Sour Milk and Cream Recipes

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Sour Milk and Cream Recipes - HELPING THE FEDWELL FAMILY i- -By HELEN T....
HELPING THE FEDWELL FAMILY i- -By HELEN T. jnmrF.a HOME SERVICE DEPARTMENT OF THE MONTANA FLOUR MILLS COMPANY Sour Milk and Cream in Many DUhcs. A half pint of sour milk or of sour cream thrown out does not mean many pennies, but it Is too baa not to use them In some of the cakes, cookies, salad dressings and candies that are much better than when made w i t h the usual arrangement of sweet milk. At various times during tho past months there has-been printed recipes recipes for the use of sour milk and cream. But as the request comes in so often for methods of using them, I thought it -well to collect the diff diff e r e n t recipes and print them all together. together. Dressings made from sour cream have a delicious flavor that can not be obtained in any other ivay. Horseradish nnd Sour Cream Sauce. This dressing is especially g v.'hen served w i t h baked ham, rish . 1 cup sour cream, -whipped. 3 j cup grated horseradish. 2 tablespoons \inegar. Omit the vinegar if the horseradish is bought prepared in a jar. When a quick p u d d i n g sauce is needed or a soft cake f i l l i n g required in a hurry, the following recipe can be used Sour Cream Cake Filling. To one nil") of sour cream ad 1 one nip of nut meals, ?. tablespoonfuls of p o w d e r e d sugar and i j teaspoon v an ilia. The next recipe is one that has b p p n very popular and a l t h o u g h many have it t h e i e are probabl;. some that h a v e not. 1 cup sour cream. 1 cup chopped mils. 1 cup powdered sugar. I B teaspoon salt i\ teaspoon almond extract Cook cream and sugar together to the soft ball stage and cool, beating- beating- almost constantly u n t i l the mix- tine is thick enough to hold its form. Add nuts, salt and extract. A delicious variation of -his recipe recipe is made by using brown sugar. 1 cup brown sugar. 1 cu.p sour cream. 1 cup English w a l n u t s i^ teaspoon orange extract Follow directions given in preceding preceding recipe. · W i t h Tart Fruit. Cooked or crushed f r u i t combines ·ttell w i t h whipped soui cream for a tart sauce for cottage pudding. Add a little salt to the cream and a few drops of v a n i l l a to take away the b u t t e r y taste, and last of al 1 , fold in an equal amount of juice, or less, If the f r u i t is very juicy. This is especially good with cranberries. Salad Dressing. (sour cream inakps one of the best «alad diessings and one of the easiest easiest to prepare. S p r i n k l e the .sour ;rcam l i b e r a l l y with salt and a l i t t l e p a p i i k a , add a l i t t l e A inegai lemon juice a n d w h i p u n t i l t h o clcam s t a n d s light The vegetables of w h i c h t h e salad is to ho made a tin own in w i t h tlie cream .-nut the -nhole folded l i g h t l v This flic is good w i t h chopped cabbage or with celery or lettuce mixed w i t h cooked vegetables and a few minced nut=. Or the o u t e r leaves of l e t t u c e cut - n i l h the k i t c h e n shears, a little onion cut f i n e , mixed with it anct stirred i n t o diessms". A l i t l l e horseradish, minced herb 1 or pickle adrls a p i q u a n t flavor Cold ·slaw is all v erv well in i t s vvav b u t I ' O t slaw, nshllv seasoned an°! lust healed through -with sour cream u ill a -K-oild all bv Itself. Bash sal and pepper liberally over the cabbage and add a l i t t l e sugar and m u s t a r d nibbed smooth and f r e e of l u m p s a n d then p o u r o v e r P o u r cream n o q u i t e enough to cover the cabbagr If you w a n t a t h i c k e r dressing, adc ,i couple of beaten egg 3 oiks l c i e a m and h e a t very slowly so as no to c u r d l e tho mixture-. Proportion of Soda to TJ**. T h e i e is a general l u ' c for the nsi of soda - v i t h f o u r ci ram or milk t h a is seldom v a i i e d o.ccpt in the cas of v e i y sour c i c p m or m i l k . "\Vhri too much soda is added the i c s u l it, a b i t t e r e l i o v v product as e\ p c n c n c e has t a u g h t that It is ·vvi'-e lo u«e Hist e n o u g h ^ocla to neutralizi t b c a c i d and if addiliomi.1 l e v c - n i n f is desned to use a small amount o baking powder. Tho most ri'Ii ru*c is % teaspoon soda to each of sour cream or milk, and one tea spoon of baking powder when jBxtri l e a v e n i n g is desired. Tho old way -was to add the sod: to the l i q u i d but tins had two dis advantages, one t h a t the soda w a l i k e l y to be l u m p y and one t h a t th a c t i o n of the acid of the m i l k on th soda began before the i n g r e d i e n t tvore m i x e d , in One way the gas fo leavening -was to some extent los Sour Cream Cookies. 2 tablespoons butter. 2 cups sugar. 2 eggs. 1 teaspoon flavoring 1 cup sour cream. y : teaspoon soda. 4 cups flour. ?i teaspoon spice Is desired. Cream butter, add sugar and stir, add eggs, mix well and add the rest at the ingredients, the soda sifted ·with a cup of flour. Toss on a floured floured board, roll out thin and cut our rounds. If drop cookies are desired use 3^ cups of flour and drop on oiled tin by the teaipcen full. Cocoanut, Cocoanut, nuts or raisins may be added. Soor Cream Cake 2 eggs well beaten. Ji,i cups sugar. 3; teaspoon soda. 5 cups flour. 2 teaspoonfuls baking powder. 1 teaspoon sadt. Beat eggs, and add sugar and stir until smooth. and sift the dry of ib of ingredients and add alternately with the liquid. Bake in a modeiate oven 375 degrees about fortv m i n u t e If our milk is used instead o1 sour cream use ^ cup of melted shortening. A richer cake may be made by using tJhree eggs instead of two. Sour Cream Biscuits. 2 CUDS f l o u r . \» teaspoon baking powder. 1 -"up sour cream. 1 teaspoon salt, li. teaspoon soda. "U'hen sour milk is used 2 tablc- )oons fat is added. !M"ix dry indregid- ··nU. Stir in the cream. Pat out to 2 inch thickness. Cut and bake in jt en en Soft Ginger Bread. H cup shortening. 1 cup sugar. 1 cup molasses. 1 ciip sour or butter m i l k 1 teaspoon spices (cinnamon and j loves.) 2 teaspoons soda. ! 3 cups flour. 2 teaspons ginger. 2 eggs. .lift all dry ingredients together, ream and shortening 1 . Add molos- es and beaten egg. Alternately add o the sugar m i x t u r e the ts and tflio m i l k . Bake a-bout iimutes in a 025 degree oven. Sour Milk Waffles. 2 cups flour. "4 teaspoon soda. 1 teaspoon baking 1 powder. li£ cup sour milk. 2 beaten eggs separately. 2 tablespoons melted shortening. 1 teaspon salt. Mix and sift the dry Ingredients, add mi Ilk slowly, then jolks of eg-frs and shortening. Fold in the s t i f eaten egg whites and bako in hot rons. S»nr Cream Fudge. 2*A cups b r o w n sugar. 2 c u p s sour rrram 2 squares, chocolate. K teaspoon vanilla. 3 ,i teaspoon .salt 3 cup broken nut met* Put the sugar and sour cream in iic sauce pan and cook gently o \ slow f i r e u n t i l the sugar is dissolved, b t i r i ing all the while, g: to the b o i l i n g p o i n s tn r i n g Boil u n t i l the las reached the soft ba-11 state-23S degrees F. Cook until the candy is cool on the bottom. Add f l a v o and beat u n t i l creamy. The ate if ufeed. may be melted and added added to the cream at the b e g i n the process, or may I)- a d d e d ~u the flavoring 1 when the m i x t u cooled. Add n u t s just b e f o ing into the b u t t e r e d pan. TESTING EGGS "When yon doubt the freshness of an egg, put in to a tumbler ot water. If it sinks, very well, if it float' it is u n f i t to cat. SPINACH OMELET A delicious omelet is made by adding a cup of cooked spinach to eggs just before they are put into f i j i n g pan. EGG FILLING Hard boiled eggs chopped up w mayonnaise dressing make a very palatable fillings for brown bread sandwiches. sandwiches. PREPARING ROASTS To prcpaie roasts, cover w i t h and pepper, and sprinkle over a flour. If the meat does not seem very fat, add dabs of butter or on top. LEATHER FLOWERS Calfskin flowers now arc worn chic women w i t h either a hat or bag, or both. GIVES VARIETY You can v a r y the monotony poached eggs by serving a mushroom I s-aucc over them.

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