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grandad - feAGE TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER Hi 1928...
feAGE TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER Hi 1928 Keith-Valentine Wedding Held s -I—--. M[onday Noon At high noon on Monday one of the, most beautiful' weddings of tfle sSason occurred when Miss. Ethel Keith, daughter of Mr. and? Mrs. •-L. 'G. Keith, prominent residents .of-itaion county, and Wilbur Val- Consjicuous among the early fall nuptial events was the marriage marriage of Miss Morene Davis and John Frederick Borgsmiller, which was .solemnized this morning at 9 o'clock at Nuptial High Mass at St. Andrew's Catholic church. Rev. .J. J. Taggert, pastor of the- church, „ < : ntine of Chicago were united in | officiating used the double ring marriage. • r.The parlors of the beautiful Borgsmiller Davis Troth Plighted at Church Wedding cpuhtry home were artistically decorated. Light deliphium and 1 smilacs predominated in the color scheme. Banks of flowers' and ferns were used to imp'rovise an " altar 'bower where the ceremony was performed by the Rev. Walter Walter Spodner of Chicago, an intimate intimate friend of the family. The bride approached the altar on—the arm of her father, L. G. Keith, as a class mate. Miss Annetta Annetta Dennis,'played beautiful Leb- erstrohn's wedding march. Mrs. Robert Hagler of this city, a cousin cousin of the 'bride, sang "At Dawn- I ceremony. ,To the strains of Mendelssohn's wedding march the bridal- party entered the church, which was off. set with beauty, by cut flowers, ferns and palms, which made the setting a beautiful one. Adorned in her bridal costume the bride was a charming picture. picture. Her dress was made of white crepe de chine, with tight bodice, full skirt with pleated ruffles ruffles around the bottom. Her veil was embroidered tuille, caught with a wreath of tiny lillies of the val- Hes and fell in circling folds to the back, and white satin slippers and white hose. Her bridal bou- ins" during the ceremony. The | gjiet was of cream rose buds and bride was attired in a charming o£ ivory taffeta, made with a tight basque and full circular 'skirt, with uneven hemline that hung in ripples in the back, and white slippers and hose. Her wreath was of orange blossoms, and her bridal bouquet was sunkist X/OSes and lillies "of the valley.- vThe couple was attended by a "lend of -the • bride, 'Miss. Emma ino.ok of Cutler, .111., and '-.Wayne itacy a friend of the groom, of. ,cago. isa Snook wore a beautiful ;o*n of green taffeta and carried .' bouquet of pink killaruey rose rods J&trs Valentine is a popular bung ladjv. She is a graduate of *he Southern Illinois Normal Uni- Jcersity at Car'boridale-.aud the Uni- .gversity of Illinois j ' "' -'—' •and attended the S=ity' She has for the past two •^years been employed as teacher an the Alto Pass High School. •She is prominent both in social and Jcivic circles. * The groom is a highly esteem*ed esteem*ed yong, man. He is well known <in Murphysboro, having attended -. school at Carbondale at the South. «rn Illinois Normal University where he graduated. And is at present employed as draftsman in Chicago. • Reception at Home of Bride After the ceremony a wedding reception was given at the home of-^ the bride's parents fpr about one hundred guests. The dining was beautifully, decorated, and a delicious 3 course dinner was served. jai: and Mrs. Valentine departed later 'in the day by motor -jor a nd,neymoon in the Ozarks and elsewhere, for about two weeks, after which they will be at home in their ^newly furnished : apartment apartment in Chicago. Mr. and Mrs. R.ay Hagler, Mr. anjd Mrs. Robert Hagler and Mr and Mrs. M. K. Spencer of this cif,y, cousins of the bride, attended attended the wedding. lillies of the vallies. The bride was attended by a sister of the groom, Miss Elizabeth Borgsmiller. Miss Borgsmiller wore a dress of Perry Wilkle orchid orchid crepe trimmed in transparent velvet, her hat was black velvet picture hat and black slippers a'nd ose. 'Miss Borgsmiller carred a liower bouquet of pink rose buds. 'Mr. Borgsmiller was attended by is . brother,. .Theodore. The mar- lage ' was attended by relatives NAZARENE REVIVAL - •'• BEGINS THIS EVENING 'Beginning with this evening tlfefe will be a week of reviva irfeetings at the Nazarene church corner of 7th and Walnut streets Rev. T. C. Grigsby of Eldorado Ark., and Rev. J. W. Peters o . Olivet, 111., will preach. Rev Grigsby served as pastor of the local church six years ago, and still preaches as in former class Rev. Peters is also a very force fal- speaker and singer. He for raejrly taught voice at the Olive "University. .J An invitation is extended to ou ni^ny friends of the differen and friends of the couple. The betrothal of this popular young couple does not come as a surprise to Murphysboro friends for it is the culmination of a romance romance of several years duration. The bride is one of the city's most highly esteemed young women. women. She is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Perry Davis of -Little Rock, Ark. She attended the Murphysboro Murphysboro High School, and has for the last three years been employed as operator for the Illinois Commercial Commercial Telephone Company. She is a member of St. Andrew's Catholic Catholic church. Mr. Borgsmiller is a prominent young man. Tie is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Borgsmiller, Sr., one of Murphysboro's highest esteemed esteemed families. He is a graduate graduate of St. Andrew's Parochial School, and a member of St. Andrew's Andrew's Catholic church. He attended attended the Murphysboro High School, and has for some time been engaged in business for his father' as salesman for the Murphysboro Murphysboro Grocei-y Company. Immediately following the ceremony ceremony a wedding breakfast was served for relatives of the couple at.'ihe home of the .groom's parents;-on parents;-on South 23rd street. Mr. and Mrs. Borgsmiller departed departed Tuesday noon "by motor for a honeymoon.ill' Wisconsin. They plan on being home in two weeks at their newly furnished cottage on Clay street. ALL AROUND' Lawrence TInterfer of 19th St. spent Friday at Scott Field Belleville. Belleville. ""Mr. and Mrs. Grover Pate^~of Spruce St. motored to Cape Girardeau Girardeau Sunday and spent the dtpy. Mrs. Fannie Neal spent the week end in St. Louis with her son Henry Henry Neal, -who ia employed 'there, and attended the Municipal opera. Mr. and Mrs. Philip Schwebel and son Albert departed Sunday by motor for Oklahoma. Roy Plater and Virgil Boucher departed Monday for Monmouth, 111., where they will attend Monmouth Monmouth college the coming year. William Cassidy has departed for Champaign where he will be a senior at the University of Illinois the coming year. Mrs. Nelle Gill and daughter, Billie Ruth, have returned home after spending the past week in St. Louis the guest of relatives. Mrs. OIlie Carruthers, s'chool teacher at Cora, City, spent the week end in Murphysboro with her 40 MERCERIZED JACONET DUCHES ' DRESS . GOODS NEW FALL COLORS YD. FIRST FLOOR lev. and Mrs. Esser Are Honored Sunday A .happy reunion of. old time ri'ends and acquaintances oJ Rev. nd Mrs. Esser took place yester-v ay when forty-three friends cam| roin St. Louis and attended thjfe nqrairtg worship and remained as aeir. guests. throughout the day. 'he ladies of the church served a most delicious chicken dinner at he noon hour. After dinner the uests were shown the beauty pots of Murphysooro. Supper vas also served, after which the ue'sts departed; after spending a nost enjoyable day. The follow- ng were present: Messrs, . and rfesdames Fred Weiize and daugh- ers, Thelma and Luoile, •: Carl •Caufmann, Emil. : Remnieis and amily.'Chas. Remmers, Mittendorf, rank Stevan,' Otto Hoser, Geo: vemjier, Siv : Geo. Kemper, Jr., and amily,r.,ij'ohn Schmierbach and aSi|iy£''Sinimensou : , Fj-ed Tuhro and'j fainXIy,' Misses : Martha Mosse- in, lEmma- Horning, Houwer, Ella Weitzl 'and Antoinette Bothe; \lre;; Adam Schneider, Mrs. Lou^e'.;Esser, Lou^e'.;Esser, Harold Moser, Albert Winter, Jean Lauman and Harold iemmers. Markets CHICAGO PRODUCE Poultry receipts 9 cars. Fowls .21 to,.30;. leghorns .22%; springs .21 tp .2,9;- ducks .17 to .24; turkeys .20; roosters .20; broilers .30. ,,. Sqtatoes: Arrivals 1G3,-on track 257, . in transit 709; Wisconsin sacked Irish Cobblers 1.00 to 1.10; hulk .90; Minnesota sacked Early Mr. and Mrs. Joe Gaunt and family and Mrs. William Victor of Grand Chain spent a few hours in Murphysboro Sunday. I Mrs. Monroe Doty who has been visiting in Murphysboro the past eight weeks, returned to her horn.; at Grand Chain, 111.. Sunday. Rolin Baucom oi Wall street departed departed ' Monday for Champaignc 111., where he will enter the University University of Illinois. Mr. and Mrs. Howard Ciyden and Mrs. H. C. Bugterworgh of St. Louis visited with Murphysboro Murphysboro friends Sunday. , W. M. Edmonds who is very ill remains unimproved, at the home of Mrs. Belle'Elliott of Grimsby. Ren Grobel of Eldorado, 111., is visiting in this city at "the home of his sister, Mrs. E. ,7. Sisuey, and family, of Pine street. Miss Virginia Huffman of the Home Appliance Store is enjoying enjoying a two weeks vacation from her duties. Miss Arsicel Clipner .-- HeadsJ.unior Womans Club A meeting'of the Junior Womans Club was-'held Monday evening at the home of their newly appointejd advisor Miss Emma .Smith o"ix North 14th St. The purpose of the meeting was to' elect officers for the coming year and: to outline the year's program. , Miss Arsicel Clipner was elected president for. the coming year. Misses Misses Lillian Gardner, vise'-president, Esther Blackwood secretry and Kathryn Maloney treasurer and Lonelyn Edgell parliamentarian. The new officers will take charge at once and will work to get the club's calendar outline, for a busy' year. Miss Smith was apponted advisor advisor to succeed Mrs. O. B. Littick •wha has recently resigned as the club's^ director. Mrs. Littick organized organized the .club in. Murphysboro and it was under her able leadership, that the. club has worked, for the past two years, the members were sorry to learn of Mi's. Littick's resignation. resignation. The club will'conduct a drive for new members in the near future and are planning to make this year's club's activities an outstanding outstanding one. The program for the year is be-, ing outlined, and regular meetings will be held. Mr. Mrs. Chester Ashman. Sr., have returned home from a honeymoon honeymoon in. Mobile, Alabama, and other southern points. Hon0r Two al Surprise i ii? A birthday basket din held at the home of Win. Doerr'ea of: Finney recently in 1 Mrs. Doerr's 57th birthda onor of and her Mrs. Anna Underbill, Mr. and Mrs. Russell Bost, Edward Black, John Lirtikay, Hughie Butler, Katherine Coriiett, Mrs. Delia Bost and' daughter Lena and sou Cleatus, Mr. and Mrs. Win. Doerr and sons Frank and John. sister-in-law Mrs. Delia Bbst's 69th birthday. Those present 'were, Mr and Mr-s. Vallie Blacklock, d'aught rr, Alma and son Ray, Mr. and IV: rs. Clyde Doerr and son Billie, Ray and Harlen Harlen Noel, Mr. and Mr. Ol M. Cornett Cornett and daughters Ireub, Ruth, Lucille and son Garnett. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Doty, Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Bost and .daughter Mary, Mrs. A. H. Bost and daughter daughter Bess, Mrs. U. B. Chilton anti daughters Bettie and. Margaret Ann, Win. Bost. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Doerr and Herbert, Mr. and Mrs. .Geo. Doerr and son Delmar, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Doerr and sons Lowe! and Jesse and' daughter Blanche, Mr. and Mrs. Ed Doerr and daughters Lelia and Hattie. SAND RlbGE BAPTIST PTIST , S Y_ lie building f For Hie Benefit of the fund to remodel the Sand Ridge Baptist chmch a chicken sitppsr and entertainment will be held there Tuesday evening. Ssr.t. IS, starting at 0:30. The Tuscon quartet and band of Carbondate will furnish the nuisi( . al mmlber ,-. Opening dance at Wednesday. Sept. IL'. C. hall all-It 'M ids Sfmpte Risiho - For Bt-zc^hcc- •.'--..5- ;o:^._--;i, cct ;-.vo <^...,., Q , -Liionit.o po\v ier Irom any dru i: store icvl;it!u :i J.ulo or. a hot, wot "c'otii '.ml rub over tie blackheads. In a lew ••' ':!.ie!:h€.T!Cl, bis or little. '- - - TRIANGLE' CLUB TO HOLD HOBO;HIKE FRIDAY A meeting of the. Triangle club of the First Christian church was held Monday church at which time plans were made for a hobo hike to the held by the class Friday evening. The members will meet at the church and in hobo costumes hike to a desired place where an outing will Dance every Wednesday night beginning Sept. 12, at K. C. hall, Murphysboro. sll-lt Rev. and Mrs. H. B. Cox and Mr. and Mrs. Allen Cox and son Ohios .35 to .90; Kansas and Mis-j O f Benton were visitors in this city. Sunday and attended the home- souri sacked Irish Cobblers .75 to' .SO; Nebraska sacked Irish Cobblers Cobblers .90 to 1.00. Eggs receipts 15,430; extra firsts .34; firsts .30 to .33y 2 ; ordinaries .27-to .29; seconds .23 to .26. Buttei receipts 13,244; extras 92 score ..48; extra firsts .40 to .47; firsts 43% to .44%; seconds .41'to 4-3->' standaids .47; December stor- ,age standaids .46%; January .46%. R. Akers Joins Sears-Roebuck Staff Hal R. Akers, former proprietor of; Akers arid company store in this cij-y., left "Sunday night for Chicago; Svhere he has accepted a position^'with the Sears-Roebuck companyi Mr. Akevs will familiarize familiarize himself with the stocks and sales methods of the firm, after which, according to his contract, he will be given a place as manager manager of one of the retail /stores of. the company, many of which are being opened in various sections sections of the countr3 r . Mrs. Akers will remain here, at her home on Wall street, until Mr. Akers is permanently located. E'AST ST. LOUIS LIVESTOCK Hog receipts 11,000; holdovers 723; niaiket 10 to 20c higher; 250 to 350 Ibs 1210 to 12.90; 200 to 250 Ibs. 12.50 to 13.35; 160 to 200 Ibs. 12.65 to 13.35; 130 to 160 Ibs. 11.25 to 13.00; 90 to .130 Ibs. 9.25 to 11.75; packing sows 10.90 to 11.50. Cattle receipts 13,500; calf receipts receipts 5,000; market—steers prospects prospects lower; beef steers; 12.50 to 15.75; light yearlings and heifers 11.0 Oto 13.00; beef cows S.OO to 9.25; low cutter and cutter cows 5.75 to 7.50; vealers 1-7.50; heavy calvers 10.00 to "13.50; bulk stock and feeder steers S.OO to 11.50. Sheep receipts 1500; market weak to 25c lower; shorn basis: top fat lambs 14.75; bulk/fat lambs 13.75 to 14.25; bulk cull lambs 9.?" to 10.00; bulk fat ewes 4.00 to 6.50. MiSS MANSON ENTERTAINS WITH BIRTHDAY PARTY A birthday party was •given Sat- r,services to come. NEW ARRIVALS cfiiErches when they have no regu- urday evening at the home of Mr. and Mrs. William Manson of North 7th St., by their daughter, Miss Henrietta, the occasion being her thirteenth birthday. Games and music were the diversions diversions of the evening. The home was prettily decorated in cut flowers and crepe paper decorations. Dainty refreshments were served by the hostess to about twenty one guests. Mr.' and Mrs. W. A. Wyman o£ . 18th St., are the parents '&;'baby boy, born Monday. The little lad has been named Sam, af- tpr his grand father. Mrs. Wwman was formerly Mary McNeill. Moth- e|r and son .are doing nicely. i 6 66 fcures Malar!.) and qulckjy relieves feilliousness, Headaches x and Dizziness Dizziness due to temporary Constipation. .Aids in eliminating Toxins ;and ja itiighly)crte'eme'cl for••produelhg\copl- •pus watery evacuation*. : BIRTHDAY DINNER SUNDAY, SEPT. 9TH WILL-WILLIAMSON REUNION The Will-Williamson reunion will be held at Riverside Park, Murphysboro, Murphysboro, 111., on. Sun-day, September September 16, 192S. Please bring a basket basket of dinner. Everybody welcome. welcome. FRANK WHIPKEY, President. SAM • WILLIAMSON, Secretary. ' ''' '' Saturday, Sept. Sth was the 73rd birthday of John B. Williamson. On Sunday the 9th, his children and a few of his friends gathered at his home with well filled baskets and a long table was erected on the lawn under the old maple trees where so many happy hours have been spent. And all partook o£ the many good things to eat. And to say it was enjoyed by all would be putting putting it mild. All of his children were - present except Mrs. Dillard Woodard of Vergennes, who was unable to be present ou account of sickness in the family. Those present were as follows: Messers and Mesdames, John B. Williamson R. E. Williamson, S. O. Williamson and children, Ruth, Ardell, Walter, Lottie, Mildred and Roy Gene, J C. McDaniel and daughter Rosalie Arch Williamson and children, Wilma, Wilma,, Coile and Norman Jack Glenn, J. Fred Williamson Reba Woodard, John Woodard, Al len Woodard and Albertene Wood ard, Fred LePere, Gus Stephens Wm. F. Johnson and Mrs. Edna Anderson, Elden and Lewis LePere Mrs. Rebecca Goodman of Pueblo Colorado; Mr. and Mrs. Henry Me Daniel, of Carboudale, Mrs. .Joe Glenn; and daughter Joelleu of Mur physboro.^Miss'Opal Higgefson, o'.-''. ' '. -•'•'' •' '•'•'.';."• coming at the First Baptist church. Mrs. Clifford Imhoff and little; daughter Mary Yvonne have returned returned to their home near Ava, after spending the past weeks in this city. Mr. and Mrs. Will 'Wasska and Mr. and Mrs. E. C. Eddleman of Anna spent Sunday in Murphysboro Murphysboro the guests of Mrs. A. F. Kuehle of South 15th street. o Mr. and Mrs. Edward Green and little daughter, Joyce, and Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Blair of St. Louis spent the week end with Mrs. Blair's parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. O. Bagwill, Bagwill, of this city. o Frank Zink, barber, who has een ill for some time suffering •ith a carbuncle on the back of is neck, is convalescing nicely nd is able to be out again. Mr. and Mrs. Walter Chancey of 303 Walnut street, motored to !ton Friday and attended the fun- ral of his aunt, Mrs. Alexander Misses Irene and Kathryn Gep- hert of St. Louis spent Sunday n Murphysboro the guests of .relatives .relatives and friends. The Misses Jeppherts formerly lived here. Mrs. Julia Eckels and sons, Fred ind W. R., of East St. Louis, and rlrs. Viermaii of Belleville, spent he week end in this city the ;uests of Mesdames R. Z. Gill, R. Martin and A. F. Kuehle. Little Lavern Connor of North street who underwent an operation Saturday morning in St. Andrew's lospital for the removal of her tonsils and adenoids is doing nice- Mrs. George Chamberlain and little little daughter of East St. Louis are visiting in Murphysboro at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Hagler Hagler of Dewey St. . William Jackson has' returned _to hjs home in Belleville after spencl- ng a two weeks' vacation'in Mur- Jhysboro and Marion. He was accompanied accompanied home by Charles Mileur. M. G. Wolff of° Wolff Brothers eweiry Store, who has been a patient patient in St. Anthony's Hospital in St. Louis for the past several weeks ago, underwent a major eratiou Monday, and according to elatives was doing nicely Tuesday iiorning.. '• > NOTiQE MINERS •• All members" of Local No. 6S3 U. M. W. of "A. are requested' to meet at Miners' Hall from 2 to 5 o'clock Wedueseday, to vote on the proposed proposed new wage scale. By Order of Secretary A. L. BAMSEON. BIRTHS AND DEATHS DURING AUGUS 1 CARBONDALE, Sept. 11—Ac cording to City Clerk W. J. Brow there were eight deaths and eigh tees, births during the -iaoath o August. BALLARBY'S HONORED WITH FAREWELL A farewell social gathering was gi'.'en Monday evening at the parsonage parsonage of St. Peter's Evangelical church by the. members of tITe Ministerial Association of Murphysboro Murphysboro and their wives, coinpli-. mentary to Rev. and Mrs. T. H. Ballarby, former minister of the M. E. church, south, who has re-, cently resigned owing-to ill health and will take up residence at his old home at Lomi, Illinois. The evening was spent socially with about fourteen present. Rev. and Mrs. Ballarby departed Tuesday for Lomi. y. Miss Aldene and Norman Thompson and Chester Luggens of East St. Louis spent Sunday in this city the puests of their aunt and uncle, Mr. and Mrs. S. C. Hoffman, of Division street. Mrs. Dave Higgins of 19th street spent Friday in Thebes the guest relatives and with, her little son, David, who is attending school there. David lias recently returned from a motor; trip in the east and with his aun.1 and uncle Mrs. William Daniel and sous Franklin and Henry ,and daughte Mary Ellen, of East Walnut St., ac compauied by Mrs. j Alex Smitl niotpred;to-,Cairo Sunday and visit ed 'with' Mrs.' Willia'ra O'Conffell Mrs. 0'Council returned with their to Murphysboro to spend the week Bisop John' Chandler White o Springfield, 111., and Dr. and Mrs C. F. Gates of Zeiglpr, 111., wer Murphysboro visitors Sunday- Bishop White conducted services Suaaay eveauig*' at -the. Trinity Episcopal Church. . ; LOW COAL BID EDWARDSVILLE, ILL., Sept. 1—(UP)—County officials have btained'a low bid' of $2.98 a ton 3r lump coal for county use, com- ared with $3.40 per ton last year. »r WhenFbod* Sours Lots of folks who think they lave "indigestion", have only an acid condition which could be cor- ected in five or ten minutes. An effective anti-acid' like ' Phillips Milk of Magnesia soon restores digestion to normal. Phillips does away with airthat sourness and gas right after meals. It prevents the distress so apt to occur two hours after eating. What a pleasant preparation preparation to take! And how "good it is for the system! Unlike a burning dose of soda—which is but temporary temporary relief at -best—Phillips Milk,of Magnesia.neutralizes many times its-volume in acid..'I . Next time a hearty nieal', or too rich a diet has brought; on the least discomfort, try— Following the business meetiu Monday a social hour was enioy- ed. The club is organizing after the Slimmer season. Miss Wilde Davis, teachei boro High School, is counsellor of Mr. and Mrs. Clinton Bran of Carterville were visitors in Murphysboro Murphysboro Sunday

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