Wisconsin losses at Gettysburg

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Wisconsin losses at Gettysburg - diarrhea; James : Sanlord', ; Brl1thY erysip-'...
diarrhea; James : Sanlord', ; Brl1thY erysip-' elas; Fred G^Bacner.'^tK b,k'ttery r right -„- : n_ -:TI--» _ -*_-^ -»»-.v-^_] n -l-V^II' <3rj eye; Corpl"Austin Mozrv,' G, llthi'^iar^ rhesi • Win DotyV' E, lli; chronic, diarrhea diarrhea ; Errict EzetiaV; F,"I7tb, :r reheuma- tism ; HenrySteedhaf, Bfl7th h diarrhea; Wesley Loos. B, 17th, intermittent fever'; John Knowes',' B; 23d, .affection ,pf "the kidneys;'James H. Huntinwi6ri? v l>, '23d, intermittent fever; Eli; EricKson,; C, 23d, diarrhea;' Chester Becker, '!£, 23d, ; diarrhea diarrhea ; Jibsiah Lands, D, 23d, • diarrhea ; Henry Fraser, D 23d, ; intermittent feyer; Isaac Bennet,, B 23d, -fractare'of'arm ; Peter E Jacobson, : A do, 'diarrhoea; Phillip'A T^ompsorii' Kdo.-necfcV Chas Moore, F do; 'wounded ; : '- ; 4lleri-Dra4e, K do", wounded in . neck; 'SAmiiel 1 Emery ^ F do, wp'uridedV Francis M'James,lst battery, battery, aphonsis; Chas L Waters; db,Tffohnd- ed in the right foot; Peter Heihs, H : 20th/ diarfhcea ; Sergt N'EPayne.'^SdV diar- rhoea; E Black-nan, E do/; rheumatism JH/Mason,F do, remiltantiever. • DEATHS ON THE BOAT.. ...-.,'.; James. Sairien,j.,B^ 12th,', .died.. July ',. 3d, .and/was buried 20 rods..below;,'^Bree Chimneys, opposite VIcfcsburg. Had $60.70. "'-. -."::.;.:-:"' "'..:. .'„'..'.~. J. H Crandall, E.^SCdied July 9th, and was buried at Helens, Ark. Had $17. Joseph Deliny, G,. 17tb, .died July 10th', and was buried at Helena, Had 827 50. Ii:would say to the friends of the deceased deceased soldiers that if they • will -;send an order to the surgeon in cbarge of the hospital hospital for tbe .money and -e.ffe.ct3, and ;with tlie certificate'of a notary public attach'eo' that they, are the persons entitled, to the same, I will send : the sajne to tbe : proper proper heirs. . ..., ;;: ... Col-Guppy, of the-23d, went up the river. Friday, and Major -Pierce and Lieut; Town?en.l, .of Gun,-. Prentiss' stafi,;go up to-day^ Resident Ag't for U'is. at Memphis. n.t of sicic and Wounded \VI«c)jnaln A olcllera. ; The - following is a list of sick and wounded Wisconsin soldiers in the hospitals hospitals at Grrfrmantown, July 13th, 18C3: S.-rgtG Hills, A 2d, right.arm; Sergt CJewctt, F.2d, right thigh; C Uiiue, I 2d. right shoulder ; M Luhsenger, K 2d, right hand; C Milch, I 2d, left shoulder ; G Marlott, company K 2d, lumbago; CorpC M North, F, 2d, left arm; Wm Owens I, 2, left arm ; Sergt H Shand, H, 2,neck; Corp W G Stacker, G,2; H Sweetman, G, 2, left breast; JThompson, H, 2, left band; Sergt J M Wait, E, 2, right arm ; C Lernhe, K, 4, left hand; [ Weslang, K, 4, right knee; Corp W A Dilliman, E, 5, right leg ; C Christ, F, 5, neck ; Sergt C D E^gleston, E, 6, left land; Corp S N Faulkner, C, 6, left arm; C Geowneter, F» C, left lace ; J -Hall, B, C, diarrhea; F J Hall, B, 6, right should- ".;•.., f ...;;..;. , .coapAirs,?,...,, Killed John B-iiedyj| A,6, lead J Hanton, D, 6, left hand ; M Hodges, wounded ; Sergt M Lemans, C, 6, A Lester, E, C, left face J L'anguvan, F, Cth, left hand ; F Muller, "J, 6ih, right "rm ; W Oleott, C, Gth, left leg; OO'Key, C, Cth, left wrist; W C K;vella, K, Cth, right hand ; J Rader, F, 5th, wounded ; J Sullivan, K, Gth, shoul- ler, W Strep, Company F, Cth head ; P Smith, G C, .right arm Sergt P Stock- nouse. A 6, wounded ; A Turk, C 6, left knee ; F Young. C C ; F H Williamr, B C, right thigh; W B Hancock, K G, left arm;'Wm Hancock, do do, left breast August Ert, C 7, left shoulder; B Hayden, Hayden, F 7, wounded ; B Powell, I 7. left arm; W II Roy.F 7,neck W D Aekiman.e 7. L,o«»t« in the 3il VVUconiln, at Geltyi- bmg. Col. Lucius Fairchild, left arm amputated. amputated. Lieut. Col. Geo. H. Stevens,' wounded, since died. Msjor John Mansfield, wounded seriously. seriously. Adjutant G M Woodard, wounded in right arm. -.!••. Sergeant Major George II Legate, killed. .. — Capt Vfm L Paraons, leg ; Serg't Chas .A/.Jves,: arm; Serg't,Chas Je wett, leg , .-"Corp Cornelius North, arms; Corp John iT'Cbristyi foot ;, j£ B Adams, "''' : - w Thos Thos Lyons; Thoa Malcomson, legs;. ffin- ry.Pqwlea.. : . .. :. -,:,',' -. :: Muising^Charles. Patrick, ; Wm 1 Brad : shawj Henry Wormington, Serg't,','.... Killed, 1; wounded,H i missing, 3—15 : . -.- :'•..! ••:•;! :.r::-;COMPint.Q. : r. fi.n- . ' ; Killed—H GTappen.. •: n a ; ... ;'Wounded—Serg't S H Morrison, G W Blanchard,TSlight; Corp-EPBatson.Wm H Church.;;t\V S Pratfc C E Riley, Patrick. Patrick. Molong, SB Nichols, Geo Stalker, Dan O'Brien, leg, M M Mohon, Geo Hill, S T.Lqomer,;Homer S Westman, Ho well Dixly.-... .:.- ,,- .-. .-' .- . • ,.... ,,: :. . r Missing—^erg' t Wm Holden, J H LangX don, John Chapman; G W Briffit, J H Sharp, Henry, Bensimor... , r . Kilted,!; wounded, 15; missing,6—22. COMPANY Hi. :'••••'• ' r : Killed 2d .LtWS Winenar, F. M. Butin, D K Bryan, ^ W-Doty, H R McCollum Wounded—9 M Bond, T D Bohn, 0 A Strand, T H B Kelley, serg'ts; .Edward Loonie, Edward H Heath, Allen S Boker. Edward.Bub, WS.Block, Henry Chil- Cote,.J.G,fJharhon,ThomaS;Dailev,."v'irgil Helms, Frederick Lythson, Geo M Mori- Stone,John Smith, J A r —., lliamB,Frank Wilkins: Missing—Captain. Nat Rollins, corp'l E-K-Buslen, 'ChaaW Moore, John Van ttt, E R Keec'.a jM Stone TOompson, E,S WilliamB, . wounded, 21; missing, 4; Hnrrezsbn.', Killed,' total; 3Q, ; ' . Killed^-Sergcant J 0 Williams, Mnrtz Hesse, DWMafflt. '- • i'i Wounded— Corp'ls Luke Avery, Thos H Rowland'; Jobn •• M Furze, groin ; M Walsh ; privates Otis Evans, R L Gidley, leg ; W Grant, Christian Klian, J F John- sou; W; M Loof bourn, head; C Milch, leg; W A Owens, shoulder; J C Prinn, arm ; Joseph Webber, arm ; Alex C Perry, W P Smite, Chas Doring. Missing— Corp Rich Gnndry, Frederick Belknap, S C Mugar, Thos Pascon, W W Terrell, E C Taylor, 2JLt. W Noble prisoner; prisoner; John Glannviile. Killed, 3 ; wounded, 17 ; missing, 8— 28. . •;• :. :.- - COMPANT K. Killed— Corp Ernest Schuchart. Wounded — Capt John R Spoerry, Serg'ts August Wandery, Frederick Gets- er, Corp'ls Alex Clark, John Wieland, John Paschke, privates Jacob Witting* Martin Oimbuester, Christian, Semke, Frederick Barber, Fritz Brand, Fridolin Luchsmger, AVm Ram then. Missing— John Kanepick, Flennann Hoppe, Nicolas Nagel, Boltis Bumgatner, Sebastian Imberry, Jacob Tumpy, Jacob Figg, Julias Kniger. Kilted, 1 ; wounded, 13 ; missing, 8 — 22. \ COMPANY A. Killed—1st Serg't F A « it _r\ 1.1 < <u» _1, Nichols, Corp John McDonald, Charles . Brandstetter, J W Morden. ••:-: < Wounded—2d Lieut Alurerll. Lark, slightly ;" Sergt A D Bennett, seriously; Sergt Geo Hill/arm; Corp AV H Thomas,, Thomas,, arm; Corp Henry M Hunting; leg, sligbtly ; ; L M Preston, arm and breast, seriously ; Louis P Norton, leg, seriously; Fred Martin, leg, seriously; Rufus W Clark, leg, seriously ; John Mason, leg, seriously ;. R / Leiser, leg, seriously; H Heath, leg, seriously; Charles Hayner, foot; A A Nicfcerson, Sergt' Albert T Morgan, leg; Robert Mason, Chester C Thomas, John Mason. Missing John Foly, Corp Jesse Wing, Henry Bennett, Peter Dunn. Killed, 4; wounded, 18 ; missing, 4— 26. . ' • n* ' • ' " i COMPANYB." ': "."•" ' .-^P M Bradford, Michael Bren- nen, George Fox. Wounded—Sergt GW Forrest, foot; Corp C C Bushee, side,; seriously; Corp E Markle, slight; Corp James-Woodward, leg ; L M Baker, do; R J K P Bradford, arm: Silas Castor, leg amputated ; Geo H Easterbrooks, leg; G F Marshall, slightly; Robert Scott, foot; SymsVa'n Cott, mortally ; E C Weeks, mortally- Missing—Capt Robert Hughes, prisoner; prisoner; 1st Lieut Dennis, B..Daily, do; Sergt MiloJ Pitkin, Sergt R. W .Burns, G 11 .Holk-nbeck, Ed E Moore, Thos E Rand, Herbin .Coffin, D V Picon. ':.•;.:.. Killed, 3: wounded, 11 ; missing, 10— 24. COMPANY C. ; Killed—Sergt Jas Gow, David Gudger, Gudger, Daniel Burton, Otto W Ludwig. Wounded—2d Lt Levi.. Sup waiter ; Sergt S M Train, seriously; Sergt Philo B Wright, slight in breast J corp G W fritz, leg; curp Wm P Crosby, head; C M Brooks, neck ; AlphiuS Currant, leg; Jetlerson Dillon; Wm Ennig, leg ; W m Prawly, foot; J W Hyde, leg; Valorous Valorous P Kinnp : Sam Sprague, leg-: A Parody, do; Chas Garoin, both legs; Chas Hilger. Missing—Uorp Wm Cunningham, Wm wounded, 16; missing, 2— . , COMP'ANT D. . j .7; Wbanded—Cant E P Perry,,lsf It; tfL, v&ID180Dv' Sllffutly !.I|2(1 • fM^v- J *j T i^j f >' sliehtlv: Serfft.i Andrewr Qouglasijie Judge MILLER, of Iowa, who was appointed by President Lincoln to the U. S. Supreme Bench, has been holding Court in this city for some weeks past. All who come in contact with Judge MILLER are impressed with the clearness of his intellect and the earnestness of his character. He is proved to be a pure, clear-headed, and capable JUDGE—a man, in fact, such as the people need on the Bench. Judge MILLER is a Kentuckian, and is most decided against the rebellion and its abettorsr~wbether"at the North or at the South. His charge to the Grand Jury at the opening of the Court had the ring of the true metal. Judge MILLER leaves us this_ week &r_his-bome in Keokuk, Keokuk, Iowa, and he carries with him hot only the respect of our very able Bar, but the good will of the community here, who at the present time appreciate the value of an able, upright, and patriotic Judge. l.a Crogge Uailroad Mailers. The arguments which have been going on in the Circuit Court of United States, for a week or more, were disposed of this morning. The Court decides that the. land grant case is in the District Court, and denies Mr. Ryan's motion to direct the Marshal to report the sale of tlie Western division to the Circuit Court. In the other case, the [application of the Milwaukee & Minnesota R. R. Co. for possession ol' the eastern division, the court is divided in opinion. Justice Miller, of the Supreme Court of the United States, delivered his opinion : 1 That the second mortgage case was in the Circuit Court, and not in the DJs- trict Court, If so, of course the order of the district court giving the eastern division to the Milwaukee & St. Paul Railway Co. is totally void. 2. That the Mil. & Minn. R. R. Co., so far as appeared, was a valid corporation, and entitled: tc the possession ot the eastern division. Of connie" A. G. Miller decides that he was right, first, last and always—but says the/Milwaukee and St. Paul Railway Railway Company has no right to the Eastern division, and simply holds the same for the Court, and subject to its orders. This division of opinion defeats thepcti- *isn of the Milwaukee & Minnesota R. R. Co. for possession of the eastern division ; but is regarded by them as a good omen of things'to come, when the case reaches a courf where: A. G. Miller has not a controlling controlling negative. Bonlden. Killed, 4; 22. t . . < - llightjy;. Sergtji Andreyj Do.ugl Sirgt Philandet!i:WilOox,!i=.ligTrti EdWm Atkinson, leg ;::8ant'l,'.Creel5,-Jlraml; Sam'l Eliot',' 1 breastV-Oliver-Friddle;'hip,- A B Heath arm; Freil-Kustil,- arn>; H J Langhoff, ankle'; ; Hugh Murray, 'shoulder 'shoulder ; f'John W Scott, leg; 1 L;L Turner, breast; Geo Batchillber. ''"'.".'.. ".'-. Missing—A' .Z:. Eager, T,h6ma3 .Spener. .Spener. '. .-'•'-.''-' .1'-•'.'.-..-•'• Wounded, 16 • missing, 2—18. - -'. '.. - ;i COMPANY E. ;.'. •; ; : Killed=r-:Corp'l-Geo Carwardin, L. C. Ward, Samuel Hackett ;: Wounded—1st serg't W ; S Bouse, seriously seriously ; serg'J; J M- Waite, seriously; corpp,-, rals Luke rEnglish, Win H Boyd,.Ci Montr gomery and John Bandrott, all seriously ; John Burcb.serionsly; Sebastin Osterday, <3ilman-Clindinn, Fred A Zahn,' Henry Keith; John' Sexton. : _ : "-Missing— Gapt; M R Baldwin, 1st Lt Renben Ash, serg't J B David, Philip Smith, Patrick Murty,, Henry McDonald: KilUed,3; wounded,. 1Z; missing, c — 2L : Attack on Fort Darling. Fort Darling, eight miles below Richmond, Richmond, and which may be called the James River key of Richmond, is being attacked by our gunboat' fleet. If we succeed, .Richmond'will he at the mercy of a small irmy. - i!:'iI.:ii.'-''..'! ; ' '•/• \-'<-.x'~ ; .- :: What the RlcnmomJ Paper* «ay about -recent Rebel DI«a»<kr»'.~ . ' WASHCIOION, July . 17.—The r Richmond Enquirer.of the 14tb, in an editorial, says : •'The fall of .Vicksburg, the retreat of Bragg, the repulse "of Lee, and the advance on Charleston' are -all serious disasters—the most senous"tnat have attended our arms since the commencement of the war 1 ." :. The Richmond Whig says:."The intelligence intelligence from Lee falls short of the promise of: dispatches 'published-: yesterday,'. and proves a grievous disappointment to the high wrought:hopes of the public. Superadded Superadded to-the calamity atYickihorg 1 , it casts a sombre shadow over our affairs ; but we must constantly bea-r in mind that true greatness is revealed in its noblest attributes and.'we must resolve that, come what may, the cause shall never go down nor lack courageous hearts or stout arms enough to bear it on to-glorious triumph." • ; ' Champney, Co. G, 20th Wisconsin; Wisconsin; died recently from an accidental . wopnd,.near Vicksburg. '.,•-.

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