William M Ivins The World New York Newspaper Friday, December 19, 1890

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William M Ivins
The World New York Newspaper
Friday, December 19, 1890 - MYORK'SNOTABILITIES. WILLIAM M. IVINS...
MYORK'SNOTABILITIES. WILLIAM M. IVINS PARTICIPATING IN MR, FASSETT'S GHOST DANCE. A MAN OF MAHV MOODS CAUGHT AKD SKETCHED IN A FJ3W OF TEEM, Indian.lllio Ferocity and Tenacity Com blneili with Tantalizing Inability to Achieve Ills Weils—Unipeakubta In. laulty In City Depnrtmentii .Hovers Ever Just Beyond HU Head). William M. IvinB suggests a combination of Sitting Ball and a screw-driver. Ho has been -compared to Machiavelli and a corkscrew, corkscrew, but that was unjust to the self-restraint self-restraint of tbo noted Italian diplomat and assassin and to the business-like dualities of a useful household implement. Machiavelli hover let bis appetite interfere WILLIAM H. IYIN8. with the perfection of his revenue! ho always made it a point to turu the knif o several several times once bo had inserted it. Sir. Iviris is so sanguinary in his tastes that be rio'3ooner sots the knife well in than he has to pull it out to enjoy the gore, wberoby bo misses much, of tbe true satisfaction aud all of the artistic clement of ilia vongoanop.. Tbe corkscrew, ouco it gets a. firm hold, ' -blended upon to .sink deeper with every twist. Mr. Ivins. .even when he gets What looks,like.a flood,solid bold, is as likely. ,jas. not• to slip and akiti the knuckles of the voropn who han- and chatted pleasantly for a moment am Hi: Ivins Boomed disappointed, but before they cot outside tho room their voices roBe ancriiy. and they wero evidently ready to reach for each other's throats. Mr. Ivius hugeed himself contentedly and called the next witness. The Building Bureau of tho Fire Donar- ment came in for attention then, and the cunninc old chief corrugated corrugated his forehead from his eyebrows to the back of his neck— which is where Mr. IVIIIS'B forehead endn —and prepared to administer administer the torture to a young-looking man named Brady, who owned up to being tho boad of the Bureau. He Beemed kind of innocent and nnso- phisticatod-like—lust pie. aa it. were, for so von ABE smm OF astute an examiner as THAT 1" Mr; Ivins. It early developed, however,.,,Hint Mr. Brady had a head ou bin shoulders: likewise a acalp on bis head and a determination to keep it there. Tho fixity of his top hair waa somewhat ansistod bv tho fact that Mr. Ivins, jn his screwdriver r61e, seomed a little uncertain as to which way the scrow turned. Oiie minute the questions would point in the direction of an allegation that Brady was an ignorant young fellow with no qualification for the office except a pull, and the next minute the questions would go to the point that the city was shouldering vast responsibilities responsibilities upon a man to whom it paid but a trifling salary. , , The examination lasted for soveralrhours and Rave: Mr. Ivins an opportunity to d)B- play nearly all of his varying moods. At times he would advance upon tho culprit in tbe chair with upraised fineor and glan,«eB lit to pierce coin Bteei—spelled either way. Anon the sunshine of tbe. Oreat Father would irradiate his countenance, and, with visions of the happy hunting grouiidB apparently apparently before his eyes, be would make his questions soft as tho south wiud-.arid liiB voice like tho rustle of the tall corn .in, fhe noonday breozo. Again, pleasant messages from the great braves of other days—ante- oloction days—seemed to sound -in his ears and hia voice rippled like tbe little brooks aud the warm glamor of tbe : uun£ot shone from his oyos. Once more, and gentle melancholy melancholy olaiined bim fpr Iier . own; Ho leaned against, the railing, andwitli pensive, pensive, uplifted . eyes sought inspiration.,in the sad, piebald ceiling, ceiling, daubed red,,bluo •and yollow.by the fell Hand of ., some, arfist of tho Tweed-re'clinc. Or. sitting, tilted back in his chair, with.bony bands clasped.ovbr bin angular stomach; ,bo " NOW, utiNb!" lot calm .indifference , , . chain biB ardor, and, like the ice-bound rivulet, was still and cold, whatever might bo gurgling underneath. But all the tinio be bad a knife up his sleeve and was.layniK for Mr. Brady's scalp. The afternoon wore away with Mr.,Brady'« luiir Btill. intact.,, The Betting mm, .gilded tho, brow of tho marble newsboy who stands forever with a bundle of marble VTontup under bis arm ou.thq, roof of. the Union NOWB Company building across .the .street from tbe Court-Honso. Ivina seemed .to catch Bomeglimnisi'of boyishBunBliinebim- self, for as no dismissed Mr. Brady froni tho stand .he -tooX occasion , to remark ihat '' there seems to he a specimen of tho city employee who doe.s more work than ho gets ing bim. Mr. Ivins Eoemed to be realizing, sonip,of his weaknesses in tills regard yooterday morning when . he strode into theiCouu r ' cil Chamber , over iu HDH 1 now Court-house and prepared to join in fbe ghost dance. Chief Put-Hill-In-a-Hplb Fasaeti »'nd Yonrig-Maii- Tuvn-Up-Hls- TrpuBers-'When - it - BaiiiBTin- Londori Stewart were 'there before him. Chief Left-Over-Frbrii-tlie-Wrepk Aboard, of the County Democracy Tribe,, camp in later. Mr. lyinS'i blanket, wafl npi worn with its oustom.aryjprb-ud indifference, aiid when he throw it oft it 0011(3 be aeon, that his other habiliments wero tlio worse for wear and lacked their usual gay trimmings. There was no flower in the button-hole button-hole of bis block box coat and the wida silk stripe down the outside of bis black tronsers'leg waa kinked at one knee as if by over-much of lup'pliance. He smoothed his cor. rugated forehead with a white handkerchief and something of hia former, grace and twiated his short, board, which is the nearest thing to a top-knot that hepoBBGSBes, and prepared to leiuHhe solemn jrica'B.ures.- Mr. Ivins . began , yesterday; with, 4p old gentleman ,wbp tboui?h<ihb knew spriietliing about dreadful corruption .in, ,the jTirepe- partment in connection; jvitii the purchase of hose, whereby the city paid $i;i6 for what other cities got. for 90 cents. Mr. Ivins nursed tlie sijbjopt tenderly,'almost daintily. Ho rubbed his ..bony,..handB ..together ..together and.Bmlled a cleep, fliguiHcarit, fierbb. smile that wouldiiave', rpiised the flglitirig spirit of a wooden Indian, EH he drew put the rank details of the outrage. The -most peaceful squaw that ever upheld tlie basswood basswood cigar as a, lure to a Bowery tobacco shop woald cave felt her bosom thrill at the deeo-dyed glariceB that Mr. Ivins shot like - ..piWior.','.-, ; . .... •': .;•..Mr. .;•..Mr. Ivins. went.back to .hose--againfor-a while beforo adjournment, .and seemed, to enJo3 T .it. At any rate, when, be Bivt..pn the railing, ^vitji his,.arms folder)..waiting for answers to. his .questions, he tickled JiiniHoif gently .With .the finRors of the Uand that lay against his ribs. , ? :,.(.. After.ithe adjournment the.ghosMincera got their.hoodB toBbthsr in the. gloon) back of tb.o. Judge'w bench tp disouHS further pro- ceodinfee. Somebody .gave.Mr. i'vins icp-" DIFFEIiENT .KINDS OF HOSE 7" poisoned a'rrpwa, gloom of ffieidin athwart the December . court-room. ' EVen Mr T Fiissett, who ji«ed to be known in Blmn^, an ypnng-51'an- "tfraid-bl'-Nbtliln'g; shrivelled somewhat in tlie bnjefn.1 gleam of the lleht whioh^Mr. Ivins turned noon the dark places of the nose bureau in the Tire Department., , - .. . .. . *. , . VVhen the first two witnesses had told their tales of 85-ceitt stealingH on every foot of hose boueht for the use of the Department, a cheei ful little brave, who looked as though hiBname might have been Old-Man-tCnoek the-8pota-Out- o That, Bubbieh. mitted himself to tbe cold glram of Mr. JvinB'a wjnte silk seal f and explained that what bad been tetti- fiod to was ail a pack of.ilea, that tbe pity Rjii! only *1, instead WHAT DO YOU SAY v" {I,,,} ihat'no othei city Hot the same hose chcapoi. l>ecaune tl'.o lioac was of a kind made csoeciallv for tile pe- paitmei) there, pf which not a foot hud been sold to any other city. The man, who had testified to the coutiaty and to having tCnock- of- Ali. Ali. Bab, offered better boae ioi 'ens money thi city paid, the cheerful old niau sail' the .dn't know what ho wo» talking about and had never made a foot of hone iu hut life, Rcrewdrn er I\jns h.vl slipped again. While, all thia was bcrne testified tp, Mr. Ivinn sat on the injimi: of tlnj Jury box with his arms folded and nonchalantly teetered back and forth. Ha io»pmbje» a, wooden Indian m one roBpect—nothin" phases him. nni-ft't -™*pfe to mm slfth- *•— 1< - *ver v jor »- " ,JLV ette. tdings. Hi K. He lit a match and l)pld it oualy tmno diutanco away front the end of the cigarette for a while before..lie lighted the tobacco... .ThOibit.' cliief seemed to distrust tlie nreyrobd of the t>alf»faeon.. The glow of tho little, torch illuminated big face weirdly, deepening the wriuklpB, and throwing into relief.the large and, singular auBortmont of bumps upon ttie.bald.head.' , Then tho light wont ont,,and, cold, gray gloom swathed Mr., Ivina like a black bandage bandage swathing a pappppsp. . DUCKS AS FIRE EXTINGUISHERS. Tlie (JonUUn Btmiaiin) Savcil bv n Novel Expedient. OC.IB.—TueBdaynighi, during during the early part of the gale, tho large stone mansion at.Arahampgub, belonging ib the estate of the late iliobard B. Conklin, tliq former owner pt. ilaruij. was diBcoyoroci to bo on fire. The fire originated in the main ehimfiby and when .first seen was pouring into tiib rooms tlirougli oiibningB for,nipeB in the Becpn^ floor of the ^pusb. The flahioa ^ero communicated to the dry woodwork and spread rnpioly. . ,.j ,, AB faat as the lire was put but in ope place tho flaraea encased in tbe chimney .would break out n,t.another point, and the destrno tion.oi'.the biiildins seemed coi-taiu, a» thero appeared to be no, w.ay,tp reach the lire, which, ,was growing hotter and threatened to burst tbe chimney, • , . , At this point ypnng B. B. Conklin .ran to the..duck-pen, anil,, startling tho Blebpins: ocqupants with the suddenness of hinap- P0ft);anpp: among,them, proceeded to seize a number of the largest. Despite their vigorous vigorous protests the (India . mere biirried off towards towards the burning building. ..A, ladder.was secured, andialmpat before any one could vealiize what tbe xniing man . W»B iibqnt .to do be had mounted to, the top of the house and had made hia way.to tb'o chimney, , Tho.flre and smoke was ijtill pouring from this. Bhaft. .Young Conkllu; with a qubk mptipn, tosflod.one of tbe duckg in'tp the ehimnev.. The Jlamo foi'.the instant seemed checked and the volume.pf smoke became more dense. Then.another duck, was offered offered aif .a sacrifice to save , the: house, and ttnacking and . fluttering 'was hurled iptp t)<e chimney....The ploud of aoot the it Hupping 1 .wings..'of "this -eank .. ,:ntp.. the,- : nory raised by anok . aa . it .-eank ...into. the,'-h'ory crater through the jiarrow stone shaft, effectually effectually smothered the fire;; and. although the life or the dnok went. Put in a -few minutes, minutes, the novel expedient vviis fonnd to have worked to good effect and before the Binothnted ilaines could regain ttjoir lost ground thb vantage .f&ined was followed up and the fire waa Bnbdnod. Snared Off tbe Robbcrg. ISPECIAL >'O THH WORLD. 1 . la., Dec. 18.— Nioholaa thor, a Wisconsin, faimoi who had sold several several hundred dollais'worth of produce m Dubuqno. started late Wednesday to return home, crbsaing a high bridge over the Mississippi. Half way over three men stepped out of the shadow of a beam and demanded hie money,, threatening to throw him into the river ,,if i ba did not ive it np. He resisted .desperately. ,'be robbeie used knives and out iuenther's clothing into shreds, but did not aenouBly wound him. His otles foi help finally alarmed them and they fled to tho Iowa side. tlevprt to tbe Government. < ^"" lw * LSP2CIAI. TO THE WOBI.p.^ , la., Dec. 18.— Judge Shiras, in tho United States Distuct Court to-day, filed his decision in the case of ihe United States against the Bioux City and tit. Paul Railroad. Undei hia decision 30. 000 acres of valuable lands in O'Brien jmd DiokBon countiex levert to the Government. They . weia claimed by the lailroad under Govern- moot land giants, Npllce of anpeal ftp givep and the- coBfiijvill bejakeii ymtod JvGargb Sn^rrinjo CoiijB tTjii arejO^tlfly fl£(HJpied f BH,bpn,a,-44% S Ivbo bad their. farnjKjit Jsp «,p. a,pre.

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