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TTESTERfiAY A6RICULTURATANO SCHOOL EXHIBIT8ARE TO BE SEEN Defeated In Jttdginp Of Displays Completed; Pwsmlnm Awards Are Announced Orangeville, IliToct. 8.— Throngs of people, k 0 ^ y° xmg and ° ,' flocked to the community high Largest squash, Harley Pinnow. pepper squash, Mrs. J. 0. Babler, first; Quy Wells, second. Carrots, Walter Bolllger, first; Robert Bridge, second; Paul Molter, third. Turnips, Noble Wilson, first; Rev. 3. E. BosUan, second; Mrs. J. 0. Babler, third. Table beets, Lyle ftomsft, first; Mfs. J, 0. Babler, second. Mangels, Homer Walker, first; tnan Schulta, second. Pie pumpkin, Mrs. p. Babler, first; Elwin Zettle, second; Robert Bridge, third. Largest field pumpkin, Spencer Folgate, first; Delbert Folgate, | second; Roswell Babler, third. Tomatoes, Elwin Zettle, first; Mrs. 0. Emricks. second; Mrs. J. 0. Babler, third. Peppers, Mrs. Otto Pol- gate. Mangoes, Mrs. Irvln Bear, first. Onions, Arnold Imobersteg, first; Robert Bridge, second; Mrs. C. Emrick, third. Beans, Elton Matter. Walnuts, Ralph Lloyd, first; Otto Folgate, second. Hickory nuts, Ralph Lloyd, first. Hazel nuts, Ralph Lloyd, first. Cheese, Walter Bolllger, first; Ralph Roth, second, Walter Bolligert third. Musk melon, Mrs. J. O. Bab- SChooi yesterday afternoon and eve- Btog for the opening day of the third ftnnuAl community fair, which is attracting considerable attention on account of the many fine exhibits of farm products, food, fancy work, school displays, poultry and ^ more space ttmn „ ... get noodles Is shown in H. U. Hartzell's display of the "vegetable noodle" with Its pictured process for obtaining this un- tisual food, which so far is unnamed, but a liberal reward Is being made in order to find the right name for the attractive entry. A program of sporting events is featured during the fair, 50 yard dashes and various races were en- Joyed, by the youngsters especially. Oranirevlllc Defeats Wlnslow An exciting klttenball game drew & good crowd yesterday afternoon, Orangeville winning against Winslow by a score of 11 to 9. Up to the last inning the score was tied and two runs In the seventh brought .victory to the Ornngeville team. The box score follow* Orangevill* 1 • Bolliger Hoot Pec Zetue 1 3 2 4 Walker , 4 Messinger 4 Lied 4 Webner 3 Pinnow 3 Jordan 3 Seidel 3 R '0 2 2 1 0 0 1 2 1 0 2 H ler. Wonder berries, Roswell Babler, first; Mrs. Sam Priewe, second. Sweet potatoes, Elmer Priewe, first. Vegetable oyster, Robert Bridge. Winners for Animal Products Best white eggs, Glenn Price, first; Mrs. George Robb, second. Brown eggs, Miss Elva Allison, first; Lucille Wells, second; Mrs. Raymond Kaiser, third. Heaviest eggs, Mrs, John Babler, first; Mrs. Frank Pinnow, second; Leland Dletmeier, third. Pound frame of honey, Chester Keister. 12 pounds frames of honey, Chester Keister. Gourds, Ralph Babler, first; Mrs. George Minot, second. Vegetable noodles, H. U. Hartzell. Radishes, Mrs. Louis Homan, first; John Arn, second. Pears, Donald Barmore, first; Elmer Priewe, second; Otto Folgate, third. Apples, Robert Pinnow, first; Mrs. C. Emrick, second; Mrs. Charles Foss, third. Girls' Work Exhibits All articles entered were made by the young students. Winners were as follows: School dress, ages 0 to 11, Edna Messinger, first; Lucile Webner, second. Slip, Edna Messinger, first. Dresser cover, Viola Stoker, first. Fancy towel, ages 12 to 14, Jeanette Homan, first. Slip, Bethel Barren, first; Ruby Hutmacher, second; Marcet Hutmacher, .third. Cotton dress, Orthella Riem, first; Marie Hutmacher, second; Bethel Barren, Totals 34 11 17 Winslow: AB R H Shippy 4 1 1 Kunkle 4 2 2 Lee 4 2 1 Kline 4 2 2 Brauer ..4 0 3 Stern 4 0 0 Johnson 3 1 3 RetzloK 3 1 0 Welt 3 0 1 Kuhl 3 0 0 Totals 36 9 13 " Personnel of the Fair Much of the success of the fair Is due to toe efforts of those in charge. Department superintendents are Charles Maaske, Jacob Bush, Miss Florence Moses, Mrs. Maude Ebel, Mrs. John Babler, Mrs. .Clayton Emrick, Floyd Dletmeier, Miss Inez Hughey, Miss Ellen Goodhart, Victor Fdlgate and '/Harold confer. Members of the .board of directors of the com- ,munity fair are Otto Folgate, ; chairman, Mrs. Otto Folgate, Mrs. ;,Stewart , Bolender, Mrs. Glen jBolender, H. TJ. Hartzell, Elmer •Priewe, Roy Wagner, and George '.O. Minot, secretary. Mrs. Floyd •.Dietmeier and Mrs. Frank Pinnow ;are in charge of the refreshment >ttand. \ Mrs. V. J. Banter, of Freeport, jjjudged the needlework and fancy .sewing, and Mrs. Grossman, of '.Cedarville, Judged canned goods )and baked foods. H. L. Brunne- Jmeyer, farm adviser, judged the tfield crops and poultry, while Clyde {Kaiser, of Freeport, judged school displays. Winners of Grain Awards Arnold Imobersteg won the grand 'championship for the best ten ears 'of corn, Roswell Babler for the best single ear exhibit. Other winners .of prizes lor corn exhibited were: Single ear, yellow dent, John '•Babler, first; Alfred Imobersteg, Becond; Floyd Dietmeier, third. Ten .ears, yellow dent, Victor Folgate, first, Floyd Dietmeier, second, John third. Ages 15, 16 and 17: Sample of patching, Kathleen Haman; handkerchief, Janet Noble; pajamas, Verla Babler; slip, Esther Zettle; step- ius, Ruby Hutmacher, first, Janet Noble, second; plain apron, Isabelle Dreibelbis, first, Ruby Hutmacher, second, Lucille Wells, third; cotton dress, Janet Noble, first, Ruth Homan, second, Esther Zettle, third. Informal dress, Ruth Bridge; coolie coat, Janet Noble. Dressed doll, Evelyn Hemphill; pillow top, Arlene Gearhart, first, Gertrude Bolliger, second, Faye Emrick, third; embroidered pieces, Esther Zettle; embroidered curtains, Gertrude Bolliger. Ages 6 to 18, canned fruit, Gertrude Bolliger, first, Esther Zettle, second. Canned vegetables, Robert Sweetwood, first; Kathleen Haman, second; Wanda Strauss, .third. Jellies, Wanda Strauss, first; Gertrude Bolliger, second; Geraldine Watson, third. Jams, Esther Zettle; relish, Geraldine Watson; tomato catsup. Esther Zettle. Cinnamon rolls, Esther Zettle. Anr gel food cake, Carol Killion; lily layer cake, Wanda Strauss; banana layer cake, Esther Zettle. Rolled cookies, Kathleen Haman. Cherry pie, Ethel Confer; apple pie, Ruth Homan. Lausch. Popcorn Chocolate balls, Luella fudge, Ruth Babler, third. High school entries: Best ten ears Will county ifavorite, Arnold Imobersteg, 'first; Eoswell Babler, Dietmeier, third. county favorite, first. second; Donald Single ear, Will Roswell Babler. Pop corn, ten ears, Elwin Zettle, first; Donald Barmore, second. Best jingle ear, Elwin Zettle, first, Miss Kathleen Haman second and third. Best single ear, any other yellow di .1, Marion Wieland, first; best ten ears, Donald Barmore, first. Single ear, white dent, and ten ears, white dent, Herbert Kramer first for both. Calico corn, one ear and ten ears, Bridge, first; Guy Boyer, second; Gwendolyn Taft, third. Divinity, Janet Noble. Awards for clothing made by women went to Mrs. Jacob Lied, first for fancy white apron, Luella Lausch, second. Practical kitchen apron, Mrs. J. Babler. Infant slip, Mrs. George Minot. Winners in Rural School Exhibits Winners for individual work in the rural schools were won by the following: Grade 1, specimen writing, Donna Musser, first; Helois Klentz, second; Shirley Kramer, third. Mounted picture, family group, Bernard Hurless, first; Donna Musser, second; Shirley Kramer, third. Grade 2, brief original story, Romaine Dletmeier, first; Walter Blasser, second; Dolly Mains, third. Health poster, Ransom Bartlett, first; Elaine Moyer, s'econd. Grade 3, arithmetic lesson, Corrine Peck, first; William Gillette, second. Art booklet, Corrine Peck, first; William Gillette, second; Charles Moyer, third. Grade 4, friendly letter, Mable Fryer, first; Florence LaBorde, second; Marjorie Zwlefel, third. Indian picture writing, Wilma Sorn, first; John Robert Wagner, second; Florence LaBorde, third. Grade 5, project in any subject, Robert Heck, first; Noble Wilson, second; Donald Kramer, third. Mounted leaves, North Afolkey school, first and second; Lois Matzke, third. Grade 6, business letter, Edgar C. Foss, first; Eldon Rockey, second; Victor Folgate, first; Irvin Bear •econd for single ear. Entries from grade school classes: Single ear, yellow dent, Edgar Ftos, first, yirgU Heck, second, iVerl FOSB, third. Ten ears, yellow dent, Donald Folgate, first; Virgil Jleck, second; Harold Blunt, third. Ralph Babler, first for best single far and ten ears red corn. Wheat, spring, Donald Barmore, first; John Babler, second. Rye, Otto Folgatt', first. Barley, Otto folgate, first; John Babler, second; jamer Priewe, third. White oats, Otto Folgate, first; Elmer Priewe, Second; Spencer oats, Otto Folgate, Folgate, ».Wendell Wohlford, second; third. third. first; Guy Medium red clover seed, Harley pinnow, first; Glenn Price, second. Timothy seed, Harley Pinnow, first; John Bablei, {second; Merl Emrick, third. Awards for Vegetable* Early Ohio potatoes, Otto Folgate, first; Robert Bridge, second; Guy Wells, third. Other early variety, Theo DeHavc-n, first; Roswell Babler, becoud. Lute variety, Elmer , first; DwmiU Dietmeier, sec- Hurley Pinnow, third. Winter bQuasii, Hoswcll Babler. Alfreda L. LaBorde, third. U. S. map, Phyllis Scheidegger, first; Werner Stettler, second; Eldorado school, third. Grade 7, specimen writing, James Boyer, first; Ray Geiter, second; Edna L. Messinger, third. Color chart, Billy Fisher, first; Glenn Miller, second; Ray Belter, third. Grade 8. Good English poster. Alice Moyer, first; Arlene Gearhart, second; Leona Janicke, third. 10 word telegram, Ruth Folgete, first; Arlene Gearhart, second; Alice Moy er, third. The schools winning for best displays were Brush -Creek, first; Franklin, second; Champion Hill, third. Food Exhibit Winners Loaf white bread, Mrs. John Babler i biscuits, Mrs. A. Hemphill. Cinnamon rolls, Mrs, Raymond Kaiser. 3-day buns, Mrs. H. U. Hartzell. Angel food cake, Guy Boyer. Chocolate cake, Kenneth Klentz, Cup cakes, Mrs. R. Kaiser. Gingerbread, Elva Allison. Nut cake, Mrs. Otto Folgate. Molasses cake, Esther Zettle. Johnny cake, Elva Allison. Sugar cookies, Mrs. Oscar Matter, first; Mrs. John Babler, second. Ice box cookies, Mrs. Otto Folgate. Fried1 cakes. Mrs. C. Bridge, fUst. 1 Continued on Page 12 J

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