Eckmann sues Spreckels re Babe Wirt

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Eckmann sues Spreckels re Babe Wirt - v are best found Advertising Of - best...
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jT Charges Capitalist With Alienating Her Affections by His Arts and Contrivances AS AN aftermath to - tho charges last November agatnat John D Spreckela Jr by Harold N Eck - mann the youthful theater usher Jho charged that Spreckels had alienated the afTectlonn of Ms wife Eckmann yesterday filed eult agalnkt the capitalist for 110001 damagea Itt the Superior Court The chargea on whlcti the suit Is bi4 are that Spreektla by hi arta and cdntrlvenee wrongfully and maliciously alienated the affection ot hi aayi wife from the plaintiff and ha with wanton disregard for plaintiffs feeling enticed said wife to separate herself from plaintiff MARITAL HAPPniEsS WHBCKBD Mrs Eckmann was Ml ChrlaUlt Olive Wirt a younger sister of tb former 8tdl Wirt who I now Mr Jack Bpreckela The young couple eloped to Victoria from Seattle 4 In March 1114 Later they came to this city where Bpreckela and Maaeeead wife were living It waa tho move to thla city that ended the marital hep pin of the youbg elopers both of whom were under age when they married On their arrive her Eckmann found a lob aa usker In tho Imperial Theater But there was a Wide social chasm between the wife ot aa usher and tha alster of Xra Jack - Bpreck ela lira Eckmann deelded the two position were Incompatible so shs moved ti the Spreckels home and Sled suit tor annulment against Eckmann But Eckmann retained hi Job a uaber and alao retained aa attorney CIT WAS DISMISSED About this time the Supreme Court ruled that when a couple had gene through a marrtag ceremony and actually had lived together the mar rlage cannot bo annulled merely bo - cause they were under the legal age at the time 80 the Eckmann annul ment suit never came to trial aad finally waa dismissed by Superior Judge Hunt last November Thus Eckmann retained bis wlfo la name but In the suit Sled yesterday fie declares that Tie baa oat forever her leva affection society aad coat - radeshlp And he charges tbe loss to Jack - Bpreckela aUIh evinces a determination 4o make Bpreckela pay Tbe Eckmann separated September lt 1114 Bine then Mrs Eckmann ha been with her alster lira Bpreckela The young husband lost hi Jet la the theater aad later took a Job Jerking la a cigar stove He la bow uaemployed according to kla attorney Divorce Reveals Elopement Aboard IllFatedXuiitania LYNN Mas April II Not until today whan a divorce waa ranted to Mra Marlon L Snewdea of this city waa If known that bar husband Finch wlfo of John Pinch all well known 1 In tbi ltywere eloping te Europe oa tbe Lusltanla a year ago when that steamship sank Edward J Roberts 1394 - Masonic Avenue Shoots and Captures James Young INJURIES MAYJE FATAL Prisoners Arm Amputated at Hospital and He May Die Partner Escapes Two charges of bird shot from a double - barreled shotgun received In th chet and ahoulder by a youth giving the name of Jama Tun and his homo a Philadelphia laat night put an end temporarily at leat to the career of one the police have named tha - Oloved Burglar Edward J Roberta a retired whole - ealo butcher living nt 1111 Maaonlo avenue discovering Toung attempting to Jimmy open a kitchen window of his horns shot and so ssrlously wounded the burglar that not only wlU he loae bis rlsht arm at the ahoulder but be alao may forfeit bis Ufa A companion of Toung who accompanied him In an attempted robbery of the home of Detective John B free Ill Parnassus avenue a ehert r time before eacaped It wa about I o clock a tew minute afur Mr and Mra Roberta had retired for the night In an upstair bedroom when Mra Robert heard a suspicious sound coming from tha lower story Quietly she apprtaed her husband Roberta eled In his sleeping gerroents and carrying a double - barreled ahotgun descended the stairs to Investlgata tiv - l trereA tho notSO to a kitchen window on which the blind wis drawn Holdlag bl gun In rea - Inesa ha auddsnly shot the nuno to th top ratBS BOTH BAHIUU sdlerwlr - arTwfc - - - - nmfrlttf1 A waa atancuua nuwv - raise the window with a jimmy ra bU hand toward hi htp pockt - without a raomftt hesitation RoberU Bred both barrels of hla gun and tb burglar dropped only to leap to hla feet again and attempt to nee Robert ran attar him It I only a few feet from Robert vnue ta th corner ot Frdrlelc street and Masonic avenua Here the burglar dropped again and raising himself to his Jtneea crlsd to Roberts In tones ot supplication Dont obootl For Ooda sake dont heat Tou have killed mo alreaay At the Central Emergency Hospital it found that Toung wa suffer ing frm what la known In medical parlance aa a comminuted fracture of the right arm whrln every bone J bettered beyond the power to heaL It wa neoory to amputate tha arm Immediately to aave the victim aura Toung - face alao 1 pitted with the No I blrdahot with which be wa riddled and hi cheet eoatalne aev - rat of the ahot alao JIAD A rAaVrXB Early this morning whoa Toung had aemewhat recovered from the shock of the operation he admltted - te Detective Illetf aad Stanton that be bad a partner la tbe attempted t glarr last night Tb wounded man ala aald that three years ago be served a sentence of sU months la tho Frees County Jail following a ceatletloa for petty larceny Toung told tho delectlva that bo wa II Tr 014 - Th pellco ascertained that Toung and hi companion who gavo the name of Frank Herman bad topped for a week at the Rose Hotel oil Montgomery street They left the place Moaday night taking with them two aultcaaea and aald they would return a a few daya Two ire Killed When Train Smashes Auto NEW RUSHES MARK FIGHT AT VERDUN Out ot the higher meadow of will where the orchids ot symphony bloom two conductors have plucked the same bouquet of melody and will present It sultoMIke to the San Francisco public on data only forty - tight hour apart Walter Damroach and hi New Tork Symphony Orcheatra will make obeisance to tha muele lovere with the programme on the night of April Jlth Nikolai Sokoloff and hla Peoples Phil harmonic Orchestra of San Francisco will be welting at tbe atego door of attention with the same bouquet on the night of April 27th Out of the entire range of muslcsl literature two programme builders havs eeleeted tho same composition Each report aaya I trylhg to per - susde the other to make eoma changa Waller Damroach aaya he will not Nikolai Sokoloff aart that hi programme I set and cannot be altered The programme the same number ir number In each Instance with nothing added or taken away will In clude Beethovens fifth irk Saint Saens cello concerta the ore iuae to - Lohengrin Wagners Good Friday Spell and the prelude to Velsterslngsra Sailor Finds Unknown Woman Dying in Room Oaipi Out Eeqneit for Water With Xait Breath When John Okhuysen a sailor entered his room In the Buona Vista Hotel 140 Columbus avenua late laat night be found a woman who after gasping out a request for a drink of water toppled over and died Noth ing waa found on the womans body to Indicate her name She waa seen early In the evening wandering about the hallways by Sam Btepbanl a bell boy At that time she appeared to bJtatotedaocoraJoa - Jla SUphaal AUtho city morgue - attendante last night ald that tbe womans dsath probably waa due to natural catM Aa autopsy wilt be held this morning The woman waa about II years old States Gold Reserve Is on the Increase Amount ot Bank Depoiiti How ever Cat Down by Treainrer IpecUI Mapetck t Tk Ckrealcle SACRAMENTO April 11 Th States sold reeerve Increased nearly 14000 during the last thirty day according to tbe official count made today by the BUteBoard of Control While the golSJTnncreaelng the money which tSBtate haa on deposit In the banks of California Is steadily decreasing more than 1100 - 001 having been called In by Btata Treasurer Friend W Richardson with - la tbe laat four weeka The tout State resource tn coin todsy was titlttMlTI of which - U19II wa gold i Mrs Elizabeth Wears PrWitrFneumoliia Sob Portland Timber Han Hurry - inff South to Beat Bedside IsmUI Iriasatcs te The Ckreelrle PORTLAND Or April It K C Meara prominent Portland timber man la hastening south oa the Shasta Limited tonight for Saa Francisco bavins received word that hla mother Mra Elisabeth Mean of Baa Fran - Uleco la seriously HI with pneumonia Mear wilt remain at the bedsld antl tbe crisis Is paaaed President Is Guest At Cabinet Dinner Secretary nd Xa Hut t Informal Affair Crown Prince Keeps Up His Savage Attacks - Trenches Are Won and Lost BATTLE IS INCESSANT Turks Getting Ready to Make Resistance Against the Russian Armies LONDON April 11 The armies of the Gormen Crown Prince around Verdun are atlll vigorously on the offensive sgainst the French Having delivered an attack along the line from Le Mort Homme to Cumleres whleh netted them a few small portions of French trenches on the east of La Mort Homme the German commandere restsd their Infantry here but In the region ot Douau - nont - au northeast ot Verdun threw their men In large numbers against the French trenches Here sgaln they met with aueeess but only for a short period of time for iha French In a counter altaek drove the Invader from advanced sections of trenches they had captured anM In the operatlone took about ill German prlsonera ARTILLERY AT WORK While the Douaumont - Vaua attack wae In progress the Germans had not overlooked the line between Le Mort Homme and Cumleres and covered the entire region with an Intense artillery Are probably preparing for another attack by Infantry Alans tha remainder of the front In France and Belgium there wero only ftnurv bombardmenta In one of these north ot tha Alone the French guns caussd serious losss to a strong Gorman eolumnon the march - In the Russian theater an attempt by tbe Qermans to take th offensive In the region of the tkskull brldg - The hlsrguna - of - both - i buay at venous point elsewhere along tb front Pstrograd reports that the Russian are continuing to gala ground agatnat th Turks In th region of Erserunv Unofficial advices are to the effect that tha Turks have regrouped their forcea and now are restating atubbornly the three Ruialaa main lines of advance Into their territory NEW CANNON USED The Austrtana between the Adlge and Bugana valley have brought Into the campaign artillery which la da - scribed by Rome aa new and very powerful The Italian guns bow over have replied effectively to their Bra No Infantry stuck are reported In thl theater of th war Oermnjend Roumanlagvjieai Fered Info a compact for tha freeze - 1 portatlon from one country to the other of horn product for their own need War malarial ta excepted from the agresment Greece accord ng to a seml - ofBclaf dispatch from Berlin has refused a request ot tho entente allies to be per mitted to bring troops from Corfu to Salonlkl through Greek territory as sorting that chelera prevails at Corfu Teutons Direct Attacks Against Dead Mans Hill PARIS April 11 There was caesstton of the German Infantry ai saults to tba west of the Meuso today although tha bombardment of the French Hnee betwen Le Mort Homme and Cumleres continued accordlag to the official commualeattoa lasusd by the War Office tonight A powerful attack however waa delivered against the French trenches between Douaumont and Yaug east ot th Meuse The Oerraaa af thla point aucceeded la gaining a foothold In some of tho advanced trenches but were driven out by a counter attack Oa tha wait bank f tha Meuse th Oermaaa mad aa attack lt night a Dead Man a Hill advancing from Cordeaux wood They obtataedv few amall elementa f Street Twenty Alkl headlong In mud ear wa Ington pany Whatcom wa lea May teenth 11IIA right bruised Peter H J Mrs Mra Oitm Internally W foot J bone and Mra bruised and Mrs year - Mrs which in their schoonsr arrived who while Tha that heaa w tanned br the Rttslana w Aa TbJUllbntk - daaJULV beaai - th one th Mrs Mra I2IIA ot mariner She attle achooner Lumber la II Mra on W George The of Dr J able Powell reported laat The pin and a at wa it away Large The tha L of that

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  • Eckmann sues Spreckels re Babe Wirt

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