is this awsome or what ..i cant

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is this awsome or what ..i cant - THE REGISTER.NEWS — MT VERNON. ILLINOIS were...
THE REGISTER.NEWS — MT VERNON. ILLINOIS were 1000 bed patients—and Hope didn't miss a bed." The major remembered another vivid moment—15,000 grim-faced troops who had waited an hour and a half on a muddy field for the Hope show. "There wasn't a smile when we arrived. Then Bob started tossing quips at 'em. Those grim faces ilowly broke into laughing faces, I almost cried." Hope's return added excitement to the official opening of the Palm Springs season. His Ironman Act was the talk of big cocktail and flinner parties. + + + More of Miniver M OM released Greer Garson^ new movie as "The Miniver Story" but the title Is being changed to "The New Miniver Story." Too many moviegoers thought it tvas a. re-issue of "Mrs. Miniver." ... The town is buzzing about two top screen stars who took to the road in a stage play and forgot that the love scenes were supposed to stop after the final curtain . . . George Murphy gets a pUim role in "No Questions Asked" at MGM as a reward for his goodwill tour for the studio. + + + J EANNE GRAIN, Who's never so much as muttered "I'll get you for this" on the screen, wants to play a movie meanie with all the trimmings. "I think it's about time for a bad girl role," she told me. Jeanne's husband, Paul Brinkman, is now manufacturing parts Cor radar transmission. "He works longer hours than 1 ilo," walls Jeanne. + + + N OW it will be Charles Laughton on TV film. A video series of 28 films is on tap for him. Joan and Constance siders tell it, will help their sister Barbara Bennett in her coming rourt battle to regain custody of her children from Morton Downey . . . Character actor George ET Stone, off the screen for three years by doctors' orders, has .lumped from 89 to 116 pounds and is *bout to resume his movie career . . . The word around is that Xavier Cugat and singer Abbe MONDAY, NOVEMBER 27, 1950 Lane have decided to junk their wedding plans. Temperament clashes . . . Bill Robinson's widow, Elaine Robinson, is studying for an acting career in New York. + + + O LD but worth repeating: A writer was fired by a big studio for saying he was "disappointed" in the Btudio's latest epic. The producer who fired him screamed "Who are YOU to be disappointed?" The answer came to the writer a few weeks later in New York. He wired the producer: "Who do you have to be in Hollywood to be disappointed?" WotftR,4hva Mosquitoes must swim before they are able to fly. Mt.V. Cousins in U.S. Marine Ccrps Two Mt. Vernon cousins, who enlisted together In the U. S. Marine Corps recently, are taking their boot training at Parris Island, South Carolina. ^ They are Pvt. Harold Glenn Davis, 19, son of Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Davis of 206 south Fourth street and Pvt. Charles Eugene Davis, 19, sou of Mr. and Mrs. Harold Davis of RFD 1, Mt. Vernon. They have the same address. It is: U.&.M.C., Platoon 260, 2nd Ret. Trng. Bn., Marine Corps Recruit Depot, Parris Island, South Carolina. First picture postcard of which proof is extant was made in 1777. Joe Bill Gaunt At Parris Island Joe BUI Gaunt of this city, who enlisted In the U. S. Marine Corps at St. Louis, Mo. on October 17, has been sent to Parris Island, South Carolina for his boot train* ing. He writes that he is on the first five basketball team of the 5th Battalion. Albert McKee of Mt Vernon Ls also on the team. Joe Bill's address Is: Pvt. Joseph W. Gaunt, Jr., 1159102, 5th Bn, Co. A, Pit. 202, JP&rrU Island, South Carolina. Dairy farmers sell milk in sheets in Denmark. The dehydrated sheet is dissolved in hot water to restore it to liquid form. ELECTRICAL WIRING AND SUPPLIES Ask for tre* estimate- WwiaB, John or complete farm hamt wiring. Use 8EARS «*» pmf- ment plan. morns Ask rot Mr Orlaitf Deea Lighting Dlvfelo* M|». SEARS 111 N. lOtb 8i steps ahead

Clipped from
  1. Mt. Vernon Register-News,
  2. 27 Nov 1950, Mon,
  3. Page 6

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