeFevre, Melissa D. B. LeFevre, two j Jerome "NY. LeFevre, Leoiia LeFevre, Catherine J e n k i n s Corwin, David W. Corwin. William D. Corwin, J. Richard Corwin, Daniel L. Corwin, Evelyn, Corwin, John J e n k i n s Corwin, Doris,B. Corwin, George Bauer Cor- |wln, Clarence H. Woolsey. well- [DuBois, Solomon DuBois, R; like tinge DuiJois, Sarah D. B. the Asian in fearlessness Jacob G. DuBols, Cornelia Deyo " Rachel El- DeFevre Roellf Eltinge, Blandlna L. F. Eltinge, Eltinge, Evelyn DuBols, Koelif Bltinge DuBois, Solomon Deyo, Elizabeth EHIng Deyo, 1'hillp Deyo, Philip R Dej'o, Sarah Deyo, Alice Deyo Hull Mary Hull Rider, 'Elizabeth Hul Bush, John Wilson Poucher, Cath arhie DuBois, L. F. Poucher, Anne LeFevre Poucher Swartz, Catherine DuBois Schwartz, Franklyn Jacon- Poucher, Eleanor Graeme Pouclier Daniel JjeFevre, Magdelen Eltinf LeFevre, Moses P. LeFevre, Jane Brodhead LeFevre, Peter LeFevre Kachel Freer LeFevre, Johannes Jansen Freer, Mary LeFevre Peck Carlton Peck, Miriam Peck, Louise LeFevre Fowler, Dorothy Fowler Ulum, Oliver C. DuBols,' Eugenia Brodhcad DuUois Hewitt, Richard Brodhead DuBois, Margaret DuBois William F. Hasbrouck, Susan Preston Preston Hasbrouck, Jr., Preston .Has- H«ur P. Mary Durm Durm . . ot. Dolion, EllMbrth Doljon Wai- ace, Lorctta Wallace Trlmpi, Donald Franklin Wallace. Mayr.ard Dotaon Mary Peter Grace DuBois, Ethel LeFevre LeFevre. Avers, Ferr». Elton LeFtirrt, Jr., Btrtort Peter LcFerre, WMlej dbont Fevre. Potet PMC* Mriw of The cliih in will be held Monday Kincc ton Point Caalno with mmlc bjr popular si.t-plece orctmtra an/ gives promise ol being as popula as those held In the past. D A N . ' it the '"','-'' · HOTE RUBY SUNDAY NIGHT, NOVEMBER 22 AND EVKBV SUNDAY NIGRT THEREAFTER. Manic by The Semuden. RefrefhrnenU Serred. COMMUNITY PLATE SERVICE FOR EIGHT IX THE XEW I)E UJXE AXXIVERSARY TRAT ANNIVERSARY PRICE Regular $0{| 7C 33.10 FOR 2 WEEKS ONLY Ice ?5I,75. OPPENHEIMER BROS. 578 Broadway. Phone 844. "The Homo ot Blue White Dlamonda." SERVICE COUNTS-^ WE GIVE IT- ASK OUR CLIENTS- SPECIAL ADJUSTER IN OUR OFFICE AT ALL TIMES SETTLES CLAIMS SATISFACTORILY IMMEDIATELY. Decker Fowler, Inc. The House of Perfect Personal Service GENERAL INSURANCE AGENTS 44 MAIN STREET Tel. 6 KINGSTON, N. Y.fl

Clipped from
  1. The Kingston Daily Freeman,
  2. 21 Nov 1931, Sat,
  3. Page 6

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