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 - | Persona! Heulfh Service Bv WILLIAM BRADY M. 0...
| Persona! Heulfh Service Bv WILLIAM BRADY M. 0 Signed letters, no] mox6 iban one page or 100 words long, pertaining lo personal health and hygiene, not Io Jjsease. diagnosis or IresJmenJ, will be answered by Dr. Brady II, a stamped, sell addressed envelope is enclosed. Address: Dr. Brady. The Inter Lake. Kalispell. MQEL idly--but less accurately. The d makes one nervous. The student will probably do better in the examination it he studies for a reasonable time and then hits the cornhusks at his regular time. _. .. . . . . ,,, .1 On written request accompanied Children from 6 lo 10 years of wlth stamped Ee ir-addre.ssed en- age need 11 hours of sleep. This is not an inflexible rule, but a child who conforms to it will live a liealthier life. A few may thrive on less; \ve are discussing the majority. Children contine growing until they are from 18 to 23 years of age. If school starts at 8 or 9, the child should be tucked in at from to 8. But in America we see on television, too frequently, groups of youngsters at these ages, participating in the entertainment, or as members of the audience, notably at wrestling matches, where liquor and its handmaiden, vulgar behavior, are in evidence. One can conclude that the parents are indifferent or careies-s and that the youth group leaders who take their charges to such late evening entertainment (?) are --to be kind--ignorant of the needs of children. Parents who have any voice i n i m u c h vitamin D? R. L. F.I , the choice of activities for theiri Answer--Not if the total daily community youth groups ought to! in . take i less than 2.500 units of have also enough strength of char- velope, Ol' Doc Brady will send pamphlet on Stage Fright a n Examination Jitters. If you would like also the pink sleep---the pink slip How to Sleep Well the two pamphlets will run into money, cents extra, and if you insist on sticking stuff on the coin there be a -50 per cent surtax to the cost of laundering or dry cleaning your messy money. My job here is to give personal health service, not medical advice. Please do not ask me to n laundry or dry cleaning establishment in my spare time. QUESTIONS ANSWEKS Assorted Vitamins For some time I have been taking calcium and vitamin D, with good results. I believe. For the past month I have been takin? formula. Will I get too acter to turn thumbs down on any such unhealthy goings-on. Following is a list of the sleep requirements of the average person, references lo Thomas Edison viainin D. Carbon Monoxide I deprecate your tellin le 'colorless. Boy gas carbon monoxidc . u non . poi . sonous/ . re gardless of (he explana- tion ... ( ........ ....... Emeritus Ages 6 through 10: tlcven and | of chemi«trv a quarter hours. Answer - You are right and I Ages 10 through 15: Ten hours. Ages 15 through 20: Eight and a quarter hours. Ages 20 through 25: Eight hours. Persons GO and over can do on seven hours. If on rare occasions a person] losen some sleep perhaps he can make up for it hy getting to bed that much earlier the next night, but one who loses hours of sleep regularly or frequently, one or more nights each week cnn never make up for it. Impairment of health, vite, beauty if any. a n d . functional efficiency is inevitable i if one gets insufficient sleep. i Sometmes students cramming j for an examination keep awake far into the night by drinking quantities of strong coffee or by taking caffeine in medicinal form. Under i the influence of caffeine (coffee, ; tea, kola, etc.) one can add or subtract, multiply or divide more rap- was wrong, Professor. Boy Scouts may have failed to read the explanation that C-O is deadly because it crowds oxygen out of the and vital tissues and cells of the j body. Thank you for your - THE DAILY INTER LAKE M. D. GSover, Editor and Puolishei Published daily (except Saturday) and Sunday by Inter Lake Publishing Company. 410 First Avenue West, KalispeU, Montana. Entered ss second class matter at Post Office. Kalispell. Montana. Member of the Audit Bureau of Circulation* Subscription Prices Carrier Rates Jally' Sunday, one month $ 1.50 .Daily Sunday, one year .. 18.00 Mai! Rates In Montana Dally Sunday, one year S13.00 Daily Sunday, six months 7.00 Daily Sunday, 3 months 4.00 Mail Rates Outside Montana Dai ly Sunday, one year £18.OO BOARDING HOUSE

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  2. 21 Dec 1954, Tue,
  3. Page 14

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