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Second Section Second Section Full Associated Press Leased Wire Service. Bluefield, W. Va., Sunday Morning, Oct. 11, 1931. Covers Bluegraia Section and Coalfields Bluefield College Races To A 39 To O * University Of Pittsburgh Eleven Crushes Greasy Neale's Mountaineer FIVE TOUCHIS IN First Half Finds West Virginia Team Only One Touchdown Touchdown Behind PITT'S LINE SMOTHERS STATE'S RUNNING ATTACK Power .Of Panther Offense Brought Results In Final Period As Pitt Raced Over For Three Touchdowns; W. V. U. Never Threatened COLLEGE AND SCHOOL GRID SCORES 1 Pittsburgh, Oct. 10. (£>).—A Uni- Terslty of Pittsburgh football team that promisee to be ae great as' any Pitt has ' «ver had crushed Wast V.lrginla university here today, G4-U. Power and speed ivere unleashed agalnet a staggering but fighting Mountaineer eleven, and after counting one tou.chdown In the second second period and another in the third, Pitt overwhelmed the West Virginians Virginians In th« final quarter to acore three more. . • West Virginia had no opportunity to launch an offensive until the final period when Marker made con- Kietent gains for the Mountaineers, but to no advantage. The West Virginians, Virginians, however, succeeded in slowing up the Panther driving force in the first quarter and made a. brave stand that stopped 1'itt one foot from the goal In the opening- opening- period. Pitt's backfield combination of Relder. Heller and Luch displayed speed and power that shone brilliantly brilliantly ae the game progressed. Schwartzwalder was the Mountaineer Mountaineer star, his alert defense work being the high spot of West Virginia's Virginia's performance. The Panthers rolled up 17 first downs to 6 for West Virginia, live of the latter's coming in the final period against the Panther third team. Pitt gained 364 yards from scrimmage to 89 for West Virginia. The Sutherland squad completed 6ix out of 12 passes for 125 yards and two touchdowns, -while- West , Virginia completed four out of ,',, eleven and had three Intercepted. * Pitt lost but flvo yards from scrimmage, scrimmage, while eo potential 'was the Panther line that the Mountaineers lost IS. The stage was' set for the firet Pitt touchdown In the second period after three running playe failed for West Virginia and Stone, in at Quarterback for Bill Parrlott, punted punted to Holder, who wae bumped out of bounds on his own 47. On the first play from scrimmage, Heller rifled a fine pass to Relder, who pulled the ball down on th« Sfi-yard line and chased the remaining distance distance to the goal, evading four West Virginia tacklers. Mac Murdo's Murdo's try for extra point with, a placement went wide. Pitt marched 80 yards for the sec- end touchdown to take up most of (Turn to N'eit Page) COLLEGE FOOTBALL Johns Hopkins 20; L,ehleh 12. Washington College 0; Swarthmore 20. New Hampshire 0; Harvard 33. Dickinson 6! -UrslmiB 7. Defiance 7; Flndlay 0. VClanova 0; Duke IS. Depauw Depauw 7; Cincinnati 6. . John Carroll 19: Caso 0. . Columbia 37; \Veslcyan 0. Haverford 0; Sunquehanna 19. Drexel 13; Junlata 7. Upsala 7'; Peiin Military 25. Brooklyn G. C. 0; Coast Guard 13. Amharst 0;. Union 7. Qeoreln. 26: Yale 7. Franklin and Marshall 0; Pennsylvania Pennsylvania H. Ohio Wcflleyan 7; Syracuse <S. Maine 16; Conn. Aggies 0. Bates 34; Norwich 0. Tufts 21; Colby G. Springfield 0; Rutgers 26. George Washington 14; Boston LI. 0. Belolt 7; Lawrence 0. Mississippi 0; Tennessee S8. Washington and L,ee 0; Kentucky 45. Oklahoma 0; N'ebraskalS. James Mllllkln 0; Kansas 30. A» Columbus: VanderbHt 25; Ohio State'21. At WaynesbuVB: Bethany College U; \Vnynesburg 15. Western State Teachers 0; Michigan "B" 19. Allen University G; Morehouse Col- 'lecre 13. Georgetown 0: N'ew York U. 34. Sewanae 3; Virginia 0. CnrneRle Tecli 13; Georgia Tech 0. Holy Cross 7; Dartmouth 14. Vermont 13; Providence 27. Bowdoln 0; Williams X. Lafayette 0; Colgate 16. Albright 7; Bucknell 23. Virginia P. I. IS; Davidson C. Arnold 0; Lowell Textile 2li. Worcester Tech 13; Trinity 7. Rochester 13; Hamilton 6. Stcelton IS; Sun bury IS (tie. Seton Hall 7; Canlslus G. St. Lawrence 5; Hohart 0. Rensselacr Poly 7; Clarkson 13. Hlllsdale 20; Oberlln 7. Baldwin Wallace 20; Hiram 0. Westminster 7: Allegheny 3i). North Carolina 9: Florida 0 (tie). Mlddlebury-C; .Massachusetts 32. Mount.St. Mary's 3; Gettysburg 6. Olivet 20; Alma. IS. -Notre Dame 0; Northwestern 0 (tlej. St. Joseph's 0; Delaware 0 (tie). Dakota. Wesleyan 0: New Klver 33. St. Johns (Annapolis) 0; Western Maryland M. Brown 13; Princeton 7. Richmond 0: Cornell 27. Purdue 7; Illinois 0. Kent Stato S; Akron 12. Wabasli 0; Miami 37. W. ami .1. 1!)'; Marshall 0. Ohio University 33: Denlson 0. Uio Grutido IS; Uodarvlllo 7. Michigan State 7; Army 20. Navy 0; Maryland G. l j enn Stale 0; Temple 12. Slippery JUiclc 0: Grove City 31. Mornln'<!)lt1o 0; South Dakota State 10. UrlnneU C; Cornell 0. Mainline 0; Carleton 27. North Dakota. 52; South Dakota 6. St, Norhort 6; St. Mary's (Minn.) 13. Concordla (Minn.) 18; Macalester 0. Catnwba 7; Kentucky Western Teachers Teachers 14. Ohio Northern 13; Eastern Kentucky Teachers 0. Citadel 13; V. M. I. 13 (tic). .\mcrlcan 0; Hampdim Sydney 49. towa 0; Texas A; and M, 2'J. Baylor 13; Cenlenary 24. Kansas Aggies 20; Missouri". UirmlnRham-Southeni 2u; Stetson 0. Alabnma 53; Miss. A. and M. 0. Spring Hill 0; Tulane 40. Capita; 3; Marietta C. Western State 2U: Utah Aggies 38. Southern Methodists 42; Arkansas 6. Oregon 13; Washington 0. Mount St. Charles 62; Intel-mountain Union 0. Olympla Club 0; California C. Minnesota 0; Stanford 13. Milwaukee Teachers 2: Dekalb 13. Aurora 0; Valparaiso ufl. Illinois Stato Xorniol 0: Knox 7. OlUrbeln 0; Helrtelbors 7. Chattanooga 14: Itmvaril 0. Concord (_W. Va.) 0; Morehead Teachers Teachers C. Marshall 2o; Southwestern Louisiana hist. 0. Montana 10; Idaho 21. Siinta Rosu 13; Weber 0. Wyonilns 13! Colorado Teachers C. Nebraska State 7: Western Union 6. St. John's (Minn.) 0; St. Cloud Teachers Teachers 0 (tie). Carroll 0; bnkc Forest 0 (tic). Valley City 0; Wahpcton Sdenc:e U (tic). Michigan Mines 0; Northland 8. River Falls 13; Eau Claire 0. Colorado Aggies 32; Colorado College C. Colorado Mines 0; Colorado U. 27. Illco 7; Texas 0. Mercer 21; I'rcibyterlan 7. C;U;iwba 7; Kentucky Western Teachers Teachers 14. t/oulslana College 3S; Delta 0. Mississippi College 45; Mississippi Teachers 13. Long Island U. 7; New York C. C. I. N'ui'twlck <>: New York Agglua 13. Austin 0; Texas Christian 38. Ureenhrler Military School CO; Hampden Hampden Sidney Ke.serves 0. West Virginia State College 13: Ken- lucky Stale liuluslrial U (Negro). W. Va. University Freshmen 21; J J o- tomac State 0. Appalachian 20: King 0. Hanover 0; Karlham 13. Rose Poly. 0; Krnnkltn IS. Jamestown (N. D.) 0; Moorhcad Teach- I'l'B 04. Dubuquu 0; Luther 67. .Shurtipff 6: North Central 7. Danville Normal 0; Charleston (III.) 73. Whitman 0; Tacllic 7. Washington Stale 6; Southern California California 3S. JJemldJI 0; Virginia (Minn.) Junior Col- luge -II. Murray 7; Tennessee I'oly. 19. l!o;uioko C; Gullforrl 0. South Carolina 12; Louisiana State University 10. (Turn To Next Page) LQUD IN PRAISE OFHISJTOERS Pepper Martin Given Credit For Leading The Way To Victory FIRST NATIONAL LEAGUE CHAMPIONSHIP IN 5 YEARS Bulldogs Spring Passing Attack Attack In Final Quarter To Deadlock Score 13-13: Cadets Feature Passes Lexington, Va., Oct. 10. (Special) —Trailing In the last quarter alter Bill Smith V. M. I. quarterback, had sprinted 62 yards off tackle to score early in the third quarter, the Citadel Bulldogs cama back with a brilliant passing attack that carried 55 yards and sent Ed Jennings across the line to tie the score 13 to 13. The Bulldogs scored in the first quarter by line plays after recovering, recovering, a V. M. I. fumble on thelB-yard line, and V. M. I. lied the score in the next period with a 63-yard advance, advance, featuring passes and lino bucks, with Walto making the tally V. M. I. (IS Pos (13) Citadel Gill (C) LE Kins Hilliard LT- Holland Rochelle LG Watts Rea C Mitcbei Marklis RG McGrav Kostalnsek RT Rivers Urick RB_ AVillard W. Smith ... QB.._ Whittlngton Trav«rs HB_ Watklns HB Waite FB__. Score by periods: Citadel - 7 V. M. I. _: 0 Touchdowns—V. M. Jennings Metz .__ Mclntoal 0 0 6— n 7 6 O—i 3 I.: Waita Smith; Citadel: .Wclntosh, Jennings points after touchdown: V. M. I. — Walte, (line plunge) ; citadel— -Mcln tosh, (drop kick). Substitutions: V. M. I.— Ends Gregory, I Smith; guard, Straub halfback, Selgel. Citadel — End, Shur stedt; tackles, KIrby, Obllvle; guard F O D D E K FOR SPORTS FROM THE PRESS Box Exactly 10 years, lacking one day, after Walte Hoyt pitched the last wo-hlt world series game as a Yankee, he looked upon another, this one ngineered by that horrid Burlelgh Grimes. oOo It's a horrid word, all right enough especially when plastered ou the ide of a baseball by the aforesaid Grimes. — oOo llurlcigli Is said to have developed a crick In his neck while pitching; pitching; to Al Simmons. There are any number of American league pitchers who can nnd will assure Mr. Urlnics that such pain U not uncommon. oOo Young Derringer lost a decision to the A's and immediately submitted submitted to an operation on bis nose. Can it be that the Athletic.-; have spoiled that much? PLftYTQJHTIE McDowell County Seat Grid- ders Score In Third Quarter As Barley Catches Pass And Carries Ball Over Goal Connie Mack Congratulates Street On Having Fine,Hard. Fighting Ball Clnb; Athletics' Leader Sees Dream Of Eec- ord Shattered j Graham High Gridders Lose To Richlands, 6-2 oOo- Up to now the tobacco magnates have overlooked a tremendous ully n Pepper Martin. Wo may expect the depression to cud shortly with tho marketing of the "Pepper Twist." -oOo— The case ot-Robert Moses Grove furnishes us with one more example that "where there is smoke, there also is a blister." oOo— Uroic iniij be tlie bt>.st pitcher In baseball history, but lie pnvs the pennUv for his liHsleringr sliced. « n n - V-±£" Those St. Louis Cardinals may always provide that spiciest competition. competition. At least so long a.s they keep Pepper Martin In the line-up. oOo It Is Saturday afternoon In Slilbo uiifdonr school, 1'liilndclpliln. I'rof. Mulillllciidy waves Ills scoro i-nrd and the first-grade A's dnsh hnjipllv up to greet their teacher. oOo—— "Come to order, children! We will now have an oral examination in sports geography lo prepare us for the next world scries. I waul direct answers—and no stalling." oOo "Gordon Cocbrane, what do you know about Temple, OUlaV" oOo——- Mickey's ears began to burn, hut he bravely answers, "Plenty!" "James Dykes, are there any railroads in Temple, and if so, why?" Williamson. W. Va., 'Oct. 10 (Special)—The gridiron warriors of Welch high school battled the strong undefeated Williamson eleven to .1 6-G tic here this afternoon. McQueen, Hastily Williamson right half, scored on an off tackle play in tho first quarter after running 50 yards. Tho drop .kick tor an extra points wa.s blocked. Welch .scored In iho third quarter from the "0 yard line when Barley cauglii a naf.s on lh« ten yard line from latolla and ran Uie remaining distance. .V pass for an extra point wa.s ruled incomplete. • Williamson never advanced the ball beyond Iho 20 yard litie, except when scoring its touchdown, while Welch forced the Williamson kicker to kick from behind his goal line ibrco limes In the last half. IVlllluinson (fl) (6) Welch Mc.Namara Rfi_- _ Cyphers Morgan UT Oreer Refd RG Suineth Shannon Chancock Nunnally ..Ul Beavers Gerard! LT Green Price LK Leo Farley QB Barley McQueen RH lUdocIa Little Jimmy rises; "Yes, teacher. jOo- Oue—but who cures?" "James Foxx, would you be able to locate Tetuplc on your baseball road map?" oOo Jimmy blushes, but he's a smart kid: "Sure enough: It's just north Damron , LH lafolla Poland FH Rary McFarland, Anderson and Mau- dokiinis, thrco regular Welch linemen, linemen, were out of tho game because of Injuries. OAK HILL REGISTERS 7-6 WIN OVER HINTON Oak Hill, W. Va., Oct. 10. (Spe- St. Louis, Oct. 10 (fl 1 )—"I have Just realized the ambition ot my life." It was Gabby Street, grizzled manager manager of tho victorious St. LoulH Cardinals, epcaklng. Street, now 4!) years «ild, had won his first world's championship after a quarter of a century in the game, and he was eo happy that he was on tho verge of tears. Street rushed Into the Cardinals' dressing room to congratulate his players, but before he could complete the round of handshaking he was rushed to the microphone. "Hello, Sally Lou and Sonny Hoy, down there In Joplln." he suld. "Dabby kept Ills promise and Is bringing the world'* championship to you tomorrow morning." That message won for his little 4-yenr-old daughter and his 7-year- old sou. Olmrle« R. Street Jr. Thru fho Cardinal manager turned to newspaper men: "I am tlie hnppleet man In the world," he began. "This IB tho creut- est day of my life. I've always wished 1 cotih! manage a world's championship ball club, but I didn't think 1 could do It at my age. "Pitching was the turning point. We lind the better equipped pilch- ing staff, aud we beat a great ball club. "With the exception of the sixth game, my team he<ids-up baseball. We went out to win a.s faat as we cnuld, and it proves the MreiiKth of tho club we had to lick when they carried tis to seven giinicr>. "The best pitched gamcn ware turned In by Grimrs nnd K.-inishaw. Grimes was tho outstanding pltchnr, In my mind, because of hla ability to come back after being hurt In the first game. Hallithau Ditched two marvelous victories. "Pepper Mart in, of course, was I he ouUstandlng fielder. Ills work waa the Inspiration that carried u.s through. All the Infleldcrs played great ball, and I'm particularly proud of Andy High, who filled In for Adams at third. "Tho umpiring was good and had In spots. Bill Klein, however, worked perfectly In every game. He's the beet umpire In tho major leagues. "So long, boys, nnd thanks." WItb that Gabby rushed Into the room where the jubilant Cards, singing and yelling, were pulling off their uniforms for a duck under the ehowere. Eddie Collins, first lieutenant lieutenant to Connlo Mack, rtiehcd In carrying congratulations from the GS-year-old leader of the conquered Rlchlands, Va., Oct. ]0. (Spc- clall. — The Ulchlands high school football eleven continued 1U march toward tho Tiuowell county championship today by de- !j tenting the buttling (Iraham high : school grlddcrs I! lo -. j Klchlands scored near tlie close j of th« first nuartcr on a forward |! pass, and u fow minutes later the ! i Virginia Side pigskin artists ;i broke through the Ulchlands de- j! fonse and blocked Frost's punt ]j tor a safely. !! The game Rca-sawed back and •! forth for the remainder of the ex- J. citing contest. In Uio last few ! j mlnutcfi of plav Graham carried '} the hall tJ Kichlunds' seven-yard '; lino but was boUl for downs. ji The struggle ended with the i hall in possession of Illchlamls ;; on Its own 15-yard line. ---- .- ..... -.—::--....-.• _- -. ... :.:•.•-.-.•;:.->' NOTRE DME TIES NO RIME! Victory March Of Famous Team Ends In Mud And Rain Of Chicago Stadium; Nortii- western Nearest To Scoring LENOIH'S Visitors Show Little In SAYLOR, LEAD REDS Revamped Team lege Presented Backfield And Line; The To Defeat I'hicago. Oct. 10. (,'Pl—Kuin, mini anil a great Northwestern team conspired to stou Noire Dame's famoiw victory march of football at twenty straight ccmnnpst.s liefore an excited throne of 7IJ uOO spectators at Soldier field today. The "KiKhtiir4 Irish." rarryina 1 on for tliolr departed Knntn ItncUnn, were nut bsiiten In their valiant. hid tn establish new \v'.lining streak but were hold lo a scoreless tie, a result whirli was almost ;is precious to Uu> whit? shlrtcd giants from Nurtliwo.Hcni. Of ilin two teams, rvouly mulched in all departments, but stopped by th. 1 almost constant UeliiKC which churned the Held luti> a veritable (iiiacmlrc. it wan Northwestern which rame the to victory — not Nntri! name. Twice, the Wild- oats marched. c<n the break of fumbles, In within t'lo shadows <>C the Notre Panic i!n;il lino only to be turned bark. OIICP thn Wildcats liamnipred through tn the- Notre Dame four-yard line onlv In miss their first down hv the heart break- Ing margin nf DUB foul. A few minutes later, in tln< same period, thpv rushed to the live-yard stripe onlv to sec their golden opportunity float away on nil Incompletcd pass over the line. Tho Xorlhwrstern twenty - yard lln> wa.» tbn limit of the Xotre Damo football travels today. Throe limes the "KlglitlnR Irish" cut to that point— out:e when Hoffman Hinnshcd through to blork Ollie Olson'fi kif'ks; aualn when tho Irish clicked off n pretty lateral offense with Mike Kokon and nig George Meliukovlch. substitute backs doing tho carrying, nml aKaln when Olson's punt pupped up In I bo air anil landed dead on his own twenty- yard marker. Hut they crnild budge the Wildcat line no farther. Statistics cave Notre Dame a slight edtre In the same despite tho two bis Wildcat, threats that were almost cashed In. Tho raiders from South Bend made 10G yards from scrimmage to 81 by their rivals and piled UP six first downs to Northwestern's BluplU'ld college's brushed aside a Tennessee college Wade field to win of tho season hy It wo/i nlncflc.ld'N LeNoIr used had on the bench was ended. Tennessee that evidently tlio score low. defensive most once did Ilicv that coming in wlu'ii Hawkins cml fnr about Tennessee backs anything in the although one or pri'Hv nooil at football, oven thoush In what direction Htarle:! several IKIIH> o," them receivers. LcNoir's mitlll. rejuvenated after acalnst Hlwasscc, different learn. charged, his Interference :md played IIIn. 1 it light. hackfl?ld was the basis attack. And throwiiiff end of few were From tho ciil that the a large margin. iiutfit put up Saylur. Steel et open and skirted sood Interference. the ball over about tlie middle Peartion missed With tho Quarter tlie down to business minutes Savior about ten yards touchdown. A the team was position and remaining yards At tho half a sustained to the visitors' where Steel touchdown. the march of (Turn to

Clipped from Bluefield Daily Telegraph11 Oct 1931, SunPage 11

Bluefield Daily Telegraph (Bluefield, West Virginia)11 Oct 1931, SunPage 11
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