Fliers Roughed Up By Soviet Civilians

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Fliers Roughed Up By Soviet Civilians - Civilians Sr.-■107 four-county employ- vot- rc-...
Civilians Sr.-■107 four-county employ- vot- rc- One Narrowly Escaped Being Lynched, Revealed Harrowing Experiences Included Beatings, Threats and General Roughing-Up, Roughing-Up, Roughing-Up, According According to Stories Related by Freed Fliers WIESBADEN, Germany (AP) — Soviet civilians threatened threatened to hang one of nine U. S. airmen shot down in Soviet Armenia, and roughed up others, a U- U- S. Air Force colonel said today. Col. Dale D. Braimon of Chardon, Ohio, senior officer aboard the unarmed transport plane that was shot doifn in flames June 2?, said Maj. Bennie A. Shupe of Miami, Fla„ narrowly escaped being lynched. "The rope was attached to a telephone pole and the noose was being placed over his head when he managed to convey-to convey-to convey-to them the fact that he was an American," Brannon told a crowded news conference. 'The erourj then naused for a discussion. It was at this time that the Soviet military police arrived and look him into custody." Brannon said five of the nine irmen aboard the transport received received rough treatment from the local population after they balled out 'of the burning plane. "My hands were tied behind my back and I was beaten in the face by fists and later kicked in tbe body when placed aboard a truck for transport to the local village," Brannon uld. The four crewmen who landed with the plane and were picked up by Soviet soldiers were not mo lested, he said. Mai. Shune said he was badly- badly- beaten un by the peasants who captured him. He added: "Later when they tried to hang me Dn a telephone pole I shouted 'r,ew Yorlt-Uhi Yorlt-Uhi Yorlt-Uhi cago' to make them understand I was American. While hanging preparations preparations were still KoinK shouted something. I don't know what, but it stopped them." The five airmen who were roughly treated by Russian civil- civil- fts said they were in the hanfls of the Deasauls for two to three hours before being handed ever Uitary authorities, Those who ved roueh treatment in addi tion to Col. Brannon and Maj. Shupe were; Mai. Robert E. Crans of Macon, Mo., A.2.C. Earl K. Reamer of St. Louis Park, Minn., and A.2.C. Peter K. Sabo OE Uueago. Sabo said the peasants tied his hands despite painful burns suffered suffered in the flaming aircraft on his right arm. men who landed with tbe plane were the pilot, Maj. Luther Lvles. Capt. James T. Kane, the navigator, 1st Lt. James N, Luther Luther of Waseca, Minn., also a navigator, navigator, and T. Sgt, James G. Holof Holof Vivian. La. Capt. Kane has two sisters living in Ameri- Ameri- !— Mrs. Rosemary McKenna of Farminedale. N.Y.. and Miss Margaret Kane of Lindenharst, N.Y. The abuse by civilians of the Dlher five stopped as soon as they lurncd over to soviet author ities, he said. . Brannon added that the ■-all ■-all ■-all treatment hy local au thorities was considerate." The plane, a C11S attached to this bis American air base in West Germany, was un a routine flight carrying cargo assigned to U. S. diplomatic and military mis- mis- oni in Iran and Pakistan. It strayed over Soviet Armenia bad weather and was attacked by MIC. fighters. The nine hag- hag- e released to an American representative on the Iranian frontier last Monday. They were flown back to Wies baden, headquarters of the \L S. Air Force in Europe, for medical observation and consultations with Air Force officials before appear ing before the press today. ;aid of Miami, Fla., was threatened by the population with banging, "The roc* was attached to a telephone nole and the noose was being placed over his head when lanaged to convev to them the fact that he was an American," Brannon said. "The group (of Russian eivili-ns) eivili-ns) eivili-ns) then paused for a discussion. "It waa at thii time that the Soviet military police arrived and took him into custody." Brannon denied thit the flight ver Armenia was an intentional violation of Soviet territory. In order order to avoid a turbulent thunderstorm, thunderstorm, the plane steered slightly orth off course, he said. The c-ew c-ew c-ew did not realize It was ver Soviet territory until thev noticed noticed two jet fighter aircraft ap-proachlng ap-proachlng ap-proachlng and criss - crossing around them, he added. Man Believed Heaviest In World Dies BREMEN, fcid. fAP) - Sobert Earl Hughes. 32. nossiblv the heaviest man in medical history, uiea today in nil trailer 'home parked beside Bremen Community Hospital. Mn. Mary Harrit horDiatl ad ministrator, said uremia evidently as the cause of tht l.Ml-pound l.Ml-pound l.Ml-pound tan's death. He became HI while traveling ith a carnival and was broueht to this northern Indiana town Sun day, suffering from a variety of ailments, including measles and i heart condition. He could not be taken intn thp. hospital building because of his massive bulk, too great for any standard bed. He remained in his traveling house, built on a truck f, and nurses climbed a ladder to attend him. Otho Huff, Bremen undertaker. embalmed the body on Hughes' trailer bed, built of two-by-four two-by-four two-by-four two-by-four two-by-four boards. He said it prnhahty would be necessary to leave the body in the trailer while it is taken to Emden, Mo., for funeral services. Guy B. Hughes, brother of the ig men, said he would order a special coffin but it probably Wuuld be too large to be taken into the Emden Eantist Church for the funeral. Burial will be in a cemetery at Binviile, 111. Definite times were not set immediately. Hughes was 10 feet 2 around 1he waist, 40 inches around each up- up- ar arm, and 6 feet tall. Guy, his wife, and his wife's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Wesley is, cave personal care to Robert Earl during his illness. THE WEATHER FLORIDA: Partly cloudy today nd Friday. Scattered showers on ower east coast and a few during ftcrnoon ciscwhere. High this aft-rnoon aft-rnoon

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  • Fliers Roughed Up By Soviet Civilians

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