Wind Hits New York at 90 Miles an Hour

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Wind Hits New York at 90 Miles an Hour - a WIND HITS NEW YORK AT 90 MILES AN HOUR freak...
a WIND HITS NEW YORK AT 90 MILES AN HOUR freak Storm Is Accompanied by lowest Barometer Ever Recorded Here. COLD WAVE IS PROMISED V - ' Injuring Eleven Central Track Undermined. The wrath r in New York yesterday vu J Irsertbed by Forecsster Bcarr as phe-oiwmL phe-oiwmL phe-oiwmL As reported by the Weather IIjtmu the barometer dropped to at 2 I". M-. M-. M-. whl i-ioui i-ioui i-ioui lew press 'a.SC The wine hich will a record, the pre pressure recorded having; been .8r The wind blew hi ninety miles an tour for thirty seconds at 2:45 o'clock, jn1 from '2 o'clock until 3:30 It ranged from eighty to eighty-seven eighty-seven eighty-seven miles an hour. Thr forecaster and historian said tnls velocity nas own urpaw niy Mice. That u on Feb. 22. 1912. "When S th city was visited by a gale which j I blew at nlnely-slx nlnely-slx nlnely-slx miles, an hour for five 1 minutes For duration and velocity the . ....... i .. v am l L'xiniiHr niu tm I pvui u uiitj. a 119 maximum force lasted one hour and a tatf. Serious damage was reported from various places along the Atlantic Coast. The temperature was as variable as the rind. At 1 o'cloek. after the heavy roin rblch had been Tailing In the forenoon, u was uT. At 2 o'cltck it had dropped to 40, and ai 5 was 42. The wind bud ropped to fifty miles an hour. At 8 'dock the gale was accompanied by Jht snow flurries. The dense fog which overhung the ap proach to the harbor during the forenoon id not reach the city. Capt Henry B. Wilson of the United Slates battleship north Dakota, which was forced to an- an- hor In the fog off 8andy Hook with the lorida and the Pritlsh cruiser Natal, iIJ the barometer fell lower than he had rer known It to do at sea, and Capt. VUlUm J. Maxwell of the Florida said ht same. Gale Holds tp IJaers. . The gale which swept across the har- har- nr yesterday afternoon from the South- South- itt and West caused several tugs and sailer craft to go aground and prevent- prevent- the ocean steamships at Quarantine rem proceeding to their plera with the xecption of the Oceanic. Laurcntic," and ritsdnm. which got up before the full Itrrnfib -t -t tlie blust struck the city. I la an Interview with a Times reporter gvfterday Forecaster Scarr said the storm f4id been caused by several small depres- depres- tons, extending from the Gulf of Mexico po the luge region combining and form-iwaf form-iwaf form-iwaf a crclone. The centre was first at fYihington. I. C, with the barometer ,t 'JV, and. gradually ucuulrliig greater nteBKtty. It reached New Tork at 1:30 -.'-Sn-1! -.'-Sn-1! -.'-Sn-1! -.'-Sn-1! -.'-Sn-1! -.'-Sn-1! In toe af tRmoctu -4 -4 rawUas owad iii"-iuiruieaui, iii"-iuiruieaui, iii"-iuiruieaui, uiuvvuig sixty nines an sour. Frnn 2r4 to 2:M o'clock the velocity of tb wind was elghty-seveu elghty-seveu elghty-seveu miles an hour. Horses and carts along the water rrwt at battery Psrk were bowled over Jk ten pins, and persons walking were driven Into doorways or along the streets at tr a rapid pace thoy did not dare to yj to stop. ai CUULllCVm t 111 il ( ui inn VWI-IUIIJ VWI-IUIIJ VWI-IUIIJ House on State Street there was a wind tium. and hats were blown stra'.cht un .into the ulr over the building and were i!t to tne slgnt of tneir owners. A cart filled with cabbages was overturned at same spot, end the contents were 'lown skyward ad mingled with the 4iPappearlng hats. Carts were also overturned overturned In West Street and Ht the South In all tho open spaces In the city win-M. win-M. J eows were broken and signs blown from fulldinga Wagons were overturned on -ithe -ithe gueensboro Bridge in the afternoon. nj uioycie Patrolman McAdam was .Irown Irom hla mnchine. danheii aernlnHl ,tb st-el st-el st-el network of the hrld ve and ai- ai- nt blown Into the river. The wind also -mea -mea away i.iwi square feet of roofing Ti-om Ti-om Ti-om one of the butldlns of the Astoria 'IJsht. Heat and Power Company. A chimney weighing several tons hit nf root or the home of E. H. Edwards. tv Ouinry Street, Brooklyn, and went ihrouKh into the room where Mrs. Ed wards WAS llt'tnr Tho HAhrla Klrwlrnrt Ill ooorway. preventing her escape from L tn room, but ah ma. nnt 1iir-t 1iir-t 1iir-t . Th. till m . i . i . : harbor between the Battery and i , ntnnn Islsnd. where boats of all i iniraplng Into e-nch e-nch e-nch other as If they were i ' ,.pnoon in tne Far Kastern seas t 7 h '"n uost New York, which has ben wierring Immigrants from Ellis la! '. J tO the Ratf.rr r.f nmnti.. t !m by the storm.' and .Mrt ImmlgranU r i hid to wait until they could be taken oy me tender ImmlgranU i Sosse Brave Heacaers. J Twelve coal barges, which were being L e4 from the North to the Kaat River y' ent adrift off the Battery, and one was uns oerore the tugs could come to the I rfcu- rfcu- A scow, which was being towed f ast the Batterv bv the tn ir RnMrn Are. b"k sdrlft and went ashore on Gov ernors Uland. A fireman from the tug " Into the yawl and tried to get to the w to take off the man who was steer but, kls boat was capsized by the .... . 1d bolh wen were rescued by the 'J J. L. Halenback. .-i.?..,UK .-i.?..,UK .-i.?..,UK T"der of the Newark Trans- Trans- lil"".?f- lil"".?f- ana ",5t of hr crew were i.; B off. hy ln Municipal fterry boat ult on. nd two of his crew refused to . .'JV?,'h Capt. Smith manoeuvred e"f1.and 80t th mea off wltn Ud" .id rrt ,M' of damage was done alon jj coast to pleasure craft and small Venter bd b"n up Ior At Mava vt t . i..- i..- Sts were sunk or blown to the i. . 1 - .en buqk or Diown 10 ina K?." .Pf "aphtha launch of Capt Simon wT,.m"BUI and a small yacht b - B III I Sa nt a aa a .w" ",ov her side. KLhpem"tr(i schooner wss driven 7." resterdav fifummin ohnut nnr w . '"ra" or KKg Harbor and blew of distress. The derelict destroyer ra went to her rescue. " rmuon. N. J.. the wind uprooted iiS nd, kPt the troWey oar service at at fS. UU ,or several hours, on account dJ. w'rea. Chimaeye were blown and the cross on the top T of Orace rteunt Episcopal Church was blown el th.21 ?ai8hd- ?ai8hd- Il Hackensack, part tel!r.,Vi: !tc oa trolley lines was delayed T there i ' pare mWnlsht tha wlr.4 itmnrwl -TteJaJW. -TteJaJW. 40 years .old. a painter. ? bi Le..bVTB iffokl Vutde the jj7'!an Railroad depot at 3:S0 P. Win. ,n e!. Ml . " .''St Kiftv-a Kiftv-a Kiftv-a Mary's Hospital. ...i ..,.. ... knLl.'V" fifty-seventh fifty-seventh fifty-seventh Street was !xr rl0"" by the wind at 8 o'clock f'trr.i '"' Whlle -crossing -crossing Washington ;7v ?ar llvrtle Avemia. tjmoklvn. ts"alb aJn foot w ajuputated by a De ; X . rB- rB- aiarv Vmi. o . ... . .it ta v?1" Th temperature had faUen d'grees and aecVrdlng to the fore- fore- suuiii rasa iiAavn a wv j-ft j-ft j-ft w a w ans sj u4vm- u4vm- eWvait S0" l5 wa standing on the platform of the Bath Beach Ceatlaeed oa Page 2. a a . I

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  • Wind Hits New York at 90 Miles an Hour

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