Parang, Bolo, Kris, Kampilan, are The Malay Names for the Big Knives with which Natives Slash the Spanish Soldiers - The Cincinatti Enquirer, Jul. 23, 1898

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 - . PARANG, Bolo, Kris, Kampilan, rc the Malay...
. PARANG, Bolo, Kris, Kampilan, rc the Malay Names For the Big Knives "... jth Which Natives Slash the Spanish Soldiers. , pTt Boy Wed Up in Oatland-isb Uniforms, No Training Before Departure From Spain, l,d fan't Stand the Strain Their "Officers Get Drank and Are ' Incapable. of tb AswJaUd Press.! rvr y. iu.. ilv 2-Tb British gunboat -.fV rr:vfi here a few days ago. from Hawk'" with-malla, which It was thought AD.rl'n naval commander. Rear Ad-oiral Iwwr. might not Be bis way to am f"f '"r "c technical breach of th Lv !: bvt h made no objection. Bo all ... ""t ashore, and a blessing tix-y mm to t'x pur blockaded Manilla real-d-nia Tber are business firm with Im-a.n in tare '-a t stake, all depending on ml li..s now that the telegraph cables ft. v days tJi Hollo cable waa used, gtfMiP- l-'g forwarded theno by boat t.j Uouan, but that did not last long, for m Ametu aiis found out that th Spaniards r rui:aiiu!il a(lr( with their hotik Gov- i:anini on war matters, and so THr STOPPBD IT. Tie Im't mK said (that a squadron ,f f.rfir armorcil cruisers, accompanied by k1 il:ri n l onvoylnf torpedo boats and j,"lhir tth lO.(iOi) soldlura on board, saJ Uft Hpaln fr the Phlllpplnns. Atirlral IH-VY has been must courteous a-.d i.bllKlnK. lie readily gave permission vuit I lie arxenal at Cavlte, where, how- .vrr. tli"re tai not much to b seen of In' Mini. ' H11" is wii m puu ftuuiti ,kt .miles from Manilla, as th. crow flies. t;Ul nearly ?r iiiiiw uy rviu, M iuvi iw (lad ty intervening, snd the shores are ,wom;.v for some dlatanc Inland. Th irltr (nlnsula point In th direction of Mtnllia. ar.d Is Joined , to the mainland by i irw. narrnw Isthmus, where In th last :sr'a rrhellloa two bands of Spanish r-.(. ni-t and mistook each other for rb- tI inutlrally annihilated each other. .,,r ihouaiind of lb soldiers losing their 'in ihriiUKh the blonder. At th end of p-niimula are two points a large one ,.'i!We H.imM Sangley and a smaller one, !'iv:i propt-r. on the Inner side, jutting tut twtwrrn the upper and lower r arts or cavira bat. (in Biiifl-y Point la th shlpway' for re-ptirtcc hlpa, and a small battery of two ir-pp flrten-ceAtlmeter guns. At Cavlte lr-ual vveral of the oldest typ of Arm' tr'.Df n iile-loacBag slx-lncb gun ar bh'.mM. appexently for orneumnt. with .rnuiK'irt. 1 mounds of round shot along la the arsenal lnclosure are buildings J Um uiual sort machLn aheda, amruunl itorrs, Ao. Tb machine shop is kepi h food order by th Americans. It Is snill but useful. Th machinery mostly Mrs tb names of English makers, and lf been maintained in a satisfactory state a repair. All tb rest msgs lines, officers' 'lurur. hospital and barracks had been rbu. first by tb 8 pari tarda, then by the nfc-li. Hr and there the buildings show t irvat shot hole, but there was little -w:i!tiK of tb place. The i!uilah ships In th bay. however. !'.l a pit lab! and terrible tale. The poor mini is tne worst, though she shows wast, tor sne is now almost entirely Dne was a wooaeo cruiser, ana I her woodwork burned to the water's I lg. leaving only the metal skeleton. thel.i. .,i t ,m . nv,., , ft and frames, funnels, ventilators, ash W!s and gun shields are battered, per- furntrd In a thousand spots, and hammered "id i.Imi.i out of position and' almost out t nt uKiuiion. Bhe Is a wonderful TERRIBt.B TBSTtMONT . the Vstru tlvf n-s of modern weapons HI ""d. U I the most shocking object l.un that the friends of peace could poa- il-ly .Muce to picture a number of men ajij tiy cooprd up for 10 hours on a float -!n; taritt-t. to b shot to bits with large and unall projectile, mangling, mutilating and niurdurlng mercilessly. The Caill!a was so old that when she had rf.rce to venture out of Manilla Bay to ku on!y ;kj tulles to Sublg the working of t!ir propeller shaft In the tub started th tlmtors. and sh leaked too fast for the I umps to keep her afloat. Bhe had to be Uaclitd at Subtg until the leaky tunnel "I timbers could be patched up with ce- ";rit When her guns were fired she again ..vw to nu with water. It was an enor mity, a crime, ever to put such a vessel In ti Hunting line. To make men fight In "a a i-otrin ship was simply diabolical. "I ne Relna Crlstlna Is leas !-s burned, but shows more battering. Of kr ttiiige only the starboard supports and ro"i or two of the bridge Itself remain. ii" rext evidently bolng blown Into atom ith all ahostood there by a shell which -i on nd struck tbjb funnel near the Wis. and apparently exploded inside, caua- -1 artaaiui Havoc is thi Kvntvw armw It Is thought that unless peace is signed !ihwjt further delay Manilla Is a doomed "y- fur the Insurgents are cloeinsr in raoidlv r.d the ctfy couid no mor survive a big tnn a house of cards could with id a typhoon. Here Is a rich seaport, a "'.ropoin almost as large aa Llvemool. Majority of the buildings are of a highly '-"finable type, fires are frequent In or-:ry tlm.s and a little abelling- would t J-n the whole city to the ground. Here is population of a quarter of a million full- ..Jed Malays, ordinarily Indolent, but In- trnsriyeii-liable on occasion, and capable f any ibnK at such a time as the storming "t the chV by their kinsmen under the ln- r:at fias. Neither the place nor the people can go 'Rtoiigh a week of what Paris had to en-"re tor six weeks. et the Spaniards are ' desperately unyleldln. aa the French r in WTO. as confident In their unavailing Tur. as ignorant of the Irresistible forces they defy. 4 Ery day and all day there U an xodus from the city, stimulated every few days by new scare. Large, clumsy river boats, 'fcei by steam launches or Doled by na - :ir. swarm up the river, convoying; faml- j "Althougn I am the President of a revoiu-'' and goods, and com down again for I tlonary Junta. I should be pleased to see my ". Every road leadlnr out of tne csty Is I country annexed to tne United States. All thromobd DAT attu DAT "tth similar traffic, until tne roads ar one one declared unsafe beyond stated P!ats on account of th Insurgents. Tb first news of As-ulnalda'a advance on tftr Increased the refugee movement, b"1 ow h Is reported within nine miles '4S. . bolUlers m-m Julne Hipp4a tA .Km , . - - 'rant, and are coming back horribly slashed th the forester knives of the naUvea, '' ng the wounded ar filing- through the srreeta. a ntrtfui . . tn. braisry and trumpeting; that heralded their' wparture. The careless swagger and th shty strut which characterised th epaniih soldlerv In tha striata -mS Manilla have riven place to a weary sbtsffl and a ssea trudra. 11 U pitiful to - m. ehn1hava "antly taking part to the war. and most toe men beea li.w. tan ft tit at tbs ntlv villages until now. Th boyish ewranc is not lessened by tb uniform, "h ooks almost a buriaejque-s light bat. Ugh to th crows and wide to the brim. Ilk that of the typical stag brigand; blue striped cotton clothes, something Hk dungarees abroad; Mack leather beet, anil foot rear of many aorta. Many of th poor follow have n shoe at ail. and they get thrtr feet lacerated In th country. It I MM that over per cent of tb array hospital eases are feet mrrcano raoit monies. Th Spanish tray suggests eomie opera. There ar burly Felstsff officers ewermlng about th care and ber saloon. Spanish officers might at any rat devote two or thr hour mt day to th yistlon whether thr Is anything In tb world worse than an officer mImp on a bear shop lounge In tb forenoon when tbo enemy Is at tb gates of tb city. Th rank and ill can only b pftied. There ar whole reciroents of striplings not Ions out from Spain, picturesquely attired, and willing to do everything and never count th odds nor fllnoh death. But they cannot right becaus they ar not trained, and their traders are incapable. Th Philippine native. Ilk all th kin dred Malay race, cannot do any fighting as a ru! except at close quarters, slashlna; wlth his heavy knife. Th weapon Is called machete, or bolo. or kampilan, or parang, or krls. The plan of action la th same to rush In unexpectedly and back about swtft-ly, without th slight! attempt at self preservation. The Mauser rifle, too, in hard work I found to be a mistake. It has a ease of five, cartridges, .which have to be all used before any others can be Inserted. That Is to aay, If a soldier has occasion to fir thr cartridges he must go on and wast tb other two. or else leave himself to meet a possible sudden rush with only two rounds In his rifle. Perhaps It may b the fault of the men, or their misfortune in being undrlUed, but they are often knifed while In the act of reloading their rifles. Whatever t tb explanation there Is something: wrong; In troops with rifles and bayonets being driven steadily back by natives armed with knives. The Insurgents have some guns, but most of th wounded Spanish soldiers seen In tb streets have knlf wounds. - ATTACK Us Manzaalllo Ily ilea and Itnd Ex- peered By Spaniard. Madrid, July 2211 A. v. A private dis patch from Havana says that an American fore landed near Manranllla, Province of Santiago da Cuba, on Tuesday evening. The Spanish troops guarding the approaches of tb bay, th dispatch adds, opened Are on the lnvnders, to which' tb Americans re plied. An attack on the town by sea and land was expected by th time the message was sent.. Th crews of th Spanish gunboats which were sunk reached the land, and, according to the Havana message, saved most of their kits. DECLARES . W ST 1 " T Alll6riCa MllSt DeSlSl. German Cennt Sari Pewers Will Prevent Retentien of tie Philippines, Bat Won't Fight. Niir Tomk, July 22. Count Henri Conrad Von Ron den Kohael, of Hanover, Germany, who married Mrs. Bertha A. M. Ooldsmlth In VmshlngtonvUle, N. T., but May. hs Just returned from a trip abroad. When asked oonoerning th relation between Ger many and th United States h said this country must not taka th PhtUpplnea, Germany, he said, would 11k to see Cuba and Puerto Rico in our hands, but it would object to our permanent possession of aay As la t la territory. Count Von Rhoden Kohsel said Germs ay had greater corrrmeroisl Interests In to Philippines TIUK AWT OTHSVB WATIOW. If these Islands beoam poaseeeions ot this country ha said tha Amsrican tariff would ruin German coromerc and manufacturing. Germany, he declared, would object to such an extension of territory only by diplomatic means, the vast German element in this country making: war an Impossibility. President McKlnley, the Count considers a keen diplomat, also Admiral Dewey, who was nuit rirht In calllnsr the attention of Admiral Dledrlch to th dock, of Manilla. Germany would have don th same thins- he Bald. under similar circumstances. rv, r.,t tiunht -r..i. it. establishment of ' AMERTCAM INTERESTS In Asia because those countries would lose In a commercial way.' They also fear that th American Influence would aeek extension. ' Let America hav Hawaii, said the Count ..but M M ,n. tna Phlllp , c,Dlomatla difficulties will surelv arise. The other Powers will never allow this country to keep them. Count von Rhoden Kohsel declared that only persons in Germany who have finan cial interests In Spanish bonds or are nar row minded favor the Spanish RESISTANCE Of Revolutionists To Americans De clared Nonsense Puerto Ricans Anxious For Annexation. New Tobk, July 22. Senor P. De Castro, one of the prominent members of the Puerto Klcan Junta of this city, when asked as to the attitude of the Junta, said: 'When the Junta was organlied we ware pledged to secure the Independence of the Island. That was more than two years ago.. Such a thing as annexation was not discussed, because Spain was not at war with America. Since this war. however, all our people are with America,' At a meeting on July 12 we decided to assist the United States unconditionally. The majority of us are In favor of annexation. Any talk of the revolutionary party of Puerto Rico re sisting the Invasion of Americans is non sense. I was at th meeting held July i: In this city, and never beard any such threat. "I have grave doubts of our ability to mak a republic of Puerto Rico, meaning, as It does, an Internal strife, but annexation would be successful. The majority of Puerto Ricans In this country axe heartily to favor of It. There are sons few against annexa tion, but none who would counsel resistance to It by force of arms. BLOODSHED Ml" B Spared By Glvlns; Paerte I Klcsms correct information I Nw Tosk. July 22. Dr. Julius Henna, jof this city, who baa been named President I of the Puerto Rlcan ReputoUe esse the I Junta was orgsnlsed to 1880, said la as ln- 1 tervlew I bav ever asked the Waahlnctoa aunhort- ties to do is to be taken there. In order bsaue a manifesto informing- tbs Puerto Ricans that the United States kt not going there on a war of conouesC but to. free j them from the Spanish yoke, givtog them I as much liberty aa they desire under the I . . . i , . - , . j T. w . Xta i iiwju cuuiu us wwiuso. x rwrw I ar deceived by the Spaniati Government I as to the intention of the United States,' I0ECED DTT0 THE COJCBUE. Nxisoirvriijs, Ohio, July 22. Th Btal-der Coal Company, th last of th three prominent coal companies who refused enter the general Hocking- Coal Company combine for the year 188S last December, has finally been swallowed up by th combination and forced Into line with oaiance of tne Hocking Valley mines. Mr. Stalder waa deLermlnad to run own bus In ess. which h did successfully until the leaders of th combine quietly bought up enough - stock to glvs them ww k. lines i. I

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