1901.02.21 Moser Gets a Setback

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1901.02.21 Moser Gets a Setback
 - Pap-alar ' re-? re-? to In of of in of Chl-caga...
Pap-alar ' re-? re-? to In of of in of Chl-caga of measure-He Imprtaon-mrnt j for them to be on fluty in Buffalo, which will be some time in May.,"". : : - .. . V MOSER GETS? A setback: ; Tesllaiaay of a, Member af the Azalea Chare a la Ruled Out by the Coart. PEKIN. 111. Feb. (20. The defense In the Moser case received its first setback this morning. The state placed upon the stand Henry Hoffman, a . member of the Amlsb church, and the defendant's attorney, upon cross-examlnatloq, cross-examlnatloq, cross-examlnatloq, tried to secure from him an admission that Moaer bad been ostracised by the Amlsh -members -members because of violating the church regulations. ' - ' Tha state objected to the questions, and the court sustained them. This is taken to mean that th vast amount of evidence which the attorney for the defense has accumulated accumulated concerning the Amlsh faith will-not, will-not, will-not, be admitted..- admitted..- As the . defense depends upon this evidenoe lo show cause why Moser should have been. insane when he committed the crime it Is maintained by many that a verdict of guilty Is already assured. ., Several other witnesses were on the stand during the morning, and some letters written written by Moser. la which he admits his guilt, but charges the Amlsh, through separating him from his family, with being responsible for the. murder, .were alse Introduced by the state...., , .'.- .'.- - .-. .-. .-. , . .- .- When court convened for the afternoon session session the cross-examination cross-examination cross-examination of Dr. Palmer waa undertaken.,. He testified that at times Moser had seemed irrational. Moser told him that he went to Utah to kill himself because he did- did- uot care to die In the Amlsh community. Sheriff Mount, who brought Moser back from .Utah, testified to several conversations on the way,, on which he told of-the of-the of-the manner of. killing his family. On cross-examination,; cross-examination,; cross-examination,; he ajd Moser told him the only reason - he-was he-was he-was expelled from the Amlsh church wss becauee he held bis crying child on his lap during services. . He testified to conversations with Moser in which he blamed the church for all his trouble. The. testimony of Jacob Rapp, the police magistrate-w magistrate-w magistrate-w to held-Moser held-Moser held-Moser to the grand -Jury, -Jury, was excluded as Incompetent. Timothy O. Hopulia. brother of Mrs. Moser, testified to going-: going-: going-: to" the -home -home the night the bodies wer-r wer-r wer-r found; and to arranging the details of the funeral..; The last witness of the day . waa Ed .Rogers, a Pekin reporter, who described an- an- Interview he had with Moer -on -on the day of his return. The Important Important fact was that Moaer told him he left the church five yean ago because be could not agree with ths preacher, and that he had made up his mind -that -that If his wife would not leave the chureb- chureb- and go to a new home with him he would iH the entire family and himself. himself. ' ";- ";- ' He was the strongest witness the state has presented. A - -' -' - ' " ; MOB TORTURES A NEGRO. Assailant af Miss Araold Tikes front Jail isd Jniif ts si Tree. J- J- . gpeciaL Lk, patch. v Ibo. Inter Ocean..' . LOUISVILLE JCy.".Feb. 20 The fury of the mob at DyeraburgTenn.; Just across the Tennessee linens' unabated and a reign of tehror for (i hees has-been has-been has-been Inaugurated. Last' alg&t . te saoie "mob ' which, lynched Fred King, for assaulting Miss Alice Arnold took from the jail Bebee. Montgomery, who was implicated by King, and swung him to the limb ct the Umous-'Mike Umous-'Mike Umous-'Mike lynching tree." When nearly unconscious be was lowered and a demand made - upon him to confess ..his guilt- guilt- He refused -and -and was again swung up. Thia performance was repeated fiv times in all, after which, more dead than alive, Montgomery Montgomery was carried back to the jail and delivered delivered to the Jailer. - ; The mob decided to wait until tha third negro implicated y King ia caught before lynching Montgomery. King in hia confession confession gave the aames of five of the most prominent prominent young Jadies Ja the city who had ben slated for assault.. The vigilance committee committee which has been hunting the third negro yesterday and last night whipped over thirty negroes out of town- town- The sheriff haa summoned summoned a posse of fifty men and declares that neither Montgomery .nor the two other negroes negroes in Jail shall, be taken from It without bloodshed. , . . . .. .. -: -: ... - The rougher element In the mob have been counseling death at tfce stake, but the batter batter men. some: of them prominent citizens, have threatened, .to expose the perpetrators if such a plan Is carried out. - There Is little doubt now that Montgomery, and possibly others, will be lynched within a day or two-No two-No two-No appeal for .the mllltla haa been mads. - f'.-Flve f'.-Flve f'.-Flve Xesrees Gallty 'ef Harder.. ":; SLTVANIA, Ga.J Feb.' 20. Arnold Augustus. Augustus. Andrew Davis, Richard Sanders,. Wil liam Hudson, and Sam Baldwin, five of the negroes who killed Fillmore Harrington and Milton M ears, two white men. In this county last August, were found guilty of murder last night and sentenced to be hanged March Z9. The men were -members -members of .an organization known as the Kalghta of the . Archer. The charter of . this-order, this-order, this-order, which was found by the posse arresting . the negroes, la said to contain an oath of vengeance against the whites, and - the members .were obliged to defend themselves against the whites unto death.. -. -. tv PRESIDENT HADLEY COMING. Yale's Presides! A ho at tm. Make Aa. other 'Trip ta Chleaaro. , . Special Dispatch te The Inter Ocean. . - 'NEW HAVEN, Conn., Feb. 20. President Hadley of Yale will start on Friday for another the al - .. aa , '-'.'' to in a for -In and old -The by 3, . . k Phll-Hn at be ot Ho the

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  • 1901.02.21 Moser Gets a Setback

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