Sidi Wirt marries Turkish Prince

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WMWmfIW ifciS - i - j f XjBv - N4 - VsuV BWVSW V i - - fonch sk 77e Cinderella Story of Strangely Magnetic Sidi Spreckels Who Braves a Storm of Criticism to Become a Turkish Princess and Dwell in a Marble Palace anch Jirls kisk m Marruina JEhH ncnt8l k rincc jiMiHIH HliU sBWLTrrrsnBiBrTSiVBKKl lFSiy7J 7sBiHHBflnBilllilllllllllllVBllHBBlBHSsllVlliBBS i2i 12 iKasnBs bbih jrif v nHtwiiHB3tXBW - - irmHiHBaBa atffv SiiiiiiiiiHa9 m - MiBsflHiiiiiiiiiiiiliBBliiiiSBBBBlBjBBBBBBBBBBBBH IBWBPawBBMmlWTa K t BBSSKKagwP Lj wBMnBBSSHSSSdiaSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSl 9BHmilllllllllk ri sBBSiaSifSifSifSifSiHBSifSifSifSifSifBT iWHWIMWMWWHJWBgiWpJ3MMWWWfcy fiFBlWt3 - WY y BHMlfTBM mmmUKBSSmWmWmtmW f lliiiifllil Prince All Kamel - Fahmy Bey Who Was Found Dead AmtiEBSmmmlk V v Kti IHA SflHflUBfleLIHHfflHBiiiBEilPill Outoide His Luxurious Suite in a London Hotel EkWBB - - StYi mHB IHBinrHkBBnaiP4tiiHBKyll the Victim of His Wifes Revolver wIHHMK k - mmUWmiUWmwmwm MB I WMMMfl iH I WWHIHilP1 r1 W J haiWIJI f i - u P - 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day of the beautiful and strangely magnetic woman whose life has been replete with romance and adventure The Chakir family is one of the highest in Turkey and one of the richest and most influential The brother - in - law of the Prince is closely associated with Mustapha Kcmal and Madame Krmal is an Intimate friend of tho little American All in the least familiar with current history of the star and crescent country know this means that the Prince Suad Chakir is associated with tho progressive element in his land with leaders of the new Ideals and revolutionary accomplishments For Madame Kemal end her group represent the new freedom for women They even have adopted the Kuropean costume and European manners of living Is it fact that because Turkish women no longer are slaves to the veil they really have emerged from the constraint of the harem 7 And if there still prevails in the star and crescent land deep conviction of feminine Inferiority would it ever be possible for women who are held high in the heart and respect of the men of their own nations to accustom themselves to the different standard Strangely enough records of the past few years seem to answer these questions with no Indeed those marital disappointments have been so marked that something of a superstition a conviction of a thing best let alone has grown in the minds of many especially Americans concerning matrimony and not only the Turk but men of other countries wholly different in traditions and ideals from their own There is for example the tragedy that Crowned the mad love union of Madame Marguerite Fahiny and Prince Ali Kumel - Fahmy Bey of Egypt The beautiful princess was found iruihy in a London court of having shot to death her husband as he lay beside her in the night asleep The two met in Paris He was rich as any young sultan of Arabian Nightslore She was a French woman of birth and education There never was any doubt tf their intense love for each other Yet when the woman was charged with murder testimony told of their endless quarrel their bickerings over trifles ieir manner of slapping each others faces when and wherever they disagreed So vivid is the feeling entertained by some against this type of union that many American women havo refused it with hardly a thought The beautiful American actress Mabel Withee who was singled out for marked attention by Prince Mohammed Ali Ibrnhlm reported to be a member of the Royal House of Cairo scorned the suggestion of marrying her admirer After the Prince had puid two visits to this country within MX months and when he visited on the very first night of his last landing the theatre where Miss Withee was playing to present her with a diamond medallion she was asked what plans she might hold It is true that he gave me a medallion and wanted to marry me she replied But fall in love with him Good heavens no I have no desire to live in Egypt I have heard so much about harem life in the Orient that I have decided to marry no one but an American But however much feeling of the sort may prevail in our country Sidi Wirt Spreckels gave it never a thought when first she met the Turkish Prince in Paris last Winter Their courUhip was all romance Anal their marriage whicn look place recently was a brilliant affair attended by many notables of Kurope including Admiral Mark L Bristol commander of the 2K - Lhe Mediterranean and Mrs - ILii American licet Bristol Their life together begins auspiciously But those who know the Princess Suad Chakir remember that she always has been attended in Btriking degree by two forces fortune and misfortune First one is uppermost then the other and they appear to balance themselves each following the other in equal measure When she left her home on the Kansas ranch he journeyed to Chicago to study for a stage iareer A aomew - hat hard period in her life was this which ended when she met John D Admiral and Mm Mark L Bristol Who Were Guesta at the Chakir Wedding in Constantinople when Sidi Spreckels Became a Princess HEfjLw lBMWWIHSl II - M XJHHMk BlBlWtiaL J ini - rBi m ABlBlBlBlBlBlBfliBw BlliBBSBliVrASHsRluilllllllllllllllllV EBiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiitt JnBiiBBflHBnETOuBvnKflBnBlllllV BilllllllfliiaillllllllBBiBllllllllllllllflft iLwmmmMlmmm biiiibiiiiiiiiiiiiiHbHbiiiiiiiiiiiHL lJByBiillHBillHBHHlNr9BHiHi V0aiiilBWBBiiiiiiiiiBiifflelB49 svlSE fe - fc mmMMmBMMMmmwmUmSSijffm MaiHBHBHBflBWUrtilrc Sidi Wirt Spreckela and Her Daughter Geraldine Ann in the Japanese Garden of Mrs Spreckels Former California Home Spreckels Jr millionaire member of the prominent California Spreckels family After Spreckels and his first wife Edith Huntington Spreckels Wakefield were divorced Sidi became Mrs Spreckels and then began a reign of good fortune for her They spent much time traveling abroad But their Journey ings did not prevent the establishing of marvelously beautiful homes in California with gardens in which Mrs Spreckels delighted to stroll on afternoons with her small daughter Geraldine Ann Spreckels both dressed in Japanese costume It was while she was on a trip to England that Sidis luck changed In Paris poor little Alice Drexel daughter of John R Drexel and heiress to the Drexel millions languished alone with her new baby while the soldier of fortune with whom she had contracted a runaway marriage in New York swaggered at the mid - Summer racing meet at Sandow England Society journals told of the gallantries he offered a rich American woman Mrs John D Spreckels Jr of San Franciseo And the very next thing that happened was the issuing of a warrant by Scotland Yard for the young man Captain William N Barrett ho called himself charging him with stealing 130000 worth of jewels from Mrs Spreckels Mrs Spreckels stated that she had given the jewels to the young man that he might have them insured for her and that was the last she saw of them The search for Barrett led half round the world and when he finally was found in Hollywood he denied the theft And it is said that the jewels have never been recovered Meantime there were disagreements in the Sprckels family and two years ago th temperamental Sidi brought suit for divorce from Jack Soon after that came another bit of misfortune when it teemed as if she were John D Spreckels Jr Sldls First Husband Tragically Killed in a Motor Accident caught on the dubious outskirts of the ArbuckJe case It was Sidi who hurried to the bedside of Virginia Rappe when the beautiful girl lay dying in a San Francisco sanitarium after the famous party that preceded her death Virginia Rappe had sent for her Sidi was one of the few people she knew in San Francisco and she was one of the last to see Virginia alive Wouldnt you have gone to her wasSidis cry to the reporters when they came to interview her She was dying she sent for me it would have been heartless to stay away But all the same it meant unpleasant notoriety Then fate stepped in again Before Sidi Spreckels divorce became final Jack Spreckels was killed in an automobile accident For a time there seemed to be much doubt as to how Sidi would share in his fortune There was even a suggestion that they had been on tho point of making up and returning to each other just before his death But eventually it was understood her husbands share of tho Spreckels millions did go to Sidi Then the beautiful ex - ranch girl disappeared and was next heard of in Southern California where she was reported engaged to Art Hickman famous leader of a jazx orchestra This was tactfully denied and now Now she is the Princess Suad Chakir married to a soldierly if somewhat barbaric looking gentleman who wears a large fur ami feather turban when he poses for his photographs And the questions to - day are whether Sidi will b happy In her marble palace and whether she did right in ignoring the feeling Americans have against the marriage of their women to men cJ exotic countries EZ2S to 5SX x5T3 kv dZ3 LK X sf STZ Tv v sf j b rV v s - - 1 xv - j v e - - i i v w yy h it c s jS4 r - 5S a TW Ffrq F2ssq - 7Ahr - hr poJ - J i J - s i y r THE SAN FRANCISCO SUNDAY CHRONICLE

Clipped from
  1. San Francisco Chronicle,
  2. 23 Sep 1923, Sun,
  3. Page 2

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  • Sidi Wirt marries Turkish Prince

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