Cinci Enquirer, 1863 Morgan

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Cinci Enquirer, 1863 Morgan - .r,D"S Srv v'- TXSUESs -t -iet aweato...
.r,D"S Srv v'- TXSUESs -t -iet aweato BBS aaaea. par far. . SaaBm A Sw7 rRIDAl - - DECEMBER .1.1803 Tke im Seaniam Vait tt ftemate (Special CVrreepondewce at Um Claoiaaacl Saaairar.l The LecialKtara mar vow b said to be SWt organized, sJthooiA htm members kre dadlj dropping is and Ukiag tht jomih f af. lice, ine poUUca of taa marnbera, aa Ton ac aware, are altogether; of 'a one-ided charae-' ter. but few or fh radical Denxotmia beihe ckflMj aODp;:tJh'i;Tlik peake af the Iloase U Harrison TajIorrKaa wnila ia rir-tae of hia oiEoe: Utttotmamt Clo-ai aor Jacob, preside over tbrn SmtXeiJ H is Ti dent! jeO Ur, ratber eay,to the Tawueay, bat mar iov profe as time progresses. ' A Terr important bifiaess fia4 to be transacted by the preseatl LeUvTttre, rii: the election of a 8eaatTr ttTrepwiaat Kentnekj in 'the United StaJeerGonCTeas As fitr aa 4-ran learn, -the dtotna will ha batwan tha TBobs; James Gathrie and Josh. Bell. The friends of both feietneling tansideffcbls kffort lne day for ur election naa not ret been waxed, bat It ts want probable tnat toe Orsw named mdiTidnal Has tne inside track. : Tbfra4caT3elfttf brarjaf is nfit at-, presentj gttced (snkt' Same' class of rtfc- . man wbihavajaie tetame of UT Stte ; fiunootcr ajlihf ynWa. Thy M lr ; pasard away, retired from political life.' of ls joined the Southern Canfederacj. The most ua posing form on the floor is that of Senator Haed, late candidate for Uawteaaot Oorernar ea the Democratic ticks. Hect taslly towers abore his faHow-lefxtalora; and from tbe earliest'- Impraaalona: yoi r are led to beliere hans Otajn,of marfe jrj r . At the sesafysv pt thiji morning a member enfled attention .thejl'roclamstbn of the Presided, iimattifartiiZt the people at large igo into a gfcaasal taasosPof prayer on account of the deliTfa;a ar, sst Tennessee. At the aa Ua ae-rjaorad that the Senate immedi-tely' adjournandbold religiAos exercises in. the Chamberihis aftemocn.- The'proposiCod did not meet wltB j wery n 1 Aopport oom a great many of the laembers, some of whom were willing to pray,' bat did not beliere that the Pre i dent should demand of them to pray. Jf they felt like ararinoN they could do it whhoat abyggetioa srom Mr. Lincoln, and to pray simply peeaase he deavrwied it was tiduaUy hlaspbejny. Whena man'sconscience told him 4d pray then ha should pray, and not wait tx a suggestion to that effect from the President, -a v ,Tb great thorn in the case seemed to be that word .'demand, : and, the attempt' smooth it orer by saying that it might hare merr "ccBfteSd,0' ot "recommend," would not go down the throat of the Kentucky Senate. Not much girea to prayer at any time, or under any circtimstanees,'taey seemed to hare a peculiar dL-refish to it Whea it was to be done by eemnkand, A11 txpreassd them-selres truly thankful for the' aelirerance of Eaat Tennessee, but they desired to be God.. after themaaner best suited to thetaselras. o after an bout's debate, a res. olution was adopted by which the Senate adjourned until to-morrow, the nfember to choose their own method of complying witlr the President's (femimi... As ajesclt, we may expect that att extra nmber'of (kkltut games of billiards will be played to-day, and lereral little games of euchre will help to while away the time. n . . v r. The ro-calied Union party ? aw likely to hare it all their'ow. way durhro; the present seabion. The organization has been all their own, the acts introduced will be all their own, acd if they do not come out to their own satisfaction it will certainly be their own fault. Frankfort is abont as dull ai uual, and that is certainly quiet enough. Yours, S. C8prrial CorrrrpeBdaner UBeiaaati XaaBlnw.l raaaxroai, K.x4 Deeemher. For two days the Fages from the hilts and hollows, 'the Sir Oracles of (he city saloons, and the wiseacres of village cliqaeaaad crossroad fsctiona, hare been in Session, but so far without doing any thing worth erea brief mtntion. Tbey hare elected their presiding end attending ofSczr, their clerks, doorkeepers and so en; heard read tht Kersage of their Gorerner, and Ustrned to tae inaugural haraDrnea of their sneakers. Tub officers, of both House are good, nice sort cT men, who Will do no narm intentionally. Mr. Taylor, the Speaker of the House, wil t along pretty welL as be has had Bo egiolatire experieDce: -but Ooknet Jacol the pro-bo a fail- elding officer of tbe Senate, wi are. B&yontts mar elect a m to office, tut they ean not gire him eapacitrto fill the Office. Several members of both floasea wil! ind Uiis out beibre ther get, thfpugli with their inttes.. t ZS -SUVi 'AUi'i I I do not mean to charge ColVhel Jacobs rfth btclc of intellect; or want of Xeh orciin- sry knowledge as erery cultlrated 'gentieman lheal4 - poeseas) osv the , coatxarj, . baring knowa.i from oojhood, I km frao'tof eon rede bim fair abilities, and traits of character (calculated to make bim ahiae as a soldier and esteemed aa a citizen. But he his no nperienr;aj! a legislator, and no aptitude for-the dirtier neikt nndertakarLf i . -it Jif1 Many of tha member are foil nJkfuaup I pursting with speeches, bnt only two occa rions bare -yet been afforded them to "air ilheir rhetoric." In the House of Qepreseata-: tires, 4ae Jnoarka Icaited evslsreat off jfith 'the following resolution: this House procure andT Cause to" be" ratse(Ti from the -dots af tha Capitol a tnitable banner, wltb UhaSU ndCi?pa,djaciirg, the sitting of this General Assembly, with the following inscripUoB-e-sbe sune: 'United we stand, divided we fall : Ken tacky was tha first EtatatWnirilsx the Union f" under thsr precepts 01 waaningtoa ana tne auspices of Hearexu'shi ,1rtll - be tkaf 4as to lire it op.'" What must be theaixe of the banner bear ing an inscription of tuch length? vTksTsfJortel awwd okaaca p wrtnw-lm old FourUTof July orationa, and to rerun p sopho-' more competitions, add pass them off as ex. tTCJDapX8l4 of lnborntpaSrWaaa, saaty a ti e . - a ; toe occasion was weu improrea. utciens mythOTOey, ?tWered r oevy an eery gad and goddess had to furnl&hTC anff her quota to max rip ,uo speecnes. In tire SeisWyaaieTis bp Parson Flak, of, Coriagtoay toso jatmedialely. after. prayer; and calling the atteattoa of tme honJ orable body to the fherThat the President of Onltsa Males f.aa ustavl a rrwcUsaahon, me eallinf-tha Mt4oiramdiato prayers, on account of the rapiiir with wllicji the Tebl were skedaddling from last TenQegseet o He red a joint enpiaUoa that both, '.Ho uses adjonza to a place of worship, and .eenL-c oma loyal preacher to pray for tbsmJL apley iav beta enstw4 -amons; UeSrxainBlaATd sinners, after whi&brUeS'Tnmtter wt compromised by tha sdoptina f ajahstltaJn,' propajedjbjjht Hon. fiiTr-xtalcTrrr fa -cooA-eliow. hut no great shakes at lore feast,f to the effect, that the Senate adjourn aaipermftr eo to TJhurch. of to am orster talooo.' lost aa the?r7rfW 'ght prompt.' 'w ' LltUe snor has ' Veen done utsIdolSai Jsiae jjf tbe XegtBlatlr HaUapv slosv of the Bwesnhera are- new rasa resnr of theni fowitd to, their .plaby irwao JfartAie, rather tetaav Hem g us jesepte encs wey joujt bare lima to get acquainted with each other as a got their-eoea frees so mew berv be tors fhey can fix Bp their programmes.' . There is a wood deal of talk about the Senatorshinv an JaomoeaucuElpg, "but to'ery Iitle :pus- rosp.;' 'At Trenit tiatsne woaia soem o m "L . a " mv-b . A e. a? a -dLli ) firax. .Reii aeccna ana zuiuaeeau iiiiru in wi race,. out few dyf . may rerrxev their posH tiOnsi , T . iiT fl j There wiii M some ru Bere vaia wurvor wj 9he fli.ofed to lsngh rather thaa eTyat the foUiet of mankind. i hfVV) fkM leanm PinMe rrr AT TiTTtt CaJaw tain Burleigh, of the Eighth Kentucky Car-J alrr. wbile returninr from cburcU TTith hist Trife on sOday erening; ma sttrfjied by threo aoi,; ta jLe ecrntr of JXluXh. aaauaestnut- ctreeta. who- threatened -to axrest , him,, ana two Of them lajd'yiolnt- bacdrspoa biox, whllo'thootherrudoly handled hii Wire." They tockJie ;CftpUui1 cape and small sum of money from bim, aad dmsz ixTesttrday thry wWrrer;3,'sB?i "'n tttlt r-vnet al Gforge B. fSal.h J - . i'lTii: 1 QUtel Infaatryt Aadrtw Jar-,a, rpun c uatiec State Caralry, an I Isaii Pease, ; ruteenth united otates Lawitry ni; a-naoaea outr- f hernia, snett ve ta-...ueaj it so ticiuy tieiiU.",X eriai- eaw , pv' i ITS LT1 a 3i Highly Intcrcstingirerts roia thrSPTitlir VIEVS Of ECOriRIIEtaATfTPrUSSl i UPOMTKESITUrlTlOM. i ffAg.'SWff'ifj. .T?Ajr:: THE STATE 07 THEIR MILITAET tMEoijTicicmaiRaa Zlesi nation of Qlfiral Draff. oo The B ehmond 2'evarrar the 6th, ia aa elaborate article surrey Lo g -the military situation, st keen through, TJonwderate spectacle, to-day, detftea;wi&oU to darira, 4nook comfort from the result, ir As to the-, exertion of tJie Federal Gorernment to tnbj agate the So nation, nor alliance of nations, erer yet carriad.oa to costly a vu s this,, with resultS'SO SttaJl, aad : its toftatimwaaeo tons; time is morally and phyaieaUy impossible. The force of am inwaaioa of Abis, hnd, and to thia-extenVkTJkrrear;pj; Wefiar jthoaistAUca. Superhuman efforts, subterhnmaa lying and fraad," reckless epmdHtarresT of bolrowed money, nerer to be repaid in this world, har certainly hitherto saatained the crusade wonderfully; but if we are resolute not to suc- "Sbrhb, the longer and. mightier the effort, the more overwhelming and .sudden must be the rjollapee. - Aad this Goo federate people has BP ' thought of yielding; neither would aa; man in the country be aa" tnre ia his cow-nrdice ss to dare propose such a shaoie and sin before his neighbors.' ' : As to the abiBty -of the Coafederaey to ultimately achiere its iadapendeaoe she editor hai, or pretends to haye, not the shadow of a doabfc-' "We hays but to stand together to iare our Gorernment aad do common justice to '5ar anny?'and" oon sooner, ' sooner perhaps than any of us dream will come the mighty crash of the orer-taaked enemy, which will enable us to walk orer tbe relics both of Meade's hosts 'ud jit Graaf s; and the Tennessee and Maryland will both arise with a spring Axrm thafr- jewlyaad usaatorai at tudet Je ihiU4w i i ,-.. ; It turns out true that General Bragg has been relieved of his command. We find in the Atl-vnta (Georgia) IntiU-enotrm telegram from Dalton, dated December' 3,' confirming the report, in these termsr - General Bragg has been relieved by the President at his own request. He waa serenaded last night by the band of the Fourth Florida Brigade, and being called out, raid tharhs accepted with grati.ts.da and heartfelt thanks the compliment tendered. The as-sociation long existing- - between them ceased to-morrow, when , he would - Leave them. He alluded to the many bloody battles, and spoke of the reputation of his brave troops in the most feeling and touching manner. . He took, a long sad farewell of them, with the as urance that the memory of association with them would erer hold fresh ia his mind. General Bate was called for and made a most beautiful allusion to the career of General Bragg, ending with the assurance that, with union and harmony, Tennessee would, next spring, be restored. Both Generals were v odiously cheered, and the greatest en-thupiaam prevailed. " ' Generals Breckinridge wnd Hardee were also serenaded, and meapproprUtespeeches. -thb snrcxTiow. From the Richmond Kvanlnar, December I.' Whether to be-pieased -or forry at the retreat of Meade without battle is a doubtful question. If collision would produce only a loM of men, without other military results, as bus sometimes been the case with these armies in Northern Virginia, we may be thankful that none took place. But it is very nearly certain, if a battle had been fought in Spottpylrania, that battle would have been a Southern victory. The popular aentimeat in the South baa been, throughout this war, a singularly faithful prophet of approaching military erentg. Before the late disgraceful action of Lookout Mountain, every spectator felt quite sure that if military movement was made at that time and place, General Bragg would bo defeated. Bui; with eqnal confidence, the country anticipated rictory on the Rapidan, ia the pitched battle which seemed imminent during the rreekv It was not hope without reason, confidence without intelligence. A different General and a different army confronted the enemy on the Rapidan. The forces of Virginia and the Oaroliniaa were well concentrated. They are veterans, hating the enemy aad' 1 ovine; their' country; they would bare beeo posted with judgment, and they would bos hare quitted their grtand ia panic at least, they hare nerer done so hitherto, and it is quite rearonable to beliere that they would not now begin. Oa the other hand, though the quality of Meade's troop i not a whit inferior to those, under Grant -rather the r-eu-ary, as has beea proTeaS tthea' submitted to the same teat both before' Richmond and at Chlckamanra their numbers were aot probably in rery 4 rest disparity to those of Lee's army. ' Meantime the aspect of aSalrx'vjn Georgia is 'better than ft was rome days ego. .Either tha pen ait of tha beaten army was not made with much energy. pr the eneay was considerably ripple4 by bis leaves ia the late rnfragesnents.v'Etut the' conditio of the roads and tba impossibilKp iof supplying bis army at more than a hall, dr's. march from. 'ueiHitiuwi . euiu. 1 V iiti, , uvi3 .wm, vu- doubtedly, tba-f obstacles la tbe way of pursuit. They will continue to operate for several months w to eome or at least aaul plank roads or rail, can be laid; and under the command of an ablet and more fbrtanato leader than Getbaral Brairw. the army aaba actasarfyi lost tnay ! ba- reorganised . aad in spired wtta a differea apirH fxwtn SkaA taasw ifested by Its pickets previously Xo the fight, ar d br its lines when the firtrt beeatt. ' But no time bould be lost, and no morei tritUDgcan .BOW be euaurexl.' There U no Vgf r Uie rjosihfliry of doubt upon tho milU tary-plaa which the Federal. Government has final! j adopted, to, which it will henceforth adhere,' aad park with its wbok strength. It by-Creaerai Scott, tho best military head tba united Btajea nas-rrrer naa; tne plan wnirn tbe rmpatieaice wf tho fools rejected In the ba- ginningx sabiwbick now tbrosd on Una ebemy ' byexperiencd, Scotrs plan waaeSrO oocapatioa of; tba juasusippt alley, and thq bisecticn, Jof. tha remaining portion, of the Ooeederary throagh Teaa es sr. e aad Georgia. Tba accomplishment 0f such a design would aot secoro- the subjugation, of the &athera SOJ""V :,4 T,. , 1 -.1 -. . . , - Howe-res wall 'shortsighted -audr timid- bearted. people are conrincei ihat teaistaTwei wfll end tf the euuatiy ia o'eirnit, past bin. toryaad present facto'swarM;taatsacb. drplorabis-arent, would only ba-ta begia biijg'pratrorldof bloodsbed anS; of 'art.lni fbilto struggle. !, But theocrupatioa of Geeri gia -'. and AUbaroa wouldanqaeftionatily rtndep tire malutianoe rf tba yiaajuL ovsaa isatioa istad ta- sfmieahaarly; lmpoasibioi IHid.HScwioiL' of ,tha, rottoa crop stored ia iboos. oonatriea would bring np Ute Tsnkeo finaaccf ' trlfit blgtest pitch of jiroflpority, aad a .few or aoae bora their xttoa-not jpreittba President they would get it riearry entire. '. It 'is from these two States wa now draTr.fik !.cqm hick: Jeedgr.tho, armies a strsBge fact iv pniiitary history-for 300 fsUeaof inland .roato has bithertdbeeff trja posea to be taa utmost umif oi. Transrwrung pa army's aeippliea aert aerertheeess traa. ".i. Tboas rich lands which once Produced tho jottrathat created the aaarerof the Uaitod Etstca teat cotton which 1 Bcnr pold tqf the enemy and which baa been worthless to ax, ! ltd proprietori and jKjsseasorsi aow eontaia '. aad can ooatinaa to bring forth, a fralncrop surpasaiBg Egyptiaa abaadaace.,' ?hilawa bare bread, oar anaiea caa lira and fight, despita r:STOwell withnwt krrm. : twjcyi' Put if rtbo j OoeAdeacBv looea. the fceans of enbeistln menf and hurs It wfil be imposfible to coatinae reaiataao by tega-lar srnukfc VaatoaeJ:tins4aadTtxt tot the neeeiejty of tfjefftaaeo !a Of orgia. Tho, way to do it la io place a good Gerreral ht eotaatsad. and aot to etlppte nira,wita Ji ooAOxaerfl sad taean trickV,.- I - I V. eive itt ..,w V f rresa the BJebauod PiaBaichJieeemUt CjT Too fraternity oriLaEal r-ar tarf baa u 'tfTt,,3rfleat cf anrnl rL;hu ' it Cal-9 s tuieaof tba country in Ida! aeesea.- lievtraince thebeHnain'r of U. war bare thai ;oaklops bx t,..l.-U ft mora aclcma tsi - r "rat- s-r-Tho -Lisraal waff. tu. mi "-rvs, i:$ixumin MVip 1 . ' ' ' ' ' ' 5Ies s. the , frogs "who' bar jef'nposTthe books of, tha Hirer,' of Death and froaaf 1 thetastlres hoarse orer Us bloody tide- .It lst almost a pity that their , sweet roices shoulJ be checked by the stern war-cry of Cleburne, aad tbe aagry roar of the.aadismayed wr-riors wboaGranf, baa 6und to bo lions at bayw .t j, ... ,1.,-, 4-as , Jt is a aiifltsko to awppose that ..he race ef croakers is .fori era and broke n-Jicarted rack. Oa tha coatrary, they are never so happy as . bus they .are , .miserable, r. Their' . aoleraa, gattaral uUeranxea only arise Sota tha peei .'. liar con firm atioa of their orgaaisnu. Ware the Sky always bright, and the atmoiphers clear aad, hoalthfnl, the whole gauexaxioa of cibakers would die off from tbe , face of,. th eaith. pit, M-oaly . wbea nlgbtletsl fall her black Uartaia thai t:aoala.aad "bata borne forth from their hiding-place and exult ia tha cnirersal.riarkTbrei. ,4 r- ". '. . Jf the craakera of jthe Santhorn. Gonfeda racy wools' confine themselves to. the' luxury ox. war, aad retrain from, .acting aa censorA pon ithe conduct of their civil and mQitor lapadors, tbey. would not be worth tbe powder aad shot necefgary for their extermina tion. r But they consider themselves eompeJ teat to critKUse any body ana orery oody, and are as obstreperous in their censures as their sorrows. Tber,arn not, content with. -being out of the army, with , being protected. ia, tbtir persona and estates from wvavt too sight of aa, armed foe,, DurThey must keep I up a mux are ux xn rear ot vaexr uvu Uitary proteetorg. Kot befog aneaged iaii Ugbting the Yaakee;' they ar: eiereise tor: tbe raior which axignx otnerwise ran in inaction, by furious aeaaalta-poa Goofederata Genersls. They could manage affairf of State and of arms much better tbaa' they are managed! Why doa't tbey do it, tbaat "If they are so much wiser, than our rulers, why doa't they convince the wort 4 6T th fact, and persuade somebody to pat them fa a position where their magnificent brains would bee service to their eoaatry? If they know better than ear general! what ought to be don (kr why bare tbey aarar girea tbe army, tbe invaluable aid of their ytaasnos aad eoaae selr If they are as great la actioa fca ifl trpeecH, bad will go to tha front, tbey will bring the war to a close la six months. It I rery easy to bad fault, aad to saddle every misfortaae upon the misconduct of oar leal , era, bat the pnblie at large oagbt to bear in mind that, assess they know all the Jacta and are well tastraeted ia tniUkary aaattara, they ought to withhold their rerdict apoa the public men charged With the responsibility of a military auafbrtana. The Gorernment, which knows all the facts, must be presumed to bare ground! for its action or non-action, which, for reasons of public' interest, can not always be made knowa to the people. Wbea General Sidney Jobnstoa waa at Bawling Green, Kaalaeky, hia was universally denounced for falling back,, the critici assuming that he had eighty thoo sand men,, when, aa it waa afterward discovered, be bad but twenty thousand. When. General Jo. Johnston was at Winchester, ia the beginning of the war, be was aa roundly abused tor not fighting tbe Yankees, aad it war not until he swooped down upon them at Manassas that some of his critics believed there was any fight in him. We have suf-' fered a defeat at Chickamauga, and we gained a rictory there also; but the victory did not stop the mouths of the croakers, for it was not followed up. Do they know, or caa they pretend to know, why II was not followed up? Are they sore . that General Bragg bad the means of pursuit, or waa in a condition to follow? If he had, why should he, a soldier, whose busi-nefg it is to know all about following up, no gleet to win laurels which he must be as anxious id obtain as others, to obtain for him? If he wns afterward detested, who ean toll us what bis means of resistance were, how many men ba had, and whether he was expected, with possibly one man to four, to accomplish impossibilities. If all the croakeN' of the Confederacy had been at his back he might hare contended with Grant on terms npproarbing to equality,, and tbe result hare been different. The truth is, we bare been atrngsrllng from the beginning of this war against soch enormous odds that the wonder to our mind is, not that we bare occasional disasters, but that disaster has not been tbe rale, and success the exception. At the outset of the struggle there were t percussion caps enough'! n Vir- 0 ut to supply a e ingle regiment. In aU tbe other munitions of war we were lamentably deficients As for men, our sparse population did not seem to afford a mouthful for the hun gry giant of the North, backed by the inexhaustible swarme from the Old World. The United States bad every thing at its command; we nothing, and shut up by the blockade from obtaining any thing. Yet what a fight the Confederacy hag made, JBut, notwithstanding all tbia, tbe croakers demand universal and uninterrupted rictory and anc Of fa. We are as sorry aa themselves that we oan not hare it, but we mast limit our expectation td our mean a; we must be thankful that we bare done so muck better than we bad a right to expect; we must draw hopeful augnnea or the future from the past. th oAtrsn or sroaoajra a am. nm onto THI rtXOUD nmau The AOantA Conft4cry publishes a letter written by Lieuteosnt Colonel R. W. Alston, Morgan's Adjutant General,' to a friend, which girea as tbe only reliable reasons for General Morgan's raid into Ohio which we have yet seen. ' - He says: - "uurnnae becoming alarmed tor tear or a foimiduble inrssioh of Kentucky under Back- tier for we had reported ourselves as his ad vance' gtMBrO-i- pas bis - Whole force i dd' our track, and moved- ait bis aunpUes. back Ao CsiripWdC Robiesenr Ik therefore-was ja ew iw lur u 10 gu wramn aa to return, Mil DOW knt ' xrinci nal ' obieet was") to" keen: aa pnany rrodps employed and for so long a time as possible, la order: to giroi General Bragg une to make good bit retreat to Cfcattanooa. Thastmteary ETewded,aa4 instead of Bum? Biae reecning a.noxruie by tbovta or rfulr, fae did not' get thero anttt boat L tha : Mb of rJefdanjbea. jthuteibte, b :The' Object .-of. oar; rpedlton, aa partially acooatplishad, aad it waa worth the sacrifice of all we lost, which was about flfteea buadreft, men andbotsea. anaTwo pieces or. armieryt . n rt wiutu, iiUi ' - tr.A - - I..-m : - . a I tPYoax til ItlihairtiiS - - J -t . M sedohae awosaed.-tbo '- itsnpabasiqockj bat aa everr thins arrittan. Jv Ganaral Toa la otlatexett To hia countrymen, we girehls ad dress to hia army when, battla with Meade waa pectea.,.'. 'f' :.ZVZTrJ ;r. BBS Abbot op Xamrmnn TrBennai I , kieiaiiirawteeS. The enemy i-aiaraneiAgarjrr-oaf eapttaL and Vie eotaynmM aaosa looks to this armyJca .proeactioaiTrThder the bl ingaof God yoar rakr has repelled every prv rioas attempt, and, invoking tho eoatiaa-arce of His fhrcr, we 'eberfully commit 'to TTIro thm fjrmd r.f f he Wvref etaflrr !i Ta,rrti wormy aeeaa laawoe our jautera aad oar moTners, oar wrrt and .oar chiiaren to abjeet teavery ; to atrip tbaaa of tbeis pro-pertyand driyethem from their homes. Karm;.josLtbehdpIel aellyelyjg arert these terrible calamities, aad secure to them tbe blessings of libertyand safety. Your past history giver them tbe assurance that their xr&st rwill aot bar rn-;vain.r f Lei arery mantuneraber that all be boldl dear depends upon tho faithful discharge of bis duty, and reevlra to, fight, and, Ineedbe, to, die, jja de,-fonseof a cause to eacred and -wortay the ftanie won by this sreny on so teany-baoody fields. Signed! , R. K. LES, Geo. raoM.BRioa AkkT-His bxriAT -. . iT-teifntri tzmrr ,-. rsceattotlieywoaiTaOT ,The mail,a?tv night brought vsoma add!-ional pnrfciculans, (a rfgard to th staatiod ia Georgia. The Atiaata Confederacy of Monday last, aayw that tbtr retreat f rarr from Missionary Ridge begaa at dark oa Wednea-day eTenlngrand'wasycotittB ajd throaghomt the nights The ad ansa of tiie Federals npoa our position was clearly distinguiihable from every point atobg Missionary Eidga, -Ts . TEcir: lineCof .batae; tbat7oolanrtrr dee 'oeuli tio eaeai from rikbi- to left oriJ' sack isHactnesS that OnetcJght hare Teeogrtbsed aaacqBa-iataaoa wiUaa frlaasiaaay paXt,oz thecal rtwas 'the swcllea. od ds thrown against si, tbaa visibly arrayed, whiIi crested the irresoluilott. InT certain, portions ft. our front, and Resulted ia the toss of Look-oat, t tea-e-.a vie.w Ji.k'f , Oa ieTCefvIng erriblol advaatagtr gaiaed, and being BttlKCiA apt paly to aa- equal aamber, bat an enfiladiftg Crei tba oonrktion became prrvaU.ia betweea I?cerg and paeHt'fiie '7 wak grjfil'aci, tfceaghlther tocsU-aiJi ataiboaa coarsge tor tbe-reumptioav of )UsionArr Rid re. its) noaau'rtfln wn evidently only a outtioa of. Untoi.wrTu8 w .1 cut siiort by aatr:' t re tJrs I 't Crri-Weisesday aftemooJC V . aiMt.itt4r4rAtxate . keb . 6 Thurkday OefaVaaey fongkt tie Ttoeral pursuit three, mOef this side of Cblck-anrauga, .being ,bimelf severely wounded, Tha zatresi was conducted : with some; ooafa-ion, Iut order .was restored, after a day's marcL and the trboptf passed through Dalton, in nnbrokea colnmnsOa Friday afternoon' GeiieTsJ Clebura ts4 4 . screre skirmiih, with the enemy's caralry near Biaggold. is anderstood be kept them si bay. ,,- j' - ; ; , The same paper,; pays, there are conflicting opinions t expressed', Ty . Jartie front j the Trpti fnwniipg tha. m of r Lookout Voaafaia. . Vasy pexeoa assert that the assault wad "a complete tarprise ; tothers excuse lh Aiaaster by the plea -.that the enemy ap-' proached ander eorer- f av deato foaad cocld-aot ba aseat whUa ia oarryiox tba ! bights tbey raocessftilly', directed our attea- WV W M I . .V M.. yi w. , , 7,Tbe SavannAh KrjntllieaM of Sitarday!ast ats that General Bragg was dvdngard-lnr tha BBoryamehtato J&anum- aapooaiag that ba bad fo w tba, ralief ot Bornaide, 1 Site our right wing wasjrjidently snrprlaei And then again the separatioa of Long-street's corps and wheeTert caralry fro a the main tody, has -turned -ait to b a most 'saw rloaa blunder perhaps, though, ' oaa that could not bare been anticipated. ' . .- :Ca3KaAi boaoo Am in ssif pasoik, ' fPvBta Che afamoad Xealrer.TPeeemtiec r.T. cuiraj Ttrart has leaaral Plrairo' has andouhtedly tia. ta 11. evd of the direction.' of the annr now ia yAmt Goora, and Geaiea Hardee i hi maad whethef tatnporarny br permsheatly is yet to be seen. ' uenerai tfragg&as, or lave, labored ander difficulties which, independent kf all mlStait skill or iagacfty; would bare weighed down almost any commander. J He baa nbt bad tbe cordial confidence of hit ofnV cert and hia amy, and without these the battle is half lost before it' commence. The cause of this State of feeling against him bf not easy to account for in all Its extent. Hia alleged harshnrsa M a dlsdpliaariaa bad its efirct .oa the, army : Tha - hostility of tbe newspapers produced by his itgor toward their oorreSTJondents bad much to do with bis ttn- popularity. " Hia want of succees, bis lncom- slete Tictorlea, and his many retreats, ' aate rally chagrined hia subordinate officers aad made thena relactaat ' to follow bis fortune; While tbey were furtbar sfanated ' by -fre-qaent mkunderrlandlngs, from ' whatever cause.' "And' ye; - there' are - good 'adjras who- see id General "Bragg the -qualitie of a gifted commander, if be has made re- treats,' It baa not been without brave aad bloody fights. He baa not feared or hesitated td stake his reputation ' and bis fame on tbe gage of battle., I (bis constrsiuad retreats bare lost as territory, ' they hare - yielded no more tbaa has sometimes been sacrificed to a mysterious strategy. From SbfJoh, where be won bis honors, down to Chickamauga, he has bad no bed of rosea. IfuMucoetaful,he baa, at least: sot been idle. And wbea wo -consider tne antowarcf circumstances against which he baa1 had to contend, we can not but think, even after making due - allowance for Eis faults and infirmities, that he has been more tinned against than sininr, and that if he bad been better supported be would bare- accomplished more. ' But whatever tbe reason whether through real incotnpeteney, or throagh the urptcion of it and that unac-ceptability to which we hare referred the time of Bragg's usefulness as a commander is orer. Shaken and crippltd before, the un-saccessiul battle of Chickamauga has left no further room for question. Bragg himself Saw it, and immediately asked to be relieved. COTTOlt A THI BLOCKASK. Tbe Wilmington ( N. C.) Jotr! gives from the Cuatom-house books there some statistics relative to tho exports of cotton, from thai port, and from tha Confederacy. , It saysv Ik order to arrive at something defiiite upon this aubjoct, we procured this morning; from tha Custom-house here, the following statement of tbe exports of cotton from, this port for tbe three first quarters of the present years . KX PORTS of C0TT0.H rlOX THB PORT 0 WLL- xnraTOX raoa In jajtoaxt to 10th skp-TXKaxa, 1863 Baiaa. Piret auaii r. ., , . . fecond ym - . , ItJ-lf i nira Qunricr ... . , TeUL. ,Vii Say that tba current quarter equals or ex- cetda the last, which it will no doubt-do, (till tbe whole exoorta for the rear wilt not exceed fifty thonaand balea.. A few bales, or a few hundred bales, may hare been smuggled oat, bat altogether too few to take into account. . All the blockade-runners east of tbe M;ffB;-sippl Ba-e not taken out more than as much mere. They caa not bar done it. Tha reports of all the Confederate ports will aot sbow 150,000 bake; nor do we think that much even has gone, or will bare gone, daring the year, even if we include the ootton crooned orer the Bio Grande from Brownsville, Texas, to Matamoraa, ia the Mexican Department of Tamanlipaa. Much cotton baa no doubt been wasted, damaged, rotted, aa may be asea at almost arr railroad depot, aad in this way the stock ia tba eoaatry baa been red need to aa. extant .far bejroad- aay thing that the small exports could effect, and beyond even iha loss by burning or tho deraiitatioas of tho enemy. ; . u . I. . 0XBRRAI, HA&bKK. . It has beea the fortune of this General always to whip kls abase of taa fight, ao aat-ter what may be the general result of. the day. At Shileh be drore the enemy to tha Tennessee Rirer, and would bare ran them in- bat fox a a unlucky order froax the, Com-maadea4B-Chief to retire. At Marfreesboro, imcsmataad as", our left: wing, ba fought one nf .his most tarrUeo- baiUea and woa aa briU lianta rictory as tbetais on record. ,'' ; ... 4JnfirtBaaioly, tba center aad right did not do eo welli.' And sow again in the Chickamauga i Valley, , be -triumphs orer the i foe, aad captured aeren stand of colors vrlien aU tharest of the .'army is. flying in coafasiaa from lha field. . ;. ., .. , . '-'- ni steob or caaaxxsToa. '-' The Charleston Nemmy, in an article oa the; defense of that .cityy saysr " -' ' , ln thif " memorable ' defense oar little arsenal bus played an Important part, though limited in its capacities. We learn that since March last it baa melted an more than nine J hundred tnni of 1x00", and east more thaa anxieeii. uoiiiMLna crotecuies. excimiBiTW' or ' -aa - a e- . .J a; - ... ptJprel -CwaOflleltsJ yWaUw VaByC TVU t aWim' aana. being eight, Bine, ten ana eleven-inch, shot and shell. During the same time many of Ike hear leet guns bare "een banded there iu a style not aurpaasea. If equaled, la, .the Conlederaey ' and some of .the finest and largest. gaaKatrxUges.'niade 'that "were" erer v eexly.tei tbon&anf Bmatfarms bare been ere pared , for . ti' three - milBou" small-arm cartridges bare been made, and the quantity or snetalic uicuon primers now daily turned out i two Uioufan 5, against 0he hundred In M'.a wb .www S-ilfaas tkat ! WeaaAch, JOaaembeaSJ The2order of taa Federal GeaenOidTuclbat directinr tba tauedbaeat f aU abaaJedied Ckaifiedarata eiUseaa in. tbe jaenphja Diatrick ha -tba iadexaf amaav oaps the eiicaax of th bidegna ctaeltiea- prarticrd by taotaost ae eajeed darpcsxaoa thafacooftesapoa, aaaExinw aavaeir pla to taka up mrnfe againat tkoir own ltb-r real fa a'refiaenaatwbieJi IHa tha laat:droi of la tho euaof Utteracaa. - Tiioae sections ef waueaoaatry whidk Junto thaa faa seaped beik g wrexraa byltha nanry may sea . what tbey -4mra to apecif tbeV- 01 into their bandar s Tbera ia . n aaIration! ibr.tbeam b4 rwiatanco to tba ideath to tba worse thxa.earr ages who ara beartapoa aectreyiag: aa fraeajtbe tace of Xbe eaztat Wa baa ewaHaoxaarcy, a bepptaeia, aota fbotaokl apoa tbe oartb, a Be less ara-fight abafieadsat baU arith all toe energy of oorjutuxefVHi4 jpeteoat to-lhem at every , opportunity tba- aame measure they tooto.aoAto ;,Tt ayamTj'T Toai' TrnarA-iThe"We Tork T,&wx aayar'3;' b? Jo je-cjd : Wa bare jast recrirad a recipe for the ean of diptberia, from a pbysieiaa who bays that or 1,000 raresr ie which It hitabeea ased, not a single patient has beea loefc Tba treat inept 'consists la tioroogWy swabbing 'tba backof the mouth"'; and - throat wlti a trasb ' asade thur. TaUe salt,7 a draf2ims ? black pepper, goJden seal, nitrate or potash, alrrm, 1 dracnai each. " Mix c(f palTerine, put ba to a tear up half full af boiling-water, siir well,aad than fll jip, with, good riaegar.. Use -wrery half "Lour, ooe, two (and1 fbur Loai ar recovery proETtasea. Ike patieot may nriv't Utile each time, Apply cua ranee eaJy of tpirita torpeotine, sweet oiT'aadl f ua 'ammouia, mixed, every hour td the whoievof tho throat, and to Ce birast-tOMarery foar boars, keep-iagtaaaol- to &e parTi-r Gi9trrr df t sr-trfO'iii'-iA TflB REaTDKlCT 'AIlDoTIUt'j 't -t!? C"' .'-?J'i.iv rUii JU. ; Tnf. .MP.ff't it,.,-. tTc I -s jjji rFremaaeVA ; ,,,,, i,,A rreekVrt AkearAlm aaaar h ani-Bl v-jj t. MHaakiBj4 IMirbtr': vrea ktehoaaarraraved ; , Pothaovereura awteatatea, both derpou toe, Pern wttba rr-ai rbeiiea toeBbdua. 3 ls a Alike aipaid taaiae eaat to rawly.. .Hi.' Ike arBsiuaa pair thaa fci aaS alwrBataty ; ' ..I - -i ' ""'!'" ' ABB.' iibbi i ml amor a tVaaaWm the . I Ton with roar Pelea. withBowthera rvbela I. koepara sty nth aad my leex aaw eafy. "A trx eaaeaac bl mhteVold man ; ae wieei Kfn, Bakidd lemheartbalaid waeta. ana rma walla To a-ibbria, vam tbe atraanlina patriot "WhibU any kraea myrmi ibiii BBKaChia pal i i nji. 'int. TO akuea )iw aeaaaaa bf devaatated hearth and rava Jiov liaa aliiadtaati Vore haaainy oat a av H eo ' .' both aide eoald play. lor .Walkw ii lelBnl INrianda anna T wi Aad watmhtar two ; beatetk my kaowt they akrmk. kaekowfreaa bbnua m haila tbe uadeaniaa, . Aad mRhfal Ooaaack creep the arrramin prfa. 'An ta'Traannn, I Swea'wee met're1 fb-m.1 t.l taaeWB wereee MB .M'IM. t., aaai the Al beamyeavdevetke Of women whipped, aad enUienaaeotias S evya I praiae M Beta, aaeappncatamaaat. A ea. I. when with rheir d Peraak ral a.- iWe.toa.knowkewtheeaaeyeeB'to treat, y - re 4a rmtaw, enaaae wao Ben ibib me j . 1st aalaaTTarckia and btcSeU. f'aarearaa aSKlef ariVhetwwa t jr' 7imwii ai.iai my cannea larera eiwi, : -n- t epateea, aaaai' er-ar .uMiaeaaii TmmaWadtorMaria'aaartiia,kaiA Trt ft n. Pee Ba atlai iaof ByevaM yet, Bwt aand aaiaaaver to Port LaAtrttle, abo, want l rvraee yon u apsvwre ec Bade Gumora apant Atma .Una nUefArwirn fa1aae' sratoa. : t aaW afy ana. . . . i . m pw up, w w iiai BU. wmj m ' 1 1 aaSl r taymy band; taa vkAaei aeatdv- Sr from, myoiaach akall Wbimt I've aae rankle art Abb. Boned to tbia chord la bloody aym Pmae be mrm nil aad leaaa aa allieal ' We'll eqovich J,.ha, and eewttle Brrtoia'a iel ; Baa let aeaa aad naaaS bp aaaaa ahlla,' - rrrom the Dayton (.) Empire, th .l Joba ssorgaa ia si LaMrra Traakv , The Thursday praeediag the 'Friday in whose fatal Bight John Morgan left hia kead-qaarteraat Coiambas, - was tha day set apart by His Excellency, Abraham Lincoln, for general and national thanksgiving. On that day Mr. D. J. Cresap, one of the persons accrued of complicity ia the famous eonspirv acy plot, being raJeexed oa kail, returned to bis family la Colambut. The erent waa rery naturally aad reasonably an oecasknT of much "aArsfaction - to bis children and frjends; espciily aa Mr. Cn the alleged coa-rpirator, was rery ierioosly iH, barrlr able to be brought bme. Ia fact he was con fined to bis bouse' at the time of bis arrest; also, daring the whole period of his al-, leged particrpatioa ia tbe fitmeua conspiracy, better kaowa as tba wasbei aomsara atot.n Tbe joy earparienced at Mr. Oresap'e return to bis borne was rery fully participated ia by a daughter Miss Annie Cresap, who,-for ser-eral months past, has been teaching School in West' Jeflerfon, fourteen Armies fjroaS Oo-lam baa, on the Ciactaaatl Railroad. MlssO. came home to meet ber father, aad returned to Jefferson on Friday erening, leaving Oo-lumbus on the :J3 train. Leariag Cblamboa feme fire hoars before the ereape and departare of Morgan; Miss C. was unable to reader bisa aay assistance, nor is there tbe least evidence that she would hare dose eo had aa opportunity been given. John Morgan escaped and Miss Cresap went to ber school. Tbe two erenta took place in one night. Saturday followed Friday, aa it 'gent-rally does, and aa it drew toward a close Miss C, ia the parlor of her boarding-bouse, waa -engaged id a Casual eonvenaQoa with a gentleman, aa acquaintance, when another perron, a stranger, carae in. He sat down in silence, and his look wna solemn and ominous. Miss G. Supposed be bad something' to say to the gentleman wish whom she was conversing-, and was waiting for a private opportunity to aay it. So the young lady arose, and wsi withdraw- ine- from the roe. rn.' When tiie-stranrnr Trfr:4 denly intercepted ber progress, and informed her that she was under arrest. Startled and astonished at this unlooked-for announcement, Miss C. demanded the ground of her arrest, and was informed that she was supposed to bar brought John Morgan away from Columbus in her trunk. An 'explanation ensued. Miss Cresap bad the satisfaction of learning that the officer had discretionary powers, and, if convinced of her innocence, would not insist on taking her to tbe military headquarters. He was also a civil, though a military man, and disposed to gire the young- lady a chance to clear herself of the damaging charge. That waa easily done. Mies C. admitted that while In Columbus, she parcbaaed a new and large trunk, and ordered it forwarded to her at Jefferson. She did not - see it after leaving the trunk factory, until it waa delivered to ber after her return, safe, bat empty. On opening it she -was not surprised at finding John Morgan was not in it, for she bad not expected to Bee him there. Tho young lady's .Statement was corroborated by other parties, and the case was : dismissed. The fiert that Miss O. left Cola m bos aererai hours before Morgan escaped froen tbe priaoa, is believed to bare beea of material service to her -in making good her defense. - LAW REPORT. SUPKBXOR OOVK r. Gkserak Tits. None of the case aetfor tho day were ia readimss for hearing. Jary cae will - eommeaco on Tuesday, December 13, hi' rooms- Mas. 3 aad 3- . The Jurave hara beea drawn,- aad - thei venire placed ia tae beads of taa Sheriff for narrate. ' ' -V te,-v?.'i i i , t -r.J'. a .v- d -"i ' y.' "ii TOMBED rLaAAi vt-.- rrv TxRiCT-In the case of Barton 'lyres administrator-, J. , W. String, tried before Headlogton,' to retoreP damages against the defendant -for causing the death- of tbe said B.cAtbe Jury found the defendant guilty, aa charged 'la the petition, aad aasimi fl the plaintiffs damages at 1,000. j, -A. Bartbolome and Magdalena, bia wife, i. Jacob Feck. ; Action to recover for money loaned and rrsga. " The money belonged to tbe wife of B, and was loaned by ber before her marriage, and the dispate was in Tegard to, an alleged payment to the husband, with' oat tbe wife's kaowfedgw.'" ' - Sdgtr paatatur; Dobmeyar for defendant. ' '?. . i .:. .-8J r- ' ' - : vtwi:iC K ';!i SOTJsTOOwa.-- -;iHf. ' IrtAjrrrr Taa War raa'SaTroeab x-' cmsa Cafrs,- Ar man about thirty-fira yearsof aa natirwof tha County Wick-low, Ireland, waa befora tbey ; Coart fop tho purpose of inquiry as to his aaaity. He waa a rendentrof MIreoUrl,fand bad beea ia this city ot Jy day or' two1 It - appeared from the testimony that ne was troabled with bnl- ladnfttions. 'He 'tbiBks the "rebel buh whackers are continaally pursulbg him to: take bia life, and Bays that there bra manr of them hi Cincinnati, and that they are watehW lr g ail au move iu eng. - t!- 1 The rffl of Michael 'Mires waa probated. Jt na ' ' ' -o f7TtrxA. A' London correspondent : "Your Bealsh' ia a fellow,' f tell yon.' He faf even larger" and .mora fully ' developed thaa wbea' bo. foogbr Sayera. ' He Is lmmenaer His action equals nia Inanensityj Howerer rasfi t may'' consider tb4 ' Im&enae' odds'.folr whicb r tit" admlrera back 1 bim,' T nrdst confesa tbat1. he looka ;"ia" tower of Strength..-' He goea' : "tbroagTr ' mat J savin ense quantity1' of training work, with 'adf esse that turprisea pne.- 'In fact, if bia two brothers (Jamea and Tim) did not Tellere each other, tbera wryQld certainly be one dead Heenan' on Britain's sborea.' Jeha baa lately bad "aoratf Indian dubs aea"Ovar fiem Xew York, 'Which bo - prefers to death belle. He rsys be receirra mora aet&a-; benefit fiom fbeirne Intea dart tbaa frxiathe -dnrnb belli fa ft sada1a. oi 9t3!v -;r,i a ta Heeate' ia aaw' iamorad fmm T Nea ttarketjifbelng aeeasaary,rtoinwrant1 aay TjteTference ' from tbe authorities, ' to kaep iltn tout of the way oT dangerjTl heard to lay from bis quarters' fiat be ia watLw a-rtr a bj-.iiii. m. i i in a a i i i 'us frw a vt g GaaraAtafa aoa is going to be amarried to A'CHiautJey at daughtor -of osk ofSoar of tha arary'- of Alarsala. -i.. At.- tho t moment ot tha 'prepanuiotia, wticbcamntaneadtheetberdAyi for the carraaony to taka (Lace, jaews ,from "Xm York taaebed bint coBcernir r tha mosi-waeattotM raieed-iai boat or ol iua roaec, Anita Oeanrs I'll ,.v .cna lj breoravy iii 0 f B-i'UjJi fie natry.iBft A1 1 Vi t;;e irsfEgtroctlonecf a .r'-c Vt , .ye-- I ' e. watt MT -&L ri C 'Af lcrar mm. f a. ajsavaad.a, ljrs:ii eTPrsjatt arU-1 -c ae Ine VUmUa A deep a ami a. -um t"ea ttoitew TerkKewa.1" . ' " , '" t The Beatrice cloak, for December is of, rick black velvet, shawl abape la tbe back, and cloak front, ornamented with guipara lace haaertion, and aa elegant guipan Boeate. Tae Maeoavite is rery saceful, aad aot eery extraTagaat, Tba faOaeaa lias im large plaits. large pcleriae forms the ileore, tuure in large squares ia front. Jt Is composed of two piecea, writch ara jedaed to'ttabaek; model is made of ml ret . bearwr, of arery dark bzova. Tbe tassel .aad insertioa ara black. ' ' n: la tba stores there are aaaay Hoe stylet.' Oa vere-rircahjr is arooghs oa is adaxt-' rable buxa and eBevOeace- for eervioe aad comfort, . It baa a neatly quilted, bluck rar-cefine lining. Around tbe - neck Is a failed aad rich guipure lace of orer two iaraes la width.' rTboaxaaboleaare mnbJtad with too same fulled spure,- handsome crochet bote tots, of rery large sice, wrought wiih baglea aad finished with rich pendants, come as lr domrn as the bottom-' of tha waist ia front. One faca. battaa la at tho -top and bottom, of, the ana bole, gathenns; dpwa the eads oXthe fknenlace. . . "One of lees cost, but equally charming id at vie, is of very heavy black silk, la a loag, lease sack sunn; It has aXbonred, baif iaoaa sleeves, and. pockets. Xhe bugle lisamisg. Is elegant. Jt ia Uke sepacate branches of faaage laid on a intervals each aide af the' from, thn wbel lMgth- ef tit wTao Leuils exsal taa aeickata aba) oraataeatod with the Same spdgs or leaved at tbe bodjj except that they are graduated ,in aise. There is mo rxrllar", bat tbe aame graceful bogie trimming is arouad tba aeck.- Tbia aack baa a quirted Mack silk M trine?. ?c s I . : c Another - model U' of black broadcloth, which la decidedly a'wiatar garment. It baa a'-conar ""and 1t without lining;- The shooldera and -tba baok aad taa cafnarw decorated with tbe bugle trimming; than wblch aothing caa bo taore charming. , On. tba two ride raaml at tbe bottom of tbe skirt, "the bugle trimming la to' beautiful forma,' bat raaiA Wgar tb-a that oa. tbe appet parts. . It exteada aoaut a half yard; ap on the aara- v . , . . . A long circular of gray velvet cloth, ' -with boods and rich cbeafle tasaala ofbrowtt aad whit is very lady-like, aad atan aoiaVble far aay exnergettcy of fonua, aa well as clear cold weather. ... - , . A capital thing for tbe wear and tear of every day ia the long gray eirculaf in braver doUr, with A falling hood. ' Too bood- lined with bne silk, and fiabbed witk bUeaoada aad tassels,, ia ia . exoellent taste. Brown trimmings upon the gray cloth, 'are also In much rogue i . The Ba.quiive la coamdered rery stylish ia black elotb, bat it requirea a large quantity of material, and then appears to jadraatage only upon the finatt form. Tbia has rery rich crochet trimming upon the balf open sleeves, aad oa the shooldera and back seams. IPeam tbeFnhwm eawnty Parmer. A Mica Latter. . , earha dj, Baalta to Qi aia Aadraw :. Oa-rmaaira,r a., Kaveaaber PS, 13. Dan GTrarnrCnr mutual friend, Tod, Esqaire, faraiabed, at tbe expense or tbe Stait or Ohio, to aw and the members or tbe Legislater, aad a aamber or loyal editors, and a good menny moar loyal individuals tranrportsshen two cum to Getteyaburg to deddreate the Nashional SearaMtary. - We took in oommirsary stores for twenty loyal men at . Columbus, aad at Ooshoctoaa : wa drew berry rat hens of Hays' best old rye'. We had a bully good trip, good eaten, good drinken, stories and songs enlivened the oo cathen. Some copperhead traitors aed we bad. two much levity to be goia to a faneral;. bat tba bad better dry op or tha will find themselves arrested for discuragia enlistment or resisten the draft. Thair is aum tratera coaaplnoeo abont as spenden twenty-fire or thirty thousand dol cut r Trwary to pay our expenses - ,ear d bock. -Mea who tock about tick things air traters, and tha ahood awl bet sent South ot hung. When we cum we fopnd hear onest Old Abe, onest Simon Cameron, onest Andy Curtain, onest W. H. Seward and a good menay other loyal fc onest men. We was sorry yoa dident cam, for sum or as wanted two see yoa stamp a few small armies oat ov the ground. Seward, Cameron, Curtin, Charlv Anderson and aererai others maid good Union ppeaches in which tha sod menny loyal things, folly indorsed the war for the Union or our party and the liberation or the Free Amerikens or Afriken decent. Onest Simon Cameron wants two be nominated for Vice President, to run onthetieket with onest old Abe. Onest Andy Curtm wants two ben nominated for President. Thru it will be sean he is disloyal bekaua he wants to brerthro the Gorernment at the next elec-ahea. Chase wanted to cum - bo Abe wood-ent let aim cam, bekaas he ia - disloyal aad wants to bea President at the next elecsban. Our party friends was awl bixzj elocshenesr-ing to git matters fixed np rite for the next elecehuD, but thair was two menny interests to protect. Wa wl -treated fieymoar. Parker, -tha copperhead. Stait officer. ef Peoa-sylrany and the rest of the tratera in attendance with oar bitterest ekorn?. Tba not being loyal tha coodent circulate with ni." We i spent an oar or too at the faherai ser emoaies . and 1tbea attended two oos proper biines. .We tock ed matters awl over and cum two , menny wise conclusions. Onest old Abe sed he now has tbe boll by tbe horns and be intra d to peg away till every Amer-ikeatOT. Afriken deseat w ,ree aa the rul-tarrs what , roam the air. He sea no Suit aboil cum back inttr tbe Union till tbe last rest age of vlatcryla fisicked oat or fiem and tba: fondly embrace: tbe pious people of Kaa. sachasetfa as bretbera aad ackaowledg onest old Abe .to be thair. Priest, Prophet. and King. Too, this holy. doctrine we awl give our moasl hearty assent and declaired It our fixed and determened 1 parpis to wag a war of extermtne ttoa aaiast eopperaada and awl other whadiasebt tberefxom, . . Amung the big men present was General Schetck, tbe hero or "Vienna. He thot he shoedbeaoa tbe ticket " for-PresIdeBt or Vice Presidents , He - aedPI ran a train or cars right down amang tbe Seres h, at Vienna, and if tha bad bin in tbe right place I wood bav- ru erwud craahad 'waa; VwS tha wtajd off tba track aad nrardered Bay aogara,whiea waa not a y fault, aor did it aay r say- thiag againat my master strategy. I controlled the elecshesrla Maryland and Delaware, aa.1 maid the peepTt rote tbe-rmanclpatloB ticket uadaathapaiasand yeaaJtiea ow taeprisoa- nvao t trsasBorta Uoa andeata,,.-1 have ried witbyw worthy, aaxrint , Bea, BoUer, ia ahuain wimen and bppreasln famill-w, and ia short I bar dua moar than war reqn'red or Sataa to faaik hinsrabar ia aeU, aad I tbiak Iabood have mr rowardJ',., Abo replied tba he bad bin a faithful saxrlnt, but that be waa already a Brigadier Gineral and a memb t of Cbngress, and that be ahood ' be satisfied for thepreaeat.' j-rrq n -nt iflj.; t-a COneet. Sttaod Gaaeeroa was aaxiaus for a-pkic oa the ticket. T U ed; "I boast not or what bar don, but yoa awl know what I ken due, and I demand that-my chanoct bea reelected.! This raaM : gruia exhito-aaesrt; .tbav-kaeargor' Oar iaen aaaota aack other, aad ibare teeth, begaa to chatter, and tha aU seemed two bay the ager and shakes; bat Abe, -who1 1 nhrey full or retources, proposed that we "tsik a drink awl roan dead wsoptha aajbjec4AavAb presaat, whick. was i uum , . r, i , . i , , j i Wa intendid to select a man for ipeaker of (cn great, but thare wes not enuJ or - tho members Tjrveatto taaikcbai arMnleablei TJort wasalsaafi ffVMd aaenayatnar thiaga waBe4kalaa4ea-doia, -bat ,tbar. Wea,toei menny .Copperheds about aad too , aaeaBy other loy al mea what had bin Indulges ia a drop two much fbr aA:r kerrra blsaaaa aatisfaetorilywt dl i. T fifrtr mJfeef Gararr, I mast iongratjalate yoa on roar .loyalty and your lur for .oar kallered bretbera'. k ri.tem, aad' espeehalry'muat' I komplicneat yoa a-yoare tatherly aara erf tbe pious palilalia sji btiared Ma&sachusita, wbom' yoa protect iron dacgand bacaf by fUleai ynrea.awtaa or troopa Ay :erJiatsBaato rBk-atfiprStoia-Mydee rare s, . -er roura, ' ' - - c i tur nil. ingaa. i ... j : 'y-Cotrsta yaMnararljawIVeae.k .lOnisteT at WeaiiBjtoa. baa reeaavv-1 rrota bia Gorera-reent e re e absence Irom bis post to rait bis Iciae. M "'J ' SJ"-aa4 , TUJ1A mijm O l ipaeji rial p:.,,W.,.. . LjgriBriwiJi Jtttob is rrryjrtei to be ruse.! cn a ew cram ir air. reciter. ' v i i aTaa-Bintsga trporta .fren fpaiar an I Per-, aaaal are the tnosk farorabla that hire beeaj 1 Wna aa adattoaaf aaar to taa aTTwaaty, Kaknr ft the bast and ebaaaaat aTZXXX? try. aaiwt.unuas z arVBamMp a-Aaaai a afrwaa. i 5 aararataaB e maiasj Telegrapli"lToT - ; - "T- r - - - . V- - , r - . - . - - a.-- ea AFTERS OON . KXPO&T. Ml ABE: DU . JES EAPPASAHfaCCXatrl Hooker or !1Tici to .llcllTaV -- ''!-alCJfif.' .v.'iLi!Br trse" t pri: vi "Ie POTOMAC Am-ItPIJirEOll- jteminitlees of Con git!. 25 VaMoelt Destroyed by Hn.- ' injTiOPEAir uiivs. t r ..i' - ' . -IM I Sta1.,-V ) AU CoriUnental Powers, 33xdent ' f TEE ElXLCU-5rS5.le Smam'4. Charleston Slowly a5Il6llcd. ' ' ' ' ' -, . ; a-jt . '- KecoEnatnrlAUoii la til? TresKr -i-;Vi n. i.l j ii.l i i U ti;!;i-iftr WASHixoTor, X)eeaxabar oWMeadVa t the South bank of the Rappahannock. ' w Ijiw -oeeaplea bis old position tJraage x Ooart-hooae, hia advance liaa guardlns; tkar- Bapidaa fordsrTba,aickto ara again aai . filewijl v tenrrr' Tbeea la tint little iliuline aad few eaiea oa either side.' Bush- whackers are beginaJegto raarnt again oa oar flanks aad rear. .u: i.-t .. .'-: a Jeft Davis issued bia anaual measaga to tba . rebel Congrcsa. Monday. The document ta ,r aoanlat " - Dtserters say Lee's army does kot eKoaod 1 -'35,000, and ia raking hate for Winter axiapa " ten along the line of the Rapidaa, Meade will soon, be relievad of his command. Hia Bujceraor has not yet beea ap-: pointed; however, It is known that tba- Fksa " ident aad Mr. Ofaaae faror the pt-rtotatioa of Hccker, while the Secretary of War bea.tatas between bim and Thomaa. In the event of . Thomas taking command, tie'general Im- ' preasioa id that Hooker win succeed bins ia -tbe coaxmaad of the Arary of tba Combes - lead, r . ,'.. ,..'...,. ,.f. . - There is no truth la the rumor that Pleas-anton would be assigned to the command of the army of tit Potomac. It bad beea de-tsrmined to reorganise that army. - ' f Speaker Colfax is baaily engaged ia making np bia committees. There is a great pressure for port ti ens on the Committee of Wajs aad Means. It will he aelectodwitb unusual cam Mr. CoIlx ia alira to tha im- jxjrtance of placing apoa it tbe best fjaartfjaj ana Dusjness tsient in tne lloue, it is pcou-able Mr. Stebbins, elected as a Democrat, and -conceded to be one of tbe most ekULfai bankers in New York, will be oifared tk plaoa aa the .comwiittea made racaat by Conlng'a resig cation. Sterens will rtUin bis position as (Chairman. . - The standing committees of the Seaato have been agreed apoa by a mrr rrrararttSB. ' and win be aanoonced to the SenaU to-moc- , , row. Material changes are made. Hon. Wat. D. KeTtey, of Pcunf vtranla, will 'proa- ' ably be Chairman on tbe Howae Varal Oaa. mittee. Nrw Yoax, December 10. Yesterday sf-' terroon the canal-boat Cora CampbeU, load-' lag hay at the bulkhead, between piert fS and 64, foot of CbjuiaMtreet, ia North Birar, aught fire from a spark from the etora-pipa, Tbe fire spread rapidly, and in a short time, ' extended from vessel to Teasel, ttS it reached pier Ne. 51, enveloping about tweaty-flra vese!a in pne sheet of flame, Tba firfzaaai : worked well, but were unable to do mora Y than stay tho spreading devouring element. The vessels on fire were nearly all totally ' destroyed. -i Niw Yoax, December 10. The lUajiroV H Liverpool on the 25th and Queenstown oa tha 26th, arrived here this morning. ' -"a-i ' Oabinat Conndls were held aiatOBt daily ar i Loadotu Busell was preaeoX - - Entria'l renlr to the iavitalinn ta attand f the CoDgTers is received, . It asks for the ob jects to be flisni'ird. 1'--' Tbe Lm Frtmct says that all tba Ooatldeaiai 1 Power, except Aoatria, have acceded to taa call for a Congreea.. LiTKBPooL, 5orember 24Floar,Jjod"J quality, Is caree, and fully as high. Wheat' rery Jinn, : generally l2dU higher. .Cora,- steady at 29a. ior mixed. Beef aackangad, Fork dull. Bacon unchanged. . Lard aur active and about Qd. lower. " . . LATXSTV : ' n V"- Cotton closed buoyant and ft trifie bfgkar. Brcadetafis firm and aadianged. . Prarisioad ; quiet and steady.. Consols for taoaey til. Americaa securities firmer. Sugar atifl ai-vancing-. ' c,--. .. -. ,isa. "J i- lj t'.Itu:' if i Kaw YoaavDtcemW 1 0 GeocraiMeagk. er is not a prise a et, aa waa reported. The rebel Congress met on Moedsy at Rlca ' mond. Bills were introduced to preraal tab K employmeat of subeaitataa. 1 k-.-j- A. Mobile dispatch arporta taa Yaakeaa da feated by General Creea, . at Plaqnaaslaa. ., Louisiana, with a lost of 3,000 men, aa taa 27th ' of baremberi " Tba aarigatioa of taa river iarlrtaally'aloasxL s,0 :? On the 29th 200 Yankees wera driraa UU , Port Hudson, with, a loss f thirteen kLIed and two wounded. ' . " - - l Charietott dates ' or tbe' "Tth: report raa't c2aaavc4 rJ'- ei- to V1" '1 i.-rta.w'ia.-'t A alow fir waa kept up. SbeQs we , throwa, into :tt city. Monday, aight aad-Taesday of last week.;" ' ,J ' - The Richmond Ehfuirer ST toa'aA pr- toits against allowing aay more prorbaaaa tocosuatoiha Yaakee ail muss a. ;d nj I-l;--;, a j 1 I ft---.- - hc3 o, t Nsw Yoax, December 10 The Tssaicrj Report recemmends a duty 6f 1 2-5 percent. on bank note cfrcalatioa. ana 2C1 oer-aaaad A, AAftnw aad Ae aeetUa mm il t leum, and 60c a gallon,. pa,tirtilsf spmta. and 20c. a pound oa leaf tobaoco. and bcid) lie-' for mannfartn-eA 3-- -- - STT Thi more i S300.I $000,000. fox the next fiscal year. . ' weeaBwawewawemw) 41T Ucmpam" iaXXaTriA,- Oarav A ganeaiAa who wasj orarJat Zaiaaa Tarmliy.lnforaail aft of a coidrbloedad. naurdes- eo re mi tied therr. : o'clock oa. that day, "A raaa, -whose name Sre did not learn, wil despe--rately Id lore wfth a Bistey-in-Uw, who iwva aided wttb him, and by wham, -ft iaaaid-lra, bad a -cfaildt nil -aeeras . that ihe rMkad. another and younger lover, to whorn, she was. engaged ' to ' b . married.' J This ' aixmagvamnt isfuriafed the old adulterer1, wbo swore that; U thoaldJnbt baxt, Procririrc; a-largo .aad. sharp.bjaUtr-knifis, bo aUrted ont to. haat," -bia young sister-io-law, who bad gone out to" . elude him. 'He found ber la the suburbs f the tbtee at leagtb," ak x-adly asked baa iff aba pmiardia bar intention af rruiag mar-; tiedjA Eh-, replied ."Jes. if Im alirar IfTheB be.rrplied, oeuwon,tjnrer.aii immediately stabbed her tome tea times witl the" tufchef-xeifef wiaking mostri rbaatly wwuada, atad ai&iaguhat. iaataTay. 6 T he ol rfllaia tica attempted to cut his wu tbrost, bat idt,not, rncceedrery well, ana" be wla proba.bly,live to be banged. 'The bid caused great excitement aad "tadlaatioa la Xenlai Zya ( a Vowraw 10 a aast- w . pea ins an argument, the Otha JJs'r a fZiw la an excited" sute declared tkat taa Kortk oald lkk tba Saotbwita a Coat mmmtl wl-k wosaea- .ai.rsa Trsr.f t; Trwa, mtr-y4 1 1 pi a wear -----ar 'a.'t -- BS-Mr?i - -w 1 - v" . - ''iUl T-f T.-rr r----.Ur'rf ..4 , !. fTI r tr tti Mary -'" e 11 td) e &. -c w..j tome; --A .Irl i (t:ieee he ! t- r.- of f-ev. Viama I prcattd ana aer Bsato wa,, T-ry I """4 BlhA. H a k-eenC a) at gm tun I to w j v j jy very aerr tr.ins ia a vary euM-r . : ' - efaii bar atletaa,. tnaabarik4 a- - u- ' -t wayTd aaea a. alAa fem a ai -we ae4. . r .. -ft . A , - mi. LlL tvai-f li;t t liio. -taa CT IT f ! F e-e.-y -S ava xa

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