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King.Queen - DC - 1939 - MD - ThousandsThrong Washington Greet England's...
ThousandsThrong Washington Greet England's Monarchs With 'Royal Welcome' Parade KING'AND QUEEN : LEAVE SYMBOL OFU.SJJITY Residents Along Border Cherish Peace Sign In Their Visit to Niagara Falls to Royal Pair Aboard Train )OUPLE WELCOMED BY HULL AND WIFE ,ondon Press Devotes Much Space to Visit of Rulers; "Times" Issues Extra Niagara Palls, N. Y., June 8. Residents along the unfortified Canadian-United States border cherished another symbol' today in a century-old tradition of amity between between nations—the visit of King eorge VI and Queen Elizabeth of Sn gland. Soldiers and police along the sorder separating the two countries countries rlaxed their vigilance after .ast night's historic greeting extended extended by Secretary of State Cordell Cordell Hull to the first reigning British sovereigns ever to set foot on United States soil. Ceremony Simple Extreme simplicity marked the epoch-making welcome, which took' place on the carpeted platform of a dingy old railroad station at the United States end of a bridge spanning spanning the Niagara River. Sir Ronald Lindsay, British Ambassador, Ambassador, presented Mr. and Mrs. Hull to the royal visitors. Both couples acknowledged the presentation, with smiles and chat- led for approximately five minutes. A State Department spokesman announced later that Hun greeted the royal guests with, these words: "Your Majesties: "In behalf.of the government and the people of liie United States I have the honor and pleasure of extending extending to you our warmest welcome. welcome. All are delighted with your visit.. The people of my country in the most genuine spirit of cordiality, cordiality, hospitality and frendllness have every desire to make your stay a thoroughly enjoyable one." Queen Is Welcomed To Queen Elizabeth, Mrs. Hull said: 'It is a great honor for me to meet and greet you." After a 19-minute pause, the royal train left for Washington with the Hulls aboard. ROYAL COUPLE GIVEN OVATION BY HUGE CROWD ISpecial Train Arrives In j National Capital On Time A fter Fast Trip From Falls QUEEN'S PARASOL FOILS TORRID SUN King George VI and Queen Elizabeth are pictured above on the ibservation platform of their special train during their history-making our of Canada, which is climaxed today by their arrival In Washington. Thep are the first reigning monarchs to visit the United States. ENGLISHMEN SHARES VIEWS OF FIRST LADY Both Women Beloved By People and Like to Mingle With Them At All Times British Press Generous London, June 8 (JPy— The United States' reception to King George and Queen Elizabeth shoved every- (Contlnued On Page 6) DRIVER IMPRISONED AFTER 50-CENT HOLDUP Indianapolis, June 8 (/P) — Two holdup men, in a half-dollar robbery, robbery, turned Ear! Taylor's own automobile automobile into a hell-on-wheels for the 35-year-old Greencastle cement worker. They left him bound, gagged and cramped into a small space on the car floor yesterday, with doors locked and windows up. He suffered seven hours under a hot sun before before a passerby rescued him. When he was found, Taylor was half conscious, numb and covered with sweat. He had been in a coma most of the time. to Appear Reception WEAR BLUE GOWNS Queen and President's Wife Possess Common Interests, Despite Guifln Status GREET COUPLE INBALTIMORE Severail Hundred Attend Brief Ceremony Today At Station On Way to Washington By BETH CAMPBELL Washington, June 8 (fP) —Elizabeth —Elizabeth of England, a rosy-checked young queen, and Eleanor Roosevelt, Roosevelt, hospitable, smiling First Lady of the United States, brought a wealth of common interests to their widely-heralded meeting today. The 38-year-old queen, revered by a people who hold her office dear, was fresh from a Canadian tour nn which she frequently mixed with crowds just as Mrs. Roosevelt often does, and won friends on her own ay a natural manner. Her hostess, whose role as First Lady doesn't have the official status accorded a queen, had a string ol similar, friend-making tours behim! that have made her a personage personage in her own right, at 54. Appearance Contrast* In appearance, the two women contrasted sharply. Although some an illusion of more height, her five- feet-five seemed short compared with Mrs. Roosevelt's six-stature. Her brown hair is quite dark; Mrs. Roosevelt's is lighter and graying. For their meeting at the ztaUon, Mrs. Roosevelt chose a dress of the sheer, azure-blue wool fabric pre- (Contlnued On Puge 2) REORGANIZATION PLAN SIGNED BY ROOSEVELT Resolution Will Permit Two Proposal?, to Go Into Effect On July 1 Washington, June 8 WV-Pre*1- dent Roosevelt signed today a resolution resolution which win permit hU two plans for reorganization of the executive executive branch of the gorernment to TRAIN IS GUARDED Queen Receives Roses From Mrs. Emma Price, Who Represe n ted Mayor Jackson Baltimore, June 8 -W) — Several hundred Marylanders got a close view of royalty—and a few stepped right up Tor a handclasp—as the special train carrying King George and Queen Elizabeth of England paused here for nine minutes today. The royal party enroule from Buffalo to Washington for a garden party and visit with the President King Wears Uniform of Admiral, While Other Men In Party Add to Brilliancy Washington, June 8 M*>—A smile and a friendly handshake irom President Roosevelt nnd the bombing bombing salute of military honors welcomed welcomed King George of Britain today today to the capital of a republic town great fiwn thirteen one-time colonies. Their faces crinkled into corditU sniiies as their hands met as if to symbolize ties of friendship between two two Englteh-fipcuklng peoples who xirted ways in 1T76. Secretary of State Hull, who accompanied accompanied King George and his queen from Canada, introduwd them. "Mr. President. I have the honor to present their Britannic Mnjes- tles," Hul! said. Gre«t Mrs. Roosevelt "Kow are you? I'm glad to sc« you." Mr. Roosevelt eald. The king and queen then greeted Mrs. Roosevelt and Brigadier Gen- •ral E. M. Watson, the President's military aide. The royal couple and the first family of the United States chatted chatted briefly for a moment and lh«n formalities got under way. The British monarch's suite WHS Introduced to the President and Mrs. Roosevelt. After the 'Chief Executive hod met the members of the royal suite, high-ranking officials of the American American government were introduced to the king and queen. The king and queen had strolled into the blue and gold presidential reception room at three minutos after II a. m.. and walked Up to the President and Mrs. Roosevelt wait- Ing beside a, lustrous mahogany table. From the presidential suit*, the king with President Roosevelt, on his left walked out onto the blu«- carpet leading to waiting automobiles. automobiles. Directly behind His Majesty walked walked Mrs. Roosevelt and to her left behind the Chief Executive was the queen. As they reached a spot midway down the carpet, the Marine Bond struck up "God Save the Klnp." The king in admiral's uniform of blue and gold raised his right hand and stood In salute. * and Mrs. Roosevelt, arrived at Pennsylvania Station at 10:01 a. m. (EST) King George, attired In a uniform, uniform, and the queen, dressed in periwinkle blue crepe, stepped to the platform and waved to the cheering group. They smlied, chatted and shook the hands of a few who pressed to the edge of the pistfcrm. Mrs. Emma Price, representing Mayor Howard W. Jackson, handed handed the queen two bouquets of Baltimore-grown Baltimore-grown roses—grown from the shoots of the first hybrid tea roses developed in America. Mrs. Price said the queen expressed expressed interest in Baltimore and asked several questions about the city and Its history. Queen Elizabeth wore a short coat, with fur-trimmed sleeves, three strands of pearls and * diamond diamond shoulder clip, and a pcri- (Continued On Page 2) Play National Anthem There was a brief pause and then the martial music of "The Star Spangled Banner." Again the king raised his right hand in solemn salute and to stood to the playing of the national anthem. As the music stopped, the cannons across the plaza began the 21-gun salute. Here the king began smiling and laughing and Joking wilii the President. President. On the Hth gun, His Majesty Majesty and the President started for their car—a long black touring machine machine with the top down. The Chief Executive entered first. Blmoflt sat. upon his top hat, then saw it and whipped it out and put it on his head. The king grinned and climbed In beside Mr. Roosevelt. Roosevelt. Th« queen ftnd Mrs. Roosevelt Roosevelt then got into their car, Mr*. Roosevelt on the left behind th« driver and the queeu on her right When members of the President'* reception committee were presented (Continued On Page 8) Mickey Mouse is Chief Aide In "Mapping" Human Smiles Differences In Personality Associated With the Sids of the Face Which Predominates When One Cracks a Grin, Connecticut Prober

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