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grandad - FRIDAY. AUGUST 27, 1988 THE REGISTER-NEWS — MT....
FRIDAY. AUGUST 27, 1988 THE REGISTER-NEWS — MT. VERNON, ILLINOIS Enter Little Miss Peanut Pageant SHOUT LIVIBS It Is eatimatcd that life ex* pectancy In Greece, Rome, EKVpt and llie enslem IVTcrll- tcrrnncfin region In the year 1 A.D. fllfl not exceed 30 yoara. NO KNOCKOUT Jack Dompsey did not lose his hoavyweiRht chnmpionshlp tille to Gone Tunney by a knockout. Tunney won the title In the 10th round by decision. CSAM UP' PAIHT UP FIX UP Ann Page Lynne Pag;* Jane Ann Wells Kathy Sue Mendonhall OIna KtheridgA J«rrl Ford Jeanne Mntflcld Pageant Here September 17 Seven More Pretty Little Girls Vie For Miss Peanut Seven moi-e pretty little girls have entered the contest here for the title of Little Miss Peanut Peanut of 1965. Enti-ies are still being taken at Si an The Tire Man's 12th and Broadway. The Miss Peanut pageant will be held September 17 at the Mt. Vernon high school auditorium. auditorium. Here are the latest contestiuits: contestiuits: Jeanne Mayfiold, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Joe Maylield of 1002 south 23rd street. Sponsored Sponsored by Peerless Cleaners. JeiTi Ford, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. S. T. Ford of 600 south 18th street. Sponsored by Ross Drugs. Gina Etheridge, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Archie Etheridge of 2208 Casey. Sponsored by Bank of Illinois. Kathy Sue Mendenhall, daughter daughter of Mr. and Mrs. David Mendenhall Mendenhall of 805 south 19th street. Sponsored by Montgomery Ward. Jane Ann Wells, daughter of Dr. and Mrs. C. K. Wells, of 701 Pavey. Sponsored by Livingston Livingston Pharmacy. Ann Page, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Page of 22 C r 0 w n V iew. Sponsored by Brehm-Hanna Chevrolet. Lynne Page, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Page of 22 Crownview. Sponsored by Blades Walgreen Store. JUST ARRIVED!! NEW FALL UPHOLSTERY PATTERNS In Early American and Modern Tweeds. Over 350 Yards fo Selecf From. We Also Have New Fall Patterns in The Latest Vinyl Materials. SPECIAL! Whilt Th«y Lost! Some Upholstery Moteriols — $1.75 Yd. Special Prices On Short Cuts Of 100% Nylon Friezes SEE US FOR ALL YOUR CUSTOM MADE DRAPES ond CUSTOM UPHOLSTERING DEAX'S Fabric Center 1502 Broadway Phone 244-2966 OMES FOR AMERICANS workshop ^>~~\ screened: porch -H -i |0 *-p "x8 'r8Tl living room garage ifontredMi A CElrimALFOyER eontroUs ctreuhaHon tortkin this small ranch home, reiueing walking ^S' tances to a mnimum. It leads directly to an attractive rear living room which has a large bay' window overlooking the rear patio. The living room has access to both the screen porch arid dining room, which in tarn opens into the kitchen. The kitchen, with ail facilities including vashnr-dryer compactly arranged, opens both on the main and garage entrances. Kitchen counter space, with a front window view, is the right height for the homemaker who likes to work sitting down, HA41]£ was designed by Samuel Paiil, 89-30 161st Stteett lamaica, ikY, k oontaias . lf04S square feet. KEENES Mr. and Mi-s. Cecil Cochran and two daughters, Tammy Lou arid Ronda spent Fi'iday and Saturday with Mr. and Mrs. Noel Thomason and Viclde. They left St. Louis Sunday for a vacation in the west. Mrs. Cochran Is the former Wanda Lou Thomason. Mrs. Bessie Payne of Mendota Mendota is visiting her sister, Mrs. Nell Smith of Keenes and Mrs. Janie Lane of Wayne City. Student Notice! There Is Only One (1) J. V. WALKER & SON'S (The Home Of Levi's) There Is Only One (1) LEVI BRAND DO NOT BE MISLEAD! J. V. WALKER & SOU'S is the leading store in this area for all GENUINE Levi Products. Visit our Student Shop for the best selections of bock to school styles. l&SSons stores for mon and yowng ''THE HOME OF tEVPS'' Mrs. Ruby Loyd and Mrs. Avjl Harris went to Mt. Vernon Monday and helped Goldia Love straighten her house after moving moving Saturday. Golda isn't very well. Girls spending Sunday night with Vickie Thomason were Patricia Patricia Nevwnan, Cherita Choats, Pat Simmons, Rhonda Reyboum and Terecia Feather of Wayne City. Mrs. Josie Buchanan was pleasantly surprised Wednesday when her ' uncle arid aunt, Mr. and Mrs. John Dowdell of Elizabethtown, Elizabethtown, Ky. paid her a visit. Mrs. Leona Perry and children children visited with her mother, Mrs. Avil Harris from Wednesday Wednesday until Sunday. Connie and Kyle who had spent two weelts with their grandmother returned returned home with their mother. Mrs. Creda Cinchbox of Pawnee Pawnee visited a few days last week with her aunt and uhcle, Mr. and Mrs. Walter Haynes. Those enjoying a wiener roast at the home of Mrs. J. Hutchcraft Hutchcraft last Friday evening were Greek Crisis Shakes The Monarchy By PHILIP DOPOULOS ATHENS, Greece (AP) — The longer the Greek crisis remains unsolved, the darker the shadows shadows that hover over the monarchy's monarchy's future in this Mediterranean Mediterranean land with a history of political political unrest. Critics increasingly have been blaming the royal family for creating its own troubles—a typical fuss, which most Greeks love. The crisis started July 15 and steadily ha.s been turning against the Greek monarchy— as King, 25, was attempting to build a more relaxed admosphere around his palace. The cause of the sudden turn of events against the young monarch and his Danish-bom wife. Queen Anne-Marie, lies deep under the surface and goes back more than a century. A Danish prince was installed as Greece'* king by the 19(h century European powers in an attempt to bring some mea.sure of stability tx) the resllcss Greeks. The present king has no Greek blood, and neither did his predecessors, All Greek kings marry foreigners. The l»-yoar- old Danish princess whom Con- stantlnc married last September brought hope of a bright new era for the royal family. It almost erased memories of the past 17 years, when Cf)n- stantine'K mother, the controversial controversial Queen Mother Frodcri- ka, reigned along with his father, father, the late King Paul. She has long been a target of left wingers because of her German German origin and membership in the Nazi youth movement as a young princess in Germany. Siie often was accused of mixing in Greek politics and u.sing her peDsonalify and charm on politicians politicians for the benefit of the throne. Rightists accused Frederika of being responsible for creating the political crisis in May 196:1 when King Paul forced Constantine Constantine Caramanlis to resign as premier. DON'S GRILL IS NOW OPEN FOR BUSINESS Open 6 A.M. To 8 P.M. Plat* Lunchaf S «rvad Dally Formerly Mom's Cafe LUMBER & SIDING BIG DISCOUNT PRICES Haavy aluminum Intultt.d ildlitB; I eelari $24.S0.$1 *-S0 $750.00 Buyt .nough tiding for iv.r.fl. hou«* Whit* ilfol 8" w.alh.rbeard aiding ncv.r ruth. tquira ...»ir .JO 1«.S0 1hii h.avy al.*! tiding la fin. for garigtt, .ft, Iniulalad Siding, 14 patUrna In Woedgrain, ahilcM, brkk datignt _ „.„,„....„».-... tl.TS 1"x6" Car Siding and Drop Sidln* r/l ».S0 I"x13" Raiawn thaating (40 diffarant uaat) „ l >SO No. 1 Oal( Flooring abort $13.73; No. i Oak Floerlna, iharH per 100 ft .^ ».W Farm fence 26" high, .xtra heavy No. 9 TCB, No. II flll.r 20-rod rolli .- 13.5« Discount Prices on all the iollowing—SEE VSl Formica and Micaria cabinat topping; atumtnum ilorm doera inrf windows; plywood and plywood paneling; tailing til. A plank farm fence and galea; vinyl atb.ttot and pur. vinyl floor ftU—all kind* roofing thinglat. W. carry a complat. Iln. of building malarial* »n4 it will pay you big to buy and haul your na.dt from— ROLLINSON LUMBER YARD Dix, lilinoii Telephone 266-766S Rev. and Mrs. Clarence Bennett Bennett of Mt. Vernon, Mr. and Mrs. Alvis Lowery of Wayne City, Mr. and Mi's. James Hutchcraft and two sons, Jimmie Jimmie and Stevie of Wayne City, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Gates, Mrs. Nell Smith, Mrs. Dorothy Shell, Mrs. Ii-is Shell and children, Glenn and Ruth Jones, Mrs. Charles Dilman and daughter and two sons of Mildred Mills. Mr. and Mrs. Walter Haynes, Mr. and Mrs. Bud Richards went with Mr. and Mrs. Fi'ed Keen to the Cisne Reunion Saturday. Saturday. Mr. and Mrs, Woody TTioma- son of St. Louis spent the weekend weekend with their parents, Mr. and Mi's. Noel Thomason and Mr. and Mrs. Leroy Simpson of Wayne City. Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Shell and daughter, Lois and daughter from McL.eansboro and Mrs. Nell Smith attended church at Keenes Church of God last Sunday Sunday and had dinner with Mi-. EUid Mrs. Grover Cab-on. . . . Mrs. Josie Budianan, Cor. BIG SHEF Two 100% pura beef Open Flints Broiled Inmburgers temnd with melted cheese, topped with crisp lettuce, creamy mijfonniist end chopped pickle^ Snvid on a hot. toasted bun. costing much mm ONLY HoiTUJ of Ihp World*; Crt^atpst 150 Hdmhiirfp GAIJNT'S TELEVISION TRADE AND SAVE ON NEW 1966 PHILCO COLOR TV with 20/20 COLOR VISION LIBERAL TRADE-IN FOR YOUR OLD TV PHIUCO COLOR TV PNILCO DOUBLES THE PICTURE-PULLING POWER •f ifs 1966 Color TV! New Phiico-developed Color-Clear liufMr and Power-Plus Chassis double the picture-pulling power to bring yoa superb color in sharp focus—Phiico 20/20 Color Vision! You get bright, natural color even in fringe areas. This Is One of Philco's Finest Custom Deluxe Chassis With Genuine Hardwood Cabinet. Reg. Price $599.95-GuaranteedTrade-In$100.00 $ A AA95 With ^^MM Old Set GAUNT 'S HAVE 4 PHILCO FAaORY TRAINED niEVISION TECHNICIANS AND CAN ASSURE YOU PROMPT, EFFICIENT SERVICE ON YOUR COLOR TELEVISION. GAUNT'S TELEVISION SOUTHERN ILirNOIS' LEADING APPLIANCE DEALER 3212 BROADWAY II ^L

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  2. 27 Aug 1965, Fri,
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