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SATURDAY, APRIL 13, 1963 THE REGISTER-NEWS — MT. VERNON, ILLINOIS Polly's Pointers SOCIETY TRAVEL GUroE NOTEBOOK |a note of that, too, with wiyEiwter Egg other pertinent Information. —!Hunt At DIx DEAR POLLY—I always have PQLTA'. a notebook and pencil handy DEAR POLLY — As a career when we take a trip by car. I woman, I have been forced to jot down where we go, highway use tlie harsh liquid and pow- by highway. When we stop at altered soaps that are found in place of interest, details ore^some office rest rooms. I have jotted down in addition to thelj-estored my hands to normal pictures we take. When the pic- by cariying a small tube of tures are later put in a photo- men's shaving cream in my cos- gi-aph album, along goes the mefic case. A slight squeeze of story I have written. These arc the tube produces enough "soap" a help when taking another trip for a good lather. — N. S. in the same direction. — D. W. oiRI .S — I used a brand that (URLS — A friend of mlne.Rontnlns lanoHn and my hands also lists the names of the mo- did feel less dry and softer. — tels and restaurants she liked POLIA'. (as well as others to avoid) and DEAR POLLY — A good way generously passes along this io cloan a bread or meat cutting first-hand Information to f rlcndsboard that has become discolored who are traveling In the same | is to rub it with the inside of direction. If there arc plutws of|lemon rinds. Wash with warm Interest, such as historic bulld-jwatcr and the board will be light Ings, open to thu public only lit and clean looking after it dries. certain hours, she always makes'—MRS: D, M. An Easter egg hunt was lield Monday, April 8, at Rome consolidated school under the sponsorship of the P. T. A. and Modern Woodmen Lodge. There were 240 present, including several of pre-school age. Those receiving prizes were Duane Sanders, Marketa Harvey, David Ross Porter, Mitchell Crawford, Chris Jones, and Rodney Saeger. W. M. S. Meets WATCHING TV TONIGHT 6:00-Thrllls and Skills 3, Big Four 4, Death Valley Days 5, Sports 6, Sea Hunt 12. 6:30-Gallant Men 2-3, Jackie Gleason 4-12, Sam Benedict 5-6, Country Show 11. 7:30—Hootenanny 2-3, The Defenders 4-12, Joey Bishop 5-6, Riverboat 11. 8:00-Lawrence Welk's 2-3, Saturday Night at the Movies 5-6. 8:J0-Have Gun Will Travel 4-12, Wrestling 11. 9:00-Fight of the Week 2-3, Gunsmoke 4-12. 9!45-Make That Spare 2-3. 10:00-Chiller Th.ater 2, Wrestling 3, News 4-5, Saturday Night Jamboree 6, Strike It lucky Bowling 11. ?0:10-Gold Award Theater 5. 10:15-Movie: The Sign of the Cross 4, Movie: A Song to Remember 12. 10:30-Weekend at the Movies 6. 11:00-Movie: Whirlpool 3, Roller Derby 11. 11:30—Movie: Chicago Confidential 2. 12:00-News 11. 12:10-News 5. 12:1S-Weekend Tape S. 12:30—Movie: Three Men in White 4, Newsreel 11. 1:00-News 2-3. 1:05—Mahalia Jackson Sings i. 1i15-Wcafher 5. 2:05-News 4. SUNDAY PROGRAM Morning 7:05-News 4. 7:15—Big Picture 4. 7:45—Christophers 4. 8:00—Camera Three 4. 8:15-Christophers 12. 8:20-Mahalia Jackson Sings 2. 8:25-Newi 2. 8:30—Religious ? Faith of Our Fathers 4, Christophers 5, Paducah Devotion 6, Herald of Truth 12. 8:4S-Faith For Today 2, News 11. 9:00—Catholic Easter Service 4-12, Met. Church Federation 5, TV Gospel Time II. 9:15—Message of the Rabbi 2, Hamilton Brothers Quartet 6. 9:30—Fisher Family 2, This 's the life 5, Christophers 6, Allen Revival 11. 9:45-Sacred Heort 6. 10:00—The Door Is Open 2, Protestant Easter Service 4-12, Presbyterian Easter S rvice 5-6, Documentary 11. 10:30—The Answer 2, Frontiers Of Science 11. H:00-Catholic Mass 2, Quir A Catholic 4, Eternal light 5, Popeye 6, Third Baptist Church 11, This is the Life 12 11:30-Sacred Heart 2, Cartoons 3, Washington Reports 4-12, Festival of Arts 5, This is the life 6. 11:45—Ask A Priest 2, Oavey and Goliath 11. Afternoon 12:00—Viewpoint 2, Big Picture 3, Movie: San Francisco 4, Easter Mass 5, The Answer 5, Oral Roberts 11, Film 12. 12:30-Pro and Con 2, TBA 3, Baseball 6, Rev. Beeney 11. 12:45-Game of the Week 12. 1:00—Directions '63 2-3, House Detective 11. 1:30-Gold Award Theater 5, Church of Christ 11. 2:00-News 2, Oral Roberts 3, Movie: Goodbye Mr. Chips 4, Championship Bridge 11, 2:30—Wire Service 2, Educational 3, All Star Bowling 11. 2:45-Dirksen 3. 3:00-Allen Revival 3. 3:30—Alumni Fun 2-3, Fred Waring Special 5-6, Miss Missouri Pageant 11. 4:00—Major Adams-Trail Master 2-3, Amateur Hour 4-12, Rescue Eight 11. 4:30-GE College Bowl 4-12, Bullwinkle Show 5-6, Super Movie 11. 5:00—True Adventure 2, Educational 3, 20th Century 4-12, Meet the Press 5-6. 5:30-Close-up 2-3, Mr. Ed 4-12, Sea Hunt 5, McKeever and the Colonel 6. Evening 6:00—Lassie 4-12, Ensign O'Toole 5-6, Safari 11. 6:30—Sunday Night Movie 2-3, Dennis the Menace 4-12, World of Color 5-6. 7:00-Ed Sullivan 4-12. 7;30-Car 54, Where Are You 5-6, Broken 'Arrow 11. 8:00-The Real McCoys 4-12, TV Guide Award 5-6, Roller Derby 11. 8:30-GE True 4-12. 9:00—Voice of Firestone 2-3, Candid Camera 4-12, Dinah Shore 5-6, Movie: Mr. Peabody and the Mermaid 11. 9:30-News 2-3, What's My Line 4-12. 10:00—Peter Gunn 2, Movie: All About Eve 3, News 4-5-6-12. 10:15—News 4, Movie: Pride of the Marines 5, Weekend at the Movies 6. 10:30—Dragnet 2, Movie: Easter Parade 4, Playback 11. 10:35—Movie: Stranger on the Prowl 11. 11:00—Five Fingers 2. 12:00-News 2. 12:05—Mahalia Jackson Sings 2. 12:30—Movie: The Great Moment 4, News 11. 12:35-Newt 5. 12:40-Dr. Brothers 5, Newsre«l 11. 2:5S-Top In Sports 5. 1;00-Weather 5. 2:00-News 4. MONDAY PROGRAM Morning 5!20-News 4. S;30-College of the Air 4. 6:00—Town and Country 4. 6:30—P.S. Four 4, Continental Classroom 6, College of the Air 12. 7:00—Morning Scene 4, Today 5-6, Breakfast Show 12. 7:30-Mahalia Jackson Sings 2, Today 5-6. 7:35—Farm Report 2. 7:40-News 2, World of Mr. Zoom 4. 7:45-Meet Your Military 2. 8:00-Community Album 2, Capt. Kangaroo 4-12. 8:15—Tree House Time 2. 8:30-Today 5-6. 9:00—Jack lalanne 3, Calendar 4-12, Say When 5-6. 9:15-King and Odie 2. 9:25-News 5-6. 9:30—Romper Room 2, Cartoons 3, t love Lucy 4-12, Play Your Hunch 5-6. 0:00-Public Service 3, The McCoys 4-12, Price Is Right 5-6. 0:30-Girl Talk 2, Educational 3, Pete and Gladys 4-12, Concentration 5-6. 11:00-General Hospital 2, Love of life 4-12, Your First Impression 5-6. 11:25-News 4-12. 11:30—Seven Keys 2-3, Search For Tomorrow 4-12, Truth or Consequences 5-6. 11:45-Guiding Light 4-12. 11;S5-Day Report 5-6. Afternoon 12:00—Tenn. Ernie Ford 2-3, News 4-5-6-12. 12;05-My Little Margie 4, Charlotte Peters 5. 12:15—Pastor Speaks 6, Modern Almanac 11, Farm Picture 12. 12:30-Father Knows Best 2-3, As the World Turns 4-12, Romper Room 6, Jack Lalanne 11. 1:00—Divorce Court 2, General Hospital 3, Password 4-12, Ben Jerrod 5-6, Double Feature 11. 1:25-News 5-6. 1:30—Religious 3, House Party 4-12, The Doctors 5-6. 2:00—Day In Court 2-3, To Tell the Truth 4-12, Lorettt Young 5-6. 2:15—Double Feature 11. 2:25-Mid-day News 2-3-4-12. 2:30-Jane Wyman 2-3, Millionaire 4-12, You Don't Say 5-6. 3:00-Queen For A Day 2-3, Secret Storm 4-12, Match Game 5-6. 3:25-News 5-6. 3:30-Who Do You Trust 2-3, Edge of Night 4-12, Make Room For Daddy 5-6. 4:00—American Bandstand 2-3, Popeye 4, leave It To the Girls 5, Best of Groucho 6, Capt. Il's Showboat 11, Rocky and His Friends 12. 4:30—Discovery '63 2-3, Movie: Bad Bascomb 4, Wrangler's Club 5, Robin Hood, Broken Arrow Mr. Magoo 6, Industry on Parade 8, Space Patrol 11, Jeff's Collie 12. 4:55—American Newsstand 2-3. 5:00—Superman 2, Mickey Mouse 3, Quick Draw McGraw 5, Popeye 6, What's New 8, Three Stooges 11, Yogi Bear 12. 5:30-Mickey Mouse 2, Clutch Cargo 3, Sea Hunt 5, Amos and Andy, Ann Sothern, Porter Wagner 6, Encore 8, Restless Gun 12. 5:35-Claude Moye 3. 5:45-News 2-3. 5:55-Sports 5. Evening 6:00-News 2-4-5-6-12, Cartoons 3, This World 8. 6:15-News 2-4-5-6-12, Rocky and His Friends 11. 6;30-The Dakotas 2-3, To Tell The Truth 4-12, Monday Night at the Movies 5-6, What's New 8, People Are Funny 11 7:00-l've Got A Secret 4-12, Perspectives 8, Best of Groucho 11. 7:30—Rifleman 2-3, The Lucy Show 4-12, Monday Night Fright 11. 8:00—Stoney Burke 2-3, Danny Thomas 4-12, Biography 8. 8:30-Andy Griffith 4-12, Art linkletter 5-6, Cinema 8. 9:00—Ben Casey 2-3, Password 4-12, David Brinkley'i Journal 5-6, Movie: Son of Monte Cristo 11. 9:30-Stump the Stars 4-12, Biography 5, Press Conference 6. 10:00-News 2-3-4-S-6-12. 10:15-Steve Allen 2, Eye On St. Louis 4, The Tonight Show 5, The Law and Mr. Jones 6, Weather 12. 10:20—The Outlaws 3, AAovie: Sharp Shooters 12. 10:30—Movie: Desert Fury 4. 10:45-The Tonight Show 6, Playback 11. 10:50—Movie: Bomber's Moon 11. 11:20—Movie; Hangover Square 3. ll :35-News 12. 11:45-News 2. 11:55—Dragnet 2. 12:00-Tonight In St. Louis 5. 12:15-Movie: Housewife 4. 12:30-News 3-5-11. 12:35-Almanac 5. I2i40-Weather 5, New»re«l 11. 1:35-Ntw» « The Pleasant Hill W. M. S. met. April 10 at tlie cliurch with Mrs. Lavine Keele, president, presiding. Following group singing, Mrs. Martha Foster offered prayer. Laura Partridge, Ruth Ann Riley and Mrs. Foster reported on the annual W. M. U. convention held April 4 in West Frankfort. Mrs. Ella Alvis, Sylvia True and Marjorie Lee reported on the W. M. U. Associational meeting held April 9 at Lebanon Baptist church. Plans for the Prayer Retreat will be completed at the May meeting. Reports on community mis sions were given by Ella Alvis, Ruth Ann Riley, Tracy True, and Nellis Smith. The program "In Tlie Phili- pines" was presented by Ruth Ann Riley, assisted by Gretla Osborn, Nellis Smith. Laura Partridge, Martha Foster, Jerry Bryant, Sylvia True, Marjorie Lee, Mabel Riley, and Jean Nix. Ella Alvis ga\e the closing prayer. Champion Pie Bakers CLIFF FRAKES, AT LEFT, AND ESTEL WATSON are shown holding the pies prepared by them and judged best in the annual baking contest held by the Men's Fellowship of the Central Church of Christ. The judging, a highlight of "Ladies' Night", Tuesday evening, was conducted by Mrs. Irene Brake, Mrs. Wilma Taylor, and Mrs. Wilma Garrison. Over 100 attended the dinner at which John Powell, U. of 1. track coach and former Olympic coach in South Africa, was the guest speaker. (Milliard-Myers Pholol Rome P. T. A. Meeting Has Been Postponed The Parent - Teacher Association will not meet Tuesday, April 16, as originally planned. The next meeting will be held Tuesday evening, April 23, at 7:30 o'clock. New officers will be elected and there will be special entertainment by members of the Mt. Vernon Toastmasters' Club. DEAR ABBY . . . Second In Line! Abigail Von Buren Belle Rive, Opdyke. W. S. C. S. aieetlngs The Belle Rive and Opdyke Woman's Society of Cliristian Service held a joint meeting April 9 at the home of Mrs. Dora Mathis of Opdyke. Maude Boudinot, president, conducted the business session during which the history of the organization was reviewed and the Pledge was read by Mrs. Helen Hampton, vice president. Plans were discussed for a weekly story hour which will be conducted for children during the summer months. The lesson "Christian Symbols and Art" was presented by Mrs. Hallie Starr. With this, she used charts, sketches, and pictures, and was of outstanding interest. Mrs. Starr was accompanied by Mrs. Marsliall Hall, and it was recalled that their mother, Mrs. Guy Stonemetz was a charter member of the first Missionary Society organized in Belle Rive. Mrs. Gladys Baker gave the closing prayer. During recreation, Mrs. Hall and Mrs. Hampton received prizes following a series of con-i tests. The hostess, assisted by Mrs. Erma Fass, served refreshments. Art Guild To Meet Members of the Mt. Vernon Art Guild will meet Monday evening at 7:30 o'clock at the Art Center in city park. Plans will be completed for the Art Show which will be presented May 25. Each member is asked to bi-ing material for sketching and articles completed since the last meeting. W.S.C.S. Meets The Woman's Society of Christian Service met Wednesday at Wesley Methodist church. A sack lunch was served at noon at a table decorated in keeping with Easter with a centerpiece of white carnations and greenery and baskets of Easter eggs. Preceding the lunch, Mrs. Azalia Deck offered prayer. The hostesses were Mrs. L. E. Hard and Mrs. H. A. Price. Prayer gi'oups met at the noon recess and, at 1:30 o'clock the meeting opened with pi-ayer by Mrs. Herschel Terry. A worship center was created by Mrs. Jess Stringfield. This consisted of a table covered with a white satin cloth, a picture of Christ, a vase of crab apple blossoms and a white, lighted candle. Mrs. Ira Harper conducted tlie devotions which included gi-oup singing and scripture reading. Mrs. Robert Fulford conducted the program "What Missions Mean To Me" with a fibn of the Sixth Assembly in Atlantic City. Mrs. Paul Wielt, president, [conducted the business session with the secretary's report given by Mrs. Ti-uman Davis and communication read by Mrs. Tei-ry. Tray favors for the Lowry Nursing Home and the Mt. Vernon State Tuberculosis Sanitarium were made by Mrs. Herschel Mick, Mrs. Clyde Skinner, Mi's. Herschel Terrj', and Mrs. Jesse Stringfield. Officers for the coming year are: Mrs. Jesse Stringfield, president; Mrs. LawTence Price, vice president; Mrs. Truman Davis, secretary; Mrs. Olin Bryant, treasurer; Mi-s. Herschel Mick, Christian social re- llations; Mrs. Hallie Price, Ut- erature and publications; Mrs. Ira Harper, missionary education; Mrs, Paul Wielt, promotion; Mrs. L. E. Hard, spiritual life; Mrs. Cai-olyn Brown, student work; Mi's. Azalia Deck, supply work; Mrs. Herschel jTerry, youth work; Mrs. Herschel Mick, local divxth DEAR ABBY: Everylx)d.v complains about smokers, but nothing is ever done about them. I've had more meals spoiled and more pleasant hours of socializing ruined by people who foul the air witli cigarelto and cigar smoke. Do I hey think tliey own the wpi-ld? I wish someone would invent a "pipe" to be used in self- dofenso by non-smokers who wish lo rc- taliate. It should be an instrument capable of producing great clouds of offensive smoke that would out-smell any cigarette or cigar on the market. It should contain a safety valve so the user could send out this smoke without getting any of it in his own mouth. Also, tiny fans to direct tlio smoke away from the user and toward othere. It should liave an attachment that would blow ashes into food of smolders and burn neat little holes in fine furniture. If the above-described "retaliator" is ever Invonled, I promise to buy the first one produced, ro- gai-dless of price. DOUG DEAK DOUG: If suoli an Item Is ever produced, you may buy tlie second. I want to buy the first. -o- -o- -o- DEAR ABBY: A dog worehipper has been leading his dog, routinely, to my fi'ont yard. 1 decided if ho had tliat much non'c, I would gel up the nerve to do something about it. So when I Hollywood Today Ann Sothern Aim; Erasure of Imago By ERHKINK JOHNSON HOLLYWOOD — (NEA) — Aim Sothern is making her first movie in 11 years. Money, she says, has nothing to do with it. She'll even be happy if you don't recognize her. She's wearing a brunette wig comhrd "early egg beater style" and the sl<m/.y duds of a derelict right off the pages of a police blollir. Miss vSkId Row ot 1!)83, that's our Ann. "I'm out to destroy my image as Maisie, the blonde private secretary or what, have you," she confided. "I've been dreaming of a role like Ibis for years. I'm going to prove that I've grown up." In movie as "Maisic" and in television as a private secretary, Ann kept audiences laughing for .years. Serious acting had little to do with the fortune she made. Now that she can afford Paris originals by the dozen — and now that daughter Patricia Ann is a New York debuntantc—Ann can play Miss Skid Row just for the fun and the "See,-I'm-not- Maisie" of it. The name Is "Sade," honey, for the role wHIi Olivia de Ilavlllnnd In "Lady In a Cage," a Luther Davis production for rnramount. Sntle is a g:nl from the. South with eyes for an.v main. She's avaricious and ignorant, but with the compassion Skid Row likes lo call "a heart of gold." Now if it all reminds you of saw him api)roaching wiih his ^M^ilo Annie, who kept a sido- do?, I stood on my porch and "ajk shop to pay for her d.-uigh- )U .st stared a long, hard .stare at ter-s coming out m high sociot.v, him. He smiled and tipped his |WPll — .1usl skip it. Thi.s Ann hat! Must I come right out andi''vcs on interest money — Guest Speaker F. M. TAYLOR, BRITISH VICE-CONSUL of St. Louis, Mo., will address the King City Dinner Club Tuesday evening, April 16, at the First Community church. His theme will be "Duties Of A Consul" in which he will discuss his experiences wnile serving in Germany, Sweden, Iran, and other countries. Reservations should be made immediately for the dinner which will be served at 6:45 o'clock. say, "Why don't you use Y'OUR front lawn?" LIVE AND LET LIVE DliiAR I,1VK: Tell the man plonse lo lot his jjooeli see more of the world than And if lie dot! Iihu to keep FIdo off your gniss or .you'll call the law. -o- -o- -o- DEAR ABBY: You may be interested lo know that there are 8,500,000 widows in this country. Half of thorn are under 60 .That "Frightened Baclielor" who wrote to you can surely find someone. And he can have himself a ball while he's looking. AI^ A BAaiELOR -O- -o- -o- COXF'TOENTIAI. TO "D": Once you have forgiven your husband, liams reportedly became do not reheat his sins tor break-Fernando Lamas in Spain, fast. - • - -0- -o- -o- Wliat's on your mind? For a personal reply, send a self-addressed, stamped envelope to Abby, Box 3363, Beverly Hills, Calif. -0- -0- -o- For Abby's booklet, "How To Have A Lovely Wedding" send .50 cents lo Abby, Box m5. Beverly Hills, Calif. Social ly Yours ~ By SALLY — enough interest for her lo afford interesting roles. ANN-MARfiARET TITRNKD OUT to be the big surprise of ^''^y^M?^" ^"'^ fevi^'-l \V.aU Kirk, high school coach at lan .your front Inwi.od. Not only surpri.sed but also o,,buquc, Iowa, is vi.siling his par- 'sn'l caloh on, telllhvid is Janet Leigh, \vho shares p,,,,. j,,,^, ^^^^^ \y,,„on ""this city. Mr. antl Mrs. Charles K. Simmons and children, Judy and Charles, Jr., spent Friday visit ing with his brother, the Reverend Eugene Simmons anri familv and with his cousin, Mrs. F. L. Karn, all of this city. They arc en route to their home ;n Minneapolis, Minn., following a vacation spent in Orlando, Florida. While there, they visited .Mrs. Alice Simmons, Mrs. .lack Moss and family, and Winston Tate and family. And, in costar billing with Dick Van Dyke. Ann-Margaret steals the film, just as .she did last year's Oscar shows. Former kid star Jane Withers will be cracking .von up soon — as a lady plumber In a series of telc- ivlslon eommerclals. She's also emoting In a new film, "Captain Newman, M.D.". Sophia Loren waxed f o u r French chansons for a top Paris record label . . . Esther Wil- Mrs. Quick Quiz Q—What is the origin of the term banking? A—From the Italian word, "hrnieo," meaning bench. Kiirly Italian bankers carried on their business at a bench in the street. PERSONAL Ray Harris ot Elgin, 111., waa a business visitor In Mt. Vernon yesterdn.v. Thomas Lowry ot Ina made a short business trip to the King City Friday afternoon. Mrs. R. B. Jones ot Cisne visited friends and shopped in Mt. Vernon yesterday. Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Lewis of Delafield spent yesterday afternoon shopping and transacting business in the King City, Mrs. Georgia Sloane ot Mc- L,canshoro was a Mt. Vcmon shopper Friday. Mrs. Blaine Stiner and Mrs, Lynottp Goodwin of Centralia were Mt. Vernon shoppers Friday afternoon. Virgil Spaugh of Buckner made n business trip to the King City yesterday. Mrs. Rena Hutchi.son of Herrin transacted business and shopped in Mt. Vernon Friday. Frank Kabnt of Waitonville made a short business trip to the King City yesterday. Mrs. Dennis Schmidt, and Mrs. Farley Holtz of Carlyle visited friends and shopped in Mt. Vernon Friday. Mrs. And I McKinley of Salem was a King City shopper yesterday afternoon. Mrs. ,Iim Milhone and Mrs. Kentu'th Morrissy of Albion were business visitors and shoppers in Mt. Vernon Friday. Mrs. Ruth Ir\ing of Centralia transacted business and shopped in the King City yesterday, .Sam K. Solon, who spent several (lays transacting business in Ml. Vernon, has returned to his home in St. Louis. .Mrs. Kathleen Boudreau and Mrs. Anthony Hoeksti-a of Buckner wore King City shoppers Friday aftei'noon. Ivan Lowman oC Carmi made a business trip to Mt, Vernon yesterday. Mrsi. Belle Jenkins and children of McLeansboro spent Friday afternoon shopping in the King City. Mrs. Edna DeFrates ot Salem visited friends and shopped in iVIt. Vernon yesterday. Mrs. Lorraine Williams of Belle Rive was a King City shopper Friday afternoon. GOSPEL MEETING Van Johnson and Martha I-lveri .,,.,„,„ ,,, ,,:•.„ . ,u„ walked and walked and walked ster " M ii 1 for a street sequence in "Wives 'p^jj"^' ^ '''^'^'' ^'•'' Addresses Lions THE REVEREND DELBERT WICKSTRUM, pastor of First Community church, was guest speaker at the weekly luncheon meeting of the Lions Club held Wednesday at the L. and N. Cafe. His theme was "Who Are The Dead." Other guests were David McMullen and Stathos Pavledes. tivities; Mrs. Lon Robinson, member.ship; Mrs. Sadie Craig, publicity and printing. The nominating committee was Mi-s. Harper, chairman; Mrs. Hard and Mrs. Hallie Price. Officers will meet Wednesday moming. May 8, at the church to complete reports and all are asked to be present. Mrs. Harper gave the clo.sing prayei-. Country Heights Homemakers' Meeting The Country Heights unit ot Homemakers' Extension Association will meet Monday April 15, at 7:30 o'clock at the home of Mrs. Phyllis Miller on Paula Drive. WE THE WOMEN SPRIXCS VOUR TO.MC, GIRLS By RUTH AULLETT, Newspaper Enterprise Assn. Spring is the season of the housewife's discontent. It's in sprmg that the housewife looks in her clo.sot and decides she "hasn't got thing to wear." It's in the spring that she looks in the mirror and decides she simply has to do something about her weight or her hair. It's in spring that she looks outdoors and sees all tliat needs to be done in the yard—clippuig, weeding, replanting, spraying, fertilizing. It's in spring that she looks around her house and suddenly notices that the sUp covei-s look little dingy, the walls really need a new coat of paint, and that she ought to do something about brightening the kitchen. It's in spring that she takes a critical look at her children and begins to wonder how in the world she is going to keep them entertained all summer long. And so, in .spring Uie housewife rolls up her sleeves and gets to work setting her world in order- inside and out. During spring- lime she is a whizz wlio accomplishes more in a month or two than she does in six months through the rest of the year. And it's a good thing, too—for with the arrival of summer, with children out of school and liot weather slowing her down, she relaxes and figures she can coast iUong until fall. Fall will quicken her pace again—but it won't be until another spring ai'rives that she really looks with a critical eye on everythuig around her and decides that she must huii-y, huny, huiry to set it all to rights. sequence and Lovers," Sterling Smith, the iPhoto still man on the picture, just couldn't resist the urge. "Who wrote this .scene?" he asked, "Pierre Salinger?" A NKW rRO,fECTOR v\'hich can display color television images large enough to cover theater-size screens is promised for a coasl-to-coast television, theater chain. Telecasts of |t'a"Shler, Broadway sliows and national sports events are predicted for this switch on the pay-television dream. Mrs. Rose Rogers of Rl-D 1, Mt. Vernon, will l)e 79 years old April 16 we have i)een told by 'ler givinddaughter, .Mrs. Gone Passmore . . . And, on April IS, Mrs. Estclla Newell of RI'I) i, Waitonville, will be 80 years old wo have been told by her Mrs, Gladys Lacey . . . As usual, we are hopinj: that each one will receive many other cards with the one wo are mailing today. April 15-24 7:30 Each Night CUFF STEWART Evangelist CHERRY STREET CHURCH OF CHRIST 2416 Cherry St.—Mt. Vernon, III. ATTEKTION ELKS DANCE Saturday, April 13 Music By Bob Donahill Orchestra Dancing Starts At 9 P.M. Dinners Served From 6 P.M. ELKS CLUB PLAN YOUR NEXT KITCHEN WITH GAUNT'S HOT POINT-PHILCO-MAGIC CHEF In planning with Count's, the possibilities ore endless for achieving character and individuality with color — for mony ore available/ in addition to Classic White, in Sunburst Yellow, Petoi Pink, Turquoise Green, Woodtone Brown, Fashion Finish Coppertone and Satin Chrome. You'll find that Gourit's quality is as opporent in design as in performance. Count's offer scientific Kitchen Plonning guidance, financing and installation, enabling Homemokers to hove pleasant, more efficient kitchens. GAUNT 3212 Broadway Dial 244-0860 SOUTHERN ILLINOIS LEADING APPLIANCE DEALER

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  1. Mt. Vernon Register-News,
  2. 13 Apr 1963, Sat,
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