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New Anson Courthouse - John Franklin Smith - Anson- a AVSOX TO HAVE A XElT COURT V HOUSE. -...
Anson- a AVSOX TO HAVE A XElT COURT V HOUSE. - The Alternative Method ofWerlc log the Pnblie Roads Repaled What 'was done by the Jus tices of the Peace and County Commissioners in Joint Session Last Monday. An adjourned joint meeting of the Justices of the Peace and .commis sioners of the county was held last Monday afternoon, and -business of great importance to the people of the county transacted. '' - Magistrate Byron V. Henry, of Lilesville township, was called to the chair. The roll was called and it was found that a quorum of Justices and Commissioners was present. It was stated that the meeting was - Noes I JT Etorton , J M Flake, J M Little, W J Ashcraf t, J C Parsons, T Flake, T V Hardison. J S Myers, E E Bartett. Adison . Lowery, J W Heodley, D R Dunlap, Y H Allen, B L Trail, Z T Redfearn 15. " - On motion, the joint meeting ad journed. ' vv r r iX'.Vv A Card from Rev. T. W. Kendall - 'About the. Recent Battle. . Mb. Editor: I see a communication In the last issue of your paper purporting to be a correct report of an unf ortuaate difficulty which occurred on my place oh the monung of the 29th of June. I here state for the benefit of your many readers that the report is incorrect, not bat few words of truth In the report. The negro spoken of was work ing for old man Thomas, and worked for him until she was discharged by him. I never had anytoimr -to do with her in the matter. for the purpose Of hearing the report I only advised her to work for them. I did of the committee, appointed at thenot hire, her nor have I employed her bat Annual Meeting in June, on the court house and jail question. Capt. John M. Little, Maj. James M. Wall and David R. Dunlap composed the com mittee. Mr. Dunlap submittod the report of the committee, embodying estimates for repairing, puttine in fire proof vaults, &c Tne report also included estimates on a new court house, to cost $13,000. (This estimate did nos include material in old court house). The committee recommended the building of a new courthouse. W. J, Ashcraf t moved that the recommendation of the committee. that a new court house costing $13,000 be built, be adopted. Mr. Ashcraf t stated that he had been told by work men who worked on court house while it was being built that it was not safe, and he did not believe the old building was safe. R. J. Carter said that D. L. Saylor had imformed him that he knew the building to be entirely safe. J. M. Flake stated that M. A. Murr had stated to him that be had exam inued the building and that it was entirelyBafe. II. P. Meggs spoke against adopting recommendation of committee. Capt. John M. Little, for commit tee, made an explanatory speech. Mr. Ashcraf t's motion was then put, and was lost by the following vote: Noes J A Boggan, J M Flake, S T Flake. J S Myers. E E Barrett. A.di8on LQwery, W W Chambers, 1 M Williams, J J Billiogsley, W D Maske, R B Gaddy, M L Home, J D Hyatt, H P Meggs, J W Kiker, Geo T Lee, R A Carter. L L Little, W S Little, JP Eillingsley 20. Yeas I H Horton, J M Little, W J Ashcraf t, J C Parsons, J W Hend-ley, D R Dunlap, Y H Allen, C N Ingram, B L Wall, BV Henry, RL Henry, R J Baucom, D M Johnson, W E Pennington, J Frank Smith 15. - . E. D. Gaddy asked to be excused from voting. - J. A. Boggan next moved that re pairs be made on court bouse as follows (committee's estimates) : Sheet" ing and tinning, $400; ceiling up and down stairs, $235 ; double vaults, $800 ; total $1,455. Yoted down by good majority. Capt. R. B. Gaddy moved to spend committee's estimate on ceiling and covering court house and covering jail, and Instruct commissioners to cancel insurance on court house. John S. Myess, as a substitute for Capt. Gaddy's motion, moved that a $10,000 court house be built. Mr. Myers' substitute receive a second and was put to a vote and carried as follows; Yeas I H Horton, J M Little, W J Ashcraf t, J C Parsons, S T Flake, T V Hardison. J S Myers, J W Hend- ley, D R Dunlap, C N Ingram, B L Wall, L L Little, R L Henry, R J Baucom, D M Johnson, W E Pennington. J Frank Smith 17. Noes J A Boggan, E E Barrett. Adison Lowery, W W Chambers, I M Williams, J J Billingsley, W D Maske, R B Gaddy, M L Home, J D Hyatt, H P Meggs, J W Kiker, G T Lee, R A Carter, W S Little, J P Billingsley 16. E. D. Gaddy asked to be excused from voting when . his name was reached on the roll. Adison Lowery moved that Commissioners be authorized to make all necessary repairs on jail, and issue necessary bonds to pay for said repairs. On . motion, the location of new court house was left entirely with Commissioners. I. H. Horton moved that the Commissioners be authorized to issue Donas to the amount. of $10,000 to ouud the new court house. . Carried unanimously. TUB ALTERNATIVE ROAD LAW REPEAL - . ED. - After the courthouse and jail business was disposed of the road question was again brought up. It will be remembered that at the" June joint meeting the Alternative" System of working publio roads was adopted and that at a subsequent meeting of the Commissioners a plan for the working, of said roads, under said law, was adopted and has since been promulgated. J.Frank Smith, of Morven town ship,, moved that the Alternative method of working roads be repealed. and that the system to vogue before three days in seven months. She is on my place and will work for them if they wQl pay her. so she says. The Thomases and my-self, nor any of my family, had never a cross word up to thla affair. - The difficulty origi nated by me being imposed npon in a finan cial way, also by driving wagons over my growing crop, and some other matters. The path yonr informant speaks of is a road the Thomases made over my growing crop. They had to leave a good large road to their work to take this path, as your informant states, which being some distance farther than the road. I did not fight or do anything nntij all three of them had wounded my son, then they turned on me and my young son, PearL and then we had to fight or be killed. My son, V. H., or myself had no idea of the fight and we had no weapons only my son, V. EL; had his pistol with only three balls in it. Two of them was fired at old man Thomas after he had cut his left arm nearly off with a hoe. Bhelton Thomas shot at my oldest son, but did not hit him, them stabbed him with a dirk. In fact, as I stated before, there is little or no truth in the communication. We were in our own field at work, ' I went according to law and forbid them three times not to come through my corn field with a wagon but to keep tee main road, which was nearer to their work. They came, led by old man Thomas, fifty or seventy-five yards where we were at work. Shelton Thomas was the last one in the line, leading a horse, instead of be ing the first, - I never in my past life had a fight with any one and I am sorry of this. But to a thinking public, no man's crop ought to he destroyed at will by the stronger or be run out of his field where he is attending to his own business and letting others alone. When the parties get .'well the matter.will be thor oughly investigated. Thomas W. Kendall. The account of the difficulty spoken of above, which appeared in last week's M. & I. was not a communication, but was written by the editor of this paper, and was based on information given him by disinterested parties living in the section of. country where the fight tooK place. We had no desire to do Mr. Kendall, or his sons, an injustice, and it will be seen, by compairing our account of the affair published last week, and Mr. Kendall's card, published above, that the facts, in the main, as stated by us last week, are not denyed. This ends the matter, so far as we are concerned. - - . . Wharf town Items. Crops are still small and grassy. Some are laying-by corn. Early corn Is very fine. One man planted a field in cotton which Gen. Green captured; he plowed it up and planted in corn; plowed that up and planted peas, "and now he wants to know If there is anything that will out-grow grass, if so he will plant it. The thrasher men have passed through town. Grain turned out very well, and very good quality. Hiss Susan Bruton, an old lady, was very badly hurt the other day by falling from a high door. It is feared that her leg is broken. Mr. Tom Hathcock is still very low with fever. A new publio road will be opened from Wharf to Norwood soon. . Little Caesar Kendall had his foot badly cut the other day by falling, on a grass scythe. This scribe sewed it up and it is doing very well. .- Miss Jennie Bennett leaves this week for Cleveland Springs, and some of the boys' refuse to be comforted. - -. ' . . . A one-horse farmer of this town had three hundred bushels of grain thrashed. -Who can beat itf Another made twenty-two bushels to one sowed of wheat. . WlLiXB. Peachland IieiiiH. - We are glad to report all our sick improv ing this week. Rev. F. A. Liles preached In the M. P. church here Sunday. fPewere sorry of the mistake in our last week's communication we were misinformed. Bro. Wright did fill his appointment the 4th Sunday in Jane. ' Little Brown Creek, we had reference to Mr. Ed. Gaddy, on Dead Fall, who knows more about the needs of the eounty in a day than you or I would know in a month, v The entertainment was a grand success- every thing was sold out that was prepared- The oider was excellent; the musical enter tainment was grand and every one present seemed to enjoy it exceedingly welL There was a cake given to the prettiest young lady and Ittle Thweety won the laurels. One young lady said she eat enough ice cream to make herself sick because she thought it was causing the young men to give money to a good cause. Jock. Deep Creek . Items; Laying-by corn is the order of the day. Cotton is looking very well now in these parts. ' The men of this community turned out to a whiskey trial at Bethel church last Thursday. .. " - - ' . Mr. Lester Webb, of Wadesboro. is visitinjr his brother in this community. Mrs, J. T. Gaddy Is on the sick list this week. : '.. ' Master Monroe Gaddv. the 12-vear-old son of Mr. D. D. Gaddy, has been very low with typhoid fever, but glad to say he is slowly improving. - .; . v . , . - . . Rev. C. H. Martin nreached an excellent sermon at Deep Creek church Sunday to a large congregation. Bro. Martin has resigned the pastorate of this church, to take efluct mo iirst, oonoay lit uctooer. - x xao. London's Population. AmonST tha llAtnlla nf tho t-AMnt British census, now at hand, the pop uiauon or me English capital is given as being on the census night. A, 21L.- . M. v .. , , . " I Sauujfc O.Oi.0.433 lO lOCti. - ADO ine AiwmaiiTB memoa was adopted increase in the population of London be returned to.. I trom 1801 to 189L is as followsr 180L The point was made that Mr. o'j,1811- U38.815; 1831, 1,378,- Smith's motion was not m order. Ti s The chair decided that Mr. Smith's 3.254,260; iisi,' i T 816 ds- lill 4 211 - uutiuu hmiu uruer. au bddo&i waul wv. taken, and the house sustained the chair, .; ::;-. . -. - Mr.. Smith's motion was then put. and the Alternative toad Law was repealed by the following vote: " Yaes J A Boggan, I M Williams. J J EUlmgsley, , W D Maske, M LI Home, J P HyattH PMeggs, J W Kiker, .Geo T Lee, A Carter, C N Ingram, L L Little, R L Henry, R J Baucom, D M Johnson, ,W E Pennington, J FStnith, E D Gaddy, J P Kuanjsley 13, . "Hunger is the Best Sauce.! As a rule, a neraon whn haa a ennd appetite has good health. But how many mere are who eu joy nothing they eat, and sit down to mcala onlv as an unpleasant 4uty; Nature's an- huuwd lor l IS CnndlLirm nra jf Vior pily combined in Hood's Sareaparilla tuob i aoon restores irood-dieeation. trcviuea appetite, and renovates ana vitalizes the blond so that Deneacial enect of good food -is imparted, to the whole- body. Truly hunger ia the best sauce, aud Hood's Sareaparilla Induces Lunger. in .

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