joe stine policeman 9 Feb 1909

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joe stine policeman
9 Feb 1909 - ON ONE told to lend his assistance m the...
ON ONE told to lend his assistance m the mailer. Kim«?r said he would do his share and he made good^ vUh a vengeance. In less than 30 njinctcs time he had a fore* of men armed wiib crowbaft and picks on the spoi and one man was depotiz^d 10 come on with Home d>namite. Tear Up Kails. The city gang got to E-ork in deadly eameer, and by the tim- r^ujjerintendent Long got to the scene one of the rails was partially, up and the other was loosened. The superintendent became blacit with rage and jumping on a westbound tar which had been stopped by Officers Officers Stine and Harris, he opened the controller and the car jumped forward at a 25 -mile gait. Kimsey iu St fueled the ofBcers to stop L»ng, and they boarded the car as it running at full speed. The officers tried to stop Long but he shook them off. and then aa the ear was going, a wrestliag watch took iriaCTr- on the front platform^ - While the two officers, both of whom are professional professional wrestlers, were on Long's back, the car i=truck the rail which bad been torn up wirb terrific force and Long was thrown forward on of '5>f---k. Tr<>-.-<- ^rxr rianges ov r rb'- proc:f.s- -ion for thfr irch to palace was -^iv- it onr-f- f^>mrnenced. The route of 'he march to the pa 'ace was lined large crowds thst had been v.aiUii^ for at !ea«C ;^'b hours. tas Kinx Kdsi^zd. .try -f.- Aviderstly ^il-arfid a' 'he hearty welcome and s':f-m'-<i to be in a joviai mood. of V-aid Ba.-i- o„r- n anri u,- M;i^ko'w. fouhtv S'a-.- of Oklahoma a^-ain.^r .said de- f -nA.uU. and -h .t said r :,.r..n,lan..s ^' ,-5 if! ij'-.'-naant .-i. Win T. -Jacobs. Krar/ia L. .Jarob.s. It i^. .^I'.^leans and T. K. W)i-on, :ak'- ai/tife tiiar of .Mu.-.kogee. a:.-i on ?h'- ind il;;y of FebrTiary. ^'•>'>•*• flie l-.s ;.e-i'»n in the l/!.>:trict the controller. The force was so fla.?h fire men were after bim. Tbe great thai two €>f his ribs were brok- men wrestled on top of the car auid en. Almost frantic and paying ntf in the scuffle one of the street rail- attention to his injuries. Long jump- way men was pitched off head first, ed on another car and it,, was soon Coats were torn and men were in the scrap pile. A Temporary Trnre was declared so that a board could be put in to let the cars go to the floored but at the fi^nish the city won out and the tracks were again torn dp. This afternoon the city . ugder car bam. agreeing not to at- Kimsey has a force of armed Jnen tempt auT foolishness. Instead. °^ scene and in the meantime howeTer, he ordered out a large sid^ are seeking legal adrice gang of men and when they arrived ^^d preparing injnnctions. on the scene they liidnaped Stine and Harris, and draggiag them to a Wbose To Blaine? Both Superintendent Long and N. field, sat on them while the track A. Gibson, attorney for the traction was being replaced. Stine eventual- company, say that the dty is abso- ly broke loose and pulling his gun Intely wrong in the premises and threatened to kill the first men who^that the government and the city as laid hands on him. .\11 during the well fixed tbe crossing at C and night the men quarreled back and Lawrence streets just as It is and the forth, the street car people having plans and, maps on file show tbfe. control of the situation. The street car company owns the Riot Begins Aniew. comer lot and Its representatives This morning. however, " Chief <='aim they cannot be compeUed to Ktmaey empio.ved 30 negroes who '^^^^"ge^^^^'^'^s —make -the were putting in a sewer on l^w- curve at C and Lawrence streets a rence street- to come to his rescue ^^^'T' one. and they and the street car Late this afternoon it was report- gang mixed it up. Kimsey boarded ed that Long's injuries were Ven' a car and climbing on top tried to painful and that he would be laid remove the trolley pole and in a up for some little time. Wni T .lacoi,-. Km ma -L. .la^ofcs. H McMeans and T. K. Wilson, must •^••i'l f-e'ir.-'in herein on or "-for- -he 2 .-,th day of March. 1&M9. f'r Haid .petition will b'^ 'a.k-n a.s 1 rij r^nrj a j 'ldgrr'-nt r-ndererj ir. '''' 'Jl^^-n a cer. tain .-.rom-U-orv t^o'e executed i,y ..aid a > '\\r!. T. .Jarnb^ an'i [Cram:! I- Jacobs Oil liic :;)-' of .\ie;!=.', . with. iri :'.-.,~t r'-r' m. 'hi- rai- of fi-r cent fro!;! ' '-t day of .March. I'oi'^ an'i '.''ii CO-'., r,f s'lit. inHTift- in£r$I,7 .".0 anorn-' > fee, and a furtti­ er juflKni' rit rerui-f 1! in .'awi artifir. ;•.i;a;ti.-i > ;id 'i- o r. iants Wm. T. ia''•o^,^: and Kt ?im! f. Jacobs f''»r tiie f.. r. . |(- I.- .-, ' ••'-l.-itn Hiori •• ;rH.- ('1'" i.-sorv r.oi.- of • •. • 11 '1.1 • ' h ' .1 •: lljion • il' fo) ''.•iinL- 'I';-c.r;;.. I --al <-\;,u- lv;nr; ^'.n'l .-Itlia 'c 111 •]:•• CrjHn^: of M'L^- THE L.*KGI«T BAXK IX THE STATE OF OKLAHO.MA IX DEPOSITS, CAPITAL, SURPIiUS AXD IXDmoUAL RESPdS'SIBIUTY. The First National BanK IVfuskogee, OKlalioma Official Statement as Rendered to the Comptroller of the Currency, Friday, February 5th, 1909. RESOURCES. Discounts. $1.1«3.008.0.> 50,218.82 Ix)an.= and Warrants Overdrafts (Cotton and Graini 21,730.R3 I'nite,! Spates Bonds. .. 250,000.00 .\>w York City Bonds 115.000.00 Premium on bonds (None.) Furniture and Fixtures....(N'one. I Real Estate (.Vone > Ca-sli and Exchange. . 720.708.9I , LIABILITTE.S. Capital $ 250.000.00 Surplus ,. . . . 75,000.00 individed profits 17.775.72 Circulation 241.300.0!, Deposits l,736,5i)0.80 $2,320,§66.61 $2,320,666.61 i op'< S'.-jt' ,,<• 'i:-!ahonia. VO-'A I': " I 'r ' 'i • "i i vi<i'-'] onelt fi ird ri;..e_r i,, ., (-JatonH Srib-divi- ~ior. of orm;ii:il !0, L!Io( k in M ii.-ko.;'e. 'hat def.iiiit ha.= be.n made m .^ajil infirigai^e anii 'bar ,ol ai nt iff ,b;i.v a .iif-i lien on" ^aid KOBERT L. OWEX. I'cited .States Senator. .1. L. DABB.^. - - — In rest menu. LF:O B. BEXXKTT. Snperintendrnt of Public Works, The above statement is c<>""ect. • .\SA E. R.\MSAY. Cashier. DIRECTORS JOSEPH SOXDHKIMER, F. C. Hl'BBARD. Hides. Wool jind JCuig, ^ ^ JETesJdSI'*- > - — X T. W. SOHXSTOX, " " si.Viox GAV'IG.AS'." ' Capitalist. Capitalist. V. R. COSS, C. S. COBB. Farm Loans. president Southern Snrety Oo. u' ''inc. "o • • . i-;.|u;i.'h- ...,11 .'I o; ,1. : bl 'I !,. •II • •i; - a iii /i •• .1 ' •nollni ffir V. hicli lak< n a . afori .-aid .-aid pr.-rip lo i .(.rai ..*eij)er,t anil " Ihe yayiiii tit o( iiiio Mil c,<I .•• jilainiiff and the ot -:iit. and forever • ha rrin« .uid fori clo -in;; defr-ndan's from 'il! riirhi, till-, i.-iale, interest, prop- rf\ and c*i ill'. o( i-ed^'iuiili*»ii in f .r •-inl pr -iii!..--.- or any pan thefc- f i.<-ali TONY MATNEY, rbrk of Ilii ^'rict Court Ml K ((iKIIK. Deputy. i;i .--11 i;i;t -;K.\.--l.ADK.. .\Uorne.\ for iMaii" irr. WILL BIG RIOTS ~ , (Continued from Page On*-) in -il h a »,iy thai the .streets when ;ia\ed would iiave jiraCt ically no crown, and 'hat liedeslrians on C and Lawrence would have to croKS 'o the north and west .sides of the .•-ire.t a' 'he inierseclioii, an the car d cut up the pavement, io away with the side- walk, and make travel for foot I )as. .--nc-r.- <lan»<eroiis. At t !ie ooiinci; meeting last aJRht .Mderiiian I.evy demanded that the .-^irei.! car company be forced to do v\ hat Ihe city ordered or else con- thai the street car company ran ,.jlv. .\fter .\ HeatjHl l>iscusslon. ia.sting some tinie. .-Mdermen .Mley Levy paid that-tliey would take the Initiative in reiuovln.^ the tracks. If Mayor Martin would, give the; worA. The nia.vpr said they had i and Chief Kimsey was A. PATTERSON, President A. C. TRUMBO, Cashier Muskogee National Bank Muskogee, Oklahoma Condensed Statement of condition, compiled from report to the comptrolter of the currency at the close of business February 5, 1909 RESOIRCES. LI.4BILITIES. Loans and Discounts. . $300,255.06 Capital stock paid in... $100,000.00 Iowa Building F. S. Bonds , Furniture and Fixtures Overdrafts Cash ^nd Sight EJS- change 173,532.86! 50,000.00 Surplus and Undivided 25.000.00. Profits. Earned 3.000.00 Circulation 3,001.11 DEPOSITS $554,789.03 , . 24,031.54 . 24,350.00 . . '10«,4O7.-10 $554,789.03 Attest: A. W. PATTERSON, J. M. STOUT. P. A. KNOWLTOX. The above statement is correct. A. C. TRUMBO. Cashier. The hank that solicits only mutually profitable busings from ihose who appreciate absolute safety and reciprocity and know what safety is and what reciprocity means. The permanent growth of both bank and depositor go hand m hand, and the' success of one is the success of the other.

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  1. Muskogee Times-Democrat,
  2. 09 Feb 1909, Tue,
  3. Page 8

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