T. B. Douthitt March 13, 1924 The Neosho Times

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T. B. Douthitt March 13, 1924
NEWTON GO, DEMOCRATS TURN SENATOR REED DOWN County Convention Elect Delegates to State Convention Pledged to Vote Against Reed but Not Instructed. The Democratic township conventions conventions held throughout Newton county last Friday afternoon elected delegates delegates to the county convention for Saturday opposed to the endorsement of Senator Jas. A^ Reed for the Democratic nominatio^ for President President by an overwhelming majority. When the delegate convention met Saturday at 11 o'clock .it was found that not more than eight or ten of the 82 delegates elected were in favor of the Reed endorsemnt. Van Buren township sent five Reed delegates, delegates, Granby two and in one or two small townships the lines were not strictly drawn between the two factions. The convention met at 11 o'clock in the circuit court room at the court house and was called to order fcy Dr. E. M. Roseberry, acting chairman of the county committee. On his call for the election of a temporary temporary chairman, I. H. Collier of Benton township nominated W. A. Chandler of Seneca and on motion he was elected by acclamation. Ashley Ashley Bigham was elected secretary. On taking the chair, Mr. Chandler made a talk of about fifteen minutes on Democratic lines, reviewing the accomplishments of the Wilson administration, administration, referring briefly to the enactment of the Federal reserve act, the woman suffrage amendment and the prohibition amendment, all enacted into law during Wilson's administration. administration. He also reviewed Wilson's Wilson's war record, recalling that he -was elected for a second term on the fact that he had "kept us out of war" when the radicals in both the Republican- and Democratic parties parties were clamoring to get us in, that he had transported four million men across the Atlantic without the loss of a single vessel and .brought the World war to a successful issue. Mr. Chandler warned his audience against the efforts now being made to repeal or render void the 18th amendment and the Volstead act and asked them to be sure that candidates candidates for office were in favor of enforcement of these laws. Mr. Chandler's speech was heard with close attention and loudly applauded. The business of the convention was then resumed. A. J. Burk—ef- Newtonia moved that the roll of townships be called and each delegation delegation name its member of four committees: Credentials, permanent organization and rules, resolutions, and selection of delegates to the state convention. After some discussion discussion and one or two amendments this motion finally prevailed. These committees were named and the convention convention adjourned about 12 o'clock until two. The committees were requested to meet at one o'clock and have their reports ready at two. When the convention met at two o'clock J. D. Brookshire of Diamond, chairman of the committee on per- imanent organization, made his report recommending that the temporary organization be made permanent and this was adopted. Mrs. Lulu Kingston of Granby made the report for the credentials committee, finding that the following following were elected as delegates to the convention: East Benton township—I. H. Collier, Collier, Mrs. Inez Cook, John T. Bow- *ers, Mrs. John T. Bowers. Granby township — Mrs. Lulu Kingston, W. H. Williams, W. W. Scholes, Mrs. W. A. Howard, Mrs. W. H. Williams, S. A. Capps, J. S. Harris, Geo. M. Spangle. Fairview—E. Franklin township— D. S. Majors, S. A. Russell, Mrs. L. R, Hudson (Katherine Forsythe, substitute), substitute), Mrs. Ruth Speaks. Berwick township — T. O. Troy, Mrs. T. O. Troy. West Franklin township — Mrs. Nelle Carter, Mrs. Elizabeth Edmondson, Edmondson, E. K. Thornberry, Don Weems. West Benton township—T. L. Cloud, W. H. Cruse, Mrs. Lula Foster, Foster, Mrs. Emily Shuler. Seneca township—Mrs. Jas Alvey, Miss 'Nellie Mullens, W. A. Chandler, Jas. Alvey. John Reynolds, Mrs. Gertie York/ Mrs. J. O'Hara. /' Marion township—J. E. Renfr0, T. B. Douthitt, J. D. Brookshire, Mrs. G. W. Clary, Mrs. H. O. Buchanan, S. H. Johnson. Dayton township—Roy Meyers, R. S. Graham. Five Mile township— r C. R. Mitchell, Mitchell, Mrs. Bessie Kennedy. Newtonia township—Miss Nannie Chapman, Mrs. E. C. Chapman, Mrs. J. P. Tatum, A. J. Burk, Carl Tilton, E. C. Chapman. Buffalo township not represented. Shoal Creek township—J. W. Thurman, Thurman, Mae Thurman (Jospehine George, substitute), William Garri- on son, Mrs. William Garrison. Neosho township—M. J. Kelly, Dr. D. B. Morgan, H. S. Sturgis, Horace Martin, W. A. Phipps, Phil Ratliff, R. E. Linney, Ford Ratliff, Lester Mahan, Ashley Bigham, Dr. E. M. Roseberry, Mrs. A. W. Duff, Mrs. Emma Yates Smith, Mrs. Harry Dyckman, Mrs. M. T. Rice, Mrs. A. A. Gowan, Mrs. Austin Snead, Mrs. Tyra Hudson, Mrs. J. W. Sutherland, Mrs. Virgil Green, Mrs. Porter Taylor, Mrs. S. H. Keller, Keller, Miss Mona Osbourn. H. S. Sturgis, chairman of the resolutions* committee, then read the following report and it was unanimously unanimously adopted: The county convention of delegates elected by the Democrats of the various townships of Newton county adopts the following resolutions: We endorse without reservation the administration, both in peace and in war, of our great President, Woodrow Wilson, and we sincerely regret his breakdown in health before before the close of his second term as President, resulting 'in his untimely untimely death. We condemn and deplore the shameful disregard of the public faith and confidence exhibited by officials of the present Republican administration at Washington and we demand that those public officials officials who are guilty of betraying their country's trust be compelled to resign their • positions and that they be brought to justice and made to pay the penalty of the law for their crimes. The Republican party can not escape the responsibility of the looting of the public oil domain/ Ad the the up voted E. a a since three members of the Hardi cabinet and__one first ^assistant /to a cabinet officer are already 'convicted 'convicted in the public mind. It is conceded that this gigantic oil scandal scandal has been brought to light by the efforts of Democrats in Congress headed by Senator Walsh and now at the beginning of this campaign we promise that we will endeavor to nominate for high public offices only those men and women of good moral character and unquestioned integrity (Continued on page 2) REAL ESTATE TRANSFERS. G. W. Baynes to Alice G. Baird lot 7 blk 3 Williams Add, Neosho, Mo.; $1.00. C. W. Smith to Mrs. Neva Jackson lot 6 blk 2 Withrows Add, Neosho; $3850.00. Glover M. Mullins to Dixon Cawyer ne ne 22-27-32; $1.00. C. E. Mitchell to E. F. Pollock lot 22 Alberts Add, Seneca; $1.00. M. D. Freemen to Frank E. Meyer nw sw 26-24-32; $600.00. Josephine Manganj to Ben F. Putman Putman lot 28 Staples & Pabst sub-div; $300.00. Playter Land Co., to J. A. Vader sw ne 26-26-33; $800.00. 0. M. Shore to National Bank Commerce Commerce SW s hf nw 28 pt se 29-25-32; $1.00. Helen M. Wilcox to Geo. J. Grayston Grayston w hf lot 1 nw 2-25-32; $825.00. Clint Wilson to S. C. Hutchings pt se se 30-25-32; $600.00. Jas. W. Stribling to Wm. French sw ne pt se nw e hf sw nwse 26-2533; 26-2533; $10500.00. Martha Mailes to T. B. Duembler pt lot 1 blk 1, Seneca proper; $300.00. Playter Land Co. to W. L. Church lots 11-12-14 Playter sub-div.; $650.00. W. B. Hubbell to J. L, Montgomery pt se sw 32-24-29; $1.00. John Fleming to Lemuel T. Baxter s hf sw sw 21-24-81; $1.00. Fred Wildey to O. K. Hiles pt se nw pt sw ne 29-25-31; $1,00. 0. K. Hiles to Fred Wildey e hf se 33-26-32; $1.00. W. L. Davis et al to W. H. German lots 11-12-13 Spring City sub-div.; $325.00. Playter Lund Co. to Arthur M. Put- tots 15-17 Playter sub-div.;

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