"Shamus O'Brien Good" NY Times 6 Jan 1897

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"Shamus O'Brien Good" NY Times 6 Jan 1897 - Inde-JartdPnCe re- re-. re-. a SHAMUS O'BRIEN M...
Inde-JartdPnCe re- re-. re-. a SHAMUS O'BRIEN M GOOD. I' rod actio it f ChartnlaK Operw t'nmlqn at the Broadway Theatre. - It Is man a long day since New York bag had anyth ng so artlstlo in the form tf light opera aa."Shamua CVBrlen." If this delightful work does not attract general and contlt ued attention ; from the public, the public will be the loser. " Shamus O'Brien " nas produced last night at the Broadway Theatre. The house was well filled, and there was very evidence of pleasure o i the part of the' audience. Demands Demands for repetition of the musical numbers numbers were lumerous, and there were plentiful plentiful laught r and applause for the dialogue and action - fjf The libn tto of this opera was written by our old frl nd, George II. Jessop, who used to write f r the American stage, but who went back to his native land because some one left li im an estate and made a hated "landlord of him. it seems that as an Irish " sq ilre " he has not been cured of the " cacc sthes scribendl, and It Is fortunate fortunate that he has not. He has taken the good old s ory of ! Shamus O'Brien.' familiar familiar to. eve -y -y schoolboy who has' had to deliver deliver ideel matlons, and made of It an opera comlque look that Is absolutely unique in the quallt of Its excellence. The stoi irUas pretty a tale of Irish love nd patrli tlsm as one could wish to moot. It Is of th klad often enough met in cheap Irish mel -dramas, -dramas, but sot In the delicate garb of p etry and music, R becomes idyllic in Us bej uty. Mr. Jessop has snqwn the skill of i n experienced dramatist In the oevelopnvnt of his simple story, and the manner it which he has alternated cqmedy with sent ment and quiet pictures with animated animated tal leaus Is admirable. His dialogue Is excellei t always, and the humorous lines hava the genuine Irish wit ' in them. Mr. Jessop mist have drawn freely on his ac- ac- ."o . 1116 y"lcs are well written and the libret o. as a whole, is a really artistic ' ork. which should be delightful horaePp ?.Weary 0t COarBe Jargon am rohoe.,mu s' ,sv Dr- Dr- c- c- Vllllers Stanford. It J i a lvay. the ust man wh could have been cho: en to write it. There Is no com. J" lte Br'"h Isles who more thor- thor- t ? Dr' Stanford- Stanford- His arrangements ILi have commanded critical Jff 'J? botl sides of the Atlantic, and his Irish symphony has met with much favor. favor. Na urally, he elected to write Irish "JC ,fcr. ih,s book- book- He has composed El0.81.0 himself, but here and there he hafi. lntr .dSced. a b,t familiar melody! fhfL father O'Flynn." His music Is the work of an artist. It la always Irish in the coi i tours of its melodies and the color irmonIles; yet It never becomes S?"'"?' U ,s riotous. .graceful, ZtS i.i10,' v,Prous. and ever tragic In turn. a!!SL aLwavs ingenious and Interesting fdle .tne casual hearer and to the ord 1 muslclan- muslclan- In "hort. Dr. Stan! jora has made an opera comlque score that iLn?0 ly .alnan- .alnan- The only disappointment disappointment in "Shamus O'Brien " will be for those wlo expect to see and hear one of our unh tppUy familiar breed of "comic operas. The pei formance was commensurate with i.V,t e?el nce of lhe work- work- A Mike Murphy, Murphy, the Harvey Duff of the opera, Joseph O Mar achieved a unique success He was upr ariously comic at times, and was pathetic itid dramatic at other times. And mlrablle llctu! he sang well, with a pretty if.".00?: and a nice enunciation. Denis Shamim ws maniy and sympathetic as ind Reginald Roberts sans: charm Intcly an acted Kpnaihlv a . f" A. C. 'J , L ' J na . n , V . lirVUI, nnlngham was Interesting as Fa-!ynn, Fa-!ynn, Fa-!ynn, and his good baritone volco ther O'rl was well used In his songs. nie Roberts displayed considerable forcA un.l htiitriinlA 1- 1- 1 1 v Miss A emotion. wife of Miss Ca T "'IV DK1II AO .U1 IX, Shamus, and as Kitty, her sister, ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- -j- -j- -j- . " niriBcii. iu one ot the ntost competent Irish soubrettes on i proven nerseu to ne one the stagt 7rlA atnirA manafycMAM. ... . ------ ------ ------ ------ ------ ------ - r - siuuyiuiii uu action ., e chorus, which also sang well, were Oil that tiAulJ V. . 1 i r . tne best tsort, and the groupings and action all t hat t nnlH ha rn.- rn.- - - well paJhted, and there was an efficient uivucuu-, uivucuu-, uivucuu-, uuer careiui airection. in every W7HV thai n.Ai4n...lnn a . .. mus O'Brien r .. w (uuu, ana tyia- tyia- aeserves a long and prosper- prosper- ous career.

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  1. The New York Times,
  2. 06 Jan 1897, Wed,
  3. Page 5

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  • "Shamus O'Brien Good" NY Times 6 Jan 1897

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