1913.10.15 Puterbaugh personal assaults

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1913.10.15 Puterbaugh personal assaults
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; me- gov- i neigh-borfhg --'-r- j The-tJolt-ed Pro-lslonarTresident'Tlctoriano a repre-sentatlons if re- 03haagh- dls-patches Mo-beoo, re-jxjrted com-tnunlcatlons sus- to sn- of fur-: pre-bate"" a 1 j BITTER ATTACKS MARK FIGHT IN FIFTH DISTfllCT Judgeship Candidates Are Targets of 'Personal Assaults at Close :'i df Campaign. r; REPLY BY PUTERBAU6H BT CHARLES K. - WHEELER. ' ' Special Dispatch to The Inter Ooaaa. "' PEORIA. III.. Oct. 14. In the whirlwind finish pt the Judicial campaign in this, the Fifth Supreme court district, s campaign unprecedented for ' bitterness, prejudice, sentlmentaltsm and roorbacks, - one Issue overtops all ethers. It is: Shall a judicial cssdidate pledge himself la advance as to -bis -bis decision on the bench In the event of his election T - . . Is this respect the Illinois Judicial campaign campaign takes on s national Interest. Epitomised, Epitomised, the high spots In the spectacular battle may be set" down as follows:' l.Tne Progressive voters In .the district are supporting Arthur H. "Shay of Streator on the assumption be will hold the woman suffrage law constitutional In the event ot his elevation to. the highest tribunal in Illinois. V - 1. The Democrats are supporting Colonel Charles C. Craig ot Galesburg en the assumption assumption he will hold the woman suffrage law unconstitutional In the event ot his elevation to tbe high bench. - t. Judge Leslie D. Pvterbaugh of Peoria, the Republican candidate." bold the - attempt attempt te bind aim In edvmsce of bis election election a monstrous proposition, declaring tonight he would a thousand times rather suffer defeat than so dishonor the high office. : ' . ; ;. - c DEM ANDS OS PtTEHB ArCH. - . 4. A an immediate result ot the Invasion of the district by the flying squadron of men and women Progressives from Chi cago, "demands are being made on' Judge Puterbaugh tonight that' he - publicly declare declare his position on the -woman -woman suffrage law before election, sert Monday. 5. An elaborate attempt on the part of tbe Bull MooBe to prejudice the "dry" voters of the district against Judge Puterbaugh on tbe ground that he reside in Peoria, the home of extensive distillery interests, and therefore must be Identified with the "wets.' 8. A big plan on the part of the Progres slves to . capture control of tbe Supreme court two years hence, when five members of tbat tribunal win be elected, and thereby have' written inlo the continuing law of the state any. Mis that- that- tbe Progressive may pass In subsequent sessions of the General Assembly. '. " : . 7. Flooding the towns In the eleven, counties counties with handbill charting Judge Puter-bangs Puter-bangs Puter-bangs with being a estspaw of big business because he once reversed a ease on the Appellate Appellate bench la favor of a railroad corporation, corporation, ' .(-".: .(-".: .(-".: To add to the. turmoil which has erupted throughout the district since the Chicago flying squadron swooped dews on the eleven counties -yesterday, -yesterday, Secretary of Stat Harry "Wood today Jumped Into the fray with s demand tbe official ballots be reprinted reprinted In all the Republican counties so the Democrats and Progressives ehsjl be given first and second places and th Republicans Republicans third place on the ticket. . WOODS' HOT TELEGRAM. Secretary Woods fired a hot telegram to County Clerk Helnrtch of Peoria county, this afternoon, charging him with having committed a misdemeanor In potting tbe P.epubllcans In the first .column of th offl-clahballot offl-clahballot offl-clahballot and ordered the change be made at once. ' - Mr. Helnrtch decided to Ignore the secretary secretary of state and messagea were aent to other county clerk to do likewise. Colonel Frederick H. Smith, la . charge ot the Puterbaugh. campaign, tonight sentthe following following message to th , county clerk . of Putnam county: ' i :1" - - "The contention of Secretary. Wood regarding regarding Monday's ballot Is pronounced absurd absurd -by -by lawyer here and without Justification. Justification. Peoria county clerk will stand on his prerogative. See report ot Attorney General Stead. 1911. page . In several of the larger towns of the district today and tonight the women Progressives Progressives from Chicago, as -welt -welt as the men leaders of the party, have assailed Judge Puterbaugh In unbridled language. . Throughout the district aa effort Is being made te prejudice anion labor, anti-saloon anti-saloon anti-saloon prrtlsasa and the church people generally against Jadge Puterbaugh on tbe representation representation te la both a friend of big business business and hi sympathy with the "wets. As a result of a visit -to -to Kawasee by Progressive organiser. Judge Puterbaugh today received a letter : from the Ministerial Ministerial association of ; Kewanee. Henry county, requesting him . to state publicly his position ' oa the woman anil rage law before, election day, -the -the inference being that he would better declare in favor ot the suffrage law. . PITEHBAl'GH'S REPLT. ". - Judge Puterbaugh, la reply to "all such requests requests tonight made ' the following statement: statement: . .' . , . "It Is perhaps unnecessary or me to say tbat I have no understanding, express' or Implied or Inferable, with any element or faction which would or could in any possible possible way bind me morally or otherwise to any line pt Judicial action whatever. Were it otherwise", I would not be seeking the high position tor which I am a candidate. There are so tie that would bind me arising arising from fear, favor or gratitude." - - ' - : Mrs. Medill McCormlck of Chicago, who la the advance agent of the Bull Mooae organisers, organisers, and who is laying the groundwork for the prejudice that is being aroused among church people, win be In Peoria tomorrow tomorrow morning. - She will address the T. "W. C. A. and lay before them the plan for arousing the people of Peoria and Peoria Peoria county against Judge Puterbaugh. . In other towns of the district she has been conferring with W. C. T. V. workers, ministers ministers and church people generally. -; -; Friday night of this week there will be a grand round-up" round-up" round-up" of the Chicago flying squadron here tn Peoria. They will hold a mass meeting In the Coliseum and a doxea speakers, l&cHdlng both men an4 women, wltl "try to start a stampede that win Injur Judge Puterbaugh among hi neighbors. ' ' While tbe spectacular campaign tbe women women are. making may do considerable Injury to the PuterbSHgb cause In some ot ths "dry" counties ot the district (although Judge Puterbaugh la neither a "wet" nor a "dry"),-tft "dry"),-tft "dry"),-tft not thought ilkeiy that the Invasion Invasion of Peoria county will ' avail them much. On he other hand, tt la the opiates of the Puterbaugh people in Peoria that the meeting will react against Shay here. The campaign, which was devoid of general general interest up to yesterday morning, when the Chicago Bull Moos era spread out over the eleven counties and began their whirlwind whirlwind campaign has developed over night Into one of the bitterest fights in the history history of this district, DIJtAB IS THE Fit AT. ' Governor Dunne has Jumped Into ths tray in support ot Colonel Craig of Galesburg and the administration order have been ent to all parts ot the district to line up the Dunne partisans for Craig." The campaign baa degenerated Iste ths old-time old-time old-time fights, when every possible trick and device were used to whip voter into line. . ' ' .-" .-" .-" .. " .- .- ": . The Craig people are now out openly after -the -the union labor and saloos vote. In the recent primary Colonel Craig got nearly nearly all th votes In the Peorls city district that correspond to certain apot la th First ward In Chicago. - . In tbe effort to line up the onion labor vote, big handbill have been put to circulation circulation setting forth Colonel Craig opinion opinion of the state militia, of which be was tor many years and still la a conspicuous member. He was captain ef battery D, that served In the Virden and Glrard riots tn 1908. snd was later rromoted to the position position of Inspector of ordnance, with the rank of lieutenant colonel. Governor Dunne appointed "him a colonel on his staff. Charges and - recriminations ar . flying thick and fast tonight, many of. them undoubtedly undoubtedly being roorbacks 'and other impossible impossible of verification. One is that Colonel Craig has an understanding understanding with gas saloon people ef the district, district, and another 1 that some of Craig's mosey Is being ased to pay automobile expenses expenses of the Bull Moose flying squadron. Th basis of this rumor 1 that th Progres sives are Intent, first, on electing Shay, oa account ot his sympathy with the woman suffrage law, and. secondly., on electing Craig If they cannot win with Shay, for the purpose of defeating the Republican and thereby hurting tbe proposed amalga mates ot the Bull Moosers and the Repub licans la Illinois., - Another story being . circulated toslgbt Is that Raymond Robins, the sew chairman of the Bull Moose state committee, was plaeed in that position for the purpose ot keeping the party alive and making It fighting force in Illinois in. 191. with th hope of returning ths Democratic state administration to power. ' ' " , One charge -tonight. -tonight. Impossible of verification. verification. Is that Robin and Governor Dunn have a perfect understanding. 'Another is that MedUl McCormlck. who also Is on th stump talking against Peterbaagh sad for Shay, cooked op the whole scheme ot the fight In this district and outlined the plan whereby the church and temperance people and nnlon labor forces of the district might be arrayed against : Puterbaugh. -V -V " MM.! M'CORMICK. Jt KEWASEE. ' KEWA.YEE. 111.. Oct. H Th Auditorium waa crowded this afternoon - when Mrs. Medill McCormlck and Mrs. Sherman Booth, Progressiva leaders of . Chicago, spoke . In behslf . of Arthur H. Shay Progressive candidate for th Supreme court Judgeship Judgeship la tbe Fifth district. There were present the wive and daughters daughters of dyed-in-the-wool dyed-in-the-wool dyed-in-the-wool dyed-in-the-wool dyed-in-the-wool dyed-in-the-wool dyed-in-the-wool Republicasa, tan Spatter and Democratic war hones, aa well as enthusiastic Bull Mosse advo cates, but whatever their politics, their In terest was evident. - ' Mrs. McCormlck' remarks wer similar to those she directed at the womea ot Galesburg yesterday.. Mrs.'. Booth's talk waa along the . same line and two attack were lauached at Leslie D. Puterbaugh and Colonel Charles C Craig, respectively the "Republican and . Dense-era Dense-era Dense-era tie opponent ot Mr. Shay. PROGRESSIVES FACE TRIAL FOR ALLEGED DISLOYALTY J. B. Taylor a a F. E. jr. Lloyd Meet . Espials to Moose Ceart" Their .' ' Isltlstlve StaaeV -: -: : J. H. Taylor and F, K. J. Lloyd, Progressive Progressive members of the Legislature from the First and Third districts respectively, are to be placed on trial before a special committee committee of Progressives tomorrow on charges ot having absented . themselves from the legislative halla during the timea when the Initiative snd referendum bill waa being voted on last winter. - ,The special committee Is-headed Is-headed Is-headed by C. M. Moderwell as chairman, and composed ot Charles K. Men-lam. Men-lam. Men-lam. M. J. Dempsey, Henry Nelson, Mrs. Kellogg Fairbank and Charles F. Thomas.. The committee was named last spring immediately after the initiative and referendum hill had been defeated defeated twice la th House..; -. -. - The first time it was defeated by a alngls vote, and the Progressives maintain that had either Mr. Taylor or Mr. Lloyd been present and voted in accordance with the principles of the platform on which they were elected, the bill' would have passed. The second time the bill lacked eight votes of passing.; ' Mr. Taylor, after receiving a letter yesterday yesterday notifying him of tbe coming- coming- "trial." appeared at the headquarters of the party here and announced that . he would be present." .' '"- '"- In the room at the time waa Charles Ringer,' treasurer -of -of the county.: central committee, and heated words passed between between the two men because of Mr. Taylor's absence at the timea the bill was being voted onT ''.-;-'-. ''.-;-'-. ''.-;-'-. ''.-;-'-. ''.-;-'-. ''.-;-'-. ''.-;-'-. Mr. Tsylor later asserted that.be did not vote for the bill because he did not think the people of his district which Includes the First ward of Chicago wanted it- it- - "In nay opinion the initiative and referendum referendum and th wet and dry issue are practically . one and ths earn . thing, he said. " "1 think they go together and for me to have voted lor the Initiative and referendum would have been to -vote -vote gin tbe wishes of . the people whom I represented. represented. - v . " . - "I ahall be present and defend my eourso before the committee. 1 do sot think that there . Is any thine lawhst I did which deserves deserves censure." . .. . . Mr. Ringer asserted tbat Mr. Taylor and Mr. Lloyd have betrayed the interests of their party aad that aa Progressives they could not consistently do otherwise than vote tor the measure. ths the under morning at and as -. -. the at Ufa the the any - of -. in We -OF tion ot a : . vii act out to be . waa last to to a . The . has be and an's will of

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