1869.06.03 The Omish

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1869.06.03 The Omish
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NO. 5. were as t l u a wounded Forester toward i u l n re*t- l , and u walked dUup- n o t h e r the insensible followed Amy.-But u g h t e r ? handed. Forester. above window. lo warn half a ghastly staggered sill. whom a few Again She joy a bound reach of gulf Immediately a making soon slight obstruction down the bad men Crocker, boulders. brother yet from him hern!" inside. short time Koginald. for Tli« OmlNh. A correspondent of the Cleveland //·/·///. w r i t i n g from .New under date of May iSth. says : There is now in progress about seventeen mile* from t h i s place ,i of a p e c u l i a r d e n o m i n a my from to raise before Reginald tlie from his but not on increased of and Vital singular facts most while women of males married the 70 to 1.250 over 70 to stand she is that widow of of a boys" k n o w n n« l l i Omish or present m e e t i n g is n k i n d conference, embracing all the sect in U n i t e d St:ile; ministers are hen* all parts ol'tlje I'liion where any ol'th'u. d e n o m i n a t i o n arc to be are h a v i n g n g r a n d l i m Owing (o the press, of oilier bti^iue^-t I iinnb'e to give you t h e i r pr.occ.fdiiigs detail, but w i l l merely give a notice of the m e e t i n g on Sunday, \ v n M - t h e tii'Ml of t h e conference. of coming together in a b u i l d i prepared expressly for t h e worship of they met at a farmer's barn early in forenoon and commenced their | religious exercise. About f i f t y ministers wore present, and it was said that one h u n d r e d and l l f t y expected.' This l a t t e r portion, is extremely d o u b l l u l , as it there are 2(k) preachers of that denomination in this c o u n t r y . The ber of ( ) m i « h present would reach seven hundred, and there were great many outsiders, and had the been favorable there, would probably have been three thousand of the latter, as news of the intended meeting abroad, and people, prompted merely by curiosity, expected to be there 20 miles distant. Tables were spread all around in the barn yard, covered w i t h eatables for every one who desired to eat, and t h e Omish ressed neatly alike, wearing w h i caps, white kerchiefs about their necks and shoulders, and blue calico dresses, saw that none of the tables should in provisions at. any time, in order none should go away hungry. Several short addresses were delivered, but not appear to attract the attention of t h e crowd, who came merely to eccentricity of the Omish, and not hear preaching. There wero old women women with withered, wrinkled hands and 1'acc.s, young women and-girls "cheeks like ro-.es," and who looked "sweet as peaches," and little girls could barely waddle about, all dressed in exactly tlio same way; the same calico was worn by all for dresses, all wore the white kerchief and white, cap. The men all permit the beard grow and wear books on their instead of buttons. It may not be uninteresting to some of your readers give a sketch of this sect, merely its origin and a few other particulars. In 1495 Aledno Simon WIIH bom Friegland, he was educated in the Catholic faith, aud in 1518 or 1519 entered on his duties us a priest. Jnl5:JOhe commenced to read the New Testament, and seeing that be was deceived, he very soon renounced his former and commenced to advocate what be believed to be the true doctrine ol Christ. Wherever he went he made many converts, and those who religion as Uuight by him were Mctinoniles. From this church sprang the denomination known us Amish Oniish, and the name was derived one Jacob Ameu, who was a strict nonite preacher in Switzerland. I'hcii cofcssion of faith is the same that adopted in Dortrecht, Holland, in KiG2 by the MennonitcR, and iu fact, there but little difference between these people aud other McnnoniteH, the Ami.s being being more simple in their aud more strict in their discipline. -They are extremely hospitable, always receiving strangers and feeding them without muking any charge therefor, and it is made their duty by their religion to take care of all that belong their church. Consequently none of them are ever found in our infirmaries, or living off 1 he contribnties of public; they believe that it is wrong marry outside of the church, claiming that matrimony as taught by Christ requires a previous union in thu They consider it sinful to repel force force, and consequently are at all opposed to war. It is required that they wash each other's feet, thereby keeping fresh in their memories the lesson of h u m i l i t y taught by when he washer! his disciples' fee!.-- i t the tit- matrimonial j They believe it to be a sin joath". on any occasion, claiming that nay arc just as binding a* any per-;bath. Their ministers have no fixed sn !:irie--. and every member of the this , church i. permitted to exhort instance. ' : , n . frugal, thrifty, qnk't members of vioiy. very eu-cicnliou.« in all ' *.:iiing, yet careful lo secure the limes ,|u. s in money matters, to the cent * i

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  • 1869.06.03 The Omish

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