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i HnrcUi Job Lash thirc foiirtl fc Nurm thir bea b Sa G Union Oil Calif ilon Sugar com ... Univ Cons- Yellow Checker It 23 ;4 44 li Three Generations Of Family Present At Avakian Celebration Man WIlHan Wolf uu^u will- C.: fl Mar- between Al 4 ' " W. C. Frackcllon, manager of the cali- [ornia-Arlzona oranpe and G r a p e f r Ajtency, a n n u u n c n d next wcrk's lollows: l.UOO cars of Vnlcncias 111 in- e r s t n t e cnminerce. 1.550 f r o m California and 50 from central C a l l f In intrastatc commerce 150 curs of Va- Southern California "inlifornln. And River players. of Berkeley, in Chicago. to McAuliffe, 6-2. dmitn, Bob representing and west Chicago, of 6-1, 6-2, of 6-2. announced purchased C. club Bill when Browns, Carter, of Three generations of the Avakian family were represented at the gar den party at which Mr. 'and Mrs Avak Avakian entertained mor« than 150 guests Sunday at the! home at' 803 Roosevelt Avenue in celebration of the second birthday Rnnivcrsary of their son, Richard Mr and Mrs. Shag Avakian Tanilparents of the little honorec and Mrs. R. T. Thorburn, great mint of the baby, o£ Roseville wcr n't'senl. A program consisting of accordion accordion solos und duets played by Permelia Snider and Beverly Cock- ·111 specialty numbers by Misa Snider and dances by Maxine Corey and Don Heitman, was presented. Games were played and an Armenian Armenian dinner -was served. A birthday cake of twenty-one ayera surmounted with two large candles centered the dining table. The guest list included: Judge and. Mrs Melvin K. Gibbs, Dr. and Mrs. Guy Manson, Dr. and Mrs. eorge Sciaroni, Messrs, and Mesdames Mesdames Jackson T... Broad, George Peters, George Mayhaer, Aram Joseph, Joseph, Ralph Abrams, John Her- ·ing Albert Sc.rabian, Charles Tutunjian, Tutunjian, Harry Kratt, Les Heitzig, Simon Avakian, Peter Avakian. S. Avakian M. Berberian, R. Ahph- ronian, John T. Bill. Harry Wilson, Min Avakian, Arthur Shinn, M. Ferry Ray Ferry, James Cowan, Souren Taloian, II. Snider, Pete Peters, John Chaffin. Charles Avakian, Avakian, Art Avakian, Steve Avakian, Armcn Normart, J. Perry, D. Barter, Barter, A. R. Eisley, Elton Schrader, Mrs. E F. Smith, Mrs. Sadie McCrea, McCrea, Mrs. C. E. Grube, Mrs. Sylvia Heitman, Mrs. K. Dierkess, Mrs. V. Berberian and Mrs. Anna Hill. Florence Muckjian, Elizabeth Mtickjinn./Ruby Petersian, Gladys 'etersian, M a r g a r e t Petcrsian, race Peters, Beverly Rainie. Patty Patty Hans, Fay Abrams. Marie Chris- lenclas, Jf5 from 25 Irom^ontral C; In the two citrus cases now before K rior Judce Reuben Schmidt hero (trie I'hcs crupofruit case In wlilcli Dr. Harry r*rbes in attacking the slate little AAA and the Pico cttitis cnse in which I r Independents are mnklliB a similar altnctt) a decision is expected In the nenr f m ArKUnicnt on the constitutionality or the state's AAA has been lieiird in the cai.8 and there will be no f u r t h e argument in the other. The California J-'rult Growers ExchniiRe, commcnUni: on the mitrm as a wholi says: "There w: h p n l t h y m a r k e Iiood dcmam! .u fill varieties of citrus f r u i t durlnt the past week. The Valencia market continues stronc and rrapo- frtilt showed strengthening while lemons were sliBhtly lower for tha week. "Exchange sales last week, domestic and export, reached 2.22C carloads which In..__ In..__ heaviest week's tales eve, made on grapefruit and near the recort ou oranges and lemons. "Florida estimates only about 150 or ornnr*"; and 7S r n r t of r r a p f malnlnK for shipment a f t e r June 'California Vali'iic!:i shipments arc ptob. ably ai their licaviust lor the .ctlve demand for I hew he..vy slii .iiKprs wrll for the niiirkct the baln Day-by-uay auction acernte were as follows: Oranges Lemons This Last This Last Week Week VM-k Week Monday t-375 (3.54 J5.34 S5.44 Alvatlon Corp . a Chlca Oil diiiJiI Gold .. Cities Sprvlce ... Itulo Pnte Italo Pete pfd . HAY AND GRAIN S. F. PRICKS FRIDAY BARLEY -- Feed. 32 l .iBT.ic: Bh nominal, 95cQ-}1.15. OATS-- Tied f esfi. 87 '/i (I?J)ftc. . . , Christiansen, Marjorie Clough, Marylec Clough. Jean HpllinKS- worth, Dorothy Eich, Rosalie Nor- mart. Rose Samclian. Helen Petera, Patricia Cownn, Peggy Petrey, Mary Ahahronian, Alice Avakran, Rose Avakian, Mary Avakian, Dorothy Dorothy Keoshyian, Neomi Avakian, Joyce Avakian. Stcphnc Avakisn, Margaret Auhurry, Mary Avnkian, Dallce Auburry, Janet Auburry, Avalon Evans, Carolyn Chaffin, Jo-Ann Chaffin. June Fairchild, Nadine Fine. Elizabeth Hill, Mar r caret ·"earl Knokel, Joseph, Eleanor Joseph, 'Neorni Johnson Mary Jane Lawless, Hose Markarian, Markarian, Arpenny Markarian, Hazel Mlssakian, Elaine P e r r y and Gladys Grube. D. J. Gomes of Sacramento, E. Mack, H. Martin, Aram Berherian, The mcnts itr.o of r box i- S. F. CUEB SATURDAY'S CLOSING TRICES SAN FRANCISCO. June H--Low H--Low Btt . 3.90 .:to --o WHEAT-Alfalfa WHEAT-Alfalfa hnv, No . . . 1 dairy. S15; No. 1 L. A. 1'KICES FRIDAY AKaHa hay unchanKcd. Carlot cr arrivals, 4 wheat, 5 Imiley, 1 corn, 1 oats, i milo, 67 hny. HAY--F. o. b, Los Anjrelcs, per ton-- lioice harlcy, Ml® 12; choice oat, J12fl?13. ALFALFA--Dellvrrcd Hynes or El Monttt, new crtij*--U. B. No. 1 rxtra leafy, f l IS; U. B. No 1, JH.50: U. S. No. 2 S14: II a No. 2. 113.00^13.50. Monoog Avakian, Elmer Pctcrsian, Donald Peters, Harold Peters, Stanford Abrams, Haines Christinnsnn, Yuki Louis, Nicholas Lckas, Ar- William HollingsworLh, K. Minns- sian, Richard Heitman, Stanley Normart, Wesley Normart, Lawrence Lawrence Normart, Ed Normart, Lawrence Pfctcrs, John Friers, Robert Petrey, Ralph Ahrbnian, Richard Avakian, Mike Avakian, Junior Avakian, Mcsrope Avakian, James Ashley, Clarence Bourzac, Junior Campi, Potcr Campi, Hilly M^nson, Peter J.'Tnnson, Laurie Sciaroni, WcndalK Evans, Richarrl Fairchild, I^con Monoopian, Richard Monoog- ian, Irving' Fine, John Horrinff, Aram Joseph, Jr., Jack Kraft, Story, Bruce Mnnson, Theodore Markarian, Charles Markarian, Markarian, James Durkess. Avak Avakian, Melvin Gibbs, Jr., Story. Twane Story, .Jack Heitzip. Les IleitKig, Jr., Garland Shlnn Poll FrlmbrM. Three Generations basket"*^ Up Six' year, place in b»st at bat Botb ci?;i) C!w- poinl -. hit Pel Hi .15 5t .3B3 . Three «ner»tlon« r«prM«nlert nt th« hlrthflay party of Rlch»rd Avuklin, i«*t front, wer«, l«ft to right,-Mr. and Mr». *.vak

Clipped from
  1. The Fresno Bee The Republican,
  2. 14 Jun 1936, Sun,
  3. Page 17

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