Sidi Spreckels provided for by father-in-law

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Sidi Spreckels provided for by father-in-law - Sf m r t1 - j i v w m iJ M r k - w ur w - t -...
Sf m r t1 - j i v w m iJ M r k - w ur w - t - iTi jrav at r Jj - iiii - i vi iji i VWti vcm na5rLVnSrdiln ntr tfi v fcALjfoEAyMAR foAGEST fVfc n4DAILy5 CENTSV 1 1 IkU kll HI I 111 I II 1 1 i r k r 1 1 n i i hu i k v w ihhm fi i id W J 1 Mm m 1 loonier - His k Her iNIew Asserts March ltScer - the l state falsely charged Shorv with deser tor a divorce December i persuaded power of attorney revoked and requested waive summons on order to expedite - to a counter filed In the St through her has been living In Canada Sine In October alleged attitude husband caused ACTIO - rlticiaed ber before phrtS charged told her fan o b - at nlghtt that showtnter - - W - J - - llJ snower neneweq as uoioreo J Spiritualist 0lferst6t CailOffAttacki SEEKS CASH PAYMENT Irfeeting of Table - Tippers Changes Trend ot rwiw - j1 n iliV f ne rerusea to fl4d suit for dU - iin - ie askea - lso be oi41d divorce end - do this acid their household In January Iivsbamo i uvpvrivvj NEGRO YOUTHS CHICD - GHD5TS V l V torn Investigation - fa o7a phan - iai m - Mteh to The Ctnalelf CHTCO March lI - ChlooT phan teniArock - thrower renewed htao - tlyity late this afternoon when a VagrintfHowet fell on tne ware - house of Jf iCrrlel aUonJns the jf pharse warehouse n the la - iliislrlat dlstrlot which hes been the central iargel for the phenomenal downpour of the past week tlje rock - fall was wltnessee oy Payl Helmer commander of the Chioo post of the American legion who wae calling on Prlel was hesxd by Prist and an employe of tne worshpuee ty a Bonnifleld The vecrsnt shower occurred at a time when Interest In the spectral rOck dropping vii on the wane so rotas bavins fallen since late Saturday taaneAei Report Negro oy I Use CaUpoir J v Censteble U S your hue - 8he aiso asseris - ln - Iawhe wished ber and that J 4 lost Junejfromthe ot - Education o as a member of control Lines Vireless trinsportatfon com are planning bussns Ilka rail will iieej wireless with thet drtrera stage lines out of Angeles and Big applied to Badio Dillon ofthede ror licenses communication to communicate drivers wnlli ths ffTirtse state losing - noUme la J Held Injury larch JJ of the late John tetrolt auto - Ies Karl In the county further investigation automobile acof - resulted Jn se - Visa Emniellne years eld a school student j for re r r rtaay JouiDSireckel3 Jr Bankrupt WnenHe Died butHis Father Creates undnfor Children Mrs Sldi Wirt Spreckels with JohnDSpreckelt in March 11 by Press President conclude Jtlsj bu Augustine he Intimated newspaper meal - era as far south thelfcLeaa house j t - 4 by rail to St Is - W 4 SLrthierls - combed the kirmwwHiwui Im f lie vieinuveir uie twirehouses Htihi ifieboirfii 4 neitfei4itVllrcwwn tmmm luiiu jiana dv DBmvBr dl vvi ored boya operating - a est spall aboui three blocks fronrtJie warehouse He inspected attumber of back yards and basemeotl under bomes where boys reside but there wad no evU denceot a catapult or other rook - Vhrowlna oevloJ7i t H T IcouW not avin find a boywhoJ has been Using a altngshot Quorln sold VTV 3P Spirihialiat Meeting Offer Ne - rwCIue While the police Investigation continued today prlvafelnvestlga - tors turned their attention to a report report from a Sunday night - meeting ot TaBle - tlpperi from which came the name of a person presiding in the neighborhood pt the warehouse who Is suspected according to the local spiritualists of hurlinr the rocks at the werehousi which is Juit one blockfrom his home What trapeplred atthe Sunday night meetlns was revealed by f new convert to the cause of Sir Oliver Oliver Lodge who told a friend oday of ths mysterious proceedings at the Sunday night gathering Colored Woman Offer f To Cell Off ShovTer s Mrf Rifena NeisorjcoJored who alleges toi be a spiritualist - with divine power today tod Constable fjuerln the rock fall was the work of no human hand and that the spirits had rveale4Jto jhsr tb source ot the rock rthrowlnavwhicb she would slop for s cash - oon - cntlaaed ee - rsse SCeIaa S I 11 I Jury Jury in Ram Case Drinks UpjBvidence i PIJLDE - rttA4 March jj When ra jurylntiuartertsesiiloa court retired today todewrmlne the guilt or innocence oi a saioon keeper they took with them a bottle of whisky otftn - In evidence Nearly four hours1 later the Judge1 oraeren laeuPjTvpvTt iney men In with tjie liquorbottfeVraptrand thelnformatlon that they were un aaeaaaMLPlsaaaaaaaaausas iejiuBaFTiSssisaBtjsiBtaBUKtfji aTsleBBalBHsnaBtjssssssssssssssssl - - rtislllwiaflM aK - - aaoaoaoaaaaaLaoaoHPS saBBBaaaBBBBBBBSa2eBBBBBBBKeCaa WLiijlskwMnmmXW gatPTWLaW MlgaaaaieaauHgtaffl saoaaaaaasW ZMftWBJmmmmfymmWmWmmWmWSMmWmmmm esBaasaas jffi wls asasasjyaMKA fa7 aeasasasasaweasasjsisasai uauauauaH y - JSBBBsTawsk llanaauaveBBBnuSauauauauaveBl SBBBBBBBBBM iL fl Tt SkMUWmlW Obl BesBBBBBBTdaaaesBBBBBBBBBl laaaaaaar - iTslgi r wmmmmmmmm u iauailHauauart aaeaalin auaell T gaatautgeaal sa9auBUBala4 gssssaJgtsaleBaV EgaaaauaaaaaW m fmfMsmL mL gPJiMfeglili W wm wimrtfmK aaauaBUBuH TJTlari1iT SU9ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmlBi lolaBeiaai PSijiy9mmmWsmsmmmmssiL iJr jgW5ai esT gjaaaaTlesaaaaaaejaaaaaaaBeV - f i - l I lealalalalaualaHrlrVHpHggBHgr gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaMlgaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa R - nHi 4 gBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBHlaalalalalalalalalalalB rgsssssssHMHgaeielaaaaaaaalauaVMt gaoaaBysi3raHKBVB mU 3 a U - mm W mtmmWWm - il aTJgaaaaaBBWiiSSi mmWkkt 4fmwWMSm WS i mSamW gfllBUBUBUBUBUBUBn jMBiir - T T - raiif V Estate Into litigation i - lt j Avnnouncra7jjp - folbi1 Spreokela JrJnyer at a nloneerfamllvrOfCaliformawho w killed several - rahnllfJ ago Tln t an automobile acoiileat MpalLBakers - field died vbankruptbat - bis ehll - f flrenrnt twoWivifcwIlveV In Mimfnev jsa tAatiis raieielfai dA nrvmmi sis veeBTa m eiya eejae j j er as1 veee1 through the generosity of their J grandfather John P - SpreckelS Br cabltalltrbf Coronado natsfact fcupud withahe a - Mr HK Sprecaels i Wakefield luacementiinatneuaer Mrs - biui - i Mrs Bdlth nouacemeniii VTXrt r Spreelcels kflld former wive V Spreck - M jjin 1 fl m A le Jr would in return foVthe gen - lUloSlUK UdillC v eiraui nrAVlalean mikd 1w finraulteala 1 e u h Warden Found roue provision made by Sprockets Sr make any attempt to plunge the estate Into further legsj alffl - cultles throng litigation waathe exory read yesterday behind the vrvaiiftiu UHRa v ivv rius4i y Spreckels Jr ORB goes to Braonp Walter BSellmer same warden of San Anselmo is sate in his home after ewlmmlnsashore last sight from an empty oi barge inwhlch be had been marooned for two days able to agree inquiry as to what bad become ol the whisky brought bo satisfactory answeri f tf I I I J Armv Aviator MeefM n - - - ajr S - 1 - - - DeaWhtBig Fall tenant Frederick W - Mlederinever Jr pMeCoosJeleiiwaVilije4Iate ior eraonopianeiin wnicn be w doing - combat problems fell several thousand feel In a tall spin trs Sldl Wirt r Spreekels with a lHi4aei avMlili - J fr aeaUaVJitesre ajerremAUllieBv saJraiaaUT lias departed for Europe plentifully e mldd1 ot San Pablo bay supplied with funds wilch came Dripping wet from his tails swim from Johna8preckels6rSythe tB j htt sUmer wts same tokeh Mra Edith Marie T v xri o nvii toa fdlscovsredvbyShrllt - J J Keating Jra MVr aaaa fa eswwaeuv ff dMeB - a l j field but first wlto tt Spreckels ano memoers 01 ms pv rT Jri will make no - contest of a wilt hlkinc the ten miles to his home made on August i l0t la which v ii e it - hnnt ample provision istmadefor bis i - j oa John Du SDreokela IILV jiM we wtrolD 1 - Wfien John pi Spreekelsv Jrjwas way eve since he disappeared from killed aninvestigation or bis bust - SanAneelmo Tbureaay ness affairs showed that Ws estate Sellmer etplalaed that ho left the Was hopelesely lnvotvedllh - returnjlliousefor an extended patrol along for voluntarily waiving her rights the - shor of the bay He purchased under the will and acceding to the - provisions at a stors sionghls way payment pf a tlMOpllfc insurance Thursday night and Friday be spent policy into the estate MresTql la the1 hills unaware that hlsab - tyirttspreckeis payed thejwayforsonee was causing anxletri an amicable - settlerasnt with her Saturday morninr ha boarded a fathr - ln - Jaw Johat fipreckels sr little skiff and went out1 Into ths An accident policy tor tlSvOO waa bar to end some set nets he sus - pald over toUral SfdlWlrYSpreck - peeled were In the channel After els had with ltva substantial settle ha had climbed oajthedeeerted coal ment ca her daughter j3eraldle 001 his skiff drifted away and left eodIbgto John L Mcabattor - Am branded Trtwo daye he ney Jorwrs w win sprecKeia mia aprate attempts to slnil 5Bothtot ttheftllsvftichJlhave blP 0nt - dalr ot rencue 5t a r f0 hei flnill chandkS the Ions swim oyerHhe - estate of Sprockets Jr A - uiv - Z a 1 I W af - n - fMiiB ox BDracKeiia jra s Stl U harparkod dayswpTAnjrbywsperr Jodsa ton0vl Avj iW y laata ai w Ctillnti ea Page cola Ji - wf v

Clipped from
  1. San Francisco Chronicle,
  2. 14 Mar 1922, Tue,
  3. Page 1

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  • Sidi Spreckels provided for by father-in-law

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