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 - consistently today: West West I The $10.00 ones...
consistently today: West West I The $10.00 ones are now The $7.50 ones are now Several Patterns to Select From, The Coats are 5ingle or Double Breasted. All of our §1.50 and $2.00 flanhattan Shirts, Now were children, but Mrs, Phelps has a number of relatives and a host of friends to share with her the burden her great sorrow. Mr. Phelps was one of 12 childern. ho the next to the youngest; those surviving him being Mrs. J. E. Lindsay,'Mrs. E. B. Hayward, Mrs. IL Hepburn and J. F. Phelps of this Mrs. C. AV. Hucstis of Crown Point, Y., and Mrs. D. J. Richards of N. Y. Last winter Mr. Phelps went to pay a final visit to his oldest brother. Grin, who had suffered from paralysis for several years, and was almost helpless. Mr. Phelps dreaded such a lingering illness as his beloved suffered, and he was mercifully spared from it, even though he was cut off when apparently in the prime of vigor and strength. The funeral will be* held Thursday afternoon, with public services at home, 1358 Fourth avenue, at 2 The interment^ at Oakdale, will be private. GREAT DAY FOR ROCK ISLAND. 20,000 Visitors Will Be Entertained at the Annual Woodman Picnic Today* F J. D 01TE O! 1 THE I£OST ACTIVE OF DA\ ENPOBT'S BUSINESS Caiae Eere In 1862--Became a Partner Partner "With J. E. Lindsay in Lumber 'Business--Later Becomes a Factor in Many Other Enterprises--History Enterprises--History of a "Worthy and Public Spir-' ited Man. With a suddenness that almost dazed the public came the news of the death of John B. Phelps, when It was announced announced yesterday morning- But the day before he had been as busily engaged engaged as ever with his business duties, indeed it had been a day of unusual activity for him. He had been seen in. many places and had conversed with friends than one usually meets in one day when on business missions. There was no sign of deterioration in. his bearing, he seemed as rugged as at her yard and had their lumber sawed by contract by the -Ren-wick mill. Helps Build Pirst Gang Saw Mill. In 1SG6 Lindsay and Phelps built a small saw mill near what was called Stubbs Eddy. This mill contained a single circular saw, but in 18G7 a gang saw was also put In operation, being the first machine of the "kind Installed Installed in the section. Additions were gradually made to the plant by installing installing a band saw and making other Today will be one of the big- days the year in Rock Island, and the citizens of Davenport are interested to hope that nothing may happen will mar the success of the entertainment, entertainment, which the city across the river has prepared for a proposed 20,000 visitors. Davenport will send its Quota enjoy the event and the crowd from this side of the river would assuredly be larger were it not for the Mile Track races. Davenporters are compelled compelled to choose between the two, loyalty to their home city will cause many of them to pay a visit to Track. The event across the river which is expected to attract so visitors is the third annual picnic of the Tenth Congressional Woodmen Picnic association. Preparations have been made by Rock Island to give visitors the worth of their money, there is little doubt that they will succeed, for while the picnic will be under the auspices of the head officers of the Woodmen lodge, the city Rock Island has consented to assist the festivities, and the day will be something of a holiday across the Excursions will be run Into the city on every train and steamboat line. city will be fittingly decorated .the city council having shown its appreciation appreciation of the efforts of the association donating a handsome sum of ruonev improvements until It developed Into assist In the decoration of the the modern saw mill. inr rpflc;inr ire 7,i:i,q?. n ~*. ««^ 4--. .L-k,-, «- A 1 ,3-^^,-- *-;««· modern saw mill, increasing s cut from 45.000 feet -a day to nearly treble that amount t His Many Otlier Interests. Had Mr. Phelps. confined himself to the duties of the lumber business with all Its many details, -he would have been an exceedingly busy man, but he was interested in Davenport and its development development and he sought in every way possible to add to its prestige. As a result result he became engaged In greater or less degree m'many or the leading Industries Industries of the city, aSd -at' the time of his death was holdnrgthe following po- lying there to no the in to j every | ' has ar^ any time in years past, and no one could have thought the end was so near. Typical of his busy life was the last day he spent ou earth. Its duties took him past his usual time for retiring to his home, it was so full of the details which needed attention. attention. It almost seems as though his life was spent ere its usefulness should have ended, "but God has his mysteries of grace, ways ~we cannot tell." In Good Health. Monday. On the morning of the day he was stricken he arose apparently much refreshed refreshed and he so expressed himself his wife., before he entered upon daily routine with his usual zeal, unmindful that death was so near. the was of a sturdy race. There was precedent for his sudden taking off in his prime in all his family history. Looking in now oa the past his frends may see that he had been under greater greater strain than they knew. He shared with his wife and ner sisters and brother that deep distress and iincer- tainty which has for many days hung like a shroud over loved oaes, living or dead, in far away Fekin. The fate of these loved ones probably engaged his last thoughts, for as he was driving home he passed Mrs. TV. F. McDonald, who also had friends in the same perilous perilous position. He paused for a moment moment to discuss with her toe news received during the day and la expressing expressing his indignation repeated this smpns or: responsgHlicy,. and trust: Secretary and treasurer and director of the Lindsay-Plielp§; : : Lumber' company. company. ' - -' : '- :: '··- Vice president .and director of the Cloquet Lumber company! Vice president and'director of the Hayvvard Timber company. Secretary and treasurer and director of the Lindsay Land and Timber company. company. · President and director of the Richardson Richardson Land and Timber company. President and director of the "Sound Timber company. President and director of the Riverside Riverside Milling company. Vice president and director of the Security Fire Insurance company. Director of the Davenport National bank. Director of the Scott County Savings bank. Director of the Bettendorf Axle company company . Director of the Tri-City Packing company. company. Trustee of the Cook Home for the Friendless. Trustee and member of the Finance committee of the Academy of Sciences. Trustee of the Central Methodist church. buildings and to the general decorating expenses. Davenporters Will Attend. The various "Woodmen lodges in city will assist their brothers in Island in entertaining the guests of day. The attendance from this side the river promises to be very large, fine time is assured. One of the features features of the morning will be the parade which will be a spectacle worth seeing. The procession will at 11 o'clock, and after moving the principal streets of the city will proceed to Longview park, where picnic will be held. Speech. Making- at the Grounds- Tae exercises at the picnic grounds will begin at 1 p. m. with an Introductory address by President P. J. Gary, The address of welcome will be Mayor William McConochie, followed with addresses by Head Clerk C. Hawes, General Attorney W. W. Director J. N. Keece, Hon. J. G. Johnson, (for Royal Neighbors). F. 0. Galder, editor of the Modern Woodman; Woodman; Directors E. E. Murphy and Quakenbush and J. M. Green. The speeches will be interspersed with music by the orchestra and Woodmen quartet. During the afternoon there will be prize drills, band concert, baseball bicycle road race, tug of war. etc. Two of the judges previously announced announced for the band concert are and the gentlemen who will act are C. F. Toenniges, Theodore Reese and Jacob Strasser, all of Davenport. The sea serpent is appearing on ew England coast This fascinating reptile always does appear upon the advent of the summer excursionist Scientists have sized him down to --^ -^B- T-m ^H- Kl -·- -·- -·- ·--· -^- · -T- v T --· ^^^^a^ ¥ -· ^f -l-l ^H ^p ^^ ^f ^^ ^^ ^ ^ ^ QQ ^ ^ ^ ^^p ing more or less than a common Chairman of the Building: committee ! eel, which is out of his bailiwick s Jic-n's Christian associa- _ tion. Has xaith in nimber Hands. He was also interested as a stock- this part of the world A regular advertisement in the Ke- publican will b *f\T passage 01 scrsprure, "Vengeance is mine, saith thc Lord; I -will repay." Further on his way and at the brow of the hill, he "waved his hand In passing passing to Dr. A. Atkinson, and to Joe TL Lane, and then drove Into thc barn. Here he ifttempted to unbuckle the lines ann Icwer thc buggy top as "wa? his custom, but his hands relaxed and nolder In other institutions and enter- the amount inv ,,__,.. ,«^ ,, t rt * prises besides those named, and to each i amount invested in any other ring larger returns, rjf-a^o^r'SSSfiriport gave suincient attention to know its ] mate way in tonectlon -with rlririr-c nr«r1 nrn^-mcc Wn -r--^*- ---%·*.,-* * 1-«nM*i«e-e- he slipped from the seat A.. TRThen the Shock Came. Fhe man immediately discovered that something: ^svss Trronc; and going: to Mr. assistance lifleu him from *.u placed him on the SOOT. Another Another man, also in Mr- PhflrTs he -workings and progress. He was care- 1 business ful to a decree in hi? attendance upon meetings of a business character, and had foresight as to the future. This jv-as especially tn:e in his chosen business, business, and years wore the northern . pine -was exhausted or showed siirns of ! depletion ho -was rwady to cm bark in j other Selus. Thi? firsi saw results in ' the formation of trie Lindsay I.nnd Lumber Co.. later ihc Richardson La and Timber Co.. and the Hayar; Timber Co. ia the south, and · J% ? enture vv^s tho Sound Tirnntr t"O { nrenso 3r-M-7.:--=«: an the far " c: ir.u-r- f succeeded 5n carrying Lira to the rc Dr, A. At3rin5:on. .lioc R others *"f* j*ll r * 4 -·i' -L J J ^.* Preston ra ^r* 1 ** * ( ) J Mr. ?h rips' r S I O N and ,, JOT*-]? ,, . ,. A., nil that of a r on 3^and sdmast "hf ^i i^ in 3n a i Interested 5n Church Mr. of anv - I. C. A, u^v- r became a b-arclL y t t ho was ce*ply irt^r- Dr. i- j cst-c-ti in church ^*cr;. and for y CT]- ! a tn^stoc in th- Fir.-, r\5. E. \. J De\ 1 ·* vey Hot on \\ c con Id he h-c-ld out no ! ]?;1or ITJ - - · -* - 1 v*\*^ +~r* ** - *.;I2^vi ·T ^ ·** ^ T »« i **7n j i * y an d wi than n. (7n- Dr. VTai2cl{ · ^ ^ -^ also fyroinoTic^ and arrived minute.- later HIK! rr-mrnn^d at tho V"l- sido of the 5=tric]:cn man 112 final £t:miaon.s. TSTns Born In Ne*^r Tork .TohTj B. Phrlps ""3," l-r-rn ^40, ^40, in t -1 r- =:: cil n l h ~ - -v.,;; of the V. M C, .-V v +/ Motor. 1 * t ·» * -n ·**. *· *· O *-% r* V l C ^- * T«. It Tf r;t^l 1^f 1 * ^ * ^ \\ i *-* K^r;rn:-hip o i Ice k^ 1 M. C r,T A. 1". T ^ - . - · "* !Ti · or ^ct oi:t ot «^» i ·* a '--*"*^--- ·"i - **5."i*' * i» a v ^ i C3. u » o * - P h c l s " · *». ··· ,^ ^ C'j ^ in acK of the farn: 5he riv^-r r its bsr-fe he opcrato-d a en s succor in - porv^-r. In ifce 4 V 4 . 4 4 in -·) ·4-J ** '^ ^ ^ *^^i*^ T /Sl"^ Jc i- ^votion IDre it nn^ tif'ns rf oi:r nort^tm Tiinerk'-s , :n Oct, 1S52, Mr, Phelps catae to Davenport Davenport to form a partnership -sriih J. E* Lindsay, buying out Mr. Lindsay's partner at the time, Eliphalet liarri;.. During the 3rst fe^- years of this pan- nersiiip they leased the HenTrick r ot his -o: nee exi£-r.r]ccL Icnrried Cornie H. Ma~ ^0 IS*"*^ VTr Pr-'-ln^ trpc: -^- »*-*^* *» *. j » * v -* - * - T J J * 4 j * ^ j ^ o * «-o J.*J^T. to Cornelia R. Woodward, a of the Tt-elJ )cno^-rx banker of earlier lafeh'bL^l/feve Foi/ J days, B. B. Woodward. They have so. DRY FRENCH CLEANING he- :*c -:.-^ vX'-;i:^:vcly bv the iVtNITORlUM. Sfif ^ OT.;O U I

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  1. Davenport Morning Star,
  2. 18 Jul 1900, Wed,
  3. Page 5

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